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Dark and Light Martial Emperor Chapter 1044

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Episode 1044

Inherit (11)


Cheer ring!

The two curved swords that were pulled out became a whirlwind and put pressure on Yeonhojeong.

The red-hot pottery with stems rising from the tip of the knife was very impressive. It moves naturally following the flowing wind, but if it moves back, it will at some point become trapped in a prison of pottery.

It was a technique specialized for quick and flexible repeated attacks rather than powerful blows. Yet, the attack aimed at an opening contained a strength that could not be ignored.

I pursue strength rather than strength, but I am strong when I need to be strong.

He pursues successive attacks rather than single shots, but when he needs to deliver a single blow, he doesn’t hesitate to do so.

It pursues lightness rather than heaviness, but when it needs to be weighed down, it makes it possible with its abundant internal capacity.

Su Jeong-gwang’s Taoism was not just the martial arts of his mother’s family, but was closer to a huge new martial arts system.


Ki Cheon-woong’s face as he watched the battle between Yeon Ho-jeong and So Jeong-gwang from afar aroused interest.

‘There aren’t many methods like that in our school. Yeon Ho-jeong Is this a martial art taught by that guy? Or did you learn it at the Mukryongbu? Whatever it is, it’s very interesting.’

Just because it’s fast and smooth doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. In fact, looking at the nature of his Taoism, he seemed to be even more violent than the Shinhwa cult’s Yeolyanggong.


‘It’s not even finished. It looks like a young martial artist who just recently made it… It’s fascinating.’

A slight tremor is visible in a certain course of action. If you have practiced martial arts well-trained for a long time, you will not be able to see such shaking.

‘It’s been a while since it was built, but it’s still very close to completion. What’s left can be made up for in practice.’

Gi Cheon-woong’s eyes sparkled as he internally disassembled So Jeong-gwang’s method.

‘No, there are no loopholes at all.’

Yeon Ho-jeong, who was receiving So Jeong-gwang’s quick and sticky technique, instantly brightened his eyes.

Ki Cheon-woong muttered.



Yeon Ho-jeong’s toe was aimed at So Jeong-gwang’s right pelvis.

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It was a loophole that was revealed the moment the sword was raised. Before the issue of So Jeong-gwang’s power and speed, it was safe to say that it was a weakness in Chosik itself.


So Jeong-gwang did not block Yeon Ho-jeong’s attack. I simply channeled my inner strength into stronger output and aimed at Yeon Ho-jeong’s collar bone.

Kill before you die. It was a bloody group.


So Jeong-gwang was hit by the foot and bounced away. Even though his posture and all his internal skills were disturbed, So Jeong-gwang swung his sword until the end.

Faba Park!

Of course, his sword did not touch Yeon Ho-jeong’s body. So Jeong-gwang, who was thrown away, stumbled and stood up again.

“Until there.”

Hearing Yeon Ho-jeong’s words, So Jeong-gwang gasped and sat down on the spot.

“Huh! Huh! My shit. “It’s harder than fighting a tiger.”

It meant that this battle, which was not a life-or-death battle, was more difficult than a life-or-death battle with a great tiger weighing over 400 pounds without any internal strength.

Yeon Ho-jeong said with a smile.

“amazing. “I had no idea that Bicheon Blood Coagulation would transform it so much.”

“Was it different from my previous martial arts skills?”

“It was different. Because what you saw and heard ‘back then’ and what you see and hear now are different.”

“Which one is more superior?”

“You can’t argue about superiority. “They were martial artists whose individual enlightenment stood out.”

So Jeong-gwang nodded. If you get that kind of evaluation, it’s really worth risking your life to train.

“It grew well overall without missing anything. “I look forward to future developments.”

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“Thank you, but I’ll rest for now.”

So Jeong-gwang lay down on the spot and caught his breath.

It was an opportunity to prove one’s worth to the person who served as lord. I feel exhausted not only in mind and body but also in soul. You will need to rest for at least half a hour.

“Take a rest and then go back and eat.”

“If it goes down your throat.”

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Yeon Ho-jeong smiled and turned around.

Gi Cheon-woong, who was leaning against a large tree in the distance with his arms crossed, smiled.

“It’s a bitch.”


Although it was quite far away, Yeon Ho-jeong’s steps were so fast that it was hard to believe even with the naked eye.

In an instant, Yeon Ho-jeong came up next to Ki Cheon-woong and asked bluntly.

“When did you come to analyze people who would become your enemies?”

“You just have to look at the analysis. “That guy’s martial arts skills were definitely great, but they weren’t worth analyzing yet.”

“If you can’t even talk.”

Gi Cheon-woong asked in a leisurely voice.

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“Relocating the organization?”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“I could hear it all over the place.”

“exactly. “I’m getting sick of living underground, so I need to move to a place with lots of sunlight.”

“War is right around the corner, so you’re taking such unreasonable measures.”

Yeon Ho-jeong snorted and walked away.

Gi Cheon-woong walked behind him with his arms open. It seemed that Yeon Ho-jeong was very interested.

“It will take a lot of time to move the organization. “It’s not just a simple relocation, but the organizational system needs to be changed, and the issue of getting used to your place of residence is also not something you can take lightly.”

“There is no need for you to worry.”

“You should be worried. “I came to fight with you.”

“You’re so shameless.”

“I don’t know how you look at me, but I’m serious.”

“If you are sincere, please tell me about the situation of the Shinhwa Church.”

“What is the situation in Shinhwa?”

“Even though it was closed for a long time, it must have been ruled for a long time, and even after it was closed, wouldn’t you have come straight to the imperial palace? “You must have seen exactly how the Shinhwa religion of Tanggeum is going. Please tell me about it.”

Gi Cheon-woong’s eyes deepened.

‘Look at this guy?’

He recalled the words of a man who once claimed to be the emperor of the continent.

‘How long was your reign? Even if it is torn, collapsed, and crushed, there will be things that only you can know even amidst such changes. ‘Please tell Jim that too.’

This guy named Yeon Ho-jeong was doing the same thing the emperor said.

Although the two are completely different people, their perspectives on the world are very similar. Even the height was similar. In Gi Cheon-woong’s eyes, it looked like that.

‘Is this really why the world praises him as a hero for no reason?’

Gi Cheon-woong said calmly.

“I don’t know the details. However, you probably know that my son was possessed by the leader of the Four Eums and took all power into his hands.”

“Let’s move on from there.”


“I understand that you do not want to kill your child, but why did you try to take out only the people who followed you and come to the imperial palace? “I don’t think Su Jyoju’s martial arts skills have surpassed yours.”

“It’s definitely not that bad.”

“If it were me, I would have tried to crush them in some way, even if not kill them, and then set up a proper religious system.”

“I came because that didn’t work. Originally, I was going to kill my son and die with him. With that, I tried to use up all my last martial arts skills. “But I couldn’t.”

“You had the leader of the Saeum cult in mind.”

“That’s right. If things continue as they are, Shinhwa Religion may be destroyed. In the worst case, it could be absorbed into the control of the Four Eums cults.”

“Are there not that many talented people in Shinhwa?”

“I heard that quite a few of those amazing talents died by your hands.”

“That’s right, they touched it first. And let’s leave out the dead guys. Wouldn’t it have been possible to run the organization somehow with just the people left in the headquarters?”

Gi Cheon-woong laughed bitterly.

The conversation with the emperor continued in this way.

“There is a way to make the other person’s fire energy your own. “It’s similar to the Hupjeongdaebeop commonly used in the Central Plains, but it’s more difficult and has no side effects.”


“My son, Naemi, is holding the power of those in power under him.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know exactly either. However, it was not a typical fire purification technique. It seemed like it was probably mixed with the magic of the Saeum Church. “If they disobey or rebel against their son’s orders, their anger will be lost.”

Yeon Ho-jeong frowned.

“Is that possible?”

“Like I said, I don’t know exactly. However, among the magic spells of Saeumgyo, there is a compulsory oath of loyalty. “If you combine that with Hwajeongsul, it’s quite possible.”

Yeon Ho-jeong’s eyes deepened.

I thought I knew more about Saeumgyo than anyone else, but I felt like I was definitely a newbie compared to Gicheonwoong.


It occurred to me that Ham Moo-heon of Namsu Hwal in the past might also have fallen prey to such a trick.

Maybe most of the followers of Saeumgyo are like that. Saeumgyo’s stake is much higher in the three crops planted in the Jungwon Murim area. Wasn’t the fire swordsman of the Hwasan faction also a part of Saeum’s work?

Although he was said to have been trained from a very young age, it occurred to him that he may have secretly been under the spell of the Pledge of Allegiance. And it is possible that some veteran of the Hwasan Sect removed it using Taoist techniques.

A shadow fell on Gi Cheonwoong’s face.

“I recognized at a glance that most of the leaders had fallen prey to such tactics.”


“But there was one person who didn’t fall for that trick.”

“Did you say Yaharuk, the leader of the religion?”

“That’s right. He didn’t fall for that trick. You held on until the end and waited for me. So I believed in Yaharuk.”

Ki Cheon-woong closed his eyes.

“In the end, there is no one left of me. It seems that a very small portion of the leaders under the spell wanted my rule. “He didn’t say it, but his eyes and mood were like that.”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“But no one opened their mouth to condemn my son’s mistake. “It looks like we didn’t want to die either.”

“Are they not the rest except those who rejected and died?”

“It was like that too.”

So Ki Cheon-woong made the choice to become an enemy for the Shinhwa religion.

If you kill the leader of the Little Church right away, the Shinhwa Church will collapse with you dead, and even if you survive, you will be cut off by the hands of the Lord of the Four Eums.

In that case, we have no choice but to join forces with the central government and shake Shinhwa religion from its roots.

“That’s strange.”

“I don’t lie or anything. In most cases, I just believe it now, right?”

“I don’t believe what you say is false.”


Yeon Ho-jeong stopped walking.

All sorts of thoughts burst into his head one after another and then disappeared again and again.

Ki Cheon-woong looked at Yeon Ho-jeong with unknown eyes. Even Ki Cheon-woong, who lived for a long time, could not know what he was thinking.

After a while.

“Have you also told this to His Majesty the Emperor?”


“what? Are you sure you didn’t give it to me?”

“I gave it to you.”

“I guess it was like that.”

Yeon Ho-jeong frowned.

“If this happens, it’s a one-size-fits-all move… It would probably be too much for the Murim Alliance.”


“Your Majesty didn’t say anything? For example, war….”

“I said I had to do that because I was going to attack first in the martial arts.”

Yeon Ho-jeong looked at Ki Cheon-woong.

Admiration appeared on Gi Cheon-woong’s face.

“Your eyesight is truly terrifying. “The emperor’s resourcefulness was amazing, but you are faster.”

“Damn, that was it too. But why didn’t you tell me that until now?”

“Boss Yang said he would speak. “But it seemed like he didn’t want to talk.”

“…I understand why.”

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“I’m more curious about you. “Even though you didn’t know that, did you try to relocate the organization in this situation where war could break out at any moment?”

“That’s right. “Why did I do that?”

Gi Cheon-woong realized. Yeon Ho-jeong may not have known it in his head, but he probably already intuitively knew who should hit first. At least unconsciously, it must have been that way.

However, there is a difference between knowing through intuition and knowing through analysis.

Yeon Ho-jeong turned his neck here and there.

There was quite a bloody sound.

“Defense was not my specialty to begin with. Rather, I like this situation.”

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