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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 888

The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 888

: Eyes that See Destiny (24)

“Chairman. “Please reconsider again.”


As Virgil’s thick fist made heavy contact with the office floor, the hard wood crumbled and caved.

Virgil knelt down and spoke, not paying attention to the crumpled expression of the chief secretary who was watching.

“If the execution squad were to bite us now, it would be worse than not having started at all. Rather, it shatters the trust relationship that was previously maintained with Fast-”


Oliveira languidly gestured from behind the shaking transparent veil.

[I have already made a decision.]

A brilliant rainbow-colored eye light flashed and filled the space of the office.



The chief secretary, whose complexion was pale, took a breath and Virgil stood up without his expression changing at all.

The Triumvirate Cartel. The President’s Office where Oliveira Ron Mays officially conducts business.

This was the moment when she, who was usually confined to the lab and did not move, appeared for the first time in months.

However, the instructions she gave to Virgil were only to overturn everything that had already been agreed upon.

“President. I don’t think I should take his side in everything that has to do with fastness.”

Virgil spoke after confronting the chief secretary and standing alone with Oliveira.

“The most important thing is the safety of the cartel and the chairman. “For him, there’s something I have to do, even if it means giving up half and half of my family.”


“But now that the Magic Tower’s position is solid, if you start to intervene in this way carelessly, you will be trampled on.”

Virgil continued speaking to Oliveira, who did not respond.

“Jenisia, who manages the tower, is a very self-interested person. “I may not show it outwardly, but I will definitely try to remember this.”

Since Virgil has known Van for a long time, he knows that he is not completely crazy.

Compared to his unrivaled transcendental talent, it could be said that Ban’s personality is rather gentle.

Therefore, Virgil had a very high opinion of Van personally, but on the other hand, he did not trust him unconditionally.

The existence of the Magic Tower also plays a large role in the fact that Virgil, who currently oversees all of the cartel’s affairs, is on Fast’s side.

I don’t think my companionship with Goryeong will continue forever, but it’s not like there’s anything urgent that makes me think about anything else right now.

If you hadn’t intervened in this matter from the beginning, it would have been obvious what it would look like to take full power once you were on Ban’s side.

Even if you don’t care about Baniya Cartel’s decision, Jenny who is with him will never forget this.

But Oliveira’s answer did not change.

[If Kaise’s granddaughter wants to pay, you should listen.]


[Virgil. You are thinking about this issue too fragmentarily.]

Oliveira’s voice turned cold from beyond the veil.

[Do you think this current situation is a light commotion that will end with someone dying or living?]

“There is no doubt that it will come to a conclusion when victory or defeat is decided.”

Virgil answered.

“Evan Martinez must be a very powerful wizard. “What I heard indirectly from people around the Northern Continent convinced me that his status was definitely more than it seemed.”


“The amplification type flame magic he uses. Awesome level of magic. Even excellent martial arts skills. “If you look at the sum of his capabilities, he could easily surpass most CEOs…”

Virgil took a deep breath and shook his head resolutely.

“If you asked me who I should bet on in this matter, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment.”


What kind of battles did Virgil go through in this huge city to reach that level?

He is one of those who best knows which monsters and geniuses he sacrifices to push the limits.

Unfavorable environments and conditions, worsening mental and physical conditions, unavoidable restrictions and handicaps have no meaning.

In terms of winning a fight against someone, Ban was a monster with a more bizarre and heterogeneous intuition than anyone else.

[…Hehe, I didn’t mean it that way. It’s not a mistake.]

And Oliveira didn’t criticize Virgil’s answer too much.

Is it because she also made a similar judgment to Virgil in that regard?

But what Oliveira was trying to point out was from a different perspective.

[What is important is the process. It is true that the arsonist who used the entire city as firewood to strengthen himself has amassed a record comparable to that of a lightning rodent.]

“That is…”

At the moment when Virgil’s complexion subtly hardened, Oliveira asked with a smile.

[Didn’t that fast guy expect things to turn out like this when he kidnapped the lighthouse keeper?]

She immediately answered herself, leaving Virgil speechless.

[That can’t be possible. He has already decided how to settle the matter and is waiting for the right time.]


[This is truly crazy. You tried to convince me earlier that he wasn’t crazy, but in my eyes, it looks like he’s getting more serious.] Oliveira

‘s words were extremely soft and slow, but Virgil couldn’t hastily refute them.

It was clear that Oliveira, who had been hiding in the lab, understood him better than Virgil, who often talked to Van.

Unlike Virgil, who observed the situation from the outside and attempted to coordinate it, Oliveira interprets the situation from a strictly solid perspective.

It is clear that Evan’s actions of burning down the 40th division were partly intentional.

Oliveira wanted to take a step back and watch the entire process, even if it meant incurring some losses.

[If this process and the ending were his intention, I think it would be the duty to follow suit.]

“…Do you mean the duty?”

[Rather, I am very excited.]

Oliveira laughed, looking down at the silent Virgil.

[It has been a long time since the project failed to see such talents intersect in this city… It wouldn’t be surprising if people from all over the continent came to see this.] “I think Evan Martinez… is a wizard who can truly be compared to Van

. Do you do it?”

In the end, Oliveira’s judgments and speculations are never established without one premise.

Lightning judged Evan to be a monster of the same level as himself, and if that were not actually true, it would be a meaningless assumption.

Are Dorye and Evan really aware of what Oliveira wants to see?

However, Oliveira’s answer was very vague, unlike before.

[Well, I guess that fast guy probably knows the answer better than I do.]


[Maybe that fast guy is truly irreparably damaged…]

His ambiguous attitude was completely different from before when he answered Virgil’s questions without hesitation.

But Oliveira’s answer seemed happier than anything Virgil had ever seen.

[I don’t think it would be surprising if he harbored a much more dangerous secret than I thought.]


Seeing Virgil’s complexion harden, Oliveira’s tone became even more humorous.

[Regardless of which side will win, I think it will be a very enjoyable entertainment. Don’t you think so?]

“…I still don’t know.”

Virgil smiled bitterly and slowly stood up.

“Why does Gonrei want to be the lighthouse keeper even by doing something like this? “I don’t think I’ll be able to understand it without hearing it myself.”


“Although he is willing to fight and fight, I thought he was a person who could communicate better than anyone I know….”

In the end, it is impossible to understand the exact truth from the cartel’s perspective as an outsider.

However, if Oliveira wants that, Virgil must follow her own standards for that judgment.

That was the only standard that existed for Virgil from the moment he decided to follow Oliveira.

Virgil sighed softly and nodded slowly.

“We will defeat all forces under the cartel. “I will notify Zenithia directly.”

* * *

“Ah, it’s finally here.”

A quiet dark room with no end in sight.

At the end of a fancy table that could seat dozens of people, someone sat and raised their hand.

A messenger from the Senate who contacted Lennok and proposed a new meeting in exchange for the withdrawal of the wanted order.

Instead of taking Lennok to the Senate of the Central Council, he introduced the person who claimed to be responsible for this matter.

The only information that Lennok received in advance was that the opponent was one of the giants of the sun who followed the laws of prohibition.

But what was waiting for Lennok in front of him now was-

“I thought you declined the offer because it took so long. “I didn’t think it was that surprising.”


He has a tall and thin physique that can be recognized at a glance even when he is sitting on an old-fashioned chair.

A thin suit that clings tightly to a skinny body and pure white gloves that completely cover the skin.

But what was most striking about the sight was the absence of a human head above the shoulders.

A strangely shaped mechanical sphere floats above the empty neck as if it had been cut off, replacing the head.

Clap, clap, clap!!

Black, silver, gold, and red metals are mixed together and rotate in a complex manner, making strange sounds repeatedly.

The man sitting at the table with the mechanical sphere as his head lightly gestured towards Lennok.

“I was hungry so I ate first. “If it’s okay with you, you can listen.”


I don’t know what he was eating with his mouthless body, but I wasn’t particularly curious.

Lennok sat down on the chair across from him, leaned back, and rubbed his forehead.

The man asked Lennok.

“You look tired, right? “You’ve been fighting for days without sleeping.”


“To be honest, I think it’s amazing. It’s not easy to work hard and stick to a certain goal. Especially if it’s a wizard like you.”

The man who slowly pounded the table and rotated the mechanical sphere spoke.

“It’s either good if you can get it when you want it, or it’s okay. I do it because it works, and if it doesn’t work, I give up. “Aren’t all gifted magicians like you like that?”

“Does it look like that?”


The man laughed.

“If I thought you were that kind of friend, I wouldn’t have called you here. “He must have been left to burn to death alone due to the thunderbolt of lightning.”


The man calmly adjusting his collar said.

“I am Olynic from the Horse Body Shrine. “Those who know me call me the brain.”

“Gisu Shrine?”

“Requesting reorganization through research on the magnetic arrangement of metal and assimilating it with the body to achieve immortality… If I say this, you wouldn’t understand.”

Olynyk, who introduced himself as Chuck Brain, trailed off and laughed.

“You can think of them as old nobles who worked hard in the early days when Balkan was created. “It’s an old man in the back room.”


Well, Lennok knew that Olynyk was by no means a weakling worthy of such disparagement.

A mechanical sphere that replaces a human head. Extremely clear voice even without vocal cords.

If that mechanical sphere is not just a head but a knot that [seals] something –

‘It might be the result of trying to maintain one’s mind at a point where one has transcended hierarchy.’

“During the time when the war was raging, we received special benefits and made quite a lot of money. Do you understand what I mean?”

While Lennok was lost in thought, Olynyk laughed.

“What I’m saying is that the place that the Magic Tower currently occupies may have belonged to our Gisu Shrine.”


“Oh, I hope there is no misunderstanding. I don’t want to take over the Magic Tower’s place now. “That is extremely inefficient in many ways.”

Cheonnoe calmly waved his hand at Lennok, who remained silent.

“I just think the problem is that the current position of the Magic Tower comes from just one wizard.”

Cheoknoe said, putting both hands together and placing them on his chin.

“You know because you’ve seen it once, but a quicksand is not an ordinary human being. “He is a madman who may have the greatest talent in this city, perhaps even on this continent.”


“It’s so unfortunate that that talent and aptitude ended up in a wizard with such a disposition. Oh, it’s okay to omit the statement that the opposite interpretation is correct. “I’m already tired of hearing this from other magicians.”

Cheoknoe, who answered the unasked question on his own, leaned back comfortably in his chair and said.

“What I’m trying to say is… we need a pacemaker. Do you understand?”

“You want something to compare yourself to.”

“As you know, the existence of fastness is revered in the sense that it cannot be compared to any other case that has ever existed.”

Cheonnoe tapped the bottom of the sphere and nodded.

“I want to put the brakes on that situation. Just because there is a wizard with talent comparable to that crazy wizard, a lot of things can change…” “That’s an

interesting thing to say.”

Lennok sneered.

“When did you ever think of cooperating with the city government’s wanted order and now predicting your odds of victory?”

“Even though it seems shameless, I have nothing to say. But you also have to understand. “There were too many idiots in this city who tried to kill that wizard.”

Cheonnoe said with a smile.

“Most of them couldn’t keep even half of what they said and turned into a handful of ashes. Meanwhile, the wizard was becoming stronger and crazier.”


“Even though the ban was lifted, we still have too many old contracts left. Even if you happen to be able to deal with a lightning rod, it rarely comes up in a situation where it is beneficial.”

Olynik muttered, tapping the mechanical sphere’s temple with one hand.

“This is especially true at a time when some factions in the Senate, led by Meyer, are secretly taking the side of fastness.”

After all, wasn’t it the will of the entire Senate to contact Evan Martinez?

If some of the giants of Yangji, led by Gisu Shingung, stepped forward to balance the sharply divided factions within the Senate, this situation would be understandable.

“Everyone was just watching this unpleasant situation where no one wanted to suffer any losses… and then you showed up.”

Chuck Brain said, pointing at Lennok and extending his hand.

“Let’s look at the blue eyes. The lighthouse keeper’s defense method. A very powerful flame-type high-ranking wizard. “A challenger who seriously considers his chances of winning against Fast.”


“At first, of course, no one believed it. But you’ve shown dramatic growth and brilliant majors in this city. And the treasure I picked up on the North Continent… made me imagine a possibility I had never thought of.”


At that moment, the presence of a pretender looking at Lennok became infinitely heavy.

The air sinks heavily, as if all the light atmosphere up to now has been blown away.

Cheoknoe, who casually used the art of changing the atmospheric pressure in an area with just a variation of his thoughts, spoke.

“You are the one who subdued the 10th apostle of the church, Amrita Fraubel.”


“I was only able to hear about this after sacrificing dozens of informants assigned to the Blue Eyes core branch. “Can you tell how surprised I was when I found out about this?”

A heat that could not be hidden was mixed in the gaze of the pretender looking at Lennok.

“The apostle-slayer who could not be found even after washing his eyes after the temple ended. “He’s a pure magic wizard…!!!”

The voice gets so excited that it seems to tremble.

Did the story of Amrita’s subjugation have such a profound meaning to Cheonnoe?

“Cheong’s eyes were truly creepy and their mouths were heavy. “I can’t believe he has as much power as you, but is keeping it a complete secret from the outside world!!”


“Yes, that also explains why the lighthouse keeper set foot in this huge city, trusting only one bodyguard. It was simple. “Why should I be afraid of refusing to consult with the Central Council when the 10th Apostle Killer is nearby…!!!”

Cheoknoe suddenly stood up, as if he couldn’t hide his excitement even after speaking to himself.

Cheoknoe, who had been standing near the table and lingering for a while, muttering as if mulling over what he had understood, quickly turned his head.

“Of course. “You are the only pearl that exists among countless trash and mud that have been challenging fastness.”

“There are too many useless adjectives.”

“It’s useless!!! “How on earth could anyone on this continent say that about the feat of subduing the Apostles?!”

“Isn’t what you’ve said so far only meant so much?”

Lennok asked a question while taking out a cigar from his pocket and chewing it.

“You only look like a gambler who stole my major and is belatedly predicting the odds and checking the payouts.”

“He’s a gambler…”

“If you want to bet money, say it clearly. “Why is there so much nonsense after bringing this here?”

Lennok’s cold glare twitched his eyebrows slightly.

“What can you do? Please explain what you can do for me. Otherwise, just stay in a safe place and watch.”

Lennok said, exhaling cigar smoke.

“Anyway, even if it’s not a trick like that, I’m just doing what I have to do.”

“…I clearly saw the power you displayed against the cartel bosses.”

Cheoknoe said.

“By externalizing the magical core, one’s own power is amplified to the limit… It’s amazing. “There was no lie in what he said about using this city as firewood.”


“I can help you build a new magic core.”

Only then did Cheoknoe get to the point.

“As our Gisu Shrine has been handling metal for a very long time, we have also been researching ‘fire’ for handling metal for a long time.”


“[Embers of the Hideous Flame] and [The Color of the Heavenly Mind], which are dismissed as relic-level artifacts… If this is enough, they will become your new power. “Wouldn’t that be appropriate?”

Chuck Brain smiled meaningfully at Lennok, who did not respond.

“It would take a lot of preparation to match that crazy wizard’s power. I will use the Noble Phantasm of the Horse God’s Palace to provide you with a new [Ember].”

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