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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga Chapter 629

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“It’s such a nonsense story that I have nothing to say.”

Even the Demon King had no intention of becoming involved in the empire’s power struggle while he was in a lot of trouble.

I’m even less interested if there’s a family fight involved. Maybe Esmuye needs help, but with her position in the empire as strong as it is now, there is no reason to step in.

The 2nd Prince Etrasiezel, who had no way of knowing that my decision to make such a judgment and withdraw was an action to extend his own lifespan, just leaned back on the sofa with a mysterious smile despite my deep consideration.

“Don’t worry. Unfortunately, my sister is not a weak enough person to suffer political damage from something like this. Even if you bring in a beggar living off the land somewhere in the countryside of the empire and make him a state official, it will all be the princess’s will. “If you bow your head and say, ‘I follow you,’ if the opponent is a demonic hero and dragon slayer, your rank will not be lowered.”

Even so, I thought he was a bit of a beggar as the princess’s husband… but considering her position in the empire, it’s amazing that it may not be such an empty story. If she said she would definitely do it, she would say, ‘Oh, how dare you discover a talent that we don’t know about and decide that way!’ Wouldn’t that be a reaction?

“It’s just a coincidence, we have the same interests, and we are cooperating, but we don’t have a relationship where we can make such speculations.”

Anyway, that was it, and since there was still no need to give an excuse to a political opponent, Etrasiezel smiled calmly until the moment when she remained ignorant.

“Haha, that’s prudent. Of course, I wouldn’t do anything to reveal my weaknesses in front of my lover’s political enemy. But no matter how much you say that, you can’t do anything about my sister’s reaction. However, the reason I brought this up to criticize me is No. On the contrary, I am the type of person who actively supports you. If you want it, I will actively help you…”

Even if Esmuët’s interrogation does not cause any damage to her, it is likely that he is pushing it in this way because it ultimately benefits Etrasizel. . Perhaps Esmuye may think that he may give up his position as emperor to prioritize his relationship with me, or he may think that he can move things along and then use me as a hostage or something.

“I don’t know how false rumors came to disturb the prince’s ears.”

And in that case, there was a possibility that an annoying situation could arise even for me in the future, so I drew a clear line with a dull face that wiped away the smile used to entertain people.

“My answer remains the same. Rather, I feel uncomfortable that you visit so suddenly and keep bringing up this topic.”

Then, the friendly smile on Etrasiezel’s face quickly disappeared.


“…Really? You don’t have any romantic feelings at all?”

The emotions contained within are complex and subtle. This can’t be happening? Even as I struggle with this puzzlement, I can feel myself concentrating on even the movement of my eyebrows to understand my intention. I don’t know what they were planning, but even though I thought it was really pointless, I pretended to be calm and continued acting.

“Have you at least heard the rumors going around the academy? It may have been a false rumor spread based on the fact that the knight of Itisel sacrificed himself to save the princess from the devil’s plot. As I have said from the beginning, why am I like this now? “I don’t even understand if I should listen to the story.”

“So… it doesn’t matter if I assassinate my sister right now and solidify my throne?”

I didn’t expect the assassination to be mentioned so openly, but politicians’ scheming is a muddy fight where the bottom is unknown, so I wasn’t surprised. If I meet Esmueh later, there will only be one more thing to tell her.

“I don’t want the well-being of the princess, who has shown me favor, to be in trouble, but I don’t think it’s an issue I can dare to discuss.”

“You don’t have to kill me right now to stop me or anything like that?”

“Are you telling me to give up my life for the princess’s safety? I have no hobby of committing suicide.”

Trying to answer as calmly as possible, I also looked at Etrasiezel’s reaction, and a truly unexpected reaction came back.

I thought it would just end coldly, but a contemptuous anger emerged from him.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm


Are you dissatisfied that your expectations were not met? For someone who had been so cheerful and open-minded just a moment ago, his cold demeanor was clearly revealed, making it unbelievable. Maybe that’s Etrasiezel’s true form. Since there is no need, they probably think there is no need to be friendly.

“I guess even my sister makes mistakes sometimes.”

The way he frowned so openly and even the bridge of his nose and clicked his tongue as if he was seeing something dirty was so confident that it was surprising, but there was no time to criticize him. This is because the sound of fierce horses’ hooves and wheels rolling could be heard outside, and then suddenly stopped.

-From this moment on, no one is to enter the mansion until you give the order!

The shout that covered up the noise made by people moving urgently was Esmuet’s. It seems that he moved and arrived here as soon as he heard of Etrasiezel’s sudden action.

“…It looks like it’s already moved.”

Etrasiezel pressed her eyebrows as if she was displeased, but did not take her eyes off me. It wasn’t just an expression of displeasure, it seemed as if he was contemplating what to do with me even though it was clear that he had clearly used up all of his uses.

By ruining your own plans? Or did you hear about the assassination? Whatever it was, even I forgot what to say due to such shameless behavior.

Has this bastard gotten used to being in their front yard now? Or are you confident that you won’t be knocked down just because there are knights out there?

“Please open your eyes kindly.”


Etrasiezel’s response was very late. It was understandable because it would have been no different from the verbal abuse I could have imagined hearing in this place. It would definitely not be something one would dare say in the capital of the empire in front of the prince.

But that’s none of my business. I continued speaking, using the angry footsteps of a small figure coming from afar as background music.

“There are ordinary men and women in this world who die after not being able to open their eyes well. If someone as high as the prince of an empire dies like that, would they be ashamed to look at their great ancestors?”

It was so fascinating that I actually wanted to ask directly. Why are you acting like that in front of me and confident that you won’t fall for me?

It is clear that this is a problem that Esmué can handle directly, so he treats her well out of respect for her and does not bother to use his hands, not because he is afraid of his status as a prince. .

I don’t know if it would have gone smoothly like this, but why should I stand by and watch when they are showing such openly hostile intentions? I may not be able to completely quell the imperial family’s opposition, but I am now in a position to create a cause that does not exist.

“If you don’t want to die in that position, at least open your eyes kindly.”

Since I was clearly aware of that fact, I threw out the threat straight away.

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“Envelde was killed by a sword at my home in the capital. Perhaps because the sword has no eyes, it goes through both nobles and commoners alike.”

It was almost at the same time that Etrasiezel, who had been filled with anger for no apparent reason, burst into laughter as if she were dumbfounded, and the study door flew open.

The knights did not react to my profane remarks. The two knights are still standing still in the study with their backs turned.

“No one is to be in any place other than this study until you give the order.”

The one who opened the door was Esmuët, who was among them, blushing red and panting, but opening her mouth with as much composure as possible. I don’t know what Etrasiezel was like, but there was only one thought that came to mind when I saw it.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Are you that tired just from walking so quickly from the carriage to here…?

“Anyone who violates this will be severely punished. Go!”

As soon as Esmuët enters the study, the knights leave without any hesitation. For a moment, I wondered if there was anything wrong with the two political enemies being in the same place. I was able to see Etrassiezel’s expression change in real time as she watched Esmuët chanting magic.

It’s not an attack magic, it’s a simple soundproofing magic, but I don’t know why I’m so embarrassed, so I’m about to tilt my head.


As soon as the spell was completed and it was confirmed that the magic had been applied, Esmuet, who started screaming, walked up to Etrasiezel and fed chestnuts to his head.

“Yes, you brat! Are you going to keep disobeying your sister like this!?”

Cognitive dissonance arose at the heartwarming yet bloody sight, which was far beyond my expectations, as if I was admonishing a younger sibling who had committed a mistake.

And it was the same with Etrasiezel. He looked back at me and Esmuët several times with a puzzled face, then suddenly got up from his seat and shouted.

“Are you really crazy?! This kind of rudeness just because you’re related by blood…”

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“It’s postponed! He’s going to be your brother-in-law anyway! There’s no need to tell me, so I just put it off, so what’s the problem!”

Cognitive dissonance arises once again.

I couldn’t understand the word ‘acting’ and what was not being told, and Etrasiezel was astonished as if she had heard something she shouldn’t have heard. But when he shouted in such shock, I was the only one who felt cognitive dissonance this time.

“No! I don’t approve of this marriage! My sister is being criticized so I haven’t been able to see that guy’s personality!”

“What kind of mannerisms are you talking to your brother-in-law!”

“That’s a human horse!”


But this time it was short. It was because I had already experienced something similar at ETSL.

Nobility and royal family. King Itisel VII and Duke Lesrom.

“The confrontation between the two was a lie…?”

I quietly held the back of my neck as I looked at Esmuët, who was nodding her head with a grin, and Etrasiezel, who couldn’t control her gaze as she looked torn between Esmuët and me.

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Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

Absolutely Do Not Touch Eldmia Egga

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