I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 166

Episode 166 [ LA CITY (4) ]

[…This is a broadcast.]


The sound that had been mixed with noise suddenly stopped.

It was a very quiet sound, but no one in the group could not hear it.

[I guess I should go in anyway.]


Bailey responded to Eve’s words.

“Aren’t you able to understand what people are saying?”

Kyung-hoon looked, but the dog just scratched its ears with its hind paws.

Anyway, I felt like I had to go in as Eve said.

Shane also nodded and Kyunghoon made the decision.

“Start scouting.”

Drones came out of the building the group started from.

I decided to use it as a moving point, but there was no way Kyung-hoon would just leave it there.

He brought a lot of equipment from the Jamsil base and was already installing it in the building.


Drones flew at high speed.

While Shane was petting the dog so it wouldn’t startle, the drones began investigating the building.

The drones did not enter the building as quickly as before.


Moving along the exterior wall, we looked inside the building with an infrared camera and checked the rooftop and doors one by one.


Life and mana fluctuated even more.

[Many quadruped monsters have been captured. There are at least 100 of them.]

“Who owns the nest?”

[The higher you go, the stronger the monsters are placed. Since it is a 7-story building, it is believed that the boss is on the 6th or 7th floor.]

Kyung-hoon looked up. It was a 7-story building, so the rooftop was not very high. It seemed like if I went down to the rooftop, I would be able to meet the boss right away.

However, even if we went down through the rooftop, it was clear that monsters would soon gather.

As Kyung-hoon pondered, Shane opened his mouth.

“I guess we can use a diversionary strategy.”

Kyunghoon looked at Shane.

“We’ll get attention from below, so hold on to your boss in the meantime.”


In response to Kyung-hoon’s question, Shane pointed to Bailey.


The puppy barked vigorously.

Bailey’s answer determined the strategy.

For Gyeong-hoon, who only saw big wings, he was a slightly unreliable colleague.

However, Bailey was also a mutant monster who took control of a building by himself. It seemed quite possible to attract attention by moving with Shane.

“If the situation is bad, we retreat immediately. “There is no reason to rush it.”

“don’t worry.”


The robot and the dog answered together.

Kyung-hoon shook his head and put on his cloak. He slipped into the shadow of the building.

Bailey sniffed in the direction where Kyung-hoon had disappeared.


Bailey tilted her head. Because I couldn’t find it even by smell.

“It looks like you hid well. If you hide in the dark with a cloak of concealment, it will be difficult to find you even with an infrared camera. “Let’s go and show off your skills.”

Bailey waved her tail at Shane’s words.

bruise! bruise!

The robot and the dog walked towards the building that was alive with life.


As the two approached the entrance of the building, red dots appeared in the darkness.

These were the eyes of monsters containing mana.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t use the Mana Bomb because I was afraid the building would collapse.

“It doesn’t matter, does it?”

Shane stood in front of the door and pointed his machine gun at me.

Bailey didn’t answer.

The puppy trembled with his eyes closed.


Wings protruded from the shoulders.

The hair grew.

My legs got thicker and my body got bigger.

The monster opened its eyes.



Kyung-hoon, who came up to the rooftop, tilted his head at the monster’s cries.

It wasn’t the signal I was waiting for.

Moreover, the loud noise that was heard was not easy.

Were there more boss levels?

While Kyung-hoon was wondering, the signal he had been waiting for came.


The loud sound of machine guns was heard from below.

At the same time, the building was filled with life.

bang! bang! bang!

Drones flying outside the building were destroyed.

[Ranged attack confirmed. Three drones flying outside the window. [He was shot down.]

The hidden monsters began to counterattack.

It was expected.


Kyung-hoon swung his sword and cut off the handle on the locked staircase door.

Kyung-hoon opened the door and jumped into the building.

Kyung-hoon was greeted by an old staircase covered in black blood.

Kyung-hoon frowned slightly and ran down.


A drone followed Kyung-hoon into the building.

Kyung-hoon, wearing a cloak of concealment, entered the 7th floor of the shopping center.

Fortunately, Kyung-hoon was not caught. It was thanks to Shane and Bailey’s diversionary operation.

The 7th floor of the shopping mall seemed to be a collection of clothing stores. Mannequins were standing all over the shopping mall with low partitions.

However, there were no clothes left in the clothing store. Instead of clothes, monsters resembling wolves and wild dogs were hiding behind the partition.

‘Is this an ambush now?’

Kyung-hoon clicked his tongue lowly.

There weren’t many hidden monsters.

Ta-ta-tang! Wow!

It seemed like everyone was flocking to the sound coming from below.

Kyung-hoon moved between the partitions without a sound.

We were able to catch enough monsters that were hiding, but it was not the time to make a fuss. For now, finding the boss came first.


The diversionary operation, the power of the stealth cloak, and Kyung-hoon’s quick movements allowed him to remain undetected while searching half of the 7th floor.

But I couldn’t avoid being caught forever.


Kyung-hoon was caught by a monster in front of a suit exhibition hall.

The monster that was sitting with a mountain of clothes looked at Kyung-hoon and snorted from both sides of its head.

It was a black monster with two heads. It was like a wild dog from hell.

Although it looked scary, Kyung-hoon was also happy to see the monster.

“Does that look like a nest?”

-All the clothes that should be in the store are laid out. And this is the monster in the encyclopedia.

Gyeonghoon also remembered what he saw in the encyclopedia.

[Dual header. Danger monster. Captain level. It is a two-headed mutant monster that can use different characteristics for each head.]


A huge two-headed dog stood up.

Cry. Crumble.

Although it was not frighteningly large, it looked like the gatehouse of hell, as its name suggests.

Cold breath mixed with breath came out from the mouth on the left side of the head, and flames came out from the other mouth.

-Fire and cold characteristics! I don’t know what will fly first. Must be avoided!

But Kyung-hoon did not back down. After checking around the monster, he took out a weapon from his backpack.

The monster opened its mouth.


Cold air spewed out from the monster’s mouth. The monster chose cold as its first attack.

It was a huge cold feeling. Cold temperatures close to absolute zero.

The air was frozen.


The mannequins were broken and the monsters that were running turned into chunks of ice.

Dozens of meters were covered with ice.


The cold swept over the place where Kyung-hoon was.

But Kyung-hoon did not freeze.


A single flame blocked the cold storm.

What Kyung-hoon took out of his backpack was neither a gun nor a shield.

What Kyung-hoon chose was the flamethrower.


It was a strong flamethrower that shot out tens of meters, but the flames were barely enough to block the cold.

But that was enough.

Gyeonghoon protected himself with a flamethrower and approached the monster step by step.

Seeing the approaching flames, the monster rolled its eyes, but was unable to shoot out its mouth filled with flames.

Kyung-hoon eventually arrived in front of the monster and pushed the flamethrower into the monster’s mouth.

The moment the monster’s eyes widened, the sword was swung.

The monster quickly escaped. However, the head holding the flamethrower could not be moved.


Even the shield of a captain-level monster could not block Kyung-hoon’s sword.


The shield broke and the head with the flamethrower in its mouth flew into the sky.

Blood spurted out from where his head was.


A scream came out of the remaining head.

Kyung-hoon was not going to stop here.

Gyeonghoon swung his sword again. But the sword could not cut off the remaining head.


Another monster had thrown itself to protect the owner of the nest.

While Kyung-hoon cut down the monster, the monster with its head cut off ran away.

The monster with its head cut off was running away.

The blood that had been gushing out had already stopped, and the monster ran as if its limbs were still intact.


The owner of the nest was running away, but the other monsters devotedly protected their owner.

The monsters attacked Kyung-hoon without hesitation.

Kyunghoon clicked his tongue. This made it difficult to keep up.

After Gyeong-hoon took care of the attacking monsters, the owner of the nest was no longer seen. I went down the escalator passage.

While Kyung-hoon sighed, Eve asked a question.

-How did you know how to use cold attacks? He could also use a fire attack.

“I made a nest with clothes, and the surrounding area is full of things to burn, so how can I use the flames? “Flame is probably an ability that

can only be used outside the building.” Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like it would end that easily. Kyung-hoon ran to the escalator.

Just before he reached the escalator.


Flames erupted from the downstairs.


Surprised, Kyung-hoon dodged backwards.

– It seemed like a monster’s fire attack…

Before Eve could finish speaking, this time, instead of flames, something else flew upward.


It was the monster that went down a little while ago.

One head. The monster, which was fine except for the cut, bounced up again covered in blood.


Although the ceiling wasn’t low, the monster threw itself on the ceiling.


The monster screamed again and fell to the floor.


Downstairs . Something had blown the monster all the way here.

Kyung-hoon blinked.

Immediately, the being that had blown away the monster appeared.

Huge wings flapped and another monster jumped out of the escalator passage.


It was a golden glowing creature. .

A mane shining in golden light, wide eyes, and wide-spread wings.

The monster soaring into the air looked like a lion flying in the sky.

“No way…”

It was the first time he had seen the monster, but Kyung-hoon recognized it. Those beautiful wings. These were the wings I had seen not long ago.

Meanwhile, the monster with its head cut off tried to counterattack. The monster spewed fire out of its remaining mouth.


Flames spewed out, but the flames could not catch up with the flying lion.


Lion. Instead of burning, the ceiling burst into flames.

The flying lion saw the monster and folded its wings. With

the burning ceiling in the background, the winged lion crashed down to the ground.


The lion’s claws got stuck in the monster’s neck. The flames that flowed from the mouth dispersed in vain.

When the lion applied his strength, the monster’s neck was torn off.


A monster resembling a lion spread its wings wide and howled at the sky.

Finally, a long-awaited dream has come true.

Monster Bailey roared for all the monsters in the city to hear.


Kyung-hoon looked at that and muttered shakily.

“…You don’t have to fight, right?”


It was very fascinating to see a huge monster with wings turning back into a puppy.


The puppy was standing on top of the monster with its head torn off, showing off.

It was a very funny scene, but Kyung-hoon couldn’t laugh.

“You’re really on our side, right?”

Shane tilted his head when he saw Kyung-hoon speaking indifferently.

“They work well together and have good skills. “Good colleague.”


Bayley runs to Shane.

The puppy whined and climbed up the robot’s body and sat on its shoulder.

Kyung-hoon looked at the puppy with a disapproving expression.

-I don’t think the problem is that he can’t be trusted because he’s a monster, but that Bailey ignores his master.

Eve’s words contained a faint smile.

Fortunately, the fire on the ceiling was quickly extinguished thanks to the cold air.

When the owner of the nest died, as Kyung-hoon expected, the monsters in the building left the building.

Some monsters headed toward other buildings, while others hid underground.

Kyung-hoon also had no intention of chasing them all. The reason I entered this building was because I was somewhere else.

-It is most likely in the broadcast room.

The broadcasting room was in the electronics building on the 6th floor. After extracting the mana stone from the boss, the group went downstairs.

The 6th floor was full of old and broken electronics.

The broadcasting room was at the very back. The broadcast room door was open.

This place was also full of abandoned mechanical equipment.

And there was wireless equipment on the desk. It was a machine full of dust.

The machine was old and rusty. It seemed like its lifespan had already come to an end.

Flash. Flash.

But there was a light on in the corner of the machine.

The machine was still alive.

-It’s mana stone equipment.

Fortunately, the monsters didn’t seem to know that the machine was in operation.

There was an old piece of paper stuck on top of the machine.

[We will communicate at regular intervals. If you come after we withdraw, please use this equipment to contact us.]

A microphone was placed in front of the equipment.


I suddenly swallowed my saliva.

Kyunghoon took the microphone.

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