I Picked a Mobile From Another World Chapter 287

Episode 287 [ Tower of Chaos (3) ]

A black sky full of stars and a half-broken moon. The round earth spread out below.

Against the background of a large hall where hundreds of statues were kneeling toward a crowned mummy, it was a quite strange, yet mysterious and beautiful sight.

Additionally, the sight of the mummy, who could not possibly be alive, beckoning to Gyeong-hoon was enough to end this strange scene, but Gyeong-hoon was neither surprised nor afraid.

Although he wasn’t such a skinny person, I had already seen him move the dead with mana in North Korea, the dimension he lived in.

[Visitor from another dimension. Why did you come to this Pharaoh’s Tower?]

On the contrary, it was nice for Gyeong-hoon to have someone he could communicate with.

I didn’t like the idea that he was a dimensional shifter, but if the other person was the Pharaoh, the owner of the tower, there was no way I wouldn’t have known him as he had been going in and out of the tower for several months.

Gyeonghoon stood there and opened his mouth towards the beckoning mummy.

“If you were Pharaoh, could you tell me why the world is like this?”

Kyung-hoon asked the question he wanted to know right away.

The mummy lowered her shaking hand.

[What a tricky visitor. It’s also rude. Are you asking me to prove myself to the Pharaoh?]


A heavy sound was heard from the bowing statues.

Gyeong-Hoon also strengthened the hand holding the sword.

Mana began to fluctuate.

At that time

, [Well, it’s been a while since we last had fun… Let’s have the Pharaoh be more tolerant.]

The other person took a step back. The statues also became quiet again.

I couldn’t tell if it was because he was a truly benevolent pharaoh or because he was wary of Gyeonghun, but it seemed like swinging the sword could be put off for a while. [If you want to explain the changes in the world, it would be better to first tell us about this tower.]

The image echoed throughout the hall.

The entire image of the tower flew into Kyung-hoon’s head.

It was not the current appearance, but the completed appearance of a tower that extends far into space.

[This tower is a device that allows the pharaoh to become a god while he is alive. It could be said to be a mana receiver that collects all the mana on earth and in the universe and raises the status of the pharaoh.]

The sight of this tower being built flowed into Gyeonghun’s head as an image.

After the ancient Egyptian kingdom became a huge kingdom that ruled not only Egypt but also Europe, Asia, and Africa, they began building a tower in Babylon, the new capital.

It was a kingdom where a brilliant Mana civilization flourished, but this gigantic tower was not easy to build.

Past pharaohs gathered the kingdom’s national power over several generations and built a tower for hundreds of years.

Tens of thousands of subjects were put into construction, and over 100,000 golems were used to build the tower.

Until it penetrates the atmosphere and reaches the stars…


the tower could not reach space.

[The moment the tower drew in the mana of the moon and stars, everything collapsed. All of the mana that the tower had been collecting was distorted. The moon shattered and the tower exploded. The tower that collected mana spewed out mana to the world. The distorted mana transformed the kingdom’s subjects and the world’s creatures. [In the form of gods…]

The hundreds of statues in the hall were not monsters, but images of gods. They were the gods of the ancient magic kingdom who followed the supreme god Pharaoh.

Of course, they were imaginary gods to honor the pharaoh, but thanks to the power of Mana to transform imagination into reality, faith in the gods spread throughout the kingdom.

A video of the last day the tower stopped flowed into Kyung-hoon’s head.

The Pharaoh’s throne and statues of the gods were installed on the floor that would be the starting point for going into space. When the Pharaoh in human form sat on the throne and sent a signal, all the patterns installed on the tower stretched out their hands toward space.

The moment the mana of the universe gathered in the tower, the moon, the closest celestial body, exploded first.

And the mana gushing out from the tower changed the world.

People began to change around the tower. They transformed into the gods they wanted to believe in.

The god of stone, the god of flame, the god of birds, the god of beasts that perished in ancient times…

Humans were transformed into gods, but their minds became monsters.

The distorted mana that poured into the world changed not only humans, but also animals, plants, and insects.

On that day, this world was destroyed.

Meanwhile, there were people who did not become God. Priests and mana engineers. They became even more miserable.

The mana engineers were consumed by the symbols that controlled the equipment. They merged with the pattern, lost their bodies, and became liquid monsters.

The priests who knew the identity of the pharaoh and the gods could not change into the image of the gods. They had no choice but to become doppelgangers, imitating others. The moment they became monsters, all humans lost their human nature and memories.

Only two imprints remained on their instincts as they became monsters.

Being jealous of humans and elevating them to become gods.

[The gods of the universe were jealous of me and the Pharaoh coming out into space. [They wanted to confine the Pharaoh on earth.]

Gyeonghoon, who was nodding at the images that flowed in, soon had a strange thought.

Why do you agree with that?

Since when have we been just looking at images?

Kyung-Hoon immediately raised his mana. Mana rushed into his head.

The image blocked Mana. The image was distorted and the world shook. The image was controlling him without him even realizing it.

‘go away!’

As long as he was aware of it, the image could not control his mind. Mana turned into a sword and cut the image.


The image before my eyes was broken.

The world was visible again.

Kyung-hoon saw the mummy approaching right in front of him. No, the mummy was just sitting on the throne. He himself walked in front of the mummy.

[How did humans escape my control?]

A startled image came to me.

As expected, there was a reason why I spoke out about it. The guy was trying to take over Kyung-hoon’s mind with images containing records of the past.

Just because they could communicate didn’t mean they weren’t monsters. Just as all humans turned into monsters, Pharaoh also turned into a monster.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not the first time this has happened.”

There were more than one monster trying to play with images. Kyung-hoon’s mind had already been trained as it should be.

[This is not something that can be prevented by experiencing it! How dare humans stop me from becoming a god. Even though he is of high rank for a human, there is nothing you can stop!]

Unfortunately for Mira, Kyung-Hoon was not an ordinary S-class awakened person.

He was an awakened person who had already reached the upper level. Although he was downgraded due to injury, his spirit did not change from then.

Gyeonghoon infused mana into the sword. Now that the enemy was clear, there was no reason to keep him alive.

Gigi geek!

The enemy had the same thought. The golems that were kneeling rushed towards Kyung-hoon.

Numerous gods, or even monsters, rushed towards Kyung-Hoon.


And they were cut down by Gyeonghun’s sword.

Although they had the appearance of monsters and monsters, the statues that rushed towards them were ultimately just golems.

Like the golem of the ancient magic empire, it moved quickly and had a strong shield, but it could not block the S-class awakened sword.

It didn’t take long before hundreds of golems were destroyed.

Gyeonghoon laid down the smashed golems on the floor and looked at the mummy.

[I forgave you for killing my subjects, but how dare you insult me!] It seemed

like he had seen everything that happened in the tower. But he calls the dead monsters his people. As expected, this mummy was not in his right mind.

Gyeong-Hoon stood there and threw his sword at the mummy.


The sword filled with mana flew like a bullet and pierced the mummy’s face.


The throne was broken and the mummy was smashed.

The mummy was scattered to dust.

The mummy had already weathered a long time ago. It was just maintaining its shape with mana.

Tongue. Grumbling.

The mummy was blown away and the snake-shaped crown rolled towards Kyung-hoon from where the throne was broken.

The huge jewel embedded in the crown was sparkling.

Kyung-hoon picked up the crown that had rolled to his feet.

It was a very beautiful crown. The snake head seemed alive, and the huge jewel was full of patterns, making it feel mysterious.

“It’s not a mana stone.”

Although it resembled a mana stone, it was a man-made gem.

Gyeonghoon tried breathing mana into the crown.


I could feel the mana I had pushed in being amplified and coming back.

Kyung-hoon looked at the crown with surprised eyes.

“double? “Is it three times more?”

It was a ridiculous item. It’s like this even though I haven’t even officially put it on my head. I couldn’t even imagine how amazing it would be if I wore it on my head.

“Isn’t it really possible to become a god?”

Gyeonghoon looked at the crown with ecstatic eyes.

I felt like I could achieve everything right away if I wrote this.

I felt like I could get rid of all the monsters, save the humans, and complete the tower to take revenge on the gods of the universe who had blocked me.

Then there was no reason not to use it.

Kyung-hoon held the crown with both hands and raised it above his head.

And he put it on his head.

The jewel shone brightly. The pattern moved and Kyung-hoon’s eyes changed to a jewel-like color.

Kyunghoon opened his mouth.

“It was close. “The main body was almost destroyed.”

The words coming out of his mouth were neither Korean nor English. It was the language of a fallen ancient kingdom.

“It was a good thing we made a double trap. “I knew he was a powerful human being, but he was even more powerful than I thought.”

If I had made a mistake, the opportunity that had been waiting for thousands of years would have been lost.

“Now that I have a body, I can escape the tower. Since I have the body of a dimension shifter, I can follow the prince and cross dimensions.”

Instead of becoming a god on the day of destruction, Pharaoh lost his body and was trapped in the jewels of his crown. It was a jewel that was meant to accept the mana collected in the tower and raise his rank, but the jewel absorbed his spirit instead of mana.

Pharaoh could not escape from this place after that day. He couldn’t escape the mummy. This was because non-human beings could not wear the crown.

He controlled the monsters in the tower and explored other dimensions of the world, but he could not move even for a moment.

But now it was different. Now, after crossing the dimension, he can hold the prince who betrayed him guilty.

How dare you try to surpass yourself as a pharaoh and become a god? I will drag all the forces of the tower and tear off the limbs of my son who has become a monster.

“And then we have to build the tower again. Just leave some humans to make it. “Once we cross the dimension, not even other gods will be able to stop us.”

Next, he checked the human body and looked surprised.

“Were you injured? “Wasn’t this the end?”

He learned how humans had blocked his power.

He immediately moved the mana of the crown. Injuries of this magnitude could be sufficiently treated without tools.

The mana of the crown flowed through the human body.

“Now I will become a true god!”

He raised his hands with an impressed face.

And he distorted his face.

Papa pa paak!

Sparks flew from Kyung-hoon’s entire body.

The mana pouring out of the crown collided with the mana in Kyung-hoon’s body.

And the mana that flowed from the crown began to flow out.

“What is this mana! “How is the priest’s mana mixed up?”

The priest knew that the pharaoh was not a god. The mana of the doppelgänger who had become a priest did not mix with the mana of the pharaoh who wanted to become a god.

Gyeonghoon’s mana, transformed by the doppelganger, rejected the Pharaoh’s mana.

Kyunghoon’s face was distorted.

“Get out of my body!”

“Do not fight against God! “If you give up your body, you can become a god with me!”

“Even monsters, let alone gods, are evil.”

“dare! To the great Pharaoh!”

The two personalities shouted at each other.


While they were fighting, Kyung-hoon’s hand came up to the crown.

Kyung-Hoon held the crown.

“stop! I’ll leave your personality behind. Together, we will rule over all dimensions and all universes!”

A surprised voice came out of Kyung-hoon’s mouth.

Kyunghoon chuckled.

“Are you God? “You don’t even know what I want.”

Kyung-hoon took off his crown and threw it up. The crown soared high into the sky and into space.

[all. yet again. thought. under. .]

Images flowed in from afar.

Kyung-hoon ignored the image and took out the rail gun. He then took out the largest mana stone and attached it to the rail gun. Kyung-

hoon aimed the rail gun at the flying crown

and pulled the trigger.

A bright light filled the night sky of the destroyed world.

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