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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1012

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Episode 1012

Revised History (2)

Prince Moyong, who opened the door and came in, said with a smile.

“Are you asleep?”

“Yes, I closed my eyes for a moment.”

“You must have been tired. “The atmosphere was so chaotic that you must have been nervous.”

“Compared to the head of the family, I am nothing.”

It was a subtle statement.

It may sound like a humble statement, but to the ears of those who try to see the truth, it sounds like the meaning at face value.

“Please sit down. “I’ll give you some tea.”


Mo Yong sat in front of the table.

Hong Ik-cheon seemed familiar as he boiled water in the brazier in his room. His hands were familiar yet careful as he picked out the tea leaves stored in one place.

Hong Ik-cheon asked with his back turned.

“Did your trip go well?”



Moyong-gun smiled.

It was a dry, cold smile that was invisible to Hong Ik-cheon’s gaze.

“It went too well.”

A smile also appeared on Hong Ik-cheon’s face.

It was a deep and simple smile that was invisible to Mr. Moyong.

“I see.”

“Are the Union members still moving here and there?”

“It was like that, but the head of the Nangong family suddenly passed away and the entire clan was put on alert. “For now, let’s go back to our respective quarters and wait.”

“I see.”

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“They were very anxious because they were not used to this type of situation. “After the head of the family left, I visited them one by one and consoled them appropriately, but that won’t make my anxiety go away.”

“You are amazing as expected. “It’s not easy to be so delicate even at such a young age.”

“Haha, these are all life skills I learned from the head of the family.”

“That’s not true.”

Mo Yong-gun’s eyes calmed down.

“You were extraordinary from the moment I first saw you. “He had excellent backbone, but rather than being a martial artist, he was a very intelligent and courageous merchant.”


Hong Ik-cheon said as he poured moderately heated water into a teacup.

“It’s a shame. As I said before, I actually wanted to become a martial artist. Rather than a merchant.”

“You are already a great martial artist.”

“Is that so.”

“Of course, I am learning something similar to martial arts rather than martial arts.”


Hong Ik-cheon’s hand, which filled Mo Yong-gun’s cup and then his own, was so natural and flexible.

“Water Dragon God Acupuncture is definitely an excellent study, but I still don’t know if it is a martial art or a martial art. “It’s all because I’m not good enough.”

“Didn’t you tell me before? “The operation method is different from other Naegongsimbeop, and is based on Sangdanjeon, but the method of releasing divine energy is similar to the Gugyeol operation method of Naegongbu.”

“I did.”

“Those who have learned martial arts also deal with upper division, but I have never heard of a martial arts class that uses upper division as its main division. “Using the upper danjeon as the main danjeon can be seen as the realm of martial arts.”

“However, if such study does not demonstrate divine abilities, it cannot be considered a magic technique.”

Hong Ik-cheon placed two cups of finished tea on the table.

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Mo Yong put his hand to the tea cup but did not drink the tea.

“Martial arts is also an ability that is nothing short of amazing when seen through the eyes of an ordinary person. Besides, you even practice acupuncture through your studies.”

“Haha, that’s right. However, acupuncture is a principle that you naturally come to understand when you learn Suryongshin Acupuncture.”

“That said, your skills are outstanding. “To be honest, if you look at acupuncture alone, most doctors can’t compete with it.”

Hong Ik-cheon scratched his head and said.

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“Master said so. “Suryongsinchimdo is a study born from the people’s wishes, so it is close to martial arts, but it can also be seen as a technique.”


“In the first place, you said that magic is a study that represents the people’s desire to overcome the unfortunate reality. “It’s an extension of things like talismans and prayers.”

“I know that too.”

“The people’s wish is to live in health and peace. “The teacher said that the study of water, the source of life, was born and that we must be able to take care of our bodies with it.”

“You were a great person.”

“yes. “He is a great person.”

Hong Ik-cheon looked out the window.

“Even though he was such a great person, he suffered from an illness and passed away, perhaps because his destiny was unavoidable.”

“We are all leaving like that, one by one.”

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“I guess so.”

Hong Ik-cheon turned his head and said with a smile.

“Have some tea. “The temperature was set appropriately.”

“The same goes for the water dragon acupuncture needle.”

“yes? Oh, my martial arts skills?”

“The other day, Vice Master Yang saw your martial skills right away. “The eyes of Go Soo, who has reached the peak of excellence, look different, even if there is something different about them.”

“Isn’t it said that it is the state of transcendence? “It’s worth it.”

“He said. It’s not like a Taoist or immortal technique. I was very surprised when I heard that. “I have penetrated into the origins of the art of magic.”

“That’s incredibly accurate. I heard that King Tu spent his entire life traveling around the continent to develop himself. “You have a lot of experience.”

“I guess so.”

Hong Ik-cheon smiled.

“But why are you asking so deeply about my martial arts skills?”

“Can I ask the teacher’s name?”

Hong Ik-cheon’s answer was natural.

“This is a person with the surname Ham. “You didn’t tell me your name.”

“I see.”

“Why are you doing that?”

“I was wondering if that person was from Jungwon.”

It was a sharp and provocative question.

Hong Ik-cheon tilted his head.

“Were you curious about that?”

“There are many other things I’m curious about. If I had to choose one of them….”

Moyong’s hand holding the teacup went into strength.

“Except for the chairman of the Jinsanghoe who supported you, why did everyone who was with you when you were young die?”


“Of course, people like that are common. “There are so many orphans in these difficult times, and it is difficult to count the powers that support talented orphans to become powerful.”


“So I didn’t doubt it. From what I can see, you are an outstanding talent. “There was just one thing that stuck.”

Mo Yong-gun’s eyes narrowed.

“Why did the head of the Jin Clan Chamber seem to want to stay away from you?”

Hong Ik-cheon sipped tea in silence.

Mo Yong-gun’s eyes became infinitely deeper. Hong Ik-cheon’s behavior of drinking tea without changing his expression was gradually turning his doubts into confidence.

“He treated you like a son. But that wasn’t everything. “It was only for a moment, but… I knew he was afraid of you.”

“Is that so?”

“I researched various things about the merchant associations that came together while forming the Commerce Federation. In fact, there was no need to investigate. Because most of them were after me. “I buried myself in dirt just to make some money.”


“I thought the owner of the store was scared because of your strong personality. “I sponsored you, but I thought you were afraid that you would grow too big and reveal secrets about the company that I didn’t know about.”

“I see.”

“But it wasn’t.”

Moyong took his hand away from the teacup, straightened his back and lifted his chin.

“He was just afraid of you. “Am I wrong?”


“Why can’t you answer?”

“What is a person?”

Hong Ik-cheon’s voice did not waver at all.

“It is a much more fragile and fleeting being than you might vaguely think.”


Although the voice was the same, Moyong felt that his voice sounded a little different.

“Maybe that’s why. They are weak and fragile and cannot survive without leaning on each other, so when two or more people come together, they try to somehow create a society through harmony. Yes, the beginning is harmony.”


“But when you start to come together, you also gain status. “I create ranks and rankings to make it easier for me to handle my own work.”

Hong Ik-cheon smiled.

In Mo Yong-gun’s eyes, it was a smile that no longer looked like a good man.

“It is difficult to live if you do not feel that you are superior to others. “A being who at some point fails to understand the joys and sorrows of life and lives only to become superior.”


“If you don’t become superior, you become anxious, and the longer you feel anxious, the more you look down on others. “Even though I know with my head that I am not superior, I cannot accept it with my heart.”


“People are such weak, cowardly, and foolish beings.”


“Why did the head of the Nangong family die?”

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Mo Yong-gun’s eyes wavered.

Suddenly, Namgung-in’s death is mentioned out loud.

Unusual atmosphere. Immediately, Prince Moyong’s hand, which was trying to capture Hong Ik-cheon, flinched.

Hong Ik-cheon said as he leisurely downed his teacup.

“Namgoongin wanted to be the best. “The funny thing is that they didn’t even know what exactly they were trying to be the best at.”


“Only the best was his desire. Perhaps even if Namgung became the best swordsman in the world, he would not be satisfied even if he himself became the best swordsman in the world. why? “Because in his eyes, everything related to himself had to be the best.”


“He would never stop until Namgung became the best in the world, he himself became the best in the world, and furthermore, his children also became the best.”

Hong Ik-cheon smiled brightly.

“The ultimate obsession, even blind. “I just kindly blew on him as he walked that precarious tightrope.”


“In that ridiculously weak gust of wind, Nangong Gaju fell to the bottom of the rope.”

“What kind of bullshit is that!”

Moyong shouted for the first time.

Even when he was quite angry, he never showed a disheveled appearance in front of others.

It was that much of a shock. He, too, has long thought of Hong Ik-cheon as a trustworthy junior and a young man worth learning from.

A young talent who became the center after his conversion.

Although I have never lived for him, I was able to stand up straight thanks to this young man who appeared like a ghost once in a while when I was feeling empty and asked me to have a drink.

But he was such a ridiculous person.

“I failed for the first time.”

Hong Ik-cheon’s expression was still relaxed.

No, he seemed like a person who didn’t know any other facial expressions. The expression he was making now seemed like a very human-like mask, but at the same time, it was not a mask at all.

A face without guilt, sadness, sympathy, benevolence, or anything else.

His face, with its bright smile, seemed to embody all the hearts of the universe.

“For the first time, I couldn’t control an object the way I wanted. That is the head of the family.”


“I said this to the head of the family who was drunk and mumbling about whether my change was really right.”

Why should it change? It’s good as is.

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Prince Moyong was able to recall those words as vividly as if he had heard them just yesterday.

“Why should it change? “It’s good just the way it is.”


“If it were the people I’ve seen so far and the personality of the head of the family that I know, then they should have gone back to the way they were before. It should have been a runaway. “Everything that had been suppressed and held in for so long should have exploded and become much more insidious and vicious than before.”


“The head of the family was different. Instead, he smiled and said this to me.”

I came back from the dead, but I have to change something so I don’t get called stupid.

“You came back from the dead, but you have to change something so you don’t get called stupid.”

Moyong’s eyes were bloodshot.

“You are such an interesting person for being the first to cause me frustration. “Is it because I was a person who died once and came back, so no matter what, it was different?”


“One day is enough for a person to go crazy. One incident is enough. “It looks like the matriarch has already gone through that process.”

Hong Ik-cheon smiled and continued.

“Call the people you came with. I’m ready.”

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