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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga Chapter 508

The first reaction of the knights was dubious. It’s not that I don’t believe that there is magic. He seemed to believe that since he had come this far, no matter how much he was a wizard, there would be no way.

Still, the demon’s faith in the hero was greater, so when they were scattered, they shared the information they gathered and answered quickly.

“All I’ve heard is that he was a wizard who had been employed by the former Earl Birair before he was born.”

answer that you don’t know anything. In the end, I had to figure it out on my own.

“Secure the lord first. I’ll hit this place.”

There was no question if it would be okay. From the moment I dealt with all the corrosive bodies that had already besieged Epagasierra in Rengi, they did not raise any objections to my skills and judgment. Almost at the same time as the knights rushed to the lord’s room and smashed the door, I picked up an esthetic and kicked it while cutting through the door with magic.

The sight of the condensed mana dissipating along with the magic circle, which was precisely composed to the extent that it could be described as stacked layer by layer, created a scene similar to fireworks exploding right in front of your eyes.

In addition to magic power, the fragments of the door exploded by the kick were scattered all over the place, and what caught my eye was the very neat interior of the wizard’s abandoned warehouse and numerous books.

He was an old demonic gentleman with a side part hairstyle and a short, well-groomed white beard, sitting on the bed in a neat outfit and staring at me with a very calm face.

“It’s an interesting ability. Is it to cut magic?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he realized something was wrong.

In the midst of the magic scattering in front of my eyes, the tree fragments, and everything including me slowing down like in slow motion, only he was talking and tilting his head.

“However, it seems that he lacks experience in directly competing with wizards. Although the direction is completely different from that of you… In a number fight between wizards, destroying the opponent’s magic power or nullifying the magic circle is the basic of the basics.”

The moment he felt his gaze met the old man’s pale gray eyes, he got up without the slightest hint of haste and walked toward the hanger.

I was about to get dizzy because I couldn’t keep up with the scene, but it was only when I heard the ‘normal’ noises made by the knights who attacked the lord’s room that I heard from behind that I realized that I was in the same situation as stepping on a trap.

Thoughts flow at a rapid pace, as if sparks are flying in my head. In the midst of considering all the possibilities, the old man is extremely relaxed.

“Therefore, there are magics that can be activated by using them in reverse. Just like you are experiencing right now. Of course, it’s not something that can be completed overnight.

It was only after he put on his overcoat, put on his scarf, and even held up the cane that he had hung with his clothes that the old man nodded in satisfaction and looked at me again.

“Anyway. Nice to meet you, a human friend with strange abilities. I’m a wizard called Emmit Rell Otnok. People often call me Mistress Emil. By the way, I personally think this nickname is quite unfair. I’m just good at saving money. It’s not that I’m doing it, but I’m also writing it well.”

I hear the sound of something exploding from behind, and I can see the signal flares fired by the knights flying out the window with the old man on his back.

Not long after that, a belated alarm sounded, but the old man, who proudly introduced himself as Susan, pointed at me with a relaxed smile as if he didn’t mind anything like that and turned his cane half a turn.

With just that movement, a vast amount of mana began to gather at the tip of the staff, and soon a red-hot orb was created.

“I hope I can hear your self-introduction.”

A ball of fire that took shape, burning in an instant as if it would devour everything around it, flew towards me.

Emmett glanced out the window, looking away from the fireball that was flying away from the staff and toward the visitor. It is so obvious what the signal flares that fall like meteors across the night sky mean.

The Order was not stupid, and Count Beerrere’s halfway plan failed.

‘That’s all for beer.’

It seems that all the combat troops in the inner castle are dead, and it seems that all the wizards who can communicate over long distances have died because of the sudden attack, and only he is left, and the lord’s room is still noisy. At that time, Count Birair’s Young-sik resembled his father and was nothing special, so there would be no way to overcome this situation unless Emmit sent a communication to the demon king’s army.

And Emmett had no intention of doing that. Because I didn’t get paid for it.

Even before the sun rises in the morning, Beerare falls into the hands of the church. It was a city that I had been protecting for a long time, but it wasn’t too bad because it was Emmet who didn’t have any attachment to the place.

‘That’s why I should have listened carefully to the previous story about not beating the ransom.’

It’s not that I didn’t work. Emmett prides himself on doing a decent job for what he was paid. I just worked as an advisor Emmet, not a wizard Emmit, because the salary I received was low.

The former Earl of Vireir had an eye for accurately seeing his value, and the former Earl of Virere had the wisdom to respect the decision made by his father, but the current Earl of Virere had neither, so Emmet’s salary is excessive. thought

Rather than the intention to fire Emmet, it was the result of one-dimensional thinking that focused more on the luxury he enjoyed by using a wizard who had been with his family for a long time at a cheap price.

So instead of cutting Emmett, he offered to take a pay cut, and Emmett agreed without saying anything, and then went on to work for what he was paid. I didn’t bother to explain my need. Because Emmet had no hobby of persuading others for no pay.

Only those who fully recognize their own value are provided with the ability to match it. That was the rule Emmett had set for himself, and the berere of the day was making his own decisions and unluckily paying the price.

Besides that, he had several rules.

“F*ck life. Anyway, nothing goes smoothly.”

For example, even if the opponent tried to kill him, if he was judged to be ‘worthy’, he would qualify for a ‘deal’ through a test.

“Young friend is amazing. He has the qualities of a wizard.”

So, I dared to explain and took the time to give the visitor time to analyze the situation they were in.

Even if I could analyze it, if I didn’t have the ability to solve it, I would have died from the blow I just had, but I wasn’t particularly sorry. After all, the visitor came to kill himself anyway.

Occasionally, in spite of such ‘consideration’, there were people who came out as red and white… But this visitor seemed to be different from those ruffians.

“…Elderly. I’m really curious, so I’m just asking, did all the wizards who want to hit a little taste like the old man?”

Emmett smiled mischievously when he saw that the visitor had opened a barrier through the gauntlet, quickly realizing that his trap was not to stop time, but to use magic to seal the movement of the surrounding area.

Seeing the human beings who had already started to take control of the magic power of the trap rather than just spreading the shield, Emmit felt happy for the first time in a long time.

“A little bit…? It sounds like you’re talking about a good wizard, but the knowledge of such a person is always expensive. Do you have any money?”
“…Do you accept Eshunua Empire gold coins?”

Competent and communicative people are always fun, regardless of race.

“In my experience, they are all similar friends. There are few friends who can be called normal.”

After answering, the human, who showed a bizarre expression as he raised his hand that did not hold the staff, took a slow dance at the waist and took out a gold coin.

“…If I tell you who I am, will you give me a discount?”
“I’m not so stupid as to have to hear from the mouth of a human who knows how to use magic and divine power. Rumors from the battlefield spread faster than I thought, warrior friend.”

Watching the devil’s hero bounce the gold coin with a poop-chewed expression, Emmet couldn’t hide the corners of his mouth going up.

For real gold coins?

Rather, it was the behavior of that cunning visitor who not only coldly bought time through this process, but also tried to determine the extent of the trap by checking where and how the gold coins had left his grasp.

A good deal only works when two talented people come together. In that sense, the warrior smelled very strongly of a favored customer.

As soon as he got out of the range of the trap, Emmett, who had magically snatched the gold coins flying at high speed, continued pretending not to know.

“Is there anything else you’re curious about? It’s been a while since I’ve been able to make money this easily, so I want to earn as much as I can while I can.”
“How much does it cost to not send a communication to the Demon King’s Army?”

Body movements and speech are natural. Emmett was a little amazed when he realized that the Demon God’s hero had almost escaped the trap.

Even so, it’s a trap that I put my heart and soul into, but I didn’t think it would only earn me this much time. I was only paying close attention, but it was clear that if there was a gap, I would hit it at any time.

“Two large Eshunua coins.”

While preheating the artifacts he was carrying and preparing for defense magic, the Demon God’s hero crumpled his face again as he calmly mentioned the price.

But apart from that, a new gold coin popped out of the warrior’s arms. It was exactly two Eshunua gold coins.

“It’s a little bit like I’m saying this, but… isn’t it too cheap?”
“I think so too, but it’s roughly double the salary that Birrere paid me at the time.”

Even though he said it himself, he shrugged his shoulders and looked at his reaction as if he was lamenting.

how will it come out

Since the Demon God has regarded the Humans as warriors and actually came all the way here for the Demon Gods, they will not discriminate against race.

However, being able to have a genuine conversation like this over an enemy is another matter. The hero looked at himself and asked if his hair had gone bad, but in Emmet’s eyes, the warrior was quite a bit of a man with bad hair.

And if the hero really went to his taste, it’s clear that this deal could end satisfactorily for both sides.

“Would you be willing to hire us for three times more?”

The hero did not disappoint Emmett’s expectations.

“I’ll show you my worth, so let’s negotiate the price later.”

As soon as Emmet cast his magic, the hero jumped out of his seat and swung a brilliantly shining sword.

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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

Never touch Eldmia Egga, 절대 엘드미아 에가를 건드리지 마라
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