I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 279

Episode 279 [Land of Destruction (2)]

The half-torn moon shone on the ground.

When the fog cleared completely, the entire hillside became visible.

The entire hill was covered in frost.

And in the distance, a hill covered with ice was visible. There were ice monsters crouching there.

The large monsters clinging to the ice were similar to the monsters in Vladivostok.

“Where on earth am I?”

There were traces of dimensional travel manajin left on the floor.

Seeing that there were identical ice monsters there, it was clear that this was a world where the Vladivostok monster existed.

But that was it.

The constellations looked similar, and if the moon had been intact, it would have been the same as the moon he knew, but seeing it shattered like that made it difficult to be sure.

“It takes about 4 hours for the cooldown to come back. “I’ll have to check in the meantime.”

Fortunately, there was no problem with breathing.

He looked in the direction of the ice monsters and then turned.

It wasn’t easy to fight just one, but it was impossible to fight against many.

Kyunghoon took out the navigation device. Although the satellite was not captured, the compass was displayed properly.

To the east. He started running in the opposite direction from where the ice monster was.


When he stamped his foot, his body was launched into the distance.

Tens of meters per step. The light aircraft running on the water unfolded again.

As we ran in the opposite direction, the temperature gradually rose. As expected, the reason the frost was frozen was because of the ice monsters.

And gradually the ground was being dug out.

The farther away the ice monster was, the more the frozen ground returned to its original state.


Kyunghoon stopped. I was locked up to my ankles.

Kyunghoon picked up the dirt. Sand poured between my fingers.

My feet were covered with sand, and everything I could see around me was sand.

The dead trees were no longer visible.

“Is it a desert?”

I didn’t know that the place where Kyung-hoon was originally was also a desert. That may be why there were no insects or animals to be seen.

Kyunghoon shrugged his shoulders. I couldn’t be sure of anything with this much information.

Kyung-Hoon breathed mana into his feet.

And then I started running again.

Unlike before, there were no dents under my feet as I ran, and no footprints were left behind.

It was a desert with continuous sand dunes, but thanks to the compass, I didn’t have to worry about getting lost.

“Ha… I don’t know the destination, so it’s no different from being lost…”

I sighed at the hopeless situation, but Kyung-hoon didn’t stop walking.

Shoo shoo shoo.

Kyung-Hoon ran across the desert filled with stars and a shattered moon.

As if cutting through the air, faster than a car, he continued heading east.

Time passed.

The moon set and the stars lost their light.

Four hours had already passed.

It was past time to go back, but Kyung-hoon decided to run a little longer until the sun rose.

The rushing eastern horizon turned red.

It was the morning glow. It was time for the sun to rise.

After a while,

the sun appeared over the sand dunes.

The blazing red sun rose from the ground. Fortunately, the year seemed to be no different.

It was difficult to distinguish between different suns, but the shape was not strange.

And under the rising sun, I saw a scene different from the desert I had driven through so far.

“It’s not a mountain, is it?”

It wasn’t a mountain. There was no way there was such a geometrically shaped mountain.

It was a building made by someone. Beyond the high sand dunes, I saw a white square pyramid sparkling in the sunlight.

Gyeonghoon quickly climbed the sand dunes.

After a while, Kyung-hoon climbed up the sand dune and frowned as he looked ahead.

Below the sand dunes was not a desert.

It was completely covered with sand, but there were trees and grass as well.

And beyond that was a huge square pyramid structure. The building was not one.

Dozens of huge marble squares were sparkling in the sunlight.

“Rather than a square pyramid… this is a pyramid, right?”

Those shiny white, sleek structures looked quite different from the pyramids he knew.

However, it was the same size and shape as the pyramid.

At that time, Kyung-Hoon felt mana flowing.

Under the white pyramid.

“Is it a monster?…”

There were moving things. The distance was far away so I couldn’t tell for sure, but the number was quite large.

Kyung-Hoon looked towards the pyramid and sighed.

“Let’s go back.”

Now it was time to go back. I couldn’t jump into a place where monsters were moving unprepared.

We escaped the desert and found clues that could help us find out what kind of world this is.

Now it was time to go back. I had to prepare properly and come back.

Kyung-hoon opened a portal on the floor.


A black hole appeared on the sand dune.

Kyung-Hoon looked towards the pyramid again.

Another building was visible between the pyramids. It was a huge statue of a sitting beast.

“Oh my… a sphinx.”

The lion-headed god with the pointed nose looked exactly like the one he knew.

The pyramids were strange, but this was Egypt after all.

It wasn’t like I was from another planet. I had come to another Earth, another dimension.

Kyung-hoon jumped into the portal again.


Researcher Yonghyun looked around.

Buzz buzz.

The laboratory was as empty as always.

The measuring instruments and electronic equipment were constantly moving, but there was no one else here.

But he couldn’t help but check.

Clearly, he had been attacked by someone that day.

There were no injuries, no one ran away, and no items were missing, but there was no way he had passed out for no reason.

But his plea didn’t work, and he ended up only receiving a few days of useless sick leave.

“Well, it was good to get sick leave, but it doesn’t make sense that I, who was so fine, just passed out.”

He nodded and entered the numbers on the document.

As the time to leave work approached, my hands became faster and faster.

The moment he entered all of the equipment’s values, his eyes darkened once again.


‘Oh, am I really sick?’

With that thought in mind, he fell to the floor.

After he fell, Kyung-hoon was looking at him with an apologetic face.

“Why did you choose this place?”

Since I couldn’t go back to Vladivostok, I ended up choosing a portal in Korea and ended up choosing this place.

It seems that the image of this being the first portal to be opened was strong.

“This is difficult… It’s like entering private property carelessly.”

It was the same when I first came, but it was even more of a problem now that I was naturalized.

Kyung-hoon approached the door and opened it slightly.

People were rushing out. It seemed like it was time to get off work.

“It’s a good thing, right?”

Kyung-hoon wore the gown of a fallen researcher and mingled with the people leaving work.

When he moved his mana to reduce awareness, people ignored him.

So I mixed in with the crowd and went up to the first floor and approached the checkpoint.

At the checkpoint stood the awakened man I had seen before.

Kyung-hoon waved his hand at her.

Maria sighed.


Since it was work time, Maria checked it herself, so I was able to get out more easily this time.

After Kyung-hoon left the checkpoint, Maria also left work immediately.

As before, she drove the car with Kyung-hoon sitting next to her.

“It wasn’t easy to clean things up last time, so why did you come in again?”

She fired at Kyung-hoon while holding the steering wheel.

After all, she was also an awakened person. My head was toward the passenger seat, but the car was running fine.

“Could it be that you have the trait of ‘I got lost and ended up in the basement of the lab’?”

She seemed to have noticed, too.

“It is a spatial movement characteristic. “There was a little problem while moving.”

Honestly, it was more of a mistake than a problem.

“Space movement… I guess that’s it.”

Maria nodded at Kyung-hoon’s words. Strangely enough, her expression wasn’t very good.

But she immediately changed her expression.

“Then the world’s first naturalized Class A awakener had the ability to move through space.”

“Did you know?”

“There’s no way you wouldn’t know. After dropping them off at the Awakened Center, there was an uproar everywhere. “It was a good opportunity, but I was so disappointed.”

“A good opportunity?”

In response to Kyung-hoon’s question, she shrugged her shoulders and said,

“There’s something like that.”

She didn’t seem to want to say anything.

“Where are we going? There’s no need to go to the Awakened Center.”

She narrowed her eyes at Kyung-hoon’s words,

“Did you find the person you were looking for back then?”

Kyung-hoon shook his head at her words.

Although he had become an awakened, he could not find Yeong-cheol.

The name of Young-cheol or Hyeok-jun was not included in the list of awakened people.

He did not seem to be an awakened yet.

Of course, using the NIS’s connections , he could not find Yeong-cheol. He might be able to find him among the streets, but Kyung-hoon didn’t want to go that far.

“Hmm, I see. Where are we going? We’re going to a very expensive restaurant.”


“Remember? I decided to do you a favor last time.”

Kyung-hoon nodded. He had made that promise.

“And I helped you this time too.”

Kyung-hoon nodded again,

“I’m asking you to forgive me that favor and repay the help I gave you this time.”

Kyung-hoon looked at her with a puzzled expression.

“Are you planning to end your request with this?”

“Wow, it’s an incredibly expensive place. There is no option with my salary as I can’t hunt. Since you registered as an awakened person, you have a lot of money, right? “Have a treat.”

Of course there was a lot of money.

It was not only possible to buy expensive food, but it was also possible to buy a restaurant or even a building with a restaurant.

When I first spoke, I thought I was going to ask for something big. It ends like this.

Kyung-hoon felt somewhat empty.

“All right. let’s go.”

“go! go!”

The car raced along the Han River with excitement.


A few days later, Kyung-Hoon was standing on the sand dune.

It had crossed another dimension.

A pyramid made of white marble appeared in front of Gyeonghoon.

That was not a building resembling a pyramid.

Pyramid was right.

Maria told me while we were eating dinner that day.

“A pyramid made of marble? “The pyramid was originally covered with marble.”

“The stone pyramids that exist today have all been stripped of their marble. Originally, the exterior was covered with white marble. “It is said that the beautiful white marble sparkled in the sunlight… It is said that the marble was later removed to build the temple.”

She was pretty smart that way.

The meal that day was, as she said, very expensive. And it was just as delicious.

After finishing a comfortable and satisfying dinner, she looked straight at Kyung-hoon.

“I don’t have anything to ask for with this. And don’t come into the lab again. “Now we are strangers.”

She said that and just left.

Kyung-hoon was taken aback by the sudden story, but there was no way to protest against someone who had already left.

On the sand dune, Kyung-hoon sighed.

I was distracted by useless thoughts. For now, I had to focus on the situation here.

I prepared as well as I could. I created a portal in the room, prepared enough food, and filled it with newly created items and weapons.

I added the potions made in this world and finished checking the businesses I was investing in.

Now it was time to check out this world.

Kyung-hoon launched himself towards the pyramid.

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