I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 120

Episode 120 [ Change (2) ]


Time has passed since the owner of SG Electronics changed.

Russia has a new president elected, and Korea also has a new president.

As time passed, the monsters became more numerous and stronger.

Governments of each country tried hard to solve the problem, but poor countries producing underground resources lost their lands to monsters one after another.

The supply of resources became increasingly difficult. Prices were rising and the world economy had no choice but to continue to sink.

Fortunately, the mana stone generators started operating one by one.

Although complete replacement was not yet possible, power shortages began to be gradually alleviated, especially in developed countries.

White House basement conference room.

Inside the conference room, a briefing on the mutant situation, which had been held regularly since the first wave, was in progress.

The atmosphere in the conference room was not very good. The president and ministers also looked gloomy.

A middle-aged man was briefing in front of them.

It was Danny Lewis, the current Deputy Director of the CIA and head of mutant and awakened affairs.

Thanks to the series of events, he also continued his rapid promotion. Now he too is in second place at the CIA.

He continued his presentation by looking at the material on the screen.

“…After President Bykov was elected in the presidential election, Russia revealed a completely pro-awake, pro-EV tendency.” On the screen,

the man who is now President Boris Bykov and his daughter were shown.

“ Moreover, thanks to the announcement that my daughter is an Awakened person, the situation in Russia is very favorable to Awakened people.”

There was a nice-looking dog standing next to the president’s daughter.

The president did not reveal what kind of awakened person his daughter was.

People were just talking about whether the animal the president’s daughter was carrying was a wolf or a dog.

“Next is the Natas Sawa SG Group case. .”

Hyerin’s face appeared on the screen.

“Contrary to expectations, SG Electronics, of which Dr. Hyerin became CEO, did not merge with Natas. Natas is also continuing to produce mana stone generators and is earning a significant amount of revenue from license fees in each country.”

The cabinet members looked at Dr. Hye-rin’s photo with ambiguous expressions.

“It would be nice if we could capture her….”

“Is that possible? I put in a lot of conditions, but I couldn’t even dream of it. It would be easier to negotiate with EV. ”

The Minister of Energy shook his head at what one cabinet member said.

The cabinet members all shook their heads as they remembered the man whose face they could not remember talking about negotiations with EVs.

When the atmosphere seemed to have settled down, Danny continued talking. “As first announced, SG Electronics is busy developing mana stone-related technology and mana stone generators. It looks like a mana stone electric vehicle will be released soon…” The story about


Electronics that followed seemed a bit boring. There were too many things to worry about to pay attention to electronics companies in other countries.

“The following is the status of the EV homepage.”

The expressions of the ministers who looked bored became serious again.

“First of all, potion trading and equipment trading have exploded. I thought we wouldn’t be able to handle the increase in the number of awakened people, but it seems like we can cover it to some extent. Perhaps mass production has become possible.”

The president, who was listening to the story, crossed his arms.

“There’s nothing to worry about Awakened equipment anymore… We’ve also found a blacksmith, right?”

After numerous failures, the U.S. government finally found an awakened person who could draw patterns.

But Deputy Director Lewis shook his head.

“I am just an awakened person who has just awakened. The difference in results is enormous. It takes a lot of time to become really useful.”

Some cabinet members clicked their tongues at his words. These were cabinet members who were aware of Syria’s failure.

“Fortunately, awakened people continue to appear. “It is clear that as time passes, the EV monopoly will be broken one by one.”

The cabinet members all nodded at Deputy Director Lewis’ words. But their expressions were not bright.

“In light of these results, the second cataclysm that EV warned about in the notice appears to be true.”

A diagram appeared on the screen. It was a diagram depicting gradually rising curves.

“As the number of awakened people increases, the number of mutant monsters also increases. In addition, those who have undergone the second awakening are also appearing one by one.”

The diagram on the screen has changed. A chart that gradually soars and then suddenly soars.

“The growth figures so far are similar to what EV said. “This is not an ordinary growth curve.”

The previous diagram and the new diagram overlapped. There was almost no difference.

There was a sigh in the conference room.

“The exact date is unknown, but it is believed to be true that a cataclysm will occur some time later.”

The President asked the question again with a pointed meaning.

“What could possibly happen then? Please say again.”

“There will be an explosive increase and growth of awakened people and mutant monsters.”

“Are you saying that the wave will become more severe?”

“I don’t know for sure, but the wave will occur simultaneously all over the world.”


The screen has changed. The eagle, a symbol of America, filled the screen.

“The tides are likely to change during this upheaval. “Not only ground logistics but also air logistics are not safe.”

He looked around the conference room.

“There will be a logistics crisis.”

The inside of the conference room was frozen.


After freezing the conference room, Deputy Director Lewis left the White House.

It was clear that the remaining people would be pulling their hair out trying to solve the remaining problems.

But there was no reason for him to worry about coming between them. And it was something they didn’t want to do either.

Although he was a CIA agent and cabinet member loyal to the country, he was an awakened person.

The feeling of distance from people was unavoidable. Moreover, he was bound to be feared by those with vested interests.

“Thank you for your effort.”

A young-looking girl opened the car door.

But in reality, he wasn’t that young.

Deputy Lewis nodded and got into the car. She closed the door and got into the driver’s seat.

The car started. It felt like a minor was driving the car.

Deputy Director Lewis glanced at the female awakener sitting in the driver’s seat.

Agent name: Anne.

Her real name was Elkani, and she was the result of his greatest failure.

An awakened person who was mistakenly brought in during the Syrian operation. Thanks to her, my position was almost in danger.

But he embraced her.

She was the perfect battle awakener.

Additionally, her outstanding intelligence was enough to support her work.

She even had a second awakening this time.

Now she has become an essential part of his work.

At that moment, the deputy director’s eyes met Elkani’s. Elkani opened his mouth.

“I don’t think you mentioned anything about the executioner.”

The deputy director chuckled at her words.

“There’s no reason to do it. “You can’t just say something and make your butt shake.”

Even now, intelligence agencies from each country were searching the world to find EV members and headquarters.

However, intelligence agencies had not yet found out about EV.

“If they found out that one of the enforcers was based in Northeast Asia, they would all go crazy? “We can’t leave it like that.”

Several incidents occurred in the name of the executor. And even the cases regarding Japan, China, Russia, Dr. Hyerin, and SG Group.

By compiling the information so far, the CIA was able to pinpoint where one of the executioners lived.

Among them, there were many ridiculous travel routes, but at least one of the executors. An executor in a fairly important position also lived in Northeast Asia.

“EVs must remain safe until the awakening takes hold in America.”

Although in reality he was not an awakened person but rather a time when he took his place.

Anyway, there was a need to protect EV now.

Elkani closed his mouth in response to the deputy director’s answer. She thought the same thing.

Instead of speaking again, she turned on the radio.

[…Drug FTL is rampant these days. Although it has few side effects, it is a drug that causes severe dependence and is being intensively cracked down by the DEA. This time, the source has been revealed.]

The deputy director clicked his tongue.

“The world has changed so much, but nothing has changed.”

[The problem is that the source is Colombia, so it is difficult for the DEA to do anything. In Colombia, the government’s power does not extend beyond the capital due to the battle against monsters. This time, the drugs were also controlled by the rebel area…]

“This is already happening before the cataclysm comes.”

Many governments without strong military and economic power began to lose control of their countries.

There were countries in the past that were in shambles due to civil war, but now the reason was not people but mutant monsters.

There were still no problems for the powerful countries maintaining the world economy, but it was unclear how long that would continue.

Before that, America had to become a nation of awakened people.

No, to your own country.

Deputy Director Lewis pledged once again.


While the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was sighing because there was no way to stop the distribution of drugs, the anger of drug lords was exploding in drug production areas.

Although he was the biggest force among the Colombian rebels and was famous as a drug lord, he could only vent his anger in the current situation.

“Catch it quickly! “Don’t you know that I can’t make medicine without you?”

He looked at the old wooden house and instructed his subordinates.

Hidden inside the crumbling treehouse was an old man who had created a new drug.

“He’s an awakened person, so can’t we just blow him up and catch him?”

The subordinate next to me cautiously expressed his opinion.

“You idiot! “What are you going to do when your old man dies?”

He suddenly criticized his subordinate. If it were up to him, he would have wanted to blow up the tree house with an anti-tank gun.

However, the old man who created the drug was too weak to be an awakened person.

They say that other awakened people can withstand bullets to a certain extent, but this old man was so weak that if he fell while walking, he might die on the spot. However, it was not possible to push the load.

The awakened person with the old man was a proper combat awakened person. There was no way to deal with her without hurting the old man.

“No, what did you do to let the awakened person approach the old man!”

That was because the soldiers turned their attention to the female traveler who seemed to have lost her way.

The soldiers who attacked the woman were actually overpowered by her, and the woman almost ran away, taking the old man with her.

Fortunately, we were able to find and surround them before they escaped, but the problem was that there was no suitable way to suppress them.

In the end, he had no choice but to get angry at the awakened people who had not yet arrived.

“Why are the awakened people so late?”

“We’ll be there soon.”

“If it weren’t for the old man, it would just be pouring out. shit.”

While he was venting his anger, a loud conversation was going on inside the tree house.

“How did you get here from Brazil?”

“That’s because the old man called me.”

“I was just complaining. “You came from far away.”

“For all your complaints, it was full of requests for help, right?”

“You are being greedy for no reason and putting a strict wife through trouble. “I’m sorry, what should I do?”

The face of the old man, worn down by life, was full of regret.

“I also came to do some reconnaissance and got into an accident, so I have nothing to say.”

Sonya stuck out her tongue.

Originally, EV asked her, who is fluent in Spanish as well as Portuguese, to understand the situation in the rebel area.

However, due to her greed, she became trapped with the old man.

“It would be best for you to get out quickly. The awakened people here are really scary. “I know you are a great awakener, but it will be difficult to fight the monsters here.”

“I also know some scary awakened people.”

She checked the transmitter. The transmitter was still sending signals.

It was then.

Someone could be heard shouting through a loudspeaker from outside.

[The Awakened men have arrived! Surrender! Then I won’t tear you to pieces.]

It was a ridiculous invitation to surrender.

At the same time, I saw people approaching outside the window.

They were people with scars all over their bodies. His eyes were full of red and he was licking his tongue frantically.

“It’s them! “Hurry and run away!”

When they appeared, the old man hurriedly shouted.

Even to Shoya, they weren’t people who looked fine.

But Sonya shook her head.

“Some scary people came from our side.”

As she said that, the phone rang. She picked up the satellite phone.

-Is your current location a log cabin?

Sonya smiled at the voice she heard on the phone.

It was very nice to hear Marcelo’s voice after a long time.

“that’s right.”

-Then prepare for the bombing.

“yes? Bombing?”

Sonya’s eyes widened.

At that moment, white lines were drawn from behind.

Shuuuk. Shuuuk.

A loud noise erupted and the air vibrated.

Rockets rained down towards the front.


The approaching awakeners were swept away by rocket fire, and the rebels fled in haste in all directions.

Doo doo doo doo.

And then I heard a helicopter approaching from behind the house.

The two people looked out the window with surprised faces.

Two helicopters were approaching, firing rockets.

Next to the helicopter was an engraved symbol that everyone now knows.

It was a symbol drawn on the bottom of the main EV homepage.

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