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Drug-Eating Genius Mage Chapter 992

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The Medicine-Taking Genius Wizard Episode 992:

The First Gate (2)

[Guests, I didn’t make this to welcome them.]


As the flesh giant took a deep breath, the full power of the joint magic flowed out.

The flesh giant raised his sticky hand and said, pointing to his own head.

[This is a chimera made using a warlord as the head. It is the result of capturing and modifying an entity called a general.]


[After a deal with the devil, it lost its intelligence and became a corrupted monster, but it is quite useful in exploring living organisms.] Poodle

lips . Beyond the fleshy eyes, a cold thought seemed to flash.

[It’s perfect to be entrusted with the role of guarding the gateway like now. Even broken toys can be useful in their own way.]

“Uh, uhh…”

Every time the flesh giant wriggled and moved his lips, the fallen soldiers around the castle gate began to tremble.

The creepy magical power flowing from the flesh that has become one with the castle gate encroaches on their bodies and tries to control them as it pleases.

Is it possible to have this much of an impact just by conveying thoughts and communicating?


Lennok frowned as he realized that the power of the joint spell was stronger than he thought.

‘We’re in trouble…’

The sense of discomfort felt in the simple fortress was the presence of a chimera arranged by the master of the joint.

It is a monster itself that has been converted into a fortress that protects the gateway city and imitates an inorganic object.

Through his heavenly eyes, Lennok saw through the chimera, but on the contrary, the conjugation master also recognized Lennok’s existence and contacted him at almost the same time.

‘Even when detecting using a broken chimera, the speed is abnormally fast. ‘That’s ridiculous sensitivity.’

This fleshy giant guarding the castle gate is a type of chimera made from the monsters of the Hedro warlord.

However, what Lennok focused on was the sensitivity of the splicer who recognized Lennok using this chimera.

A chimera that has undergone this much modification would have all of its sense organs damaged, but the reaction speed of the splicer is abnormally fast.

This is proof that the sensitivity of the joint spell itself is so transcendent that it is not affected by such penalties at all.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

This is actually the first time since Wei An that I have met someone who is so sensitive.

Because he has such talent, he may have obtained a bonding technique that is said to be unique even within the Federation.

[I was just wondering why the lighthouse was shining its eyes on the gate again-]

The gaze of the fleshy giant with shiny eyes slowly turned to the pupil held by Lennok.

[It wasn’t you, it was you. There is no other relic with such pure energy.]

“Oh, wizard?”

The soldier, who didn’t know what was happening, trembled and looked towards us, but Lennok did not respond.

The flesh around the bridge and gate had already swelled and boiled, filling the area.


The sound of flesh being crushed and exploding rang out along with the voice of the master of articulation.

[The supernormal ability of heavenly vision… The ability of those who see far away is very difficult. Isn’t that right?]

Every time the mouth of the giant merged into the flesh opens, a soft male voice echoes.

[In the past, I wanted to have those eyes and looked for a way, but I had to give up when I found out that it was a mystery belonging to the flow of time.]


[The power that operates by wish, not principle, was eventually classified as a magic technique. It cannot be defined.]

The wine drinker slowly whispered to the silent Lennok.

[A blessing beyond the scope of learning and acquisition that is not permitted to magicians like us… I do not like such unexplained miracles very much.]

“Do you want to discuss the definition and concept of magic here?”

Lennok asked, looking at the flesh giant with an expressionless face.

“He may be the Federation’s magician, but it’s not my interest. If you have something to say as a manager, do it quickly.”

From daotranslate dot com


“Before the soldiers guarding the gate go crazy.”

“Ugh, uh…!!”

Soldiers with bloodshot eyes are clutching their heads and convulsing.

His body was shaking with drool flowing from the corner of his mouth. The skin is bubbling like bubbles and trying to turn into something strange.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

A zygomatic chimera located in the middle of the castle gate.

Just because that being moves and emits thoughts, the soldiers cannot bear it and try to go crazy.

This may be because the thoughts radiated by a special type of magician, a joint magician, are extremely twisted compared to an ordinary magician.

However, even after hearing Lennok’s words, the master of the joint did not respond.

He just stopped talking as if thinking about something and slowly moved the chimera to narrow the distance.

[There are very few magicians who are not affiliated with the Blue Eye but still keep the lighthouse keeper’s mementos.]

The magician who was staring at Lennok through the pale flesh giant’s eyes said.

[okay. Now I know who is standing in front of me… Is this the thousandth time that you have left the Blue Eyes?]


The flesh giant’s eyes, looking at Lennok, momentarily bent in a strange direction.

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[What an irony. I was waiting for guests to come from the city where you went on a rampage…]

“Didn’t you just say that it wasn’t a chimera created to welcome guests?”


Sulju did not respond to Lennok’s cynicism.

He just stared at Lennok for a long time, as if trying to look into his inner self.

Could it be that he was able to sense a sense of discomfort about the current situation through his outstanding sensitivity?

However, Lennok maintained his composure despite the unusual reaction of the splicer.

Apart from not being able to read the thoughts of Lennok, who has the ability to target resistance, it is not easy to doubt a thousand times.

From an outside perspective, Evan Martinez is an archmage who stands on the opposite side of fastness more than anyone else.

Unless you at least know about the existence or value of [Embers], you cannot even imagine that collusive relationship.

Sure enough, the young will in the flesh giant’s eyes quickly dimmed.

[There are 48 hours left until all scheduled surgeries are completed. After that, my body will have some time.]

“…48 hours?”

The flesh giant, who had tilted his face towards Lennok, slowly stepped back.

[Yes… Even if it’s not related, if you’re an apostle-slayer like me, it’s worth meeting.]


[Please come to my operating room located at the entrance to the gateway. I will not tolerate rejection.]

Kugu Palace…!!

The flesh giant slowly climbs up the castle gate, spreading his flesh all over the castle wall.

Like a tree spreading its roots to the ground, the giant who had fused with the simple fortress hugged his shoulders and tilted his head back.

[Let me see you with my own eyes and judge you.]

Damn it…!!

As soon as he said those words, the flesh giant hardened and stopped, becoming completely one with the gate.

As the thoughts of the fusion magic that were everywhere disappeared, the soldiers who were sitting on the ground and convulsing began to come to their senses.

“Cluck, cough…!!”


Some people vomit, while others sit down with blank expressions and clear their throats.


He slowly accepts the situation one by one, as if he has finally returned before his mind goes irreversibly crazy.

Did the conjugate drinker keep this time in mind and look into Lennok until the last minute to convey his business?


48 hours. surgery. hour. main body.

If you think about the words that the alcoholic drinker uttered one by one, you can guess something.

The reason why the joint master, who was very active in the war against the church, suddenly took charge of the gate and was stationed at the front line.

Nevertheless, instead of directly managing the gateway, the reason is that chimeras are used to monitor the gateway city.

“Fuck, what the hell is going on!!”

Jump up!!

While Lennok was lost in thought, the castle gate opened wide and dozens of soldiers rushed out from behind it.

“Bring the stretcher. “Escort the injured person and move them to the ward!”

“Is there anyone left who can talk?!”

“Wrong. “My eyes are out of focus…!!”

They transport the convulsing wounded in an orderly manner and quickly clean up the mess of the castle gate overpass.

The scene was skillfully organized as if something like this had happened several times in the past.

“Evan Martinez.”

While Lennok was watching the commotion, a soldier who appeared to be a superior approached and gave a salute.

The soldier, looking nervous and sweating, cautiously opened his mouth.

“The commander of the search party command center is waiting.”


“I might be able to explain… what happened here.”

“…good. “I will accompany you.”

Lennok, who was staring at the soldier, nodded.

“I have something to ask the Commander about the situation in the Gateway City.”

Lennok’s top goal is to obtain the fragments of the Veil and return to Balkan without being disturbed by the Splicer.

For that purpose, the priority is to meet with the search party commander and hear about the situation inside the gateway city.

Above all, the existence of Chimera, a flesh giant that existed as one with the gateway city gates.

There is a high possibility that there are more ‘works’ created by the master of the art in this way within the gateway city.

A commander who has been entrusted with authority over the gateway city by the master of joints would certainly know more about this.

Lennok thought like that and walked along after the soldier who bowed his head.


On top of the overpass on the castle wall where people have disappeared.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

The eyelids of the flesh giant, who held his body dearly, twitched as if in a twitch.

* * *

“Nice to meet you, Evan Martinez.”

A city built near the first gateway to the Central Front.

A gateway command center built on top of a huge wall that surrounds and protects the living area.

In the office located inside the command center, a middle-aged man with a mustache politely offered to shake Lennok’s hand.

“My name is Ivanus Griffin, Commander of the Gate Command. “It is an honor to meet the Apostle Slayer.”

As the waiting attendant put down the brewed coffee and refreshments, Ivanus bowed his head towards Lennok.

“I heard that you helped the search party during the battle with the 3rd Corps. “As the commander representing the search party, I am truly grateful.”


“The operations of the 3rd Corps, led by the air assault unit, were very extreme, and the search party had many difficulties. For that, I will give you a reasonable compensation at the command level-”

“I have a few questions, can you answer them?”

Lennok, who interrupted Ivanus, looked at him with an expressionless gaze.

Ivanus, too, seemed to have been expecting Lennok’s answer, and nodded with a slightly nervous expression.

“If there’s anything I can answer on my own. whatever.”

“I heard that the Spell Alliance is in charge of the gate, but it turns out that the gate is guarded by soldiers, not the alliance’s magicians.”

As soon as there was no answer, Lennok asked immediately.

“Considering the importance of the gateway, I thought the federation would also be keeping an eye on it. “What is the reason?”

“The current manager of the gateway, the master of the junction, is a completely different person from the master of the Blader Matab.”

Ivanus calmly clasped his hands together and answered.

“The magic tower lord tried to keep the entire gateway city under his control, but the junction lord does not even care about other places except for a few specific secret places.”


“Most major facilities, except for the gateway entrance, are currently under the management of the search party. The Order Federation also respected the wishes of the Order and did not step out within the city.”

Does this mean that the decision to entrust the management of the gateway city’s administrative affairs to the search party command was the master of the joint’s own will?

I’m sure it’s because he wants to stay in the shelter near the gateway and focus on his own surgery or experiments.

“I heard that the conjugation liquor master was one of the strong men who took the lead in the war against the church. Do you know why the liquor was in charge of the gate?”

“You may have seen the chimera the winemaker created on your way here. “Conjugation liquor is a skill that transforms living creatures into chimeras.”

Ivanus smiled bitterly.

“And no matter how good a magician is, he needs proper ‘materials’ to perform such tricks.”


From daotranslate dot com

The first gateway is one of the transit points through which the most people pass through the Central Front.

Did Ivanus decide that the reason the master of articulation was in charge of the gate was to obtain the ingredients he wanted?

After thinking that far, Lennok opened his mouth.

“I am looking for a rare catalyst that can only be found around the gateway. “I would like to know the location of the business that handles such catalysts.”

“There is an abandoned mining site on the outskirts of the gateway city.”

Ivanus answered immediately.

“There is a black market that opens periodically near the mining site, so I recommend going there.”

“Black market?”

Is the commander himself personally recommending a workplace that is not monitored or managed by the command?

Ivanus, perhaps reading Lennok’s retort, answered with a wry smile.

“The entire Gateway City is not under the command’s surveillance. To be honest, more than half of the area is like a lawless area outside of control.”


Attracting forces to the gateway itself was an essential task as it would be difficult to manage the city with the search party’s strength alone.

However, it is also true that there is no way to do anything even if the Order Federation in charge of management assists in its work or obligations.

Moreover, the joint liquor liquor is one of the great liquor liquors that holds an unrivaled position within the alliance.

From the search party command’s perspective, it would not be appropriate to even convey any requests or favors to him.

Lennok nodded and stood up.

“I guess this is enough. “I’ll just go.”

“yes. And finally…”

The commander started to say something, but then closed his mouth with a complicated expression.

A detached look, as if he had given up trying to explain something unspeakable.

Ivanus bowed his head.

“Thank you again for helping the search party. If you need any help in the future, please let me know at any time…”

“I will.”

Considering the master’s abilities and status, this position may also be under the master’s watch.

Therefore, Lennok also understood that the commander could not tell much.

I have heard about the movement inside the gateway, so from here on out, Lennok will have to take action himself.

Ivanus also did not say a word about him, but called the attendant who was standing next to him.

“Chesley. “Please guide Evan to the outside of the command center.”

“All right. “Please follow me.”

An ordinary-looking attendant lowered his head with a smile and began to walk ahead.

Lennok, who left the command post, walked around the outer wall with an attendant called Chesley.

‘It’s a black market…’

I heard that there is a black market at the ore mining site, so it would be a good idea to head there first.

However, what Lennok needs to save is not gems or minerals, but the fragments of the veil itself.

The problem is that it is unknown whether the fragments of the veil are items exchanged through trade in the gateway city.

The moment Lennok was thinking like that and walking behind Chesley.


A flash of light in the shape of a cross erupted explosively from the other side of the residential area inside the castle walls.


Chesley, startled, looked away and at the same time, dark red thorns were wrapped around the cross flashing.

A man with a gloomy appearance riding on a thorn vine, and a monk wearing a pure white habit running after him.

Suddenly, a clash broke out in the middle of the city, and soldiers came out from all sides of the walls and rushed straight away.

“The gravekeeper and the Crusaders clashed. “Everyone to their respective positions!!”

“Evan. sorry!!”

Chesley hastily apologized and followed the other soldiers to the battlefield.

Lennok, who was left alone in an instant, watched closely the two superhumans clashing from afar.

This is my first time hearing of an organization called the Crusade, but I know about the Gravediggers.

A group of black magicians who worship Myungwang like a god. Did they cause a disturbance at the gate managed by the master of the joint?

The moment Lennok was watching the fight from the castle walls, thinking about that fact.

Damn it!

Sharp ice erupted from the bottom of the castle wall, and the white-haired young man hurriedly stretched out his hand towards Lennok.

“Evan Martinez, this way!!”

“…Ice Man?”

The 4th president of the cartel. Lennoc frowned after looking at Angel’s face.

“What are we doing now?”

“What are you doing? I did it to steal you away!”

Angel shouted urgently.

“There is no time. “We need to move right away to avoid the alcoholic’s eyes, so follow me!!”


Lennok, who had been silently watching the battle unfolding with Angel from afar, sat down under the castle wall and spoke.

“I finished talking with the alcoholic drinker. Now that things are like this, let’s go watch the fight.”


Leaving Angel with his mouth wide open, Lennok turned his gaze towards the fight taking place in the distance.

“There is a common sense of discomfort in their techniques. “I need to find out if it’s due to the veil’s influence.”

Both of the people who entered the fight were level 7 or higher.

However, for someone who has decided to start a rampage within the city, the momentum is weaker than expected.

Even though there is no major problem with the manifestation of power itself, it seems as if the power is forcibly suppressed immediately after realization.

Could it be that there is a factor within the gateway city that suppresses the power of superhumans?

Lennok, who had thought that far, smiled and said to Angel.

“And it’s been a while since I watched someone else fight. “I’m a little interested.”


Angel, who was at a loss for words, opened his mouth and finally asked.

“There was a reason why you and Ban got along well even though they almost killed you?”

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