I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 162

Episode 162 [Eunhye]


Heavy machinery was destroying buildings and street vendors.

Looking at that, the store owners sighed.

The foundation of decades was being destroyed before my eyes.

The sign for [Dongmyo Flea Market] was rolling on the ground and an excavator was destroying the market street itself.

“Damn, where can you change things so freely?”

“You can’t do anything with a small amount of compensation.”

The store owners were angry as they saw the streets being destroyed.

“What are you making here?”

“They say they are creating an awakened senta or something…”

“What kind of mess is this because of those damn awakened people?”

The building owners paid compensation at the market rate, but the people who were renting received only condescending compensation.

Moreover, the street vendors were kicked out without even saying a word.

Everyone was dissatisfied, but no one protested properly. It was because of the ugly atmosphere of the world.

“Well then, what are you going to do Mr. Kim?”

“Well, this is all I’ve learned, so I’ll have to look into other markets to see if there are any openings.”

“Would you like to find a seat somewhere else? “In other markets too, there were so many people coming in that there was nowhere to squeeze in.”

In Korea, unlike the bad economy, the used market and flea market were booming. As income decreased, customers flocked to second-hand markets and flea markets. However, the competition has become much fiercer.

This was because all the unemployed people flocked here. In the end, those who lost their business had to compete with countless unemployed people on their own.

“What are you going to do?”

A middle-aged man who was sighing together asked a young woman standing next to him.

Grace answered his question.

“There was a customer who said he needed some help. “I’m a close friend, so I’d like to visit.”

The man shook his head.

“Isn’t this just a passing comment anyway? “If you go there for no reason, you could end up hurting yourself.”

Eunhye smiled faintly at his words.

He was a dangerous person who bought chemicals and weapons that appeared to be explosive ingredients, and he was the person who saved his father’s life with a strange potion.

I only found out now that it was a potion, but even now that I know that I am an awakened person, my gratitude is no different.

“It’s okay because he’s someone I’ve been thankful for. I was going to visit anyway. “If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to start selling bundles.”

“You are having a hard time too. It’s so hard to make a living. It’s better than other countries. “I don’t know how the world is going to work.”

Another person joined their conversation.

“Well, there are countries like China that have exploded nuclear bombs in their own countries and are waving guns at each other, and other countries that have been ruined…” “

No matter how ruined other countries are, it’s harder to have my store taken away right away.”

After saying a final goodbye to the noisy merchants, Eunhye left the place.

In her arms was over 2 million won that she received as compensation.

This amount included 4 months of operating profit plus facility relocation costs. There was no way a flea market that did business in cash could report its taxes properly.

In the end, I ended up receiving less money than I made from my monthly business.

The streets were quiet. As gas prices rose like crazy, no one dared to drive a car.

It was said that a Mana Stone car would be released, but I had no idea that the new car would only be a car for the rich.

Maybe that’s why the bus was full of people even though it was a weekday.

‘Should I buy some meat when I go home?’

Still, I received a lump sum of money, but it was difficult to just go into it.

But she immediately shook her head.

The prices of fresh vegetables and meat have skyrocketed. Farming and livestock farming were a mess due to monsters that occasionally appeared.

Due to the difficulty in importing meat, there were even butcher shops that could not bring in meat.

I couldn’t waste it without knowing what would happen in the future.

“I guess I’ll just buy Spam.”

There was a lot of canned food and spam, but considering my dad was sorry for taking a break, I was able to do that much.

After a while, the bus dropped her off at her destination.

Eunhye got off the bus and looked up at the building.

[World Gold]

The flashy gold sign dazzled her eyes.

Gorgeous jewelry was shining on the display case, and classy customers were examining the products.

It was a completely different world from the market I left a little while ago.

“Did I come to the wrong place?”

She checked the note with the address on it. This is the right place.

However, it was a building that did not suit the person who delivered the note at all.

Eunhye tried to call again

, but the connection was not made, so after the beep sound, it was connected to voicemail….

All she heard was a mechanical sound.

Eunhye looked embarrassed. It was a different building than I expected, but I couldn’t just come here and go back.

Eventually she went inside.


The employees’ eyes turned to the door and then returned to normal.

Eunhye looked at her clothes and sighed.

This was not an outfit to wear to a place like this.

Anyway, since she had something else to do, she pretended not to see and approached the employee.

“How can I help you?”

Eunhye answered the employee’s words with a business smile.

“I’m looking for someone.”

The employee’s smile became more formal.

“Who are you looking for?”

“My name is Kang Kyung-hoon.”

At her words, the employees’ eyes turned to her again.

“Are you talking about the boss?”


Eunhye looked rather surprised at the employee’s words.

The shop manager approached her right away. She asked with a polite expression.

“Did you really make an appointment to meet here?”

“no. “I received some contact information… I couldn’t call, so I came here first.”

The words were twisted differently than I thought, but I couldn’t help it because it was true.

The manager looked embarrassed.

“First, would you like to sit down and wait for a moment? We will contact you separately. “Your name is…”

“It’s grace. Eunhye Jeong.”

“Should I tell you what brought you here?”

“If you ever think about work, come see me…”

The manager frowned at her words. The manager took a quick look at her outfit.

It was an old and shabby outfit.

The manager clicked his tongue inwardly, but still did not lose his smile.

“please wait for a moment.”

Eunhye went to the sofa inside the store.

As she sat down on the sofa, another employee came and took her drink order. It was all free.

The shop manager looked at Eunhye with a puzzled expression and eventually picked up the phone.

While the manager was on the phone, a customer spoke to the employee in front of him in passing.

“Could it be that you came here to look for a job under the pretext of an old relationship? “I heard that the game was bad, but I didn’t expect to see something like this here.”

“Mrs. Yeo.”

Her voice was quite loud despite her speaking style. It could also be heard clearly in Eunhye’s ears, who were sitting on the sofa.

The other guests also glanced at Eunhye and frowned. Among them, there were some who clicked their tongues.

Eunhye grinned while looking at the people.

Anyway, I have often suffered worse insults while doing business. This was nothing.

‘Still, if I had known it was a place like this, I would have dressed differently. ‘Did I know?…’

Eun-hye was equally confused. Could it be that he opened a gold and silver room with the money he earned?

It was when we were drinking drinks in such an awkward atmosphere.

A sharp-looking woman came inside.

“Who came to visit?”

When she appeared, all the employees became very nervous.

The manager answered cautiously and pointed to Eunhye sitting on the sofa.

“I didn’t expect the director to come in person. “He knows the boss…”

She approached the sofa with long strides.

“Your name?”

“This is Jeong Eun-hye.”

Eunhye also answered with a nervous expression.

The woman’s expression changed when she heard her name. The woman held Eunhye’s hand with a smiling face.

“Oh, it was Eunhye. The boss said a lot. nice to meet you. “My name is Liu Yiling.”

At her words, the room froze in a different way.

The customer who was gossiping began to turn his eyes here and there, and other customers also turned their heads, pretending not to see him.

All the employees had stiff expressions. Although it was the customers’ fault, it was difficult to say that the employees who did not stop it were not responsible at all.

“I heard a lot of stories. “I heard he saved me a lot of different things.”

“Ah, if the CEO has work to do, he often doesn’t answer the phone for several days. Thanks to you, Jin Xiawei is busy.”

“This market was demolished? sorry. “I didn’t pay attention to that.”

“Since you’re here, would you like to take a look? Although they are not mana stone accessories, they are not bad items. “I’ll give you one as a gift.”

Eunhye continued to feel confused while talking with a Chinese man named Liu Yiling. This was because the status of the person she knew and the person she was talking about were very different.


While the two were talking for a while, Eunhye’s phone rang.

It was a call from a number I had never answered before.

-favor? what’s the matter?

Eunhye was a little upset by the man’s calm voice.

“I told you to come find me before because I needed more help. “I couldn’t call you, so I just came to the address you wrote down.”

-uh? You refused to let me go.

“The store is ruined. “They are destroying the entire market by creating some kind of hunter center.”

-really? Great! Oh sorry. The words came out wrong. I’ll be there right away.

After being happy alone, Eunhye immediately looked embarrassed when she heard the voice apologizing.

And soon after, the inner door opened and Kyung-hoon appeared.

The employees stiffened. A representative they had never seen before appeared right away.

Immediately afterwards, they lowered their heads frantically.

“Has the representative come out?”

Eunhye looked back and forth between the phone and him with a puzzled expression.

“Oh, I was in the office above. “I got the call and came down right away.”

The employees whispered softly at his words.

“Did you see the CEO come out?”

“No, there was no one there when I went to the office earlier…”

But the employees stopped talking as soon as Liu Yiling looked at them.

“So you’re playing now? “Are you here to help?”

Apparently, my older brother, who I was close with, was the president of this place. Eunhye pouted her mouth.

“That’s true… but I don’t have the qualifications to work in a place like this.”

The employees’ expressions hardened at her words.

We were so close that the CEO came running right away upon hearing that we were here.

I didn’t know where I would end up, but it was clear that I would have a boss.

“huh? What are you talking about? “Why do you work here?”

Kyung-Hoon looked at Liu Yi-Ling with a puzzled expression. Liu Yiling calmly told the story of the past.

“There was a misunderstanding. This is not the place for you to work. wake up. “Let’s talk separately.”

“Then please take Liu Yiling.”

“Do not worry.”

After hearing Liu Yi-ling’s soft answer, Gyeong-hoon stood up, taking Eun-hye with him.

“Do we need a store like this? I’ll buy you one later if you do a good job. “Would you like to give me a mana stone accessory as a down payment first?”

Kyung-hoon said to Eun-hye as he went out.

Kyunghoon’s voice was loud. There was no one inside who could not hear.

As we went out of the building, Eunhye chuckled.

“You just did that on purpose, right?”

“That’s right.”

“How did you know?”

“You can tell right away when you see the atmosphere.”

Of course, it was actually because Eve checked the CCTV in an instant.

“At first, I thought it was real. It turned out to be good.”

“It’s true.”

“yes yes.”

A modern car stopped in front of the two people who were grumbling.

Eunhye’s eyes widened. There was no one in the car. It was a self-driving car.

“Get in.”

Kyung-hoon got into the driver’s seat and Eun-hye carefully got into the passenger seat.

The car started smoothly.

“Wow, this is my first time seeing a car. I guess I really made a lot of money. I also drive a car like this. “The price of gas must be no joke.”

“It doesn’t contain oil. “This car uses mana stones instead of oil.”

Eunhye, who was touching the inside of the car, quickly withdrew her hand. She looked at Kyung-hoon driving with narrowed eyes.

“What on earth is it? “I thought he was a person who does dangerous work, but he is the head of such a large company and drives a car that is not even on the market.”

Kyunghoon grinned at her words.

“He’s a person who does dangerous work. So I need help.”

Eunhye sighed.

“How on earth can I help?”

“You know. “You need someone you can trust to do that job.”

“Well, if it’s not too much money, I can trust it.”

Eunhye said bluntly. She had seen many people betray their loyalty for money.

“Money is no problem. No, I need someone I can trust for money.”

Kyung-hoon’s words were filled with sincerity.

Eunhye asked cautiously.

“What on earth are you asking for help with?”

“Gold bars and precious metals of unknown origin. And mana stones and firearms. First of all, is this enough? “I need to talk to Chairman Yang Kang-deok, but I’ll put that off until later.”

Eunhye looked at Kyunghoon as if she were looking at a crazy person.

“I’m not going to entrust you with a big job right away. But there is no one I can trust and entrust to that side. “You have to learn it properly.”

Kyung-hoon looked at Eun-hye and grinned.

Grace turned pale. It seemed like it wasn’t a lie.

What I just heard wasn’t something I could tell anyone. If it were true, it was already impossible to back out.

“Isn’t that lie true? “Please tell me it’s a lie.”

“I’m going to Incheon Port first, so learn it quickly. I’m very busy with outside work. And let me introduce you to my secretary. “It will help you a lot in the future.”

[Hello, this is Eve.]

Eunhye lowered her head with a mesmerized look as she heard a woman’s voice coming through the car speakers.


Eve’s lecture began inside the car, and the Mana Seok car drove along the leisurely riverside road to Incheon.

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I Picked a Mobile From Another World

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