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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1041

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Episode 1041

Succession (8)

“We’re all here.”

Because it was such a huge underground cave, most of the spaces looked like they were there, but all the places where the leaders lived had antique corners.

Anyone who saw this scene from the ground, with countless craftsmen carving stone walls and erecting stone statues, would be amazed.

Among them, Yeonhojeong’s residence was a place where three huge dragons were engraved on the wall of the corridor.

“He will be coming soon because he has read Sozer’s prayer. “Please wait a moment.”

“What about Prosecutor Kang?”

“I have to do what I have to do.”


“It’s half meditation and half meditation. “I’m adjusting the newly created martial arts little by little, but it’s really difficult.”

Jeongan couldn’t ask what it was. This was because Kang-ryang just said what he had to say and turned his back.

“Let’s have a big fight later when we have time. “Then go first.”

“Ah yes. See you later.”

Considering their past relationship, it would have been natural to ask him how he was and what happened, but Kang Ryang had none of that. I felt like I was immersed in my own world.


After Gang-Rang disappeared like that.

‘Three-headed dragon.’

At first glance, the dragons engraved on the stone wall of the corridor looked like three, but upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the part that was mistaken for the body was the neck, and the corridor itself took the place of the torso.

‘I remember. This is….’

This is where the next owner of the Mukryongbu resides. Since the period of time I spent in the Mukryongbu was quite long, I remembered it right away.

My eyes were confused.

‘Heir of the Ink Dragon Department? ‘Yeonga’s eldest son?’

A successor meant the next vice-lord.

I was really curious about what was going on while I was training in the mountains.

‘No, it doesn’t mean anything.’

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I’m curious, but no matter how the situation unfolds, my view of Yeon Ho-jeong will not change.

Yeon Ho-jeong was a benefactor. And it was a natural human duty to repay the favor.

Yeonsim went down to make a promise, and he himself went down to repay the favor. I plan to meet again someday and make Bota-am truly Bota-am, but there is work to be done before that.

How much time has passed like that?


Jeongan’s eyes trembled.

It seemed like a gust of hot wind was blowing, but then a rush of cold air came.


It was a bright cave at night, but the wind blowing from inside the open stone wall corridor seemed to push out even the light.

The wind seems to be visible. It was such a shocking prayer.

Jump and jump.

A refreshing yet serious gait.


If you are an expert, you can infer the person’s physique, weight, and even what type of walking technique they have practiced just by the sound of their footsteps.

But I couldn’t feel anything from these footsteps. All I could tell was that the owner of the footsteps was a man. No other information was given.

It was not that he lacked clear insight. This was because the owner of the footsteps had entered a different level.

‘This much…!’


As natural and cool as the blowing wind.

Jeongan’s gaze rose higher and higher as he faced the man who appeared like that.

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Astonishment appeared on Jeong An’s face.

The already high ceiling of the cave became even higher. And this man’s height and size also grew so large that he reached the ceiling.

It was an overwhelming presence.

Yeonsim learned one of Botaam’s three great techniques and studied all the remaining sword techniques to create her own new sword.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Jeongan was different. She only learned one extreme sword technique called Manhwajeonggeomgyeol (萬花靜劍訣), but she learned all the three major new techniques and focused more on manifesting true energy and releasing vital energy.

Thanks to this, he is extremely sensitive to energy and can see things that an expert of equal skill cannot see. Although it was a great help at times, it also had the disadvantage of making the invisible visible and the inaudible audible.

That was exactly the case now.


It is as big as Mount Tai and wide as the sea.

It exudes fearsome majesty, as if an ancient giant had descended on this land. Even though it wasn’t a wave of energy, it was just the presence of the person itself, it was as if I was standing before my eyes with a being close to a demi-god, and it made my spine tingle.

‘Such a presence…!’

It is different from Yangcheon. Because they are different, superiority cannot be discussed. It was difficult for her to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the Mugeuk players with her perspective, as she had never reached Mugeuk in the first place.

But one thing was certain.

At least in her opinion, this giant’s martial arts skills were not inferior in any way to that of Yang Chen, the fighting king revered as a legend of the Black Sword.

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Yang Cheon’s majesty, having ruled over countless people, seemed to be heavier, but his strength, which seemed to set the sky on fire, actually seemed to be greater than that of the giant.

When Jeongan’s eyes turn hazy.

“It’s been a while.”


Jeong-an was surprised and looked at the man.

Suddenly, the shadow of the giant that had been like an illusion disappeared and a benefactor appeared, smiling and standing with his back turned.

“I heard about you several times through a black island informant. “I said I left with Yeonsim for training in the mountains.”


“I wondered if it was really necessary. At that time, your martial arts skills were not inferior to those of Muk Fei. “I thought it was enough to experience the world, overcome danger, and develop.”

Yeon Ho-jeong’s smile deepened.

“But I was wrong. It is truly impressive that you practiced martial arts for a long time with someone who could have been your rival, and that you rose to a point where you could no longer climb. “It would have been hard to believe it if I hadn’t seen it in person.”

Jeongan’s eyes wavered.

Yeon Ho-jeong praises herself in a tone full of emotions. Although he joked once in the past, Yeon Ho-jeong’s prayers at that time were so hot and sharp that it was difficult to approach him carelessly.

It was different now.

Even though we have built a completely different level from then, it is much easier to approach. There were so many gaps that it seemed like if I pulled out my sword and attacked right away, I could easily land a blow.

So I was even more scared.

The lightning flashing across the pouring downpour became as fluffy as a cloud and as free as the wind.

It was difficult to even describe the benefactor’s change in emotions, prayers, and state as shocking.

Jeongan bowed his head.

“long time no see.”


“I should have given a warning in advance and left, but I couldn’t. Sorry…”

“There is absolutely no need to be sorry. I’ve been like that a lot too. And, to be fair, you are not a child, so why are you even greeting me in detail?”

“But there is such a thing as courtesy.”

“As the world goes by, warriors on the stage known as Kangho appear like lightning and disappear like the wind.”

Yeon Ho-jeong relaxed his back.

“Crucially, I was so busy at the time that I wasn’t in a situation where I could feel disappointed.”

Only then did a smile appear on Jeong An’s face.

“It seems like things have changed a lot since before, but after we exchanged a few words like this, nothing has changed.”

“People don’t change easily, right?”

“But this presence is truly amazing. “I thought I had improved a lot, but it took me to another level.”

“I’ve been through so many things that would cost me my life if I didn’t fly to another dimension.”

“You’ve evolved through your experiences in the world.”

“It did.”

“It would have been impossible for me back then.”

“It would have been possible. “The difference is just how far you progress and what you realize.”

“I think I’m ready now.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

I was shocked by Yeon Ho-jeong’s overwhelming presence and couldn’t come to my senses for a moment, but Jeong An’s eyes and prayers could truly be said to be those of a top-notch swordsman.

Even at its peak, it was almost at its limit. At this level, he is above the level of a long-time scholar from the old faction. It could be said that the force was almost the same compared to the public ambassador before ascending to the stage of martial arts.

Botaam was said to be a mysterious sect where all the world’s leading ladies gathered, but her talent was truly formidable. Even when compared to Mukbi or Gangryang Jinyang, it is not inferior at all.

“All I did was dig wild vegetables, practice, and lounge around, so I don’t really have anything to say about how I was doing. But the world isn’t like that.”

“okay. “I went through a lot of changes.”

“Can you tell me? “What has happened and how I can help?”

“Can you help me?”

“If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have come this far.”

“You said you would gladly help, so there is no need to force it.”

Yeon Ho-jeong pointed to the corridor with his chin.

“Let’s go in.”

* * *


The splendid sparks disappeared in an instant.

“That’s amazing.”

The face of Hwang Seok-tae, leader of the Yongah Iron Gidan, was full of admiration.

“It was amazing back then, but it’s different now. “I feel completely flooded.”

“It’s not enough.”

Jinyang said while biting the Daedo.

“It’s not enough and it’s not enough. “It’s still a long way away.”

“If you say something like that in front of others, you will be criticized.”

“It’s just a different place to look.”

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

Hwang Seok-tae’s face became strange.

Jinyang’s face, which was quite sly although not lively, was filled with only seriousness and solemnity.

‘Was he this kind of person?’

Jinyang, who returned to the Mukryongbu, seemed to have become a completely different person.

Hwang Seok-tae asked honestly.

“What made you so different?”

“Nothing has changed. “I just saw the way to go.”

“Which way to go?”


Hwang Seok-tae’s eyes sparkled.

Jinyang sighed and looked up at the sky.

“I ended up in a relationship with such an incredibly ignorant person. I thought I could go somewhere and live happily and comfortably for the rest of my life, but what can I do if they scare me by saying I’ll be stabbed to death with such carefree thoughts? “I have no choice but to try to die for 100,000 days.”

“I guess so.”

“I can’t be satisfied with this, at least if I want to dance under that nobleman. At least… I have to get up to ‘that area’.”

That area.

The ultimate level that only a select few strong people can reach.

Jinyang’s eyes, which began to realize his own mind and see the world, were suddenly directed to the ultimate state that others had given up on as impossible.

Hwang Seok-tae, who was quietly watching Jinyang, smiled and said.

“The disciples of Hwaungmun Gate are well trained. “Perhaps because only the good ones remain, the speed of development is much faster than that of the spearmen of the Iron Team.”

“Thank goodness. And I’m sorry. “Let me take charge of the training instead.”

“We are one family, so what? “If you say so, I don’t have the courage to meet the next vice-lord.”

Jinyang scratched his cheek. It was a bit awkward so I didn’t have anything to say, but then I asked in passing.

“Anyway, what about him? “Are you still training?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about that friend of mine who I heard at the closing ceremony.”

Hwang Seok-tae’s eyes widened.

“You didn’t know? “That person, So Jeong-gwang, has already come out.”


Jinyang’s eyes widened.

“I came out?”

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“I thought you knew. “I came out of the closed room a few days ago and am working on my inner strength.”

“This is crazy… I came out and didn’t say anything and was just doing this to myself? “Where are you?”

“That place… um?”

Hwang Seok-tae turned his head towards the forest on the right.

“I don’t think there’s any need to go. “They came here first.”

Jinyang turned his gaze to follow Hwang Seok-tae.

In a forest far away.

A prayer that was both familiar and yet extremely unfamiliar was approaching.


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