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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 36

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#When we returned, the family was ruined (37)

Ethan looked at Poet’s castle from the horse.

‘You’ve arrived.’

It took about three weeks to leave Greston and return here.

It was like returning to the Barony after almost a month and a half.

For the first time in a long time, the atmosphere in the inner city was much more lively than before.

First of all, not only has the number of people increased, but it has been a long time since Baron Helmut, who was decisively tyrannical, closed his eyes.

“Are you here, Grand Duke?”

It was Sylvia, the bookkeeper, who came out to greet Ethan.

“Did anything happen?”

“yes. “Thanks to the Archduke being away for quite a long time, it is said that the collateral circles have become in the mood to ignore this incident.”


I was so nervous that it was as if I had lost all energy, so it was understandable.

“What else?”

“Hans settled in more easily than I expected. It seems that leaking some information about the Barony has been effective. “They say they’ve been interacting with the count’s associates recently.”


It was good news.

Now, if we attack Baron Romenton, one of Count Irdan’s factions, as Hans said while using the Iganbook.

‘Count Chayman will also trust him even more.’

I went into the office with her.

“I have something to report. “This is the result of the last investigation you ordered.”

Lawrence handed me a document. The document contained detailed information about what Ethan had ordered to be investigated.

‘A wizard.’

I got a hint that the person who gave the Baron the order was a wizard. At the bottom of the document, it was written how many wizards in the duchy could use magic at the level the head deacon had witnessed.

“Fifty people?”

Ethan looked at the numbers and tilted his head. Sylvia’s investigation clearly stated that a wizard had ‘suddenly’ appeared in the office.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘You said the door didn’t open, so it can’t be a magic that makes your body transparent.’

Since it did not rise from the shadows, it was not a dark magic type of magic.

However, it was not related to blood magic.

Blood magic needed a medium to use.

The magic used is probably a space-type magic that can surpass the laws of physics.

Although I didn’t know the exact details about magic, I knew the rough principles of its composition.

‘There must be less than five wizards who can jump through space like this?’

Space magic was one of the types of magic that was not often used to begin with.

This is because there were not many wizards who could handle the amount of mana consumed.

The scope of the investigation was the entire duchy, but even taking that into account, fifty was too many.

“Where did you entrust the investigation to?”

“This is the Pelcon Information Guild.”

It was one of the guild names that Ethan had also heard of. It is famous as an organization that provides accurate information in its own way, although the request fee is high. This meant that the reliability of the information was high in its own way.


Ethan tilted his head.

“Is there any problem?”

“…no. Good job.”


Sylvia did not ask any more questions.

Ethan was lost in thought.

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‘There are two possibilities.’


The overall level of wizards has risen.


It looks like the overall level of wizards has risen.

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The reason for considering the second assumption was simple. Because I met a guy who poured out enormous power to make it look like he was at a high level even though his inner workings were poor.

A warlock from an abandoned mine.

The power he wielded was equivalent to that of a 5th rank wizard.

If you were a 5th rank wizard, you were at a level where you could be fairly recognized among wizards.

Even if you don’t do well, you will still be in the top 20%.

However, his skill in handling dark magic was very poor.

‘At most, late third tier?’

In terms of articles, it was at a similar level to a 3-adult official article. It only extracts a lot of power, starting from the distribution of magical power to delicate control.

Because everything was far below the power it possessed.

A new mana breathing method created by mixing the techniques of the dragon race and human techniques.

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‘The advantage of this is that although it is unstable, the speed at which mana is accumulated is very fast…’

What if other wizards are also learning this method?

‘It’s only natural that there will be more people to identify in the information guild.’

What was needed for space magic was a huge amount of mana, and the mana breathing method used by the warlock was a training method that could satisfy it.

Ethan made an assumption.

It turns out that such mana breathing methods are more widespread than we think.

‘It would have seemed like the overall level of wizards had risen.’

Wizard and knight.

The most representative indicator used to measure their level was the amount of mana they had in their bodies.

of course.

‘I’m not sure if the quality of the mana collected so hastily is high.’

Even with low-level mana, you could activate magic as long as you collected a lot of it. Just like the warlock back then.

If you look at it that way, the information guild’s analysis was also valid in its own way.

‘I’ll have to check later.’

Ethan finished his judgment.

There was no need to approach it in a hurry right now as the scale of the task grew at once. They say they have caught a clue related to the Yongin tribe.

That alone was enough for now.

* * *

After receiving a report from Lawrence about what had happened over the past hour.

Ethan immediately looked for Elena.

She was taking classes from Frexian. When I looked at her face, her face brightened up.

“Ethan? “Are you back?”

“That’s the way it is.”

Thanks to Baron Romenton, it seemed like I would have to go out again soon.

Ethan looked at the Frexian.

“Are the classes going well?”

“yes. You’re following along surprisingly well. Recently, you have begun to take charge of administrative duties for the territory. “The work was done so neatly and neatly.”

It didn’t seem like the words he spoke with a wide smile were empty words.

‘Did your sister have that talent?’

Not as far as Ethan knew.

In her previous life, Elena may have been renowned as a lady from a prestigious family who led the kingdom’s fashion style, but her talent in areas related to internal affairs was limited.

‘That’s fascinating.’

To be honest, I didn’t entrust him with the training with high expectations, but I thought he might be more successful than I expected.

After talking with Elena for a while, I called Paulton, the escort driver.

“It’s about what we talked about last time. “Have you arrived?”

“yes. “Grand Duchess, may I leave the room for a moment?”


Paulton bowed his head politely and led Ethan to his room.

Soon he handed me a box. When I opened the box, I saw a round pill. It was an elixir that radiated refreshing mana energy.

“It looks like the Marquis used some strength.”

“haha. It seems so. From what I heard, it was a mid-level elixir. It is said that the Archduke has excellent mana control, so instead of seeking an elixir with other additional functions, he chose the elixir that contains the most mana.”

Ethan nodded in satisfaction. There were various types of elixirs.

The most expensive one among them was not an elixir containing a large amount of mana.

‘An item that permanently increases mana control.’

The elixir with such additional effects boasted the highest price.

You can obtain similar mana by consuming it, but the price has soared up to five times just because it has such additional effects.

If the Marquis had handed me such an elixir, I would have been quite disappointed.

Ethan was a knight who had already reached the peak of mana control.

Even if he took the highest level elixir, it would be difficult to gain greater control here.

This means that it is much more profitable to spend the money on elixirs with such additional effects to make and sell them instead.

Fortunately, the Marquis Bloten was a person who continued to remain wise as in his previous life.

“Please tell the Marquis that I am grateful.”


Paulton bowed his head and left the room. Ethan took the elixir and returned to his room.

He looked at his body.

I didn’t sit still on the horse during the time I was moving to make the sword. Because I have used the breath of black flame at every moment and implanted the essence of fire.

The goal I set when I first came here. Planting the essence of fire in the eleven parts that control the body’s passages has already been achieved a long time ago.

‘I guess I’ll have to slowly start the process of circulation.’

Intermediate elixir.

This was an item that allowed you to obtain large quantities of high-quality mana.

From Ďăôťŕănsĺate.ℂôm

‘After absorbing the elixir.’

In addition to these eleven areas, the essence of fire was planned to be planted in the mana holes scattered throughout.

He swallowed the elixir into his mouth in one go. A huge amount of mana began to flow through the bloodstream.

Ethan used the breath of black flame.

The mana that had been rushing like a wave calmed down in an instant.

[Become fire.]

It was just one line of thought at most.

But this idea.

It contained the experience of a transcendental person who cut down countless dragon people in the past.



Like dry firewood catching fire.

Mana began to boil little by little. It is impossible for Mana, which is at best a lump of energy, to go against the will of the Transcendent.

The nature of mana was changing little by little.

Good luck!

The mana, which had been boiling little by little, ignited in an instant. Mana exploded in all directions as if a spark had exploded.

A very brief utterance.

But Ethan did not miss that brief moment.

‘That’s it.’

Fire is a burning energy that devours sacrifices.

Now the offerings were very numerous.

The mana that surged into the body like a wave was the offering.

For Ethan, all he needed was this moment of firepower.

[Burn up.]


The mana flowing inside exploded. The fire instantly swallowed up other mana. Smoke rose all over Ethan’s body.

The fire that was burning inside began to express itself outside the body.

In the bursting heat, he quickly began planting essences of fire.



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The waves of heat were creating new fiery essences as they passed through the passage.

Although it was a much smaller purification plant than the existing one, nothing was more important than the fact that the seed had been planted.

When the fiery mana circled the body exactly once.

There were more than thirty fire essences created in Ethan’s body.

‘That’s it.’

He smiled contentedly.

The existing essence of fire has also grown in size, and many small essences of fire have been planted to act as lubricants in the meantime.

Now it was time to enter the next stage, the cycle.

‘I didn’t know I’d do this again.’

Ethan laughed bitterly.

There is no stage of training as painful as the process of cycling.

If you crush the essence of fire, liquid will flow out. The family called this liquid fire essence.

The process of circulation was a process in which the flame essence flowing out like this endlessly circulated through the blood vessels.

The pain I experienced here was beyond imagination.

This is because the heat felt between mana, a formless energy, moving around through the blood vessels and a tangible liquid moving around were different.

‘The former feels like being exposed to moderately hot steam.’

The latter could be described as feeling like a hot iron plate was inserted into the body and the inside was completely destroyed.

Terrible burning pain.

And even the details of the breathing technique that you will repeat countless times.

As these two things mix, the nature of the mana in the body gradually changes, and the changed fiery mana becomes.

‘It turns black.’

It is as if it is gradually rotting away in pain.

The mana that turned black was the mana that past generations of family members used, called Black Flame.


When you first enter the process of circulation in your past life.

At that time, I had been rolling around in pain for a whole week without being able to eat properly. It was a common scene in the work world, and the pain that Ethan had experienced was at the level where people could just laugh it off and say that it wasn’t even a hardship.

For those who did not adapt to the process of circulation, there were cases where the blood vessels themselves became so ripe that they would never be able to hold a sword again.

‘But I still have to do it.’

If you don’t, you won’t be able to move up, so what can you do?

Ethan repeated the breathing technique.

Eternal pain.

Let the fire revolve endlessly.

Be patient.

A black flame will bloom in that pain.

May you feel the fire that has been burning for eternity.

It was that moment.


All the fire essences in the body shriveled, and the flaming fluid that escaped began to circulate throughout the body.


So hot….



It doesn’t seem very hot…

‘Why isn’t it this hot?’

Ethan rolled his eyes at the unprecedented situation.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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