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Chronicles of the Demon Faction Chapter 648

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Episode 648 A story from the reign (23) Cherry

Blossom’s cooking was truly amazing.

It must have been quite a while since I cooked for myself because I’ve been so busy, but my skills have actually improved. More than ten dishes were carefully prepared, and each one was nothing short of a work of art.

Zhong Zhenbaek shook his head.

“My skills are comparable to those of the imperial palace servants. “In particular, my skill in handling meat seems to be better than that of the imperial palace servant.”

“Hoo? “I’ve been drinking cheap alcohol a lot, but after eating high-quality food for a few years, my tongue has become very sensitive, right?”

Zheng Zhongbaek said indifferently.

“Even before I entered the imperial palace, I was a person who loved luxurious food.”

“Is that so?”

“After all this, he was the leader of the Sapa martial arts group.”

“Still, isn’t it a hundred times better to be the emperor’s sworn brother than to be the leader of the Sapa Martial Forest?”

“If you say no, His Majesty will be disappointed.”

“What’s the point of talking about someone who doesn’t exist?”

“You’re going to get this.”



Yeo Kang-hwi said to Aenghwa.

“Vice owner. If you’re bored later, why not come visit the main palace? Let’s reserve a spot for a proper guy. “Wouldn’t it be nice to spend my golden years cooking and drinking with my family?”

Aenghwa just smiled.

Yeo Sang-rin scolded him.

“Why would I come to the main palace to say something is disappointing about the cherry blossoms?”

“No, but human life is…”

“Aren’t you being too pretentious when you ask people to come and stay overnight?”

“Kahahahahah! “It’s absolutely not like that.”

“I can see clearly inside.”

“It seems like he’s become even harsher since he hasn’t seen this guy.”

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“I used to be like this. “Onii-sama wasn’t watching on purpose.”

The two continued to bicker.

Seo-ryang filled Joo Seo-yoon’s cup.

“By the way, as I said before, it’s been a while since I came home. Why don’t you take a break for a few months?”

Joo Seo-yoon smiled. This is because I was grateful for the support that called Shingyo my home.

“I would like to do that too, but I can’t.”

“If Hubei has been stabilized to that extent, won’t it run on its own now?”

“That’s not the case again.”

Seoliang pointed at Gongyachi with his chin.

“He’s really good at his job, right? “If I leave it to you and something big happens, it won’t be too late to go there, right?”

Gong Yachi accepted his words cheerfully.

“What you said makes sense, sir. “I will take care of all the little things, so please take a break for a few months as the leader said.”

Zheng Zhongbaek snorted.

“You make a fuss about not coming, but then you wag your tail in front of the religious leader.”

“Isn’t it obvious? “You are the religious leader.”

“It’s so sad.”

“Haha, now that we’ve come this far, what should we do? You just need to sleep less. In addition, the religious leader sometimes sent me medicine, so my physical strength increased even more.”

Joo Seo-yoon smiled.

“We should try to help Gongya Munju sleep a little more. Still, he is a superior person.”

Xu Liang looked at her as if he was proud of her.

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“Okay, if you think so, I won’t say more.”

“A few days is enough. Instead, I will come more often from now on.”

“You’re welcome anytime.”

Song Sang-baek said while looking at Ma Dong-pil.

“By the way, I also felt it when I saw you in Hunan Province, but you are really so ruthless, aren’t you?”

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“The closer you get to the top, the harder it is to take a step forward. But you have gone beyond common sense. I have become noticeably stronger in five years. “It truly deserves to be called the best magic sword.”

Ma Dong-pil filed the complaint.

“I am speaking from the bottom of my heart, but I am not the First Sword of Magic.”

“why? “Because there is a religious leader?”

“no. “You are a person who has escaped such worldly evaluations to begin with, aren’t you?”

“…It leaves me speechless.”

Song Sang-baek tilted his head.

“Do you mean to say that there are other swordsmen in the Demonic Murim who are more skilled than you?”

“That’s right.”

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“Who is that?”

“This is the old man with an iron sword.”

“Iron sword? “Iron Sword Mazon?”

“That’s right.”

Wei Hongryeon chuckled.

“To be precise, when it comes to kendo (劍道), our old school is definitely much deeper than that nobleman.”


“But… if we were to fight to the death, I don’t think Master could beat that person.”

Zheng Zhongbaek nodded.

“Yes, if it’s a life-or-death situation as a demon, you can beat an iron sword, but if you’re talking about enlightenment as a swordsman, the iron sword is better.”

“To say that it is better may itself be an insult to Him. In my opinion, the enlightenment of the old man of the iron sword is comparable to or better than that of the sword king of Namgung in the past.”

“Huh! “You mean that much?”

“That’s the way I see it.”

Zheng Zhongbaek looked at Seo Liang.

“Is that really true?”

Xu Liang shrugged his shoulders.

“It has to be similar. However, due to the nature of magic arts, it is bound to be more difficult to make sense than the magic arts of the righteous school. If you think about it that way, if Iron Sword had trained in the martial arts of the right faction, he might have surpassed the level of the Sword King.”


The Old Great Majon was the strongest Gojin that could be used in the new religion.

However, no matter how much that may be, it was truly amazing that a magician who had mastered magic learned the art of kendo, which can be considered the best in the world. It was a matter of raising one’s level or the power of martial arts.

“There are a lot of talented people in Shinkyo.”

Ma Dong-pil said with a smile.

“I also occasionally exchange sword arguments with the iron sword elder. I feel it every time that happens. “My shallow understanding does not even reach the feet of the elders.”

“That’s amazing. “I’m planning to stay for a few days, so I’d like to meet you.”

“Elder Cheolgeom’s personality has become considerably softer. “If His Majesty King Taejang wants to see you, he will gladly do so.”


Xiliang clapped his hands.

“Now, there was so much talk between the good food and the alcohol. “Let’s all have a drink together.”

“It’s good.”


Everyone toasted and passed their drinks.




And more than half of them immediately started drinking.

Xu Liang frowned.

“What’s wrong with you? Strange?”

Zhong Zhenbaek looked down at his glass blankly.

“What on earth is this drink? Is this the first time in my life that I have ever drank alcohol that is so strong and smells so strange? “The word is a scent, but isn’t this just a stinky smell?”

That wasn’t all.

Although Aenghwa struggled to swallow her drink, her complexion turned pale. Ma Dong-pil maintained a calm expression, but the corners of his eyes were trembling, and Joo Seo-yoon blew away the scent in his mouth with an inner attack.

Yeo Kang-hwi completely froze on the spot, and Yeo Sang-rin was even retching on the pavilion railing.

Only Wei Hongryeon was looking at them with puzzled eyes.

“Why are you doing this? “It’s a bit harsh, but isn’t this okay?”

Seo-ryang’s face brightened.

“yes? “Not bad, right?”

“It’s not a good liquor, but it’s still better than the cheap white liquor sold on the market, right?”

“…damn bitch.”

“Why are you doing this?”

Seo-ryang whetted his appetite.

“Silpanga again.”

“You mean failure?”

“No, Master taught me the recipe for the Six Heavenly Heart Pill. “I’m sure I’m making it as he said, but strangely, it doesn’t taste that good.”

Song Zhongbaek’s eyes were bloodshot.

“Could it be that they were testing it on us?”

“Why is this like this? I served it to myself because it didn’t seem too bad to my taste. Do you know how much work I put into making this drink? “It’s disappointing that you don’t understand people’s sincerity.”

“It’s so honest, so bad, and the taste is so-and-so, so what’s the disappointment!”

“These noblemen? hey! it’s okay! Don’t drink it! “I don’t even know what alcohol tastes like!”

Seo-ryang huffed and put away the bottle.

Aenghwa spoke hurriedly.

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“No, master. “It was delicious for me.”

“Wipe the drool off your chin and lie. “It’s flowing steadily.”

“yes? omg!”

Seoliang let out a sigh.

“Damn, it looks like it was made more delicately than before, but this is such a mess.”

It certainly seemed like the manufacturing method was difficult.

Although it was nothing compared to Cherry Blossoms, Seoryang also had enough skill to cook quite a few dishes. This was because he was very dexterous and had good sensitivity, so he could learn anything quickly.

But this damn six thousand heart wine didn’t taste like that at all. I don’t know if it even comes close to that taste, but somehow the result is completely different every time.

Seoliang was sad.

“Dongpil. “Go and bring me ten bottles of Master’s sake.”

“All right.”

After a while, ecstasy appeared on the faces of the group as they drank the alcohol that Lee Cheon-sang personally brewed.

“Kya! This is it. “This is alcohol.”

“Oh my god… I never thought the dark cloudy sky would look so beautiful.”

“There is no separate Mureung Island. “The world looks different after just one drink.”

“Wow, I feel like this drink goes well with any snack.”

“I’m in tears. “I was almost sick to my core.”

Xu Liang said bluntly.

“Is the difference that big?”

The group just drank alcohol without answering.

It wasn’t just a silent affirmation, I was completely preoccupied and couldn’t even hear it.

Seo-ryang shouted loudly.

“Oh, you damn things! Drink it all! “Just get out of the eaves and search everything!”

* * *

That night.

Everyone was drunk and they were spread out all over the pavilion.

The temperature was very nice and the scenery was very beautiful. Moreover, since I met close friends after a long time, I woke up and drank alcohol.

Even Zheng Zhongbaek was completely drunk and was sleeping, leaning against the pillar of the pavilion and snoring. He forcibly controlled his inner energy and made him drunk. I could see how comfortable he felt here.

In the end, there were three people who were fine.


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Ho Yaoseong smiled with a dull face.

“Do you even know these people? “What an honor it is to be drunk in the Demon God’s Palace.”

Xu Liang chuckled.

“What is glory?”

“I think everyone was definitely excited. “I didn’t know you could get drunk this quickly.”

“I must have been excited, and I poured myself a drink before I even got over my fatigue.”

“I can definitely feel that all of them like the leader.”

“What a shame.”

“Everyone had a good relationship. “Isn’t that right?”

“Haha, that’s right. Now that I think about it, I don’t think there’s any other relationship I’d look at negatively. “All the bad relationships have already died or been ruined.”

Ho Yaoseong quenched his appetite.

Ma Dong-pil smiled.

“Shall we move them all to their own residences?”

“Leave it alone. “It looks like he’s about to wake up and drink again.”

“Do you really want me to just leave it alone?”

“Didn’t you see these people drinking 6,000 ounces of liquor and their eyes popping out? “I bet I’m willing to drink it again.”

Xu Liang stood up.

“Are you guys going to drink more too?”

“uh? “Do you not eat it, sir?”

“Of course you eat it. Instead, I’m going to stop drinking with you guys.”

Ma Dong-pil asked cautiously.

“Do you have any other plans?”

“There’s no such thing as a promise.”

Xi Liang looked towards the northwest.

If you go ten miles northwest from this pavilion, you will come across a huge forest. And that forest was the most secret place of Shinto religion.

“I have a relationship that I haven’t seen in a while. “I think I really need to see it today.”

Xu Liang, carrying two bottles of Six Thousand Heart Juice on his belt, walked out trembling like a lily.

“Don’t chase away people because I’m not there. If you want to drink more, just keep drinking there. I’ll drink in moderation and then come back.”

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