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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1043

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Episode 1043

Succession (10)

“That’s impressive.”

It had been quite some time since he came to the Murim Alliance, but Yang Cheon did not come and Gok-gyeong had not yet been able to return to the palace.

Still, Gok-gyeong’s face was quite relaxed. It was right to stay up all night worrying about the emperor, but fortunately, the people who guarded the emperor’s side were such great people that he was able to rest at ease.

It took more than twenty days for me to be able to relax like that. Now he also has time to look around.

“Is this your first time seeing this in private?”

“I guess so.”

Ambassador Gong Gong did not mind Gok-gyeong’s harsh informal language.

Gok-gyeong rested his chin.

“Getting to the top is not everything. They say that the gap between those who have reached that level is a sheet of paper, but I don’t see it that way. “Those who are so vicious as to allow a difference of even a single piece of paper cannot reach this level.”


“In other words, for us, the difference of a single piece of paper can be as deep and distant as a canyon. Of course, even if you reach the level of martial arts, if you do not continue to practice continuously, one chapter will become two chapters and two chapters will become four chapters.”

“I guess you could see it that way.”

“When did it go up?”


“It hasn’t been that long.”

“Yeah, it sure looks like that. That writhing beauty has not fully ripened yet. “Even if you estimate it, less than two years have passed.”

Gok-gyeong frowned.

“But it never occurs to me that I can win by covering it up.”

The public ambassador smiled.

“It is difficult for evil to overcome righteousness. “The martial arts you have mastered can be said to be the opposite of mine, so it is not unreasonable for you to think so.”

“Wasn’t it a state of transcendence that transcends the distinction between affection and death?”

“Even if it is just a piece of paper, a difference is a difference. Can there really be no distinction between Jeong and Sa?”

“You took a hit.”

A look of bitterness appeared on Gok-gyeong’s face as he lifted his hand to rest his chin and held the teacup.

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“It certainly seems like times have changed. “When I heard people talking about Seongcheon and Samgun, I honestly pretended not to care, but I didn’t feel bad.”


“But before you know it, unimaginable experts are appearing in a new world. “I don’t know how many people are overtaking me.”

“Isn’t this the life you chose?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Protecting His Majesty the Emperor. You chose that life. “If it weren’t for that, your martial arts skills would have been different from what they are now.”

“Is it comfort?”

“I’m just telling the truth. That Mukryongbuju highly regarded your talent. “If there had been enough time, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

“That’s not even funny. You don’t necessarily have to practice martial arts to progress. “If I had seen life as another aspect of martial arts, I could have become stronger than I am now.”

“On the contrary, it may have become weaker.”

“You really understand this state.”

“There are things you can only guess when you see them from afar, but when you look up close, you become certain.”

Gok-gyeong emptied the teacup in an instant and buried his back in the chair.

“There is no need to talk about training or life. In the end, even that is all my talent and ability.”

The ambassador’s smile deepened.

Gok-gyeong had visited the Murim Alliance in the past as well. However, the Gokgyeong back then and the Gokgyeong now are very different.

It feels like a man who always carried a heavy burden on his shoulders is now free from that burden.

“Would you like to have a fight later when you have time?”

“It’s just an honor to be a poor monk.”

Gok-gyeong chuckled.

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Ambassador Gong asked with a smile.

“I couldn’t bear to ask in a place with so many people.”


“Your Majesty…?”

“How are you?”

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“How can a shaman like us know His Majesty’s great intentions? To be honest, I wondered if there was any need to fake death, but His Majesty doesn’t seem to think so.”

The ambassador’s expression became grave.

“Your Majesty must have thoughts. But one thing is clear. By now, the three religions must have realized that His Majesty has passed away and are preparing for war.”



“Preparations for war would have been completed long ago. What matters is timing. It is a matter of which organization will release which troops first and when. “Their preparations are over.”

The public ambassador nodded.

He would not have given Ganja a secret mission to kill the emperor in a situation in which he was not prepared for such a situation.

“Then it wouldn’t be surprising if a war broke out tomorrow.”

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“There is something I would like to ask the light spirit demon who has been by your side for a long time.”


“Your Majesty must have been fully aware that it would not be surprising if the war broke out tomorrow. “Because you are wiser than anyone else.”


“So to speak, when it was said that His Majesty faked death, it was no different from the fact that Jungwon was already on fire. Yet, His Majesty faked death. “Without any communication with Moorim, which would be a great source of strength.”

“…That’s right.”

“Your Majesty’s death itself will signal the start of war. But… doesn’t the fact that you did such a thing without communication mean that Your Majesty was confident that war would not break out immediately?”

Gok-gyeong’s eyes sparkled.

“Whose idea was that? “Is this an idea that came from the head of that famous soldier?”

“Both the monk and the military thought the same thing.”

“They were definitely qualified to lead an organization of this size.”

Gok-gyeong scratched his head.

“There won’t be a big problem if I tell you something.”

“Please tell me.”

“Your Majesty said that your death would be the beginning of the outbreak of war, but he thought it would not break out immediately unless the preparations of the Central Plains Wulin were certain.”

“What do you mean?”

“What can you say?”


The eyes of Ambassador Gong Gong, who was quietly looking at Gok-gyeong’s face, gradually widened.

“no way?”

“okay. “His Majesty thought that the pioneer in this war would not be the Samgyo, but the Jungwon Wurim.”


“Exactly, you thought it had to be that way. “He said that if I couldn’t read it, I would have to go to the Murim Alliance myself to let them know.”

It was an incomprehensible statement.

The emperor died.

From the perspective of the three religions, the death of the emperor was no different from the death of the religious leader.

The larger the organization, the more devastating the impact of the death of the leader. A head can be seen as a person who goes beyond simply ruling the organization and controls the ‘power’ itself.

That force may be troops or power. It could be financial power or information power.

And in any organization, there is a side that wants radical and hard-line politics, and on the other hand, there is a side that wants stable and moderate politics.

If the leader dies in such a situation, a fierce fight naturally breaks out to elect the next leader of the organization.

In a noble word, it is called a power struggle. There is no such thing as flesh and blood in the face of power. There is a fight that no organization in the world can avoid.

In other words, there cannot be a more fascinating moment for the three religions.

The imperial palace is the center of the empire, and of course, who becomes emperor will determine the future state affairs and the flow of the entire Central Plain. Although it is said that he has been unable to raise his spirit due to being weighed down by the power of the martial arts, it would be difficult to find someone who is not interested in becoming a new emperor.

This means that the whole world will be in an uproar for the new emperor to be crowned.

If so, there will be no other situation that is as difficult to miss as this from the enemy’s point of view. Of course, you have to attack from the three schools first.

Although it may have been oppressed by the power of the martial arts, the symbolism of the imperial palace was powerful. If you occupy only the imperial palace, it is no different from occupying the front yard of the central plain. Why would the Shinhwa Church bother to send so many experts to devour the imperial palace?

But you’re not going to attack me?

Rather, did you think that the start of this war would be the Jungwon Wurim?

“Why on earth…?”

“You can think about it, but it’s hard to be sure. Especially since it is war. yes?”


“Your Majesty is confident. “Your Majesty has never lost a fight against an unknown enemy, but he has never been defeated even when he knew the enemy.”

“So what makes you so sure?”

“He is the leader of the Shinhwa cult.”

The public ambassador’s eyes widened.

“Mythology cult leader?!”

“That guy, Ki Cheon-woong, even though he lost his power to his son and came to the imperial palace as if he was being ousted, he doesn’t know anything about Shinhwaism. of course. “The religious leader is a god, and to do so, he must master everything he rules from top to bottom.”


“The head of the Mythology Church told me. The current situation of Shinhwaism. If you know what the situation is like in the Shinhwa Church, you can naturally know the situation in the Saeum Church. Because the small cult leader is being used by the Saeum cult leader. “At least we can know what the Saeum Church wants.”


“I don’t know much about the Gwanghyeolgyo, but just by looking at them trying to eat the Cheonghae Shinmarim, I can tell that they won’t try to start a war right away. No, that’s not it. To be precise, you can see that the Gwanghyeolgyo does not make the first move in the war.”

“I can’t be sure.”

“Of course, we can’t be sure with that much information alone. However, His Majesty was consulting and looking at the world. They were especially paying attention to Sae-wae rather than to Jungwon Moorim. If it’s natural, it’s natural. “Because the imperial palace has reached that point due to the chaos caused by the outside world.”

Gok-gyeong’s eyes sparkled.

“Even if the Three Churches launch an attack, the imperial palace is fully capable of dealing with it. An all-out war will not break out immediately after the first attack. Right now, there are Gwonsin, Geomseon, and Yeongaju in the imperial palace. Numerous soldiers, including the imperial palace guard, are encamped there. “Danggeum’s imperial palace possesses as much power as any giant Bangpa.”

The public ambassador said with an embarrassed face.

“Even if everything you say is true, the Murim Alliance will not attack the Three Bridges right away. No, you can’t do that. “You can’t conquer an unknown mountain full of fog without a map, right?”

“Do you think that just because it has the name ‘Murimmaeng’, it is an organization that represents all martial arts?”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Other than the Murim Alliance, there are countless organizations trying to fight against the three religions. Among them, there was probably one organization as large as the Murim League.”

“Ink Dragon Club!”

A look of urgency appeared on the public ambassador’s face.

“Are you sure this means that the Mukryongbu is going to attack first?”

“It may not be right away, but if we attack first, I think the Mukryongbu will be one step ahead of the Murim Alliance.”

“No matter how much Yeon Sobuju’s resourcefulness reached the sky, he would not have been able to read His Majesty’s thoughts.”

“I agree. “You may know it with your intuition, but you may not be able to interpret it logically.”


“Isn’t that why the Mukryongbuju went?”


“Well, from what the imperial palace said, that nobleman also doesn’t like it when the Inkryongbu attacks first. Maybe we didn’t talk about it. “Because I don’t like losing money.”

Gok-gyeong frowned.

“But just because I don’t talk about it, will Yeon Ho-jeong not know until the end? “I don’t think so?”

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