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Arcane Sniper [Matan’s Shooter] Chapter 510

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“If I show you something like this, wouldn’t it be useful to Leeha when planning a ‘strategy’ in the future? 〈Energy Wave〉.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Blaugrun turned around.

Stretching out what was gathered in both hands towards the Kraken. That alone was enough.

Below, I saw the electric energy surrounding the Kraken’s entire body.

An attack that causes paralysis that was once used on Kuzgunak’sh.

With that alone, the Kraken was becoming rigid, stretching out its ten legs in all directions.

“Electricity… does not dissipate….”

“It was certainly fun to make an electric stun gun using my scales, but there is bound to be a difference from full-scale mana management. Allows the caster to transfer energy to the target. That’s the role of mana. Just like this. 〈Quadruple Electric – Ball〉.”

Pachik, pachik, pachik, pachik!

Lee Ha couldn’t help but be amazed as he saw the four electric spheres that formed in an instant.

Compared to the hatchling class, which could not use almost any magic, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this was an ‘evolution’.


And as he watched the four electric spheres double in size and turn into eight, Lee Ha didn’t know what to say.

A dragon that is Jubuna first-class, but not Jubuna first-class.


It was a moment when Blaugrun’s true colors were revealed.

The Kraken, a monster that even Bailippus would have had difficulty dealing with if it had been on the surface, was hit by eight balls of electricity simultaneously and died.

A confident little boy who holds back his words and doesn’t pay attention even when expressing his opinion?

“That’s amazing, Mr. Blaugrun.”

That’s not it. As of this moment, I have changed my perception of Blaugrun.

What does it matter if you look young?

There is no kid in this world who can take down the Kraken, which destroyed all the ships of the first New World expedition, with just a few gestures.

“Of course. “I am a dragon.”

Lee Ha stood next to the Juvenile first-class dragon and held out his fist.

Blaugrun tilts his head, Ah! He made an expression and held out his fist.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The fist shown below and the small fist of the ‘partner’, which was slightly larger than that fist, clashed in the water.

“But you told me to be careful if you fight while protecting me, because it gets on my nerves?”

“Of course it’s a joke. Let’s go quickly. “The Dragon Palace has arrived.”

As if Blaugrun was saying something obvious, he scolded him and then sped up.

“…Hmm, I guess I’ll have to work harder to distinguish between jokes and seriousness.”

I had no choice but to admit that he was a talented person, but I thought he needed a little more time to get used to it.

* * *

“Leeha niiiiiiiim──────!”

“Wow, Mr. Anderson!?”

As soon as I got near Yonggung, there was a mermaid running towards me with her beoseon feet.

It took some time for Lee Ha to recognize him. The face looked somewhat familiar, but the physique was noticeably different than before.

“Uh, really – I guess you worked out hard?”

“Hehe, you look better now, right? I’m receiving special training from Captain Sibreem! What’s going on at Yonggung? “I was so disappointed that you left without even saying hello last time.”

Anderson, a new member of the Sea God Guard, was clearly wearing weapons and armor.

The last time I came to borrow the giant turtle Tortuga, I was a mermaid so small that the name Royal Guard was awkward… but I could clearly feel that a lot of time had passed.

“But the person next to you…”

“Oh, you don’t recognize him either. “This is Mr. Blaugrun.”

“yes?! yes? Blaugrun!? Are you Dragon? Wow ─── You’ve changed a lot! “You couldn’t have changed like this when I was carrying you around!”

“Well, when was that an enemy story? “Now that you’re Juvenah’s best, you won’t have to be indebted to like last time.”

When Anderson approached him warmly, Blaugrun was rather embarrassed.

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Seeing that scene, Lee Ha felt a sense of exhilaration without knowing why.

“cool! As expected, Leeha, you live a great life! “Welcome, the prince already knew you were on your way!”

“Captain—no, Drake?”

“yes! We applied sound wave recognition to create a system that can detect the entire sea area of Yonggung!”

It is said that Drake’s life has changed a lot after he completely moved into the Dragon Palace.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Not only did Drake change, but after deciding to become the prince of the sea god and live as a ‘mermaid’ rather than a ‘human’, he was even transforming the Dragon Palace system.

I heard that, regardless of whether it was Bluebeard or someone else, they were making constant efforts to prevent something like the fishman incident from happening again.

“Well, anyway, he is from the commander-in-chief of a kingdom called Kraven…”

He must have lived a much more turbulent life compared to the peaceful Dragon Palace.

Leeha nodded and followed Anderson. There was no need for complicated certification procedures.

Lee Ha, who had already been ‘mermaidized’, naturally received a free pass, and above all, Anderson, who had the mark of the Royal Guard, was with him.

The fantastic view of Yonggung Palace seen as we passed by was a bonus.

Leeha, Blaugrun, and Andersson finally met Drake and Sivrim.

“Hi ha.”

“long time no see. “No, I guess we see each other more often than expected?”

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Lee Ha subtly joked with Drake.

Still, compared to other mermaids, his appearance was a little different.

The entire lower body does not become fish-shaped. A fish-like tail sticking out from the buttocks, with clearly a human lower body.

Lee Ha was convinced that Drake’s desire to live as a ‘human’ had something to do with his appearance, but he knew that it was not the topic to talk about now.

“Heh, I see. Still, it’s good to see you.”

The answer that came from Drake was unexpected.

I never thought Drake would openly express his joy. He looked at Blaugrun, who was standing next to Lee Ha, with a satisfied expression on his face.

“And this person is probably….”

“It’s not the first time we’ve met, but this is the first time we’ve said hello. “This is Blaugrun.”

“I guess so. “It’s an honor to see a mature dragon.”

As expected, Drake was on a different level from Lee Ha.

Without being swayed by appearances, he politely bows his head towards Blaugrun. Blaugrun looked proud and glanced at Leeha for a moment.

“Hmm. hmm. As expected, Elaim’s son is different. “I am truly honored to be here once again.”

“Elaim? Drake is the sea god—ah, ah?!”

“…Son of Elaim, please forgive your partner’s rudeness.”

“If I was embarrassed by something like this, I wouldn’t be able to build a friendship with Leeha.”

When Leeha made a sound as if she had realized something, Blaugrun and Drake looked at Leeha with vain expressions.

However, Lee Ha had his own unfair side.

‘The name of the sea god has never been mentioned! It just said ‘Sea God’ all the time, so how do I know that!’

However, Lee Ha knew that saying this would only harm him, so he kept his mouth shut and got straight to the point.

“Hmm, hey, what I came to see today is none other than-”

Lee Ha thought for a moment.

Where do I start and how do I most effectively ask for help?

If Drake and Blaugrun can empathize like that, it would be best to tell the story of the growth accelerator honestly.

The following is about the item called growth accelerator, where it was obtained, how it was used, and what effects it had.

And I fully explained that I had come here to obtain what I needed to create a new growth accelerator.

Drake’s expression wasn’t very good.

* * *

“The essence of the world….”

“I guess it can be obtained from a ‘septic tank.’”

Of course, what Bahamut said was a fact that could be inferred just from the quest information.

In response to the following words, Drake nodded as if confirming the correct answer. But his expression still didn’t look good.

“young master.”

“Sibrim. “Can you please check where my father is?”

“All right. Anderson, follow me.”

The Captain of the Sea God Guard left immediately, taking Anderson with him. Up to this point, the following was as expected.

Drake is an NPC belonging to the highest rank in the Dragon Palace, but since there is a being called a ‘king’, permission from the Sea God is absolutely necessary.

‘The question is whether I will give it to them obediently…’

After a while, Anderson approached and guided Drake and Leeha.

The place is the same throne room as last time. Blaugrun didn’t seem to be particularly interested in this conversation, and just looked around with interest.

“Hi ha!”

“It’s late to say hello to you. “I hope you have been well, Sea God.”

This was the exact place where Leeha received the Gelapong.

The surrounding area is designed to be completely spherical, so it is a place where the audience and the king can be seen from any direction, up, down, left, or right.

It was a place decorated like a stage, but what was different from last time was that there were no mermaids watching now.

“Huh, it’s a dragon. “Jubuna first class – no, adult class.”

“I’m still just a lowly Jubnail, Elaim.”

“Giggles, stop using names like that. When I’m called by the king’s name, it reminds me of Ifrit and it bothers me. So, you came because of the essence of the world?”

The sea god smiled brightly and received Blaugrun’s greeting.

Like Drake, being able to see through Blaugrun’s inner self and abilities without paying any attention to his appearance was definitely the characteristic of a ‘one who controls the water spirit’.


“It is the essence of the world…. What’s more, the one who came with us is a clan of metal dragons. “Did Bahamut send you?”

“Huh, okay?”

“Damn dragon guy. I suffered so much because they forcibly extracted my essence for some kind of experiment. After that, he didn’t show up once and then sent a Leeha…”

“No, hey, wait a minute. “I came not because Bahamut sent me—”

“Then it’s not related?”

“…If you say that, then again… it’s not like it’s not related at all.”

The following was embarrassed.

I mentioned something about growth accelerators, but I never mentioned words like Platinum Dragon or Bahamut!

Even he wouldn’t have noticed, seeing Drake nodding his head next to the sea god.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Could it be that the Spirit King of Water is also the Spirit King of Water?

The Spirit King, who was in charge of one spirit, had already fully figured out the following’s intentions.

“As you probably already know, the essence of the world is the energy that can be extracted from a septic tank.”

“yes. “I guess so.”

“But as the expression goes, ‘extraction.’”


“It means extracting some of the energy from the septic tank. Even by force. Do you understand what will happen?”


It’s already different from before when I greeted her warmly. The sea god’s face was frozen.

“Do you know what role a septic tank plays?”

“I know. It allows water spirits above a certain purity to be born as mermaids – Ah, then maybe?”

“…okay. “After extracting the essence, our clan will not be able to increase for a while.”

This was the reason why Drake’s expression got worse and the Sea God’s face hardened.

Even if all the NPCs of the Wood Elves or Giant races die, what if new users come in and choose that race? That can increase.

However, mermaids are not a playable race!

A race made up entirely of NPCs. In other words, if any restrictions are imposed on the system, it is impossible to increase the number of individuals.

‘Bahamut, this guy…?’

For a moment, Leeha remembered what the sea god had just said.

‘That damn dragon guy’. It was a word that sufficiently explained how Bahamut created growth promoters in the past.

“Well, that could be quite a problem.”

“yes. It’s not a problem. If Sylphid hadn’t stopped us at that time, Gnoas and I would have moved together.”

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