I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 200

Episode 200 [ Monarch (1) ]


As time passed, the swirling blood and mana subsided.

Kyung-hoon’s appearance did not seem to have changed from before.

-Your rating has increased. It has been set to the SS level you specified previously.

However, Eve’s hard voice told her that her grade had increased.

Eve had previously said that the name was too common, but Kyung-hoon did not change it to another name.

Growth could not have stopped here. I was thinking of saving a better name for later.

I tried pushing mana into the sword that Kyung-Hoon was holding.


Mana passed through the mana stone attached to the sword and went down the blade.

A small light suddenly rose from the tip of the blade.

“Mana can be used in this way.”

I felt like my understanding of this power had improved a little more.

Although he didn’t feel the same momentum or mana as before, the lone mutant couldn’t even think about running away.

Kyung-hoon, who had saved up his mana, asked the mutant.

“Is there anything else you can tell me?”

Now Kyung-hoon could feel the mana flowing inside the mutant. A cloudy mana, different from human mana, was circulating inside the mutant.

“Military monarch. I will be of more use. I’ll show you where the other mutants are. “I will guide you to where the owner of this nest is.”

Although he wasn’t interested in anything else, Kyung-hoon was curious about where the owner of the nest was.

“Where are you?” “Tell me the location.”

“I will guide you.”

The mutant gave an out-of-focus answer just like he did earlier.

The mutant’s face distorted slightly.

And Kyung-hoon swung his arm.


The Samjeonggeom flew away quickly.


The sword was stuck in the mutant’s face.

The shield surrounding the mutant tried to block the sword, but the mana contained in the sword tore the shield apart.

Now, objects could retain mana without the help of mana stones.

The sword pierced the mutant’s head and pinned him against a wall.

-Why did you suddenly do that?

“A strand of mana came out of that guy’s head and shot upward. “I think they were trying to contact the outside world.”

It was clear that the contact was made using characteristics.

It was a contact method that no one knew about, but Kyung-hoon could now feel the flow of mana.

“Then shall we find out what’s there?”

Now there were no mutants left to attack. It was time to collect the reward.

Computer server equipment and a locked safe that remained undamaged by the mutants.

I couldn’t help but look forward to it.

-Then, I will check the server side. Could you check the safe? New monarch?

Kyung-hoon walked towards the safe while listening to Eve’s words. A red light bloomed on the blade of the Samjeonggeom.


Inside a large hall at the top of a high-rise building.

The man with long white hair who was kneeling trembled. The sword hanging at his waist swung.


A monster’s voice was heard from ahead.

The man bowed his head even more. He opened his mouth.

“A signal just came from the underground nest. “It looks like the enemy has invaded.”


Ratman’s screams were heard. At the same time, a mysterious image entered the man’s mind.


It was an image sent by the monarch.

“sorry. “We lost contact before we could hear any details.”

I’m sorry.

[Were there any enemies left? Is your nest unable to stop the enemy without you?]

Images of laughing at him filled my mind.

He bowed his head again.

The mutants survived anyway, thanks to their surrender to the city’s lord. This humiliation was not even an humiliation.

Squeak Squeak.

[I will attach warriors. They might be looking for bait.]

Unpleasant mana surrounded him.

The monarch was angry.

The warriors sent to take the bait had lost contact.

Because I couldn’t pay attention because I had other things to do, one fun pastime disappeared.

“All right. “Can I kill them all?”


I could tell without even seeing the image. The monarch was no longer interested in games.

He lowered his head even further.

Hwii profit.

The mana that filled the hall disappeared.

The monarch has left.

The gray-haired man stood up.

He swept his long white hair down to his waist.

The moment he became a mutant, his body became young again, but his hair color did not change from before.

A human would have been very disappointed, but he didn’t care at all.

The man looked around the room.

An old walkie-talkie in the corner. A window that is open from the beginning. Panoramic view of the city outside the window.

And one rat man standing there stupidly.

It was a shell where the monarch had left.

Like the clever ruler of the rats, he did not show his real face for such a long time.

The monarch always appeared before him in the body of another rat man.

From ordinary ratmen to elite ratmen and ratman knights. Sometimes he didn’t even show up.

This made it difficult to find a way to betray him.

Thanks to his contaminated mana, he was able to be somewhat free from the monarch’s control even after becoming his subordinate, but because of that, he was unable to gain the monarch’s trust.

I had no choice but to hide in a corner of the basement.

And like this, he had to come every time the monarch called.

He looked to one side of the hall again.

An old walkie-talkie in the corner.

For a long time, he and the monarch of New York had overheard the human girl’s broadcasts.

The monarch laughed at the girl and waited for the humans who heard the girl’s broadcast and came to visit.

Of course, only a few people actually came, but the monarch’s entertainment did not end there.

And thanks to that, the mutants weren’t kicked out of the New York underground.

He also did not forget human language.

“I wish I were a guest.”

He too was waiting for humans to come.

Mana pollution was scary. Among those who ate monsters and became mutants, not many maintained their intelligence.

Even though he was a powerful awakener and a skilled person, he felt that his intelligence was not as good as it used to be.

Fortunately, only some awakened people retained their former memories, while the rest completely fell under the monsters.

Because of this, it became impossible to retrieve the information in the computers that the survivors last left behind and the items in the safe.

I wanted to kidnap the last remaining human girl and find a way, but that was difficult because the monarch was watching as a toy.

“It would be better if it were a human man and woman. Or something like Bait and Man.”

Since they lost interest in the bait, they didn’t know if they would be able to raise their young in their own nests.

He left the hall, his red eyes sparkling. Ratman followed him.

As he walked down the stairs, many rat men followed him.

And as soon as he left the building, the number of Letmen following him reached hundreds.

There are regular Ratmen, large elite Ratmen, and even knight-level Ratmen dressed in armor.

The troops that annihilated the survivors a long time ago have moved again.

After leaving the Empire State Building, the Ratmen followed the man down the street.

The sun hasn’t set yet, but the rat men keep moving. The road was covered with rat men.

A subway station was visible in the distance.

34th Street Penn Station.

This was the subway station where Gyeonghoon and his group entered.

A young Asian man wearing a black bulletproof vest entered the subway station with a group of letmen.

As he entered the station, he took out black gloves from his pocket.

He put on gloves on his hands and took out a sword. The mana stones embedded in the gloves flashed ominously.


Kyung-Hoon was inside the safe.

The vault door had been cut in half.

Kyung-hoon had experience cutting safes even before acquiring new skills.

It was the world’s best safe, on a different level from other safes, but there was no reason why it couldn’t be cut down.

As expected, there was no gold here, and there were no visible cultural assets or precious metals.

Instead, it was full of various documents that had never been seen at the White House.

American asset documents piled up on one side.

“Maybe it’s because I’m human. “I guess there were still a lot of regrets until the end.”

Various bonds, shares, and contracts held by the U.S. government with each country.

But most of them were meaningless.

“I’ll have Eve analyze this.”

Kyung-hoon looked at the research materials piled up next to the asset documents and shook his head.

The information was complicated and difficult for Kyung-hoon to understand.

However, since it was research data gathered until the very last moment before the monster appeared, Eve would be able to put it to good use.

And the last remaining document.

Those documents surprised Kyung-hoon.

Secret documents related to the Apollo program.

Area 51 Research List.

History of Jewish Organizations.

Track records of Nazi survivors…

Records that the United States tried to hide were left here.

“If I explode this, there will be chaos.”

However, in this world there was no one to explode, and there was a high possibility that the other world would not be a big issue anymore.

“Shall we post it on the EV homepage for fun?”

Kyung-hoon decided to think about it later when he had free time.

He checked the documents and went further into the safe.

Inside, dozens of boxes were piled up.

[Bullet armor set]

There was plain text written on the outside of the box.

Kyunghoon made a puzzled expression.

It was difficult to understand why bulletproof vests were stored in a safe like this.


He forced open one box.

However, it only contained all protective equipment, including body armor and gloves.

It was a black bulletproof vest that had a surprisingly rough appearance.

“hmm. “Is this monster skin?”

Kyunghoon picked up his bulletproof vest. After all, it wasn’t an ordinary item.

He looked at the body armor some more. And then I realized why I was stuck in here.

“There are no mana stones. Is this why you can’t eat it?”

There were no mana stones embedded in the gloves or body armor.

-Perhaps it was difficult to supply mana stones or the number of awakened people was insufficient.

Eve’s voice came through the wireless earphones plugged into my ears.

“It would be difficult to check now, right?”

-It is difficult to know which mana stones to equip. I think it would be quicker for Omar to check.

Kyung-hoon nodded at Eve’s words.

“Have you finished checking the computer?”

-yes. Just finished.

At Eve’s words, Kyung-hoon left the safe.

A cell phone connected to the server was placed on a desk next to the computer servers.

Kyung-hoon unplugged the terminal and put the cell phone in his arms.

“What’s in there?”

-yes. I really should be grateful to Isabel’s father for his help.

“huh? Isabel’s father?”

-Yes, the person who managed this server was Isabelle’s father. It was easy to hack as the password was Isabel.

-The computer contains most of the mana projects studied by the United States that he collected. Mana Missile. AI large robot project, etc. It’s the best gift for me.

According to Eve’s words, it was as if she had received great help from Isabel.

-And… Ah! The enemy has been detected by the surveillance network of spider robots deployed throughout the area. These are rat men. Hundreds of objects or more. And the white-haired mutant… This connection has been lost.



The white-haired awakened man looked down at the spider stuck in his sword.

Small mechanical parts were visible between the torn spider bodies.


I thought it was just a lifeless spider, but I never thought there would be mechanical parts sticking out of it.

“That’s interesting.”

A robot. It was a human. It was also a human with scientific technology.

He raised the corners of his mouth, as was his habit when he was human.

And then he pulled out his sword.

[Pilsa Instant Birth Pilsa]

The phrase engraved on the Samjeonggeom glowed red.

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In the midst of the devastation, only the soldiers’ bones remained. It’s only a matter of time before the entire world is annihilated. To avoid this, Kyung-Hoon began searching for clues in another universe with the help of a ten-year-old phone he discovered in an abandoned building.


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