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Childhood Friend of the Zenith Chapter 635

[Episode 635] White.

It’s still.

In the blackened world, Woohyuk thought.

It’s really quiet.

The world, which was filled with noise, was quiet for some reason.

It must have been very noisy until recently.

– Kill.

– Accept.

– Praise.

It was very different from the noise I usually hear.

Unlike the ones where all kinds of sounds were mixed and couldn’t be heard properly.

This time, a very clear sound came into my ears.

How long has it been since you heard the sound? It felt like an infinite amount of time had passed.

thud-! thump-!

Even when I hear the sound of the ceiling collapsing all of a sudden.

– Praise…!

– Be in awe!

He kept talking to me as if he was trying to brainwash me.

It’s been so long. The noise that had been ringing loudly for a long time.

– Praise….

From a certain moment, there was silence for a moment.


Feeling this, Woohyuk softly opened his eyes.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of regret.

‘It wasn’t bad though.’

It was a bit boring because it was a repetitive voice, but compared to the usual noise, it was no different from a lullaby.

I wished I could rest a little longer.

‘The sound stopped.’

Could it be that something is about to happen?

At that thought, Woohyuk opened his eyes and raised his upper body.


And he tilted his head at the situation in front of him.

Night had come to the world.

It was a pitch black night where nothing could be seen.

Not only the floor, but even the sky was covered in black…


Woohyuk looked up and let out a sound.

I saw it clearly.

That is, the white background that remained a little disappears, being swept away by the black.

Lastly, the whole world where Woohyuk was in was scorched black.


Woohyuk saw it and laughed.

“It’s a perfect environment to sleep in.”

Rather than worry, I start thinking about it.

It is a world without a single light.

I felt like I could sleep well if I closed my eyes here.

Thinking of this, I want to lie down.

“Come to think of it…”

I recall the strange part.

“Why am I here?”

Why is he in a place like this?

It was only then that I got a question about it.

How did you come to this place?

‘Obviously…at the end…’

I think I saw something along with someone.

I do not know.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Because I felt it didn’t matter.

Using my arm as a pillow, Woohyuk rolls over to his side.

what does it matter anyway

‘It’s so quiet right now.’

The quiet now was more important to him.

sleep in silence

Unable to withstand this temptation, Woo-hyeok tries to close his eyes.



I felt popular.

All of a sudden, I’m staring at you, wondering what kind of popularity it is.

Someone was sitting next to Woohyuk.

That too.



It looks… it looks like a snake.

I don’t know.

It had a somewhat subtle appearance to be called a snake.


who is covering it up.

‘…Who is it?’

It was the first thing I saw.

He doesn’t look very big in his torn and worn black uniform.

However, Woohyuk looked up at his face.



I had to raise my body without realizing it.

I had goosebumps all over my body.

The moment I met his eyes, I had to be overcome with unknown fear.

‘…What kind of life is…’

Woo-hyuk’s body is on guard against the murder felt by the man.

didn’t do anything Even though he doesn’t even look at Woo-hyuk.

Just by looking at him, Woohyuk should have felt death.

A person who seems to have transformed life into a human form.

He was such a man.

“…who are you…?”

Let’s ask in a tone full of boundaries.


The man’s head turned to Woo-hyuk.

Seeing his face, Woo-hyuk trembled.



The man’s face was quite similar to someone Woo-hyeok knew.

Purple eyes and tanned whites. Except for the death that can be felt even beyond the line of sight.

The distinctive torn eyes and features remind me of a familiar person.

It seemed like that friend would look just like that when he got older.


Woohyuk swallows dry saliva at the uncomfortable silence.

at that time.


Woohyuk made a dumbfounded expression at the sudden apology.

It’s because I didn’t expect that he would suddenly apologize.


Woohyuk asked him without hiding his expression.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never said that to you before.”


Does anyone know me? Woohyuk makes a strange expression.

“How do you look?”

This time, the man handed a question to Woohyuk.

“You saved me. How do you look now?”


What do you mean? I couldn’t understand.

saved? What does that mean?

When did he say he saved that man?

“…when did I save you?”

“Even though I live and try to understand you, I have never understood you.”

Even if Woohyuk asks a question. The man seemed unwilling to answer.

“That I was the one who saved your precious life. You who did this without hesitation. I cannot understand.”


Hearing those words, Woohyuk must have felt cramped.

“…Who are you? Who are you to say such a thing?”

“Do you regret it?”

It is the same this time.

The man didn’t answer. I’m just going to keep talking.

“I hope you regret it.”

very heavy Again, in a tanned tone.

“So I hope you resent me. You deserve it.”


“Even then. and.”

The man looks at Woo-hyuk and turns his head again.

“In the future.”


Woohyuk couldn’t figure it out no matter how much he looked at it.

What the man is saying now, who was that man in the first place. Nothing was known.


“…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

For some reason, Woohyuk started talking to the man.

If you ask me why

“If I truly saved you.”

It just seemed like it should.

“It must have been because it seemed worth it.”


The man was still not looking at Woohyuk, but he could see the man’s shoulders tremble slightly at Woohyuk’s words.

“I don’t know if you really know me or not. Did you ask me if I regret it?”

To that, Woo-hyeok answers with a blunt expression.

“well. You probably wouldn’t regret it. I saved what it deserves. Then it happened. I would have thought so.”

I think it would have been like that. I said it with all my heart.

there it is

“Wrong start.”




This is what the man said while looking at Woohyuk.

Woohyuk somehow didn’t like that.



“I think that would sound a little better.”


At Woohyuk’s words, the man burst into laughter.

“You are still an asshole.”


Woo-hyeok looks at the man as if he is ridiculous at the sudden swearing.

And I felt quite used to it.

“Damn boy.”

“Your speech is rough in the beginning. Is that what everyone feels like when that happens…?”


At Woohyuk’s words, the man gets up.

Woohyuk, who saw that, waved his hands with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Nong. farm…! I was just joking…!”

That’s right.

Woo-hyeok, who instinctively noticed, naturally tries to see the bounce angle.

Luckily, the man didn’t seem to be trying to hit Woo-hyuk.

The man who approached Woohyuk calmly looked down at Woohyuk and said.

“Get up now.”


“My hand is about to start hurting.”


The moment I wondered what that would mean again.



Woohyuk’s head turns to the side at will.

Woohyuk covers my cheek in numb pain.

That’s right. but.

‘That person didn’t hit me.’

The man stayed still.

What kind of English is this?


“Keep it off!”

got one more hit.

That’s not the end.

match-! match-! match-!

With a sharp sound, Woohyuk’s head turns to both sides.

“Ugh-! stop!”

I let out a sound I didn’t know who I was talking to.

Even in the middle of it, the man just stares at Woohyuk and talks.

“wake up.”


“no-! sleep…!”

match-! match-!

“Get up.”


“Damn it–!!”

After enduring the pain, Woohyuk finally shouts.

“Wake up! Stop hitting me because it will happen!”


Woohyuk jumped up and shouted.


“Uh. woke up.”

Woohyuk directs his attention to the slightly childish voice, not the heavy voice he used to talk with.

There, Yangchun Gu was looking at Woohyuk and raising his hand.

“…you… ugh!?”

Woo-hyuk trembles at the pain he feels.

My cheeks hurt like crazy.

It was very hot at the same time.

“I don’t want you to wake up. touched a little After all, this was the answer.”

I can’t believe the pain and sound I’ve been feeling…

“…was it really a hit?”

“I don’t want you to wake up too much.”

Woo-hyeok, whose cheeks swelled up at Gu Yang-chun’s words, said.

“…you can wake it up with a bet.”

If it was going to wake up the spirit, it was just a matter of flowing energy.

It was a somewhat difficult method, but at the level of Guyangcheon, it was light enough to do it.

At that, Gu Yangchen smiled shyly.

“That doesn’t come easy for you anymore.”

“What do you mean by that…?”

Woo-hyuk, who was about to spit out the question, opened his eyes wide.

Because I felt something strange.

I checked my body.


Then I knew.

It means something has changed in my body.


Except for the fact that the uniform is in a mess for some reason, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the body.

Inside was completely different.

‘… energetic.’

It is truly a great energy. There was a tremendous energy in Woohyuk’s body.

Originally Woohyuk and Yoosung’s generation.

Because he was one of the six dragons and three peaks and was called the best late shaman. I never had a lot of energy.

The current level is different from the ark.


flows and overflows

I couldn’t even realize how many I had.



Woohyuk, who was grasping the energy, finally noticed the strangest part.

‘Why is the energy…!’

The energy that should stay at the lower end is toward the heart… so.

It was flowing from the position before the interruption.

What’s going on?


In response, Gu Yangchun clicked his tongue.

“The guy who says he’s hitting a little bit. You can’t even eat it.”


“Oh shit… I’m going to die, really…”

Ha ha.

The sighs that are heard over and over again are very heavy.

“…It’s a waste… It’s really a waste…”

“…What the hell are you talking about. What’s wrong?”

“There’s something like that! If only I ate that…”

He cursed and inspected Woohyuk’s body.

“But, fortunately, it seems to have worked.”


“Looking at the condition, it seems that you don’t know what you have… Is this a problem caused by handing it over?”

“What do you keep saying?”

“it’s okay. Because I hope it goes well.”

Without answering a single question, Gu Yangchen stood up.

Seeing that, Woo-hyuk asked as if he was surprised.

“Are you hurt…?”

“huh? ah.”

It was because Gu Yangchun’s body was a mess.

His upper body was covered in thick blackheads and was bleeding.

It is full of scuffs and scratches all over the body.


‘My breathing is shaking.’

Gu Yangchun’s breathing is twisted.

It is proof that you are tired.

What the hell happened to that monstrous b*stard that was tired?

“It’s just a little scratched.”

The answer was insignificant, but it never seemed simple.

At the same time, Woo-hyuk looks around and finds out something else.

“This place…”

Everything collapsed and was smashed, but it was a familiar space. It must have come with Yoo Seon…


“cable…! What about Princess Il?”


Goo Yangchun put on a puzzled expression at Woohyuk’s question.

And he tells Woohyuk.

“I originally had a lot of things I wanted to ask you?”


At that, Woohyuk shut his mouth tightly.

What to say.

yeah we had that. Yangchun Gu had something to ask Woohyuk.

On the contrary, it was the time when Woo Hyuk had something to ask Yang Cheon Gu.

“therefore. Get ready.”


“Yes, ready.”

Gu Yangchun rubs my ear hole with his pinky finger as if it’s annoying.

“Just looking at it, it looks like it will be long. Let’s prepare a three-line summary. each other.”


“Aren’t both of you bothered by long chats?”

It’s a situation that should be taken seriously.

Gu Yangchun, as always, responded calmly.

A three-line summary of this situation. He couldn’t have been a madman.

‘This guy is really…’

It’s an existence that you can’t understand even if you look at it.

The moment Woohyuk judged.

“Then I’ll go first, so come slowly.”


Gu Yangchen turned his back and said.

At those words, Woohyuk was taken aback.

“Are you going?”

Are you leaving suddenly?

put yourself here?

Looking at Woo-hyuk, who was embarrassed, Gu Yang-chun said.

“Originally, I was going to take her when I woke up, but I mean.”


Although it was different from the original purpose of visiting, the main purpose of visiting this place was to take Woo-hyuk with him.


“I’m in a bit of a hurry right now.”

Gu Yangchun wiped away the cold sweat and looked somewhere.

“It sucks until the very end. How come there is no such thing as an easy solution?”


“Right now, there won’t be any problems with you. Come on your own.”

As if there was no time to explain, Gu Yangchun took a stand.

Bend your knees as if you are about to jump high.


In an instant, flames permeated Gu Yangchun’s body.

It just pops out.

I’m determined to make a leap forward.


As if he forgot something, Yangchun Gu looked at Woohyuk.



“beautiful voice.”

I pause for a while to spit it out.

Chewing his lips briefly, Gu Yangchun spoke to Woohyuk again.

“thanks. for living.”


I tried to ask what Woohyuk meant.

Fire-!!! Quaang-!

Goo Yangcheon wrapped herself in flames and broke the ceiling as it went out.


Why is Woohyuk left alone?

I had to feel something bitter.

as if you feel

It’s not like that. That kind of feeling.

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