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I Killed an Academy Player Chapter 288

Side Story Episode 5

Sirin Park finished

epilogue. The academy sub player has a harem ending.

The center of the continent. The capital of El Ras Kingdom has been in a festive mood for a month. No, it was a festival.

Is it thanks to the potato farmer’s suspiciously large donations and supporters? People not only from the royal capital but from all over the continent were eating, drinking, and having fun at this festival.

“Look at Brunhild, the southerners’ festivals are amazing!”

Skuld chatters with a playful voice. The large female warrior Thrud snorted at the light appearance of the fresh Skjänder (Shield Maiden).

“Hmph, what’s so good about this?”

“Sudden sister also enjoyed the cotton candy.”

“It was just amazing because it melted in her mouth!”

“Now, let’s all enjoy the festival honestly. Even in our hometown, weddings are held in a grand manner.”

Female warriors of the fallen Norse gods. Brünnhild, the leader of the shield maidens who are living demigods, led the northerners to the southern royal capital.

Originally, I would have passed by without even knowing that there was a national marriage in the South, but the target of it was that man.

Northerners came to the South willingly and with good will.

“But what was the prophecy in the end? It said you would vomit blood and die.”

“Well, I saw him vomiting blood, but he wasn’t dead.”

Originally, the prophecy was only a fragmentary scene, so Skuld had an intuition that the prophecy must have come true in some form.

“It’s too bad. If he’s dead, I’d just cut his head off and lead him to our Valhalla.”

After the Solar War, the world was regaining its proper divinity.

Many people who witnessed the real divinity of the sun and light doubted the existence of fake gods, and the Holy Church took the lead in adjusting the direction of this belief.

However, that does not mean the recovery of Norse mythology.

There is no way for the Northern mythology, which does not have a main character, to be restored again. That is why Brünnhild came to celebrate the national wedding and to entrust his body.

Originally, the Northern and Southern gods got along quite well. In exchange for being loyal to the man who became the new God-King, he would be able to receive at least one proper divine title.

“But Bruncht, don’t you have any intention of getting married?”

“Do you mean me? Who am I with?”

The female warrior, who has been her virgin god for thousands of years, is embarrassed by her brother’s remarks. The Valkyries, including Thrud, smiled sinisterly.

“I have a good partner right now. The Sun God.”

“Corinne?! That’s frivolous.”

Brunhild is angry and his face is red. They continued speaking eloquently.

“That’s right, Sister Surud. It’s time for an arranged marriage to revive our Norse mythology.”

“That’s right, Skuld. The number of sisters has decreased significantly due to the Sun War. Even our warriors in Valhalla have not yet regained their bodies. However, with the power of the Sun God, if he gives us a place on his powerful deity, even our warriors, who are left with nothing but bones, can be resurrected. There will be!”

“Of course, of course. So, Brünnhild, sometime…”

Try dropping it.

Brünnhild visibly blushed at those blunt words.

Millennium virgins who have never been touched by a man due to the curse of the main god have no immunity to such evil.

“But… it’s going to be difficult right now.”

“The timing is a bit weird. She’s marrying eight people at once.”

“Let’s measure the angles over a period of about 100 years.”

“Kids? Don’t do that…”

The 100-year plan to get the Valkyries’ older sisters married was beginning.

* * * *

This national wedding was widely announced and prepared in a grand manner.

The ‘Solar War’ shook the world two years ago.

As people saw the world tree disappear and extend into space, they thought the world would be destroyed.

A prophesied hero appeared there, and he was none other than ‘Sun Corin Locke.’

At some point, the ‘Solar Church’, which changed the name of the integrated denomination and declared its true faith, was announced by the first Pope, Estelle Hadassa El Ras, as a being who had reached God in human flesh.

A child connected to God.

In this era, whatever the saint closest to God said was defined as correct.

Otherwise, how could her prayers come true?

If she were not blessed and loved by her God, how could she fill the produce of her land with just a gesture of her hand?

The passionate political support of Miriam’s aristocratic faction and Marie’s Southern Voice royalist faction also played a role.

As influential media scholars and scholars unanimously praise and praise Corin Locke, even those who are not deeply religious are bound to feel the same way.

However, its political and religious authority is limited to the continent to which the kingdom belongs.

“Huh? What about those people?”

“It’s a delegation from the East. It has the Yellow Dragon Flag of the Heavenly Empire!”

“Who are those people in black clothes?”

“I heard it’s a famous religion? They say it’s the most popular religion on the Eastern Continent these days.”

“Hmm~ What does your religion believe in?”



“I trust the Netherlands.”

“And I believe in Corin Locke.”


It was true.

The Ming Cult, which was once looked down upon as a demonic religion in the Eastern Continent and the subject of persecution and oppression, has now become the most powerful religious force in the Eastern Continent.

The doctrine of Ming Buddhism, which worships the demon god Hwaran and the sun god Corin Locke, was evolving beyond self-respect for the strong into a desirable religion that protects the weak and emphasizes good deeds.

Despite seeing the incredible expansion of Mingjiao, the Imperial Family of the Heavenly Empire could not do anything.

Antagonizing the existence of Shinhwagyeong, who extinguishes the light of the world, and Bicheonyacha, which inherits the power of Surama God, is a gamble that risks the rise and fall of a nation.

Even after endless discussions for two years, they came to one conclusion.

There is no answer.

I can’t beat that one.

If the light of the world is taken away right away, there is no way to deal with it. How can the people of the entire empire deal with this when they have to live blindly?

In the end, they had no choice but to acknowledge Myunggyo. It is to the point where there are claims that it would be better to declare it as a state religion and to receive the blessings of the sun god sooner or later.

In fact, the land where a saint from the Western Continent came to visit as a test and gave her blessings was blessed with a bountiful harvest unprecedented in history.

“Whew, that kid is getting married in the end.”

“I know.”

And here.

There are people who treat Corin Locke, who is highly renowned as the sun god of the Western and Eastern continents, as if he were a friend in the neighborhood.

Jaeger and Lark. And these are his classmates who knew him and shared his joys and sorrows.

“Wow, your employer is a really great guy. He’s also big.”

“Doron… did you say you were permanently employed?”

“We agreed on a case-by-case basis.”

Doron became the leader of an elite punitive force operated by the royal family.

Monsters and demonic spirits that are the materialization of the shadow demons that were cursed by the gods no longer arise.

Now, all that remains is to gradually reduce the monsters and spirits on the entire continent.

“What did Cranel decide to do?”

“…Golem development. At the magic tower built by senior Dunaref, who graduated… I decided to help.”

Golem master Cranel Luden has been chosen to get a job at the new magic tower, Dunaref Tower.

He was primarily in charge of agricultural development and pioneering golem development, but in addition to that, he made one secret agreement.

Cranel’s inefficient and unnecessarily large super golem will continue to be developed for the sake of romance.

“Yuel, what about you?”

“I have decided to rebuild the forest. I will have the rights to the forest recognized by the kingdom and reunite the scattered clans.”

The druids of Avelorn Forest, which was burned down by monsters, decided to rebuild the forest after graduation.

Thanks to her nosy motives, she has mastered the Ogham alphabet and the secret arts of the Druids, and can now claim to be the Sage of the Forest.

At the wise man’s call, spirits and druids will gather again.

“It must be difficult to meet each other… We are a good match…”

“If you’re talking about that super golem or something. Well… Professor Josephine is developing a space portal. Once it’s completed, we’ll install it in the forest we’re rebuilding.”

Even if that wasn’t the case, she said she would return to the royal capital sometime and promised to meet her someday.

“Rak, you’ll get a job at Dunaref Tower right away, right?”

“Yes. Because I still have a lot to learn.”

Lark was assigned as teachers by her friend Chance, former high-ranking mages from the New Magic Tower.

They are famous for their high-handedness and millet-like disposition to pass on knowledge, but what can they do?

A few years ago, with the influx of new skinheads called Russians, the Chunsiks, who had some free time, will teach Lark with all their heart in order to avoid returning to the salt farm.

“Jaeger and you?”

“I have to go back to my hometown. I’m going to blow away all the monsters around the village. And hmmm… I guess I’ll ask my mom to get a tattoo on my neck this time.”

“If it shows on the outside, it’s disgusting. You won’t be able to get a girl.”


Corin Locke’s first-year classmates. After graduation, they each found their own path.

Some will benefit from Corinne’s actions, and others will walk away to do what she set out to do.

Still, they did not refuse to get together once in a while.

* * * *

“Wow~ Ren! Ren! It’s amazing! These people are all here to congratulate my older brother and older sisters.”


A place where everyone rejoices and celebrates. The wolf siblings Ren and Ron, who were preparing to be bridesmaids for the wedding, had conflicting expressions on their faces.

“Ren…what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, Ron. You just need to shut up.”


Ren smiled bitterly as he looked at his sister, who had barely grown to the level of a high school student.

The wolf siblings, who had not grown for a long time, gradually grew after being saved from him.

After ending his long infancy, his body, which had not grown before, slowly grew.

Seeing this, Corin smiled and congratulated her sincerely.

She said, “Yes, it is sad to become an adult so suddenly. Little by little slowly. “It would be best for the child to grow up according to nature.”

While receiving such congratulations and blessings, Ren’s expression was filled with regret and resentment. Ron fully understands how his sister feels.

“Why doesn’t Ren confess?”

“…It’s still small.”


“That person… still treats me like a child. So… I’m going to tell Marie when she grows up and becomes much taller than her older sister, Lunia, or even Chairman Erin.”

“Hmm… wouldn’t that be difficult?”


There is quite a possibility.

Because the Ren that Corin last observed was indeed like that.

“More than anything… this is bad timing.”


When Ron tilted his head, Ren smiled and explained his plan.

“You’re getting married to eight people at once. If you say you’re getting more brides right now, there’s going to be an uproar. What else can you get married here?”


“So… it’s a long-term game. We’re slowly getting closer, little by little. Little by little, we’ll seep into our sisters and get closer.”

Fortunately, Ren and Ron’s lifespans are infinitely longer. A pure-blooded royal lineage of werewolves. Those atavistic creatures live a life as old as vampires.

“Besides, your brother has been thinking about the vessels that will inherit the throne these days. Seeing as there are a lot of seats on the throne, he will definitely give us a place as well.”

“Oooh… Ren is amazing.”

I knew you were smart, but you had such an ambitious plan.

“I’ll just follow Ren!”

“of course.”

Today I am a bridesmaid.

Ren hid his anger and smiled with ambition.

* * * *

Merkava Academy graduation ceremony. At the same time, the wedding of , known as the representative of the golden generation graduates, was held at the same time, and numerous people came to celebrate it.

And the entrance to the festival where they enter. There is a believer who passionately evangelizes while waving a flag with the symbol of the Church of the Sun.

“Believe in the sun god! A living being will bless and guide us!”

His name is Germain Luther.

Former priest belonging to the Zeruem Church. He entered the Merkava Academy undercover as a spy, but at some point he has been playing the role of a trumpeter for the Unified Church.

The sight seemed good to the saint, and the 19-year-old young believer is already being chosen as the missionary leader in charge of the royal capital and the next cardinal of the Church of the Sun.

A man approaches him. He and his classmate, former Assassin leader Rashid al-Din Mustali.

“It’s a lot of work.”

“Is Rashid here?”

Germain is now happy to welcome his classmates who will be graduating next year.

“You can’t miss Corinne’s wedding. It’s amazing, by the way. I’ve never seen a wedding of this scale in history.”

“Because you are the sun god of the great sun religion.”

“I’ve become a complete zealot.”

“Hehe… You do well when you do this too. You never know? Maybe Corin senior will give you a place too.”

“Well… you already took care of it.”

Rashid, who escaped from the hideous shadow of the assassination group and entered school with the dream of becoming a knight, became a first-class knight certified by the Guardian Association.

After graduation, he will join Doron’s monster suppression team and wander the world.

“I’m looking forward to publishing my article biography~”

“Even though you were an assassin, you have a secret desire for honor, right?”

“Of course. I wanted to become a knight because it was cool.”


Germain grinned and blessed his colleague’s path. He was also promoted to first-class knight in the first semester of his third year, but the path he hopes for is not that of a knight.

“I will become a cardinal of the Order of the Sun. When the Holy Father retires, I plan to aim to become the next Pope.”

“Oh~ I have ambition.”

“All of this is just a means to get closer to the sun god and earth goddess… the true gods.”

Many religious people, including Germain, realized true faith.

They will gradually encroach on existing religious forces and establish true faith in this land.

And we will reach the ‘Paradise’ promised by the Holy Father and Goddess of Earth.

They can be as devoted as possible for eternal blessings after death.

“Rather than anything like that, today… let’s purely celebrate the seniors of our academy.”

“of course.”

The two people bumped their fists and left to find a seat at the upcoming ceremony.

* * * *

Josephine lived for over a hundred years and watched many of her students get married.

As young blood, they fell in love passionately and entered into a marriage, but sometimes it ended badly and sometimes it ended in bitterness until the very end.

“You’re getting married…”

“Hehe, why are you doing this again?”

When I see my mother in a wedding dress, something about her seems off.

“It’s beautiful, Mom.”

“…It’s been a while since I heard those words, Clara.”

The two had a similar mother-daughter relationship.

A great mother who saved her persecuted little witch and willingly faced the world for her.

They stood against the cult, toppled the magic tower, and eventually established the basic rights of witches and demons in the world.

Those who were treated as miserable children of the devil were allowed to attend the academy.

It all started with the meeting of the little witch Clara and the wandering Erin.

“You will be happy.”

“Thank you.”

Josephine had hoped for Erin’s happiness for a very long time.

After being wounded by her disciple’s betrayal and having to turn her back on the world by being sealed in her shadow kingdom, she looked forward to the day when she would finally share her burden and wish her happiness.

And then her day came.

Now all that remains is to be happy.

“Clara. What about you?”


“Shouldn’t you find love now?”


She didn’t necessarily say…

Witches live long lives. Of course, that also has its limits, and Josephine is a witch who has lived for quite a long time.

However, as Corin, who became the God-King and resurrected her myth, began to gather her faith, she was secretly recommending a position as a god to Josephine.

She felt like there was some kind of corruption by her relatives, and the positions for her next position were being filled, but Josephine didn’t care.

There’s nothing wrong with her living a long life. Most of all, because she can be with her beloved mother.

Her life will continue for a very long time. It’s okay to leave finding a companion for later.

“There’s no need to rush.”

“I miss Clara’s child.”

A secret expectation that has continued for 80 years. Erin looked forward to the day when she would be called her grandmother.

“Well… aren’t the conditions a bit strict?”

Josephine’s conditions for being a groom are quite strict.

First of all, she must be good-looking, good-natured, and strong enough to protect her mother.

I wish she had a nice body too. Her secret favorite magazine is full of racy photos of muscle guys.

And above all, she must live long enough to fit in with Josephine, who has a different sense of time than ordinary humans.

A young, strong, kind, handsome, and long-lived companion.

‘Corin Locke?’

No wait. Wait a minute.

Why did that name suddenly come to mind? Josephine furrowed her brows in astonishment.

‘Calm down Clara. Corin Locke is now my adoptive father… no, I will never admit it. Anyway, it’s mom’s pet!’




“It’s not like that.”

Joséphine chewed her tongue, blushed profusely, and played with her mother’s wedding dress.

* * * *

It was a long, long time.

Possessing himself as a normal extra, he fought against numerous named players using only the Samjaekwonbeop and singing techniques.

After realizing the player’s betrayal, he returned to three years ago.

It’s been 3 years since I first got possessed.

Three years after returning.

Another year until graduation.

There were so many things, there were conflicts, there were fights, and there was an ending.

Now the story is about to move on to a new story.

Marie, she graduated a year before me and built a new magic tower, Dunaref Tower, in the south.

She took 500 former ghoul wizards from the Magic Tower and provided them with high-quality magical education and research.

When it comes to Marie, the southern magic tower lord, there is no one on the entire continent who doesn’t know about her.

Arisha officially declared that she would give up her candidacy for the leadership of the Aden family.

Alicia honestly admitted to me that she did not have the talent to lead people as the head of a family.

Runia officially took over the position of head of the Aden family. Arisha seemed dissatisfied with giving up her position as the head of the family, but deep down, she read her true intentions.

She said that when she saw Aden’s business in the east, she was disgusted and ran away.

Hwaran went to Myeonggyo whenever he had time during vacation and took on the role of the new religious leader. They said they were preparing to merge with Estelle’s Church of the Sun, and Ran was particularly enthusiastic.

Mir Am is expected to succeed her throne as the next queen.

King David looked pityingly at me and asked me to take over her throne, but he also has a lot to do these days.

A curse that the Danans left behind when the Goidel people betrayed and drove out the Danans a long time ago.

We plan to destroy the demonic beasts that are endlessly created in the Shadow Paradise and summon Paradise Tyr Na Nog once again.

In order for Danan’s divine status and power to be revived, Tyr Na Nog needs to function properly.

Well, the current paradise has been neglected for a long time and needs some cleaning up.

Erin, who has been protecting the border between paradise and the real world as the queen of paradise, will help me.


The space opens and someone flies in. It’s probably not Madame Joséphine…


The only one is Grand Wizard Park Sirin, who was called the Demon God.

She said, “I told you not to crawl.”

“Hehe hehe… It’s been so long since I smelled like you…”

“The wedding is today, why are you so late?”

Shirin smiled brightly at my words and spoke as if bragging.

“There was a typhoon in the southern coastal city. We had to stop it.”


“If a typhoon had hit a city with a population of 100,000 people, the damage to property would have been enormous. It stopped completely and was destroyed in place.”

She said she did a good job and I patted her head as she looked for praise. That alone makes the world look happier.

After her return from Earth, Shirin wandered around the entire continent for two years.

She is a village invaded by monsters or a city hit by a natural disaster. She helped people by subduing bandits and the like.

Then she came by space leap and reported to me one by one. She confessed her love to me and hugged me, saying that I was doing a good job of atonement, and asked how Hayeon was doing.

“Everyone is waiting. After washing up, go to the bride’s waiting room and try on her dress. Hayeon was very excited for her mother’s wedding.”

“Yes! See you later, Oppa! I love you!”

Shirin behaves politely and leaves. She still has a cool and cold personality, but she seems very excited about the wedding.

“Hehe, it’s a real marriage.”

That too Marie. It is a joint wedding with all eight (nine) of them: Alisha Hwaran, Estelle Miriam Erin, Runia Park Sirin.

To be honest, it still didn’t feel real.

I can’t believe that women who claim to be the world’s most famous sun god are marrying me.

Even after all this, we are still small citizens.

The road to the ceremony hall. I can see my father-in-law and mothers-in-law.

-Wow! Corin Locke Nainooom…!

-honey! Why ruin a good day!

Duke Mard and Duchess Ellencia. And Marie’s three younger siblings.

-Hmm~ I guess I’m a b*stard.

– Ugh… go on a hunger strike now…!

-Stop that, madam. I was wrong.

Garland Arden, the Sword Emperor, Sophia Arden biting her sleeves and grinding her teeth, and Jade Arden, the former head of the clan, who this time inherited the position of head of the clan from Runia.

-Well… as long as our children are happy.

-Isn’t this a great son-in-law?

-Just be king…

King David and Queen Asher may have a sour expression on their faces, but they are still the biggest supporters of our marriage.

In addition, there is a delegation from Myeonggyo, Hwaran’s cousin Kang Yu-hwa, and a man with a prosthetic leg who is guarding their side.

Mrs. Josephine Clara and her parents, who still look dumbfounded.

-Kya~ That swallow is a harem after all.

My classmates Jaeger and Lark. Doron and Yuel Cranel, as well as Rashid and Jade, who are one year junior. Ren and Ron, cute wolf siblings who serve as bridesmaids.

-Ugh! Senior Corrin… Why! why…!

-Ah, you’re really getting married… If I’d known it would be like this, I would have pushed in…

-Hehehe! Oppa……

I didn’t hear you. Yeah, I didn’t hear it. I won’t ‘recognize’ it.

Anyway, I entered first and announced the start of the wedding.

Michael Jackson’s congratulatory song, which I made popular, rang out and the banquet attendees looked at me.

Siblings Ren and Ron… and Hayeon, who has grown up like a full-fledged adult, take the lead, scattering flowers, and behind them, the father-in-laws and mothers-in-law enter with their arms around the bride’s arms.

Centered around me.

Marie, Alicia, Hwaran, Estelle, Miriam, and Runia Park will stand.

Everyone smiles happily while wearing a pure white wedding dress.

-Two people… Ah no! Nine people until their black hair turns into green onions… Is this right? The brides have different hair colors…

-Ha ha ha ha ha!

Although the high-ranking priests of the Myeong Church and the Sun Church were unfamiliar with this rare wedding, they proceeded with the ceremony gradually and soon finished the final congratulatory speeches.

“Then does the bridegroom, Corin Locke, swear to love his bride forever?”

“I swear.”

“Then the brides… Marie Dunaref Arisha Aden Runia Aden Fire Lan Estel Hadassa El Ras Miriam Elisabeth El Ras Erin Danua Park Sirin.”

It was then that the priests of the Sun Church and the Myeong Church took a moment to catch their breath and opened their mouths.

[Shinhwa Changsaeng reaches its ending. Savior Corin Locke has achieved all the precepts.]

I felt the precepts engraved on my body gradually disappearing. As if the vow made to the world was waiting for a hidden ending called a wedding.

my duty and

my redemption and

Take my oath.

[Corin Locke. Congratulations on the hidden ending.]

The priests spoke with unexpected congratulatory remarks.

“Do you promise to love your groom, Corinne Locke, forever?”

Without the slightest hesitation, the women smiled and answered as if they had made a promise to each other.

“Yes, I swear.””

Killed an academy player – End

I Killed an Academy Player

I Killed an Academy Player

I Killed the Player of the Academy, IKPA, 아카데미 플레이어를 죽였다
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