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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 445

Who wouldn’t be surprised to see a goat’s head snorting in front of them?

However, beyond that appearance, Lee Ha could instinctively know.

Their strength clearly exceeds that of ordinary monsters.

‘It was a setting in the first place that made the New Continent send users of this level to pioneer it. In that case, it would be correct to think that it was designed to become a new stage where great experts can be active.’

The fishmen I met on the way here boasted incredible strength.

What about NPCs in the new continent?

If there is a monster, what is the level of the monster?

What about the items, achievements, quests, and rewards that come from hunting them?

‘I wonder how much my black bass will eat. Oh yeah! Among the monsters that come out of the New Continent, there are probably some with good eyes. If it’s much better than the monsters of the Old Continent… maybe I can make a new scope using that material?’

Lee Ha, who had been interested since Jet Bob, suddenly remembered another enemy.

The reason the New World expedition came here in the first place, the pieces of another demon king that Bluebeard and Bluebeard are looking for.

What if they wake up?

By that time, I was no longer interested in Jet Bob.

‘Hmm, that’s a bit difficult. City Gaza’s income is now starting to get back on track, but if you bring it all to the Old Continent and mess with it… no, no, no.’

Wasn’t the following the actual reason for trying to stop Bluebeard?

Although I wasn’t able to go to City Gaza, I was able to find out based on the timing. If nothing special had happened so far, the butler NPC Feitor would have already filled the coffers sufficiently.

The beings that can turn all that income into nothing are the pieces of the devil. That must be prevented at all costs.

The users were moving according to the plan that had already been planned just before departure. Movement was all about vigilance and caution.

Fishing also ended yesterday.

No one showed signs of boredom as they navigated in silence and darkness.

Until the sun rises.


It was good news that came as soon as the sun rose.

“…Now I just have to endure one more day. It will really arrive! “Yongyong’s hawk found a seagull!”

Fernand’s cheekbones seemed ready to protrude.



“Isn’t that what Giant Alba is about? “It’s a real seagull, right?”

“yes! It’s a real seagull! “It’s all here now!”

Users who had been quiet all night in tension and contemplation suddenly became engulfed in excitement. Lee Ha was also happy, clenching his fists on the mast.

‘very good! They passed safely through the night. Have they all gone back?’

I was secretly worried that there might still be some left, that the guy who felt himself becoming invisible might be waiting for him.

But not anymore.

The appearance of seagulls and the shortening of the two-day distance in an instant are all evidence of safe passage!

“Now we are there! After the last 24 hours, it has finally arrived! All expedition members are requested to conduct special reconnaissance and be on alert!”

Excited, Excited!

Following Fernand’s shout, users explored the surroundings, applying all the skills and items they could.

Don’t come out. Don’t come out.

Everyone’s thoughts were unified as if they were praying.

Above all, as the ship progressed, the sea water gradually changed from blue to emerald, which excited the users.

‘does not exist. No, finally! at las!’

As expected, the reconnaissance was correct. If the ship had proceeded first without looking around, it would have definitely been disturbed.

Lee Ha thought that none of the achievements he had obtained so far, including the mermaid skill, were useless.

Just like that, noon passed and it was afternoon again.

And the voyage was peaceful until evening. The ship didn’t move fast, but everyone knows that’s all to gain momentum after the sun sets.

“The sun is going down….”

“Let’s prepare for the final spurt. Rodin, Euncheon! Please go up to the mast and prepare a searchlight! Since our berthing distance varies depending on the shape of the coast, there is a high possibility that we will eventually have to go by boat. Everyone, Kraven, please prepare to get off the boat right away!”

When the water depth decreases, the New-Serpent and Marlin can no longer proceed.

This is because there is a risk of stranding.

From the time the sea turns red to the complete sunset, all preparations have already been completed. There were no abnormal signals from any reconnaissance method.

Now there was only one thing left.

“Full speed ahead──────!”

“Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go———!”

“Hahaha, we’re here! We’re all here! Run, run!”

With acceleration skills, two ships were shot like arrows.

Leeha, who came down from the mast, stuck out his upper body as if he was about to jump off the bow and looked ahead. It was a day when the moon was bright.

‘My vision is bright. good. ‘Is it really so good that it’s perfect?’

Is it a reward for your hard work, or is Middle Earth helping you finish things neatly and perfectly?

When the moon is a little bit over the top of your head, so there are still about four or five hours left until dawn!

‘It’ appeared on Chiyo and Roubini’s map, and also in Leeha’s eyes.

“Is that what that is? Hmm…”

“I can see… the land… has come out.”

“It’s land! I can see land! Hahaha! Land, land! Mr. Fernand! “Come and see us now!”

The land appears to be slowly rising beyond the horizon.

It was also visible to the eyes of users who had absorbed enough light from the bright moon and the ship’s searchlight.

As the ship progressed, the black color on the sea gradually expanded in importance.

Finally, stretching out from one side of the horizon to the other, it was clearly a continent of enormous size.

“Speed up! Speed up!”

“It’s already at full speed! hey! Kraven’s babies! Get the boat ready! Shine your searchlight well! “If you check the depth of the water incorrectly, you could end up falling over!”

“Captain Burke, what an unlucky thing to say! “Of course we’ll take care of it, so don’t worry!”

Excited users became crowded and noisy.

“Rubini! Is it possible to convert it to a 3D map? I need to check the depth of the water nearby! Elmi! Yongyong and Jinggeonggong, please focus on underwater reconnaissance!”

Fernand was also busy.

His efforts to get as close to the continent as possible without stranding the two ships paid off.

Another two hours to go like that.

“It’s a typical raised coastal structure, with most of it being a combination of coastal cliffs and coastal terraces… I think it would be difficult to dock here in the first place – Ah! Ah, a sandy beach! Hey- Leeha! Please check over there, it’s a sandy beach, right?!”

Fernand, who was looking for a suitable berthing spot, made a fuss again.

All searchlights and light magic were concentrated in the direction his finger was pointing.

It was only a little light, but it was enough for my eyes.

“There is a sandy beach! “It’s on the coast!”

“Good———good! Captain Burke! Let’s stop!”

“It was already stopping!”

As soon as the following words were finished, Burke and Hook stopped the two ships.

In an instant, the anchor was thrown and the boats were lowered to the surface.

“Everyone gets on board except for those who don’t want to go to the New World!”

Hook was the first to jump onto the boat.

There is no way there is anyone who doesn’t want to go.

Five boats disembarked from the New-Serpent and Marlin, carrying a total of 42 members, including 40 members of the New World Expedition, Inspector Pubiel, Shin Nara, and Bailippus, and quickly headed for the New World.

dark night.

The silhouette beyond the sandy beach was not clearly visible.


“Alexander! Discovery of a new continent – We all do this together when we set foot on that land, right? “Isn’t there anyone who can teleport first?”

There’s no way I wouldn’t know the discovery experience.

Some users were offended by the cabbage master’s threats.

Are experience points divided by stepping on them at the same time? That was also a question, but anyway, there are probably many users who think that they will take the first step, even if it is 1 mm faster.

“Of course. “Everyone steps on that ground at the same time.”

Alexander nodded. If a traitor emerges from this promise, you must be prepared to turn everyone else into an enemy.

“But… what are those silhouettes? “When I looked at it with a searchlight earlier, it looked like a tree.”

The docking location has already been confirmed.

The coast of the New World was mostly dominated by lumpy rocks and rugged cliff-like terrain. There was a small sandy beach in the center, and the group was heading towards it.

“I saw it as a tree too… but isn’t it too big? “Is there a tree that big?”

However, it was not possible to confirm beyond the sandy beach and coastal terrace from the ship.

As the boat approached the sandy beach, the gradually revealed silhouette gave off a strange aura.

“Iknow, right. “I don’t know if the mountain slope continues from this cliff, but that shape is impossible in that shape…” What

users were wondering about was the ‘forest’ that started right after the sandy beach ended.

At first I thought it was a mountain, but when I looked closer I saw that it wasn’t.

It was as if ridiculously large trees were rising up right behind the flat area.

‘Does it look bigger because it’s night? ‘There are so many trees that are taller than most high-rise buildings.’

The dense trees planted on the flat ground suddenly rose to a height of at least 100 meters from the end of the sandy beach.

Like a huge wall made of wood. Like a barrier demarcating someone’s territory.


When the gentle sound of waves was heard once more, the five boats finally stopped moving. The feeling of the boat’s keel sinking into the sand was felt in the legs below.

“Is everyone ready?”

Users were preparing like runners waiting for the starting signal at the end of the boat.



And just as promised, everyone rushed to the shores of the New World at the same time.

Whose feet touched the ground first? Fortunately, Middle Earth showed mercy. Bbabam-!

Erica discovered a new continent.

Discovery experience has been gained.

Congratulations everyone!

The new continent of Erica has finally been discovered!

The map on the Middle Earth official website will be updated.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen.

Your level has risen.


Whaaaaaaaaa no

Not only the achievement acquisition notifications, but also all kinds of notifications in the system window blocked my eyes.

Even if you wanted to read it properly, the white brilliance emitted by all users, including Lee Ha, obstructed their vision.

“It’s okay──────!”

“Whahaha! Watch me level up! Watch me level up!”

“oh my god! “The quest hasn’t been completed yet, so what is the discovery experience?!”

“Giggles, what’s the big deal? Anyway, it’s over! “We too have added a page to Middle Earth’s history───!”

If it were possible to shed tears, many users would have shed tears.

Memories of the many sea creatures I faced on my way here, and the nightmare of entering the waters of Yonggung, where I was forced to play harder and more arduous than working overtime at work or being a test taker before an exam.

After that, the chaotic days of antagonism and political strife while targeting the following items and information flashed through their minds.

It was all for this moment.


“Mr. Kijeong!”

Ki-jeong hugged Bo-bae until her waist was crushed and lifted her up. The users around him, including Hyein and Jinggeonggeong, were smiling happily.

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