Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 88

The Flame Emperor Great Blade.

They were one of the Eight Great Warriors and one of the twelve known superhumans.

It was said that he had reached the peak of the blade path, along with another man. Although he didn’t side with any faction, he was famous for having a larger-than-life personality, a great man who never compromised with injustice.

Who would have imagined that the great man I could only see from a distance before was right before me now?

‘Why is he here?’

From what I knew this man wasn’t interested in the slightest of any events in greater Murim. Even before regressing, I had never heard him doing such things.

‘I am confused.’

One of the Eight Great Warriors was drinking alcohol, in a guest house, on the outskirts of Wuhan sitting under the awning.

-Something doesn’t seem right.

I felt the same, unlike the old man who was sitting quietly across from him, covered in fine clothes, this man felt like he had just returned from a battlefield.

I froze for a moment and stopped walking, and Jin Gyun who was leaning to drink looked at me.

It felt like his gaze was looking past all the facades.

His unimaginable intensity made me feel like I was stuck in the palms of his hands. It made me want to withdraw. Hesitating what to do, I tried to greet him.

My opponent was a senior from Murim. Well, I had to.

Then, the Flame King Jin Gyun raised his hand to stop me,

“How did you know?”

He recognized at my glance that I knew him. While the two behind me were puzzled.

They didn’t recognize this man. This was normal since Jin Gyun wasn’t the kind to show his face to everyone, and he looked like the most ordinary warrior.

On the other hand, Cho Sung-won seems to have recognized him as he was open to dealing with information.

I looked at him for a way out, and he hardened as well,


[… he is Flame Emperor Great Blade, Jin Gyun.]

When I said this, even Sima Young couldn’t hide her surprise. It was because it was her first time seeing someone as great as her father.

“Why aren’t you answering me? Young one.”

I hurriedly decided to speak out,

“I remember seeing Elder at a distance in the past.”

Even though he looked like this, I knew he was older than Hae Ack-chun. Those who have transcended have a different aging process.

“You saw me?”

Yes. I was sure

Though it was in the future.

“Then how come I don’t remember seeing you?”

My heart pounded at his words.

I said I saw him from a distance so I didn’t think he would react like this. Was he doubting my identity?

This was something that couldn’t be ruled out. He was a warrior at this level, so he was probably capable of remembering every warrior even in this guest house.

I couldn’t even turn my head but I was conscious of everything.

Hae Ack-chun was sitting a little further away.


Come to think of it, before I returned, this man, Jin Gyun, had cut off Hae Ack-chun’s arm.

This is about 5 years from now. Of course, I didn’t believe that anymore.

I knew such a thing had only happened because Hae Ack-chun had moved on his own. But was worried now,

‘What will happen if he finds out now?’

Even the Flame Emperor Great Blade I knew was someone who didn’t stand injustice, but he also didn’t hate any of the unorthodox sects.

If it had been so, he would have participated in the war.

But knowing what was going to happen in the future, I was worried.

[What is it?]

At that moment, I heard Hae Ack-chun. He must have noticed how uncomfortable I was since I wasn’t sitting down right away.

Hae Ack-chun hadn’t noticed this man yet. However, if I did something to bump them into each other, it would be the worst for this mission.


If said anything Hae Ack-chun would move. So I had to quickly say something to answer Jin Gyun and sit.

‘Think. Think So Wonhui!’

Right then something flashed. An incident 5 years back.

“It is natural for Senior not to remember me. I saw you at Dongting Lake, how could you remember me in such a crowd?”

“Dongting Lake?”

Jin Gyun frowned. Five years ago the man came to the lake with his family.

At that time, a group of people from an unorthodox sect had targeted his family, and this man annihilated them

“I also remember seeing you when I went out with my father.”

“And your father’s name, if you don’t mind.”

“My family name is So, and his name is Ik-heon.”

Hearing that, the man in the fine clothing opened his mouth,

“Hoo. You’re from the Ikyang So family then? I didn’t think you were from such a prestigious family.”

Jin Gyun who heard this nodded his head. Thankfully Dongting Lake and Ikyang were close.

I thought my head was sweating profusely all from thinking of a way out of this.

“I think I have misunderstood you. We thought that Young Man was a disciple of that old man with a strong appearance”

The old man with a strong appearance huh? The place they looked over to was where Hae Ack-chun was sitting.

Although there was a little distance, Hae Ack-chun was listening to the conversation we were having.

“Ah… that person is an acquaintance with whom my father has a long relationship. Did you know he is called Diamond Body?”

I used the identity I had prepared in advance for Hae Ack-chun. In fact, he was someone who was expected to stand out somewhat.

However, the name I had used would probably hurt this guy.

“I see.”

I didn’t recognize the old man or understand Jin Gyun’s look.

Thank god.

The more one knows the more disinterested one becomes, and the old man smiled broadly,

“Haha. Seeing that you have come all the way here, Young One must want to participate in the tournament.”


There was no reason to lie. And to my answer, the old said that it was nice,

“I think I can see a good match with this friend’s grandchildren.”


‘This friend’ pointed to Jin Gyun. Wait, did it mean that his grandson was participating?

My head started to hurt. It seemed like this part of the future had changed again.

-Didn’t you say he wasn’t interested in such events?


But I didn’t understand why he was participating. Could it be that he was trying to establish a strong relationship with the Murim Alliance?

And then someone walked out of the guest house. It was a tall young man with a pleasant appearance, and he had the same black clothes as Jin Gyun.

‘…Flame Blade.’

Perhaps he also had the same bizarrely bladed weapon as his father.

The sword was short and the blade wide, and I knew that this was the kind of blade made for the user to comfortably use a specific technique.

However, it was impossible to guess the level of Jin Gyun’s grandson without seeing him in action.

So I began to test him.

‘… it isn’t easy.’

I could feel that this guy was above most first-rate warriors. And if I hadn’t opened my mid dantian point, it felt like I wouldn’t have even been able to sense this much.


However, the eyes of Jin Gyun’s grandson were on Sima Young.

He seemed to have sensed the qi coming from ‘him’. He had probably sensed that ‘he’ was of similar strength to him, so he might not be interested in seeing me, who was weaker than him.

“Grandfather. I paid the bills.”

When I was just wondering why he had come out, he answered my question.

There were a lot of customers, so it seems like the servers were too busy, and they required patrons to head inside and pay themselves.

“But these people?”

At that, Jin Gyun glanced at me. It meant to introduce myself.

And I took the initiative and spoke to him politely,

“I am So Wonhui, the third son of Ikyang So.”

Hearing those words, the old man’s smiling face looked a bit shocked. It was the same with Jin Gyun.

Maybe it is because they had heard rumors about me being trash? Contrary to my expectations…

“No. Did Ikyang So send their third son to represent them? I thought you were the eldest son.”


They didn’t know?

The old man seemed unaware of the rumors regarding me.

-Maybe they weren’t interested?

I thought what Short Sword said might be true.

I wasn’t sure who the other old man was, but even Jin Gyun wasn’t interested in me despite being from one of the strongest families.

Even if he had heard it, he must have let it out through the other ear, and so Jin Gyun’s grandson took the initiative.

“I am called Jin Young. I want to know about you.”

Jin Gyun’s grandson introduced himself as Jin Young and spoke to Sima Young.

I was being treated like someone he didn’t care about.

He seemed to be the kind of person who didn’t care about those who were weaker than him. He was more arrogant than I had thought.

But there was something he didn’t know,

“I am Ma Young.”

Without looking at him, Sima Young bowed to the old man and Jin Gyun.

She straight-up ignored him, making Jin Young frown.

Sima Young never treated those who mistreated me with any sort of politeness. The old man smiled,

“Hehehe. Such a witty young friend.”

Jin Young, who understood the meaning of those words, bowed his head feeling embarrassed.

He didn’t make any eye contact with me till the end. If there was even a little bit of flexibility in his attitude he might have apologized.

Jin Gyun put his finger into his glass, pulled it out, and flicked his finger lightly.

At that moment, a drop of alcohol on his finger flew into Jin Yong’s abdomen.



Jin Young grasped his stomach as if he was in pain.


It was unbelievable to see.

How profound was his qi to create such a shock in his grandson’s body with just a drop of alcohol flicked from his finger?

Jin Gyun said,

“Unlike my son, I let my grandson have a bit more freedom, Disciple So. Please do not be offended.”

-Ugh. Disciplining.

I didn’t think I was important enough for him to put his hands on his own grandchildren.

Jin Gyun turned his head and looked at Jin Young who looked uncomfortable as he hurriedly apologized,

“I was rude to Disciple So. Please forgive me.”

He apologized but I could feel no sincerity from him. This was a show for his grandfather

Should I push him a little?

Well, I waved my hands as if I didn’t care about it,

“No. I didn’t get your attention because I wasn’t good enough, so I think it is the family’s prestige that is undermined.”

Jin Young’s expression turned stiff at my words. At first glance, it sounded like a humble thing to say but it wasn’t.

And the expression of Jin Gyun contorted at this.


Jin Gyun got up and spoke to Jin Young in a low voice,

“You are smearing the face of this old man. Follow me. I will fix that habit of yours before you enter the tournament.”

Jin Young’s face had turned pale.

This was fine.

In this way, I could use his attitude to my advantage. Anger filled Jin Gyun and he strode away without even looking back.

“Huh, this friend.”

The old man shook his head and said,

“You said you are participating, so we will meet later. I wish you good results.”

With those words, the old man hastily followed Jin Gyun and Jin Young looked at me with a half-angry and half-tired face.

The old man who followed Jin Gyun tried to appease him,

“Do not say too much. Did your grandson do that on purpose? The friend that was standing behind the third son of the Ikyang So family was much more skilled, so he did it out of curiosity.”

Jin Gyun shook his head at those words and said,

“That is why I need to scold him more.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because he didn’t know who to really watch out for.”

At those words, the old man’s expression contorted in confusion.

Jin Gyun was displeased with his grandson’s attitude, but he knew the child would have no rival.

However, the third son of Ikyang So, whom he had met for the first time, was highly skilled, and he anticipated that they would meet.

“What the hell does that mean?”

In the eyes of the old man, the third son of the Ikyang So family was strong but that was all. He didn’t seem like the one with a chance of winning.

Jin Gyun said in a heavy voice,

“He is an opponent my grandson might not be able to beat.”


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