I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 106

Episode 106 [ Merchants (2) ]

Robert looked around with a puzzled expression.

The plane didn’t have the seats I expected either.

“Delta doesn’t have first class, so I bought a ticket with Etihad Airways.”

It may have been difficult to understand why a person with an Etihad Airline ticket was standing in front of a Delta airline counter. But Robert was in no condition to care about such things.

“I am just grateful.”

He had nothing on his mind but leaving the United States.

After a while, boarding was completed and the plane began to run down the runway.

Only then was Robert able to catch his breath a little. He looked around and made a puzzled expression.

“It’s full, but there’s no one in first class.”

There was no one else in the first class space other than the two of them.

“well. Have you been busy with anything?”

Kyunghoon pretended to look around.

First class wasn’t the only empty seat. There weren’t many people in either business class or economy class.

This was because Eve had bought all the remaining tickets.

Thanks to this, the airport was noisy with announcements looking for missing passengers, but there was no way to know about the situation on the plane.

The reason I changed airlines was because all first class seats were empty.

Eve was planning to completely block any issues that might arise, regardless of how much money it would cost.

It didn’t seem necessary to Kyung-hoon to go this far, but he followed her words this time.

The flight attendants on the plane were much friendlier than usual.

All first class seats were sold, but there were only two passengers. The crew had seen this happen before.

Even back then, a rich man with a lot of money bought all the first class seats. It wasn’t 100% certain, but there was no reason not to do it kindly. Robert, who mainly flew business class on Delta airlines, was puzzled by the excessive kindness, but Kyung-hoon received the service with ease.

This was thanks to his hard work traveling around the world to create portals.

-It is a remarkable opponent. I remember the first time I flew first class.

In the meantime, Eve said something and moved on.

The plane took off and the seatbelt warning was canceled.

As soon as the announcement was over, news played on TV.

[Russia is recovering from the death of its former president unexpectedly quickly. Preparations are underway for a new presidential election, with the prime minister serving as acting president. Among the current candidates, Chairman Boris has an absolute lead in approval ratings.]

Following the announcer’s words, a scene of Chairman Boris giving a speech appeared. The chairman’s impression became much sharper than before.

[The world is changing. Russia must become a country that stands tall in a new and changing world. Let awakeners and Russian citizens become one to create a new Russia! ]

Chairman Boris seemed to have become a politician. While I was looking at the screen in a happy mood, I heard a disgruntled curse from next to me.

“The former dictator is better. The energy cartel came out of nowhere and set up a plan to take over Russia. Both investors and doctors are crazy. “To think of creating the energy to change history and leaving it to an old-generation cartel guy like that…”

Eve opened her mouth at an unexpected remark.

-The reason for betraying the company may be different than expected.

Kyung-hoon smiled slightly at Eve’s words. Eve still had a lot to learn about humans.

“What are you so angry about?”

Kyung-hoon leaned forward and asked Robert, who was sitting next to him,

“Oh, I’m sorry. It was loud.”

He was so excited that he quickly apologized to Kyung-hoon:

“It’s okay. I was just curious because the gentle man seemed quite excited.”

At Kyung-hoon’s words, he looked around and realized that he was on an airplane once again.

“Oh, I don’t mind telling you now. It’s about the company I worked for.”

“If it’s a company.”

“This is Natas.”

“Ah, that’s a company that’s booming right now. The company I initially invested in seems to have hit the jackpot…” “

Phew, then what do we do? We decided to join forces with the old energy cartel and a Russian company.”

Kyung-hoon tilted his head at Robert’s words.

“I had doubts when I first signed the contract, but in the current situation, isn’t it a good thing? A company with the next Russian president as its chairman would have great merit. Even now, people on Wall Street want to buy Natas stock. “It looks like there’s a mess…”

When the topic of stocks came up, Eve whispered in his ear.

-Why don’t we put it on the market and see what’s going on? Even if we put just a few percent on the investment market, we can turn Wall Street upside down. We’re

still short on funds anyway . I didn’t do it. There was no reason to lighten the mood by incurring a loss. Kyung-hoon tapped his ears in rejection.

But Robert frowned at Kyung-hoon’s words.

“On the outside, it looks that way.”

“Then is there another problem inside?”

Seeing Kyung-hoon’s curiosity, Robert’s words quickened,

“It’s a new energy. It’s a gift from God that has been evenly distributed to all countries in the world. This kind of energy should not be intercepted by existing energy-rich countries!”

It was a very excited voice. Kyung-hoon stopped the other person for a moment.

“Your name is…”

“I’m Daigo.”

– Daigo Ryusei. This is the name he used before immigrating to the U.S.

“So, Mr. Daigo, are you of the opinion that all of Natas’ patents should be disclosed? I understand that Dr. Hyerin has already disclosed all of her existing research.”

Robert’s eyes wavered at Kyung-hoon’s words.

“Oh, I don’t mean that, I just mean that we have to work with countries that don’t have energy resources. It’s not a country like Russia…”

With those words, Robert closed his mouth.

When he closed his mouth, the entire first class cabin became quiet. The crew also waited quietly as the mood worsened.

-I guess you didn’t want this kind of atmosphere. It became difficult to even put words to words.

Kyung-hoon shook his head at Eve’s scolding.

“There’s still a long way to go to Japan. “There is plenty of time.”

He was relaxed.


Kyung-hoon was right.

8 hours later.

As the plane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean, Robert was drinking Japanese sake and chatting excitedly with Kyung-hoon.

He seemed to have relaxed after leaving the United States.

Plus that generator. I have no way of knowing how it works. “The substructure, such as the exciter and voltage regulator, is no different, but the part where the power is generated makes absolutely no sense.”

Robert was already drunk.

“Hmm, I don’t tend to get drunk like this, but do you get drunk quickly on airplanes?”

Robert asked Kyung-hoon with a relaxed expression.

-Jin Xiawei’s special liquor is added, so it’s difficult for the average person to resist.

The backpack that Kyung-hoon brought was filled with various explosives, guns, and alcohol and potions made by Jin Xia-wei.

It wasn’t even a task to take the alcohol out of it and mix it with the wine Robert was drinking.

Robert’s eyes became increasingly blurry. Kyung-hoon brought his head closer to Robert’s tilted face.

“So why are you going to Japan now?”

“That’s it. At Mitsubishi…”

Without questioning Kyung-hoon’s words, Robert quietly revealed the secret.

After talking for a while, Robert fell asleep.

– It’s scary. I can’t even remember after saying all that when I wake up. I think it would be the best as a confession agent?

“Well, it only works when you’re drunk and relaxed. It doesn’t even work on awakened people…”

But it was a really good product for a spy to use. So Kyung-hoon said, This drink was never allowed to be served in the bar.

-But as I said before, it wasn’t that he had any great convictions.

Eve seemed a little disappointed.

“Conviction is just a cover for what you do.”

His own patriotism, the appeal of his parents and family, a stable job in Japan, and a lot of money were what made him do this.

However, Kyung-hoon had no intention of questioning it.

“It’s the Mitsubishi Group… Not long ago, the spy was also the destination. Wasn’t it Japan?”

-It was the Tomo group.

“I don’t know if they are moving separately or together.”

-It is difficult to confirm. It was impossible to find out through the Internet. The

closed corporate culture of Japan was actually becoming an obstacle to Eve.

“Then let’s take this opportunity to check.”

Kyung-hoon ignored the flight attendant who was approaching to clean up and personally cleaned up Robert’s seat.

He put the protruding ballpoint pen back deep into his inner pocket and covered his lap with a blanket.

“It’s a commemorative gift.”

Then, he put a lighter in the pocket containing the ballpoint pen.

Time passed.

The plane arrived at the airport. Robert barely woke up to a hand shaking him.

“The guest has arrived.”

“Wait a minute… yes?”

Robert, who was shaking his head, suddenly stood up with a surprised face.

“What about the photo?”

He reflexively fumbled with his inside pocket. He found a pen.

He sighed in relief.

Robert looked around. He was the only one in the first class compartment.

“Where is the person I came with?”

“He got off first.”


Robert had a sad look on his face. It was because he remembered getting help but not hearing his name properly.

But now it was time to get off the plane quickly.

He felt like he had had a lot to drink, but now he couldn’t be happier.

Anyway, the place he was currently standing in was Japan.

He got off the plane right away and completed the immigration process in a breeze.

And the moment he left the departure hall, someone stood next to him.

“You’re Daigo Rusei, right? We’re here to meet you.”

It was different from a normal welcome. People in suits surrounded him and watched his surroundings. The person who

spoke to him put his arm around his shoulder as if welcoming him.

Even Robert, or Daigo, could understand the current situation.

What he brought was It was that important.

People put Daigo in a car parked right in front of the airport and headed to Tokyo.

The destination was Mitsubishi Industrial Headquarters.


An old man was sitting on a sofa in an office with an old-fashioned desk and a wide window.

And next to him. Igo stood with his hands folded,

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Daigo bowed his head deeply at the old man’s words.

Even though he had lived in the United States for a long time, the Japanese style of hierarchy still remained deep in his mind.

He could not keep his head upright in front of the chairman of the Mitsubishi Group, the head of Japan’s three major conglomerates.

The old chairman placed the pen on the desk and continued,

“You will be greatly rewarded for returning to serve the Empire of Japan. This is not just a reward for our company.”

The chairman fully conveyed the nuance that this incident was not only related to his group.

“I am just grateful.”

Daigo bowed his head again.

yes. yes.

As he lowered his head, he could feel a strange vibration in his chest.

As he raised his head with a puzzled expression, a loud emergency bell sound was heard in his ears.


Jump up!

The door to the president’s office opened and people poured in.

“It’s a wiretap! “The detector has detected a signal!”

The chairman looked displeased, and the people who came in immediately scanned all around with detectors.


The detector, which was moving around, eventually stopped in one place.

Daigo. To be exact, it was in front of Daigo’s chest.

“Hands up!”

The man who guided him here gave him an order with a stern expression.

Daigo raised his hands with a scared face.

The man took out a luxurious lighter with a pattern engraved on it from Daigo’s inner pocket.

The detector was still pointing at the lighter.

The man looked at the chairman.

“How did this happen?”

“I don’t know!”

It was the moment when a surprised Daigo waved his hand.

A human voice came out from the lighter.

“Good job Robert. I was able to get all the information I needed. “I put the money in the account I mentioned before. Just wait a moment.” The

fluent English coming from the lighter made Daigo’s face turn pale.

It was the voice of a man sitting next to him on the plane.

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