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Absolute Necromancer Chapter 121

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All Master Necromancer Episode 121

A little before Ashur Hum descends Sandalphon to the earth.

Vulcan flew through the air and approached Jinhyeok, who was observing the battlefield in the 60th floor of the city.

“It’s a gift.”

“…I had no intention of receiving a man as a gift.”

Jinhyeok, who was observing the battlefield, frowned at Balkan’s words, saying that Hendrick was a gift to him and throwing him away.

However, Jinhyeok couldn’t control the eyebrows that slowly rose at the ‘real’ gift that followed.


Of course, Balkan sighed and shrugged his shoulders at the sight of Jinhyeok not immediately pretending to know but asking quietly.

“Don’t ask questions about what is obvious. One of the enemy leaders who fought with Hendrick. “I caught one of the three, so there are two left.”

“…The soul is still connected, and to treat it as a soul disease right now is running out of time and may fail, so let’s just seal it for now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jinhyeok approached Basil’s body, checked its condition, and immediately made a decision.

Adding soul bottles now that the war was in full swing was not a good choice.

Of course, it wouldn’t matter if it was an ordinary corpse, but the corpse in front of you clearly belonged to a high-ranking climber.

The value of the corpse without the penalty was the same as the corpse of a climber above the 300th floor.


In other words, it is difficult for the current Jinhyeok, who has only just reached the 60th floor, to completely revive him as a soul soldier in the midst of the chaos of war.

Tsutsutsutsu –

With Jinhyuk’s decision, purple-black spiritual power seeped out from Jinhyuk’s body.

And as the spiritual power that began to soak the floor seeped into Basil, a purple-black light burst out.

“…That’s it. If you do this, your soul won’t scatter. “You take care of the degree of decomposition of the body.”

“Tsk, I just increased the workload for no reason.”

Jinhyeok, who tightly wrapped the body around the body with spiritual power to prevent the soul from flying away to another place or into the world of the dead like the ‘Underworld’, waved his hands and gave an order to Balkan.

The corpse of a powerful climber is valuable on its own.

For a necromancer like Jinhyeok, preventing corruption was essential because it was a treasure from the past that did not even need to be mentioned.

In response to Jinhyeok’s order, Balkan grumbled that he already had a lot of work to do, but cast a cold spell to prevent corruption. As the air around him fell

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Jinhyeok turned his attention to the battlefield, leaving behind Basil’s frozen body.

“Hong Gil-dong came just in time. I was wondering if I should leave. “Good timing too.”

“It definitely would have been dangerous if it wasn’t for him. In particular, did you say Ashur Hum? That guy is a thing. “If it weren’t for that guy, we would have won already.”

The two smiled as they read the atmosphere of the battlefield slowly tilting towards them.

“I can lay the board properly. “It’s a game in which Tune and I risk everything.”

“…You crazy guy. “You’re the only one who can laugh while going into a situation where you might die.”

One-on-one battle with Tune.

Everything to each person.

Balkan shook his head as if he couldn’t understand Jinhyeok, who was laughing in the face of a battle that even risked his life.

“There’s one more guy in front of you.”

“…Damn you guys. “It’s not for nothing that people say they meet each other.”

However, when Jinhyeok continued to speak and raised his finger to point at the fainted Hendrick, Balkan, who had nothing to say, gritted his teeth and cursed at the two.

Jinhyeok, who was smiling slightly while looking at the grunting Balkan, was about to say something to Balkan.


The sky split and a pillar of light fell filled the eyes of the two people.

A wave of divine power so strong that low-quality undead are wiped out, and even soul soldiers become holy Buddhas.

Jinhyeok was surprised by this and showed his confusion for the first time by pointing at the castle wall.

“Damn, what was that just now?”

“…Divine power. “It was also a very powerful concentrated divine power.”

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Glory Meteor Fall.

Balkan looked at the battlefield with a bewildered expression at the divine power that was stronger than the concentration of divine power he had used to eliminate Akkad and Char.

‘Is it Ashur Hum? No, even if he did, that just made no sense.’

Ashur Hum, a climber approaching the 300th floor.

His abilities were also recognized by Balkan.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

However, it made no sense for him to use divine power on the 60th floor, which was not even comparable to Glory Meteor Fall, which converted all energy into divine power within the ‘area’ and used it.

When inferring what method Ashur Hum used to accomplish the impossible.

Changes began on the battlefield.


-For Sandalphon!

“…Who is Sandalphon again?”

“Just now, it was like a ritual where the pillar of light summoned someone, and I think it was a guy called Sandalphon.”

“Sandalfon… Sandalphon… Damn, this is my first time hearing that name.”

Guild members of ‘Lord of Divine’ looking for Sandalphon.

And even the figure of Ashur Hum sitting arrogantly behind them with them at the forefront.

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Jinhyeok tried to think quickly, but no answer came out.

But one thing was clear.

“…It’s good that that idiot killed the other leaders of the guild union, but if things continue like that, the balance weight will be ruined. “I have to step forward.”

What was certain was that if they did not step forward, the weight of victory that had just been weighed down on their side would once again shift to the guild union.

That’s why Jinhyuk gritted his teeth and tried to leave, but Balkan caught him.

“What do you think you can do? That guy wields a power that can easily be considered divine power itself. “You and me are opposites of opposites!”

“…Damn, then what are you going to do to me! Let everyone die and hit the weak-willed one? Or are you just waiting for me to get tired and go back?”

“okay. If that’s true, you should do it that way. Going in there is more reckless than fighting Tune one-on-one. Rather, it would be more dangerous to go that way. “You know this well!”


In front of Balkan, who harshly criticized him, Jinhyuk only pursed his lips.

I couldn’t say anything.

He was right.

The advent of a being called Sandalphon, whom I have never heard of before and who I cannot even tell whether it is a god or not.

The climbers of the guild union that changed as a result.

There’s also Ashur Hum, who is left behind but can never be ignored.

‘Is it possible with the power of All Masters? He also stole some of Hendrick’s skills, and if you mix them together…

Holy Power, Necromancer, and Spirit Master boasted absolute opposites.

Naturally, the ones at the bottom are the Necromancer and Spirit Master.

As such, Jinhyeok predicted the odds of victory when using his other power, the power of All Master.



“Yes, you chose well. You chase after yourself. Those who follow you are not weak. Let’s trust them.”

Since all possibilities pointed to his slim odds of winning, Jinhyeok had to just sit down.

He patted Jinhyeok’s shoulder and comforted him after he had bent his will.

‘Do you think it’s different for me? Haryu, Miho, Ken, Puppet, Shane, and Hong Gil-dong are all there. ‘I don’t think I would want to save them.’

Ugh –

even he felt like he wanted to run away right away, but he was also a necromancer and spirit master.

Since he was a soul without a body, he was even more vulnerable to divine power.

In the end, Jinhyuk is not the only one who feels helpless.

When the two people, who seemed to be farther away from defeat than anyone else, felt helpless for the first time in a long time.


An explosion rang out from the battlefield, causing noise again.

* * *


“…Why don’t those damned bastards fall down?”

“It seems that the divine power reduces the damage and even recovers the damage received.”

“…Then what should I do?”

“Well, I don’t know either. One thing is certain: Even if we just take down those guys, nothing will change.”

“Damn it, Ashur Hum. No, now we have to catch that guy who looks like Sandalphon, right?”

Shane gritted his teeth as he repeatedly pulled the trigger and searched for a way to change the current situation.

The guild members of the Lord of Divine who received the power of Sandalphon were very powerful.

But taking them down wasn’t much of a problem.

The only important thing is to deal with Sandalphon, who is behind them with his chin resting on his face and a listless look on his face.

of course.


“That’s boring. Are you planning to attack me with something like this?” It was also


that there was no way to defeat the monster that could even grab a bullet made by condensing the power of a nuclear bomb with its fingers and destroy it.

As the feeling of defeat slowly began to overtake the battlefield.

“…Revenge of the village. Village revenge. “The village’s revenge.”


Changes occurred downstream.

Miho, who was surprised to see Haryu with his eyes open and muttering only about revenge for the village, looked up at Haryu and called out to her, but Haryu did not answer.

He just lowers his sword with a red face.

-Yes, it should be like this! Go, go and cut off the head of that asshole!

The reason why the downstream has lost its sense.

That’s because the lower level’s mental strength is currently crawling on the floor and the puppet’s assistance has disappeared.

Lastly, the fact that a very familiar Elyos energy was flowing from Sandalphon in front of me was a big factor.

The Four Emperors who destroyed the goblin village.

It was natural for the lower class to feel anger towards one of them, Sandalphon, an Elyos.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Hwareuk –

Anger soon ignited the cold embers in Ha-ryu’s heart.

And the fire inside my heart immediately grew bigger and revealed itself to the outside.

“Red flame.”

Red-hot flames engulf Haryu’s entire body, and he flicks his tongue as if he will set the world on fire.

It has such firepower that even those around it are shocked and take a step back.

Amidst the sight of the earth melting and the air evaporating, the stream made its way towards Sandalphon.


The ground I stepped on melts again.

“Stop it!”

“I cannot allow you to go to him!”

“…go away.”


He strikes the guild members of the Lord of Divine who block the path leading to Sandalphon with a blade imbued with red flame.

Sandalphon showed interest for the first time as he watched them floating in the air as if an explosion had occurred.

“…a flame. “This is really fun.”

Since Sandalphon is like the fire of the sky and has the spirit of fire, Ishim, as his subordinate, it is natural that his eyes are drawn to Ha-ryu, who is approaching him while scattering wild red flames.

Eventually, a change occurred again in the downstream, right in front of Sandalphon.

Creak –

Red flames engulfing the whole body.

It came together and came together, and eventually it coalesced into one small sphere.

A sphere containing compressed red flames.

“Red jade (紅玉)”

Red jade made its appearance.

When the heat felt from the ruby floating in the air distorts the surroundings.


As the ruby shattered, the compressed red flames exploded.

The flames that burst out like that move towards Sandalphon, lashing out their tongues like snakes.

Sandalphon, who was staring at the red flame snake rushing towards him, spread his hands and said.

“I will show you the essence of Malkuth. Holy fire, eat it up.”

From daotranslate dot com


The power of Malkuth.

A power close to the basics that could be said to be ordinary, scattering divine power around…

But its essence was by no means ordinary.

It could be said that the essence of Malkuth is what dominates the surroundings beyond what is scattered around.

And the divine power of Sandalphon, who resembled his master and possessed the power of fire, resisted the crushing waves of ruby flame.

No, the difference in level was too great to be called a rivalry.


Just as a tiger devours its prey with its mouth wide open, Sandalphon’s torch devoured the flame waves of the ruby below.

Ha-Ryu stared blankly at the spot where his flame wave had disappeared in an instant, despite its immense power.

Sandalphon smiled faintly as he looked at Haru, who was unconscious from shock.

“I guess this isn’t everything. If you want to live, you will have to struggle even harder. “You little goblin.”


Although he only said a light word, Ha-ryu felt as if the world was pressing down on him, and his body began to tremble.

‘This interest… we can’t win this interest. Even if you are my brother, it is the same.’


Ha-ryu realized that even if Jin-hyeok came, he could not win.

‘…Is this the power of God looking down on climbers from a high place?’

Crack –


Among them, Sandalphon personally showed that although he is of a very low rank, there is no such thing as a false name in the name of God.

It is something that a tower climber cannot even dare to confront.

This was the archangel of Malkuth and the first ‘Sandalphon’.

“I’m getting tired of watching you struggle. Let’s end it.”


deuk-deuk-deuk-deuk-eul – As Sandalphon stood up from the large throne made of divine power, the wings of the Elyos spread out behind his back.

Wings made of divine power spread out and placed the world beneath their feet.

When the world on the 60th floor, crushed by Sandalphon, started screaming and falling apart.

Screams also came from the climbers.



Sandalphon opened his mouth after snapping the neck of the nearest climber like a cane.

“Are you ready to taste divine punishment?”


Killing powerful climbers is also just entertainment for him.

The moment when each of Sandalphon’s movements becomes an ordeal and punishment for the climbers.



The sound of a cry called death rang out on the battlefield.

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