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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 1009

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Genius Magician Who Takes Medicine Episode 1009

Conjugated Liquor (10)

The shape of a huge flame flower that has developed into a form that completely surrounds all eight directions where the Jangsaeng Bell stands.


The six-branched petals alone are tens of meters long.

If seen from the outside, the shape of a huge flame flower with its buds closed would look like a huge fireball hundreds of meters in size.

Only then did the drinker realize what Lennok had done and looked away with an expressionless face.

“Right. Did you prevent the expansion of my domain by deploying a magnetic field?”

Beyond the indifferent gaze with the mask thrown back, there was a faint wonder that even the owner himself could not hide.

“But no matter how much it is the realm of the great wizard, its size and scale… its very existence is close to being a strategic weapon.”


“The area itself is built as a barrier, increasing its scale and functioning as a form of thorough ‘confinement’. Is it a way to increase its power by adding conditions and restraints to it?…”

The magnetic realm that is reached after completing the seven hierarchies of self-transformation is a miracle that changes reality by embodying the user’s mental image.

However, the magnetic field itself is not a barrier or a technology to divide or isolate space.

As soon as the conjugation master saw Lennok’s domain, he realized that it had borrowed the principles of barrier magic and guessed its abilities.


“This is the magnetic realm of the flame flower that marked the end of the decisive battle between Thousand Thunder and Lightning. “I’ve heard that.”

After making his decision in an instant, the drinker looked back at Lennok with a cold gaze.

“But in the end, it is just an ability that was defeated in a turf battle with Lightning. Are you trying to unfold to me an image that has already been broken once?”

The fragrance of the flowers of heaven extends beyond ten thousand miles.

The ability of Cheonhwamanlihyang (天花萬里香) is the pinnacle of the salt-and-heat magnetic field that increases its power in proportion to the time the field is deployed.

It is a miracle that more powerfully depicts the image of a salt-heat magician who focuses on preheating and expansion.

However, because it takes time to fully bloom, it poses no threat immediately after expanding its territory.

Although it is obvious that the power raised through such restraint is overwhelming compared to other magnetic areas.

In the battle with Lightning, it was ultimately defeated without being able to properly demonstrate its power.

The master of the joint was also openly mentioning this fact to Lennok and pointing it out.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“If you had understood that my domain is a type of barrier art, you would have known.”

However, Lennok said while pointing to the sky where the magnetic field was spread.

“This is a barrier to prevent your life zone from spreading throughout the Gateway City. “The moment your domain expands through cell proliferation, the flames of Heavenly Manli Incense will burn the body of the Jangsaengjong.”

“Are you saying that you are going to confine my domain here and restrict time?…”

The size of the flame flower of Cheonhwamanlihyang was so enormous that even the liquor drinker was momentarily surprised.

However, if the magnetic domain is developed on this scale, the operation of the domain will naturally take time.

Moreover, if Cheonhwamanlihyang relies on preheating for activation, the time required for preheating will increase significantly.

The purpose of developing the magnetic field was to limit the battlefield and prevent the damage from leaking out.

“When the matter escalated to this point, the other residents of the gateway city must have also started to notice something was wrong.”

Lennok laughed as he pointed to the barrier of the incense stick with its flower buds closed.

“Search teams must have started evacuating citizens out of the city.”


“Don’t you think either way is meaningful if it means stopping your foolish plan?”

“It’s a problem that can’t be solved without killing the spellcaster or destroying the realm… That’s interesting.”

Sulju smiled and slowly opened his arms.

Blah blah blah!!

At the same time, the walls of the operating room cracked on all sides, and chimeras of all kinds of bizarre shapes came out.



the the the muscular giant with the head of a cow ! A huge fat man with a pig’s head.

From daotranslate dot com

The appearance of chimeras with large physiques and wielding weapons, as if they were created by modifying physically capable people and beast races.

“But it is nothing but arrogance to try to fight me while deploying an area that is not immediately helpful to the battle.”

The fusion master standing behind the chimera warriors stared coldly at Lennok.

“No matter how much magical power you have, wasting your power like that just to protect the gateway city… is beyond foolish.”


From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

“Are you not going to answer? “What do you like?”

Gesturing lightly toward the floor, Soolju adjusted his surgical cap that was half falling off and raised his magic power.

“From now on, let’s go full force.”


The floor of the operating room where Lennok and the Chimeras were standing opened wide and swallowed everyone in an instant.

A new type of Lennok and Sulju falling into the depths of an operating room made of flesh.

The moment when the hands of Lennok and Sulju, who raised the flames, crossed in the air.

The chimera warriors running vertically along the wall all rushed towards Lennok.



From daotranslate dot com

The blade and toothed spear made from a remodeled arm contain clear magical power.

Combat chimera warrior. He follows suit by skillfully using physical strength using magical power.


The sharp slash and the heavy blunt object followed an eerie trajectory and struck the inner wall of the life sphere.

As the flesh burst, blood and fluid poured out from all directions.

The movements of the chimeras, who hit hard strikes dozens of times in a split second while falling below the area.

However, Lennok also quickly turned around in a murderous trajectory that left no room for movement.

Swing the remaining star barrier like a shield to parry and avoid attacks by bursting into flames and maneuvering in the air.

I melt my thoughts into the countless flames embroidered in the air and resonate at the same time.

[Red 築]

[Breaking fire 波火滋響]


The reverberations of countless flames spread vertically along Lennok’s falling divine form, burning the Chimera warriors.

Among the monsters howling in pain, a chimera that looked like a huge snake appeared and pierced Lennok.


Due to the impact, Lennok’s body was thrown sideways and fell to the side of the vast hallway.

A dark hallway filled with damp. Unable to overcome the shock, I fall and feel a stinging pain down my back.


Lennok, who carelessly placed one hand on the floor, stiffened his face at the strong acid coming through the barrier.

“Stomach acid?”

The area of life that has become a living long-lived species. The inside of the esophagus and stomach are created in real time.

The moment I realized that all the liquid sloshing under my feet was an acidic solution that would instantly melt a human being.

[Reverse Gravity]


Once again, reverse gravity applied to the entire space, and the acidic solution under my feet bounced upward.

Just as the fire was burning and the stomach acid was evaporating, a chimera holding a hammer struck Lennok in the stomach.


He concentrated his magic power on his stomach to absorb the attack and crushed the chimera’s head the moment it was pushed back.

The moment Lennok’s body was pushed back, eerie ice mirrors emerged from all directions and glowed.

[Sangshin-donggyeong (霜伸冬鏡)]



The ice mirror resonated, emitting a chill strong enough to freeze the entire area.

It was so powerful that the stomach acid and blood splashing everywhere froze in the air.

Realizing that the magic’s power was unusual, Lennok raised his gaze and glared at the other side of the cave.

“A chimera made from a powerful superhuman. “As expected, I had more in stock.”

“Chimeras above level 5 are difficult to make and die quickly, making them difficult to store for a long time. Most of them were frozen and stored in a dormant state…”


Soolju walked out, grabbing the chimera he was holding with one hand and exploding it.

“Your magic resistance is far beyond what I had assumed, so I knew this would be the best way to create a gap.”


What a surprise!!!

With the sound of flesh opening and closing, dozens of chimeras appeared above Suju’s head.

They are hideous lumps of flesh with nothing left of their original human form, with only arms and mouths left for hand signs and chanting.

The moment the master looked down at Lennok and snapped his fingers, the chimeras with their hands joined together began chanting.

Dozens of magical powers began to run rampant in all directions over the frozen hallway.



“In the end, this might be the best way to wear down your nerves and mental strength and make you bottom out.”

The alcoholic drinker spoke with his hands clasped together amidst the radiance of magical power radiating from all directions.

“Would you like to see how far you can endure alone with your magnetic field deployed?”


The sight of chimeras rushing forward, disregarding death, in the pounding rain of the mountain.


With a bitter smile, Lennok stood up and grabbed the neck of the dead pig-headed chimera.


I step on the slimy stomach acid solution and look up at the acid rain falling from above and the corpse of the chimera.

Even at this very moment, the magic spells are being chanted and the chimera warriors are running towards me while exhaling right in front of my eyes.

Beyond that, there is even a joint wine master who is keeping an eye on Lennok and preparing a new spell.

Throwing away a powerful chimera that even Lennok could not ignore like an expendable item for one battle.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

I am waiting for a crack to appear in Lennok’s consciousness and realm, which had been like an impregnable wall until now.

A fighting method worthy of a magician who wields countless chimeras while being a powerful superhuman.


How can I ignore the endless chimeras and kill the alcoholic drinker?

The answer was already decided.

“…for a moment.”

“Liberation begins.”

The moment the drinker realized the omen and his face hardened, Lennok, with both hands together, chanted.


A blazing star spun up behind Lennok, who lowered his head.

Six magical cores spun like a halo behind Lennok’s head, emitting magical energy.

Flame series unique magic

property change amplification pole’s

red star system: The

secret of the amplification system that increases output by processing the six [Embers] of the solar energy core into a magic core.

The activation of the red star system that had been saved until the end even after numerous battles since entering the central front.

“Magic power…!!!!”

The magic power exploded so explosively that even the alcoholic drinker could not hide his shock for a moment, overflowing like the sea.

The amount of magical energy released by the six magical cores resonating is enough to instantly go beyond this corridor and fill half of the area.


The moment when the body of the flame wizard, who had already finished preheating, was imbued with an infinite amount of power that could not be determined.


Lennok, with red eyes flashing, stretched out both hands and leaned forward.

2nd Star: Cheokgung

[Hongyeongdorae (紅永到來)]

[Breaking Spear]


The moment you take a step forward, a breath of flame surges through the joints and muscles of your entire body.

Lennok’s body was pushed forward as if accelerating.


From daotranslate dot com

The chimera magicians complete the spell following Lennok’s new form, which disappeared at an invisible speed.

A rain of countless magic rained down violently into the dark cavity.

[Curse: Weaken]

[Disturbance: Critical]

[Speed: Slow]

[Ice Shaping]

[Eruption of Earth’s Triangles]

[Magnetic Weight Chain]

[Breaking Down] ]


Doo doo doo doo doo!!!!

Attack magic with fire, ice, gravity, and earth attributes. All kinds of curses and mental waves, including weakening and disturbance.

All kinds of debuffs pouring in, strengthening the Chimera and weighing down Lennok.

A barrage of magic techniques whose power and systems are so varied that it is difficult to distinguish between all the magic techniques that are pouring in.

However, Lennok’s new form, whose entire body was covered in flames, became a living sea of flames and burned everything.



[Kill me, kill me…!!!!]

Run through the chimera warriors who are howling harshly, cursing, and spewing out resentment.


The moment he grabbed the weapon wielded by the Chimera with his bare hands, the blade evaporated in Lennok’s hand.

The fire energy fluttering in the hand is concentrated to the point where it burns and erases matter beyond its limits.


It falls back to back and rotates the flame to explode.

Dozens of fireworks exploded along the gliding accelerating Lennok, dazzlingly decorating the dark cavity.


A sharp pillar of ice rises from under his feet, and a wooden golem falls from above, crushing Lennok.

A swirl of flames swirled around, and a fist of flame rose from behind Lennok, blocking the wooden golem.


The tune of a curse that pierces your ears. A curse of weakness weighing down on your shoulders. Acid rain that penetrates barriers and melts skin.

However, Lennok’s breath turned into the heat of hell and his hand gestures turned into wings of flame, erasing all his obsessions and thoughts.


When I stepped on the ax blade that hit my shin and pressed it, the thick blade melted into molten metal on the spot.

He grabs the chimera warriors falling from above his head with his bare hands and tears them to shreds with flames.


A flame wizard who runs through the realm of life single-handedly trampling and burning thousands of chimeras.

It surrounds its body with six stars and wields infinite flames along its orbit.

“It’s amazing…!!!”

The wine drinker stepped forward, boosting his magical power in response to the powerful movement of the flame.

Soolju, who held the exploding flames with one hand and extinguished them, grabbed Lennok’s hand precisely in the air.

With the red star system turned on, Lennok and Sulju’s new form crossed diagonally across the huge life zone.

It travels through the main operating room, hospital room, dissection room, and organ storage room at supersonic speeds.

Dozens of internal walls located in between were torn apart and burned, becoming entangled.


Did they fight by jumping tens of meters in all directions of the area and finally reach the area near the organ storage room?

A miserable scene with broken glass underfoot and dissected organs strewn everywhere.


A huge gorilla chimera protrudes from one side of the area, clasping both hands and striking Lennok.

A gorilla chimera that died upon attack. A blow whose power was increased at the cost of suicide.


Lennok’s body shakes from the shock and he momentarily loses his balance and stumbles.

The drinker, who was covering the surging flames with one hand, shouted with his eyes flashing.

“A thousand times.” “Is this why your tinnitus is so ominous and scary!!!”

It is a flame that tramples and burns everything it encounters.

If the prestige he showed against the Bolts in the Balkans was the same as it is now, it is understandable why Evan Martinez’s nickname spread so widely in the Central Front.

“A secret amplification technique that surpasses the law. Magical power with no end in sight. Even the possessed sense of controlling that output…!!!”


The drinker said, firmly grasping Lennok’s hand.

“Even if I burn down the entire Gateway City, I will be willing to take any loss if I can get hold of you.”


“It may take time, but the area can be rebuilt at any time. But ‘material’ like you will never appear again.”

The power of the Archmage that burns and evaporates all the chimeras that spring up indefinitely in the sphere of life.

However, even in the meantime, the alcoholic beverage did not miss the fact that Lennok’s magical power was being consumed at a rapid rate.

Flame-type magic is an attribute magic specialized for wide-area saturation that increases its power as much as it is preheated.

However, the magic power consumed every time it warms up, increases its power, and expands its range is also extreme.

A large amount of magical energy was consumed in the process of extracting the fragments of the veil. The magic power and will that I paid as a result of continuing the battle with Sulju.

No matter how powerful the amplifying magic of the red star system is, there is no way that such an ability can be used for a long time in parallel with the magnetic field.

And at this moment, the drinker felt that all of Lennok’s strength had run out.

As proof of this, the drinker was not feeling any recoil from the spell after coming into contact with Lennok.

“Have all your talents finally blossomed before me?”


At that moment, Lennok began to feel tremendous heat inside his clenched fist.

The intense heat that caused the drinker’s arm, which was clutching Lennok’s fist, to burn and evaporate in an instant.


There wasn’t even time to do anything.

In front of the drinker whose arm had disappeared, Lennok raised his clenched fist and slowly opened his hand.

The moment I realized that the magic core compressed to the limit was spinning in Lennok’s burned and distorted hands.

“Compression open.”

Red star system: solar apogee (太陽氣頂點)

[Six God Fire]

It is a secret that borrows the principle of Lennok’s favorite zero-range saturation technique, Chukhwa (築火).

A miracle that compresses the six magic cores that make up the red star system into a size that can be held in the palm of your hand.

He hides it in his fist until the very end, contains the remaining magical power, and infuses it into the drinker’s body.


There wasn’t even an answer.

The moment the flames of the Six Gods passed through the master’s head, the right half of his face was blown away.

At the last moment, Soolju somehow turned his head, but even his reaction was too late and missed.


The six-shot fire spread out from the fingertips pierced through half of the drinker’s body and extended back tens of meters.

The vast operating room hallway and ceiling split diagonally and burned to nothing, momentarily revealing a cloudy sky.

Jangsaengjong, who was trapped in the barrier, burst out in crazy screams and vibrations as the pain split his whole body in half.




Sulju, whose whole body was on fire, staggered and slowly retreated.

I’m somehow maintaining my balance, but I’m sure I’ll soon lose my strength and fall backwards.

The moment when Lennok looked down at the figure and slowly began to withdraw his magic power.


Soolju, who had lost half of his head, strengthened his legs and stood upright.



Soolju, who had only half his head left, slowly raised his head.

“It’s not that I couldn’t avoid it.”

The surgical cap was removed from the top of the owner’s head. The inside of the skull, where the right brain should be, was empty.

It was not burned down by Lennok’s flames.

Even as half of the face disappeared, the right hemisphere of the brain itself did not exist from the beginning.

“no way…!!!!!”

Did he take advantage of the fact that the right side of his skull was empty and give up half of his body to take a gamble?

Rather than trying to completely avoid it, the crazy idea is to give up the right side of your body from the beginning and make sure to save the remaining half.

However, what filled Lennok’s head at that moment was the very reason why the alcoholic drinker had ‘extracted’ the right side of his brain in advance.

The right brain that does not exist above the alcoholic beverage owner’s head.

Zelich’s left brain, which was discovered in the operating room, and Zelich’s right brain, which was nowhere to be seen.

The moment that penetrated Lennok’s mind as all the delusions he had passed through in this realm of life became one.


The floor of the organ storage room cracked open, and the grey-white ‘right brain’, split in half, popped out.

The moment Lennok realized that it was Michal Zelich’s right brain, which he had been unable to find until now.

“Zelich’s brain is not a chimera…!!!”

“Do you know what the overriding principle is in all my experiments and research?”

The drinker who grabbed Zelich’s right brain laughed.

“I mean, I can’t be an exception to that rule.”


Grab your right brain and place it on the empty right side of your head.

The alcoholic drinker who ‘fused’ Zelich’s right brain with his own left brain said:

“Activation of bonding technique.”

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