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I Regressed to My Ruined Family Chapter 66

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#When he returned, the family was ruined (67)

The rumor that the Grand Duke would travel throughout the territory quickly spread.

The people of the territory brightened their eyes at the news. After he began to rule over the four territories, the quality of life of the residents was rapidly increasing.

At least I didn’t have to worry about starving.

The praise for the Grand Duke is only increasing without realizing how high it is.

I hope he visits my village.

So all the residents of the territory were desperately hoping to be able to actually meet the hero.

A week later.

Two men on horseback left the city.

It was Ethan and Ilia.

“Are you not going to ride the carriage?”

“There is no reason for the coachman to get involved.”

At those words, Ilya’s eyes lit up.


Although he usually behaved like a tyrant, he occasionally showed a warm side.


This was especially true when it came to the people.

“At least the residents of the land you rule will not be unhappy.”

“Making people unhappy means that they are incompetent leaders.”

The teachings of the Duke family that have been passed down from generation to generation. Ethan remembered that. At the very least, a leader must set an example.

And so the tour of the village began.

From Viscount Itun to Viscount Dekun, Baron Romenton, and Baron Kargath.

It was a process of going around the territories we had previously visited one by one.

Every time I visited the village, Ilya couldn’t help but hold out his tongue.

“It is the Archduke!”

This is because the moment the residents of the village recognized him and shouted, all the residents knelt down and showed extreme respect.

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That was not a response that could have come about through simple education.

If I had knelt down out of a simple sense of duty, I wouldn’t have been able to show such emotion in my eyes.

A respect so great that even royalty cannot receive it.

The Archduke was a hero who gained the support of the people of the duchy.

“Everyone, please stand up with your head held high.”

“I… meet you, Grand Duke!”

Only after the village chief shouted loudly did the villagers begin to straighten up one by one.

Immediately, bright eyes focused on the archduke.

The eyes of all the residents were following his gaze, as if he were a baby bird following its mother.

‘The Grand Duke saw me!’

The young women in the village, who were full of marriage, were blushing, and the young men’s eyes were starting to shine with suspicion every time they looked at each other.

If I could catch the attention of a great hero, I could become the knight of my dreams.

In contrast, the thoughts of the middle-aged people in the estate were concentrated in one place.

How can I make my children receive the Grand Duke’s blessing?

The previous duke was a benevolent ruler and inspected the entire duchy at least once every five years, if not every year.

It was one of the famous anecdotes that he gave me a warm handshake and blessing every time.

Of course, the blessing wasn’t really that great. Even if they were blessed, there were some who did not succeed.


The story about the previous Duke’s blessing had already bound the residents of the territory like some kind of superstition.

If there is a chance…

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In the meantime, the Grand Duke looked at the village chief and asked.

“Is there anything difficult?”

“Yeah! Since the Grand Duke took charge of the territory, not only have taxes gone down significantly, but subsidies have been coming in steadily! “There is no such thing as hard work!”

Compared to the past, the situation is like heaven. How can I complain?

No matter how foolish they were, their conscience was still alive and breathing.

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“If you have any difficulties, please send a letter to the Viscounty at any time. “I will do my best to solve any problems that can be solved.”


“Say it.”

“Well… could you give some advice to the children in our village…”

“Would it be just advice?”

It felt like if you spoke well, you could receive not just words but a warm handshake.

The village chief urgently shook his head.

“…No! In fact, there are so many children who want to hold hands with the Grand Duke…! “If you could just say a warm word of thanks to our children…!”

It was impossible to keep the busy hero on his feet for long. That’s why I wanted to make children face the Archduke.

If they see heroes, their children will also be able to become greater figures.

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Ethan nodded willingly.

Soon, children began to flock in. Ethan smiled at the bright gaze and patted the children’s heads.

“Grow up and become a great person.”

“yes! I will definitely become a big person!”

There was also a child who answered clearly.

“Thank you…thank you!”

There was also a child who said thank you with a red face.

There were well over dozens of villages in the four territories alone.

Ethan and Ilia.

The two people continued their inspection.

In the end, they were able to reach the Barony of Kargas, located in the southernmost part of the Confederacy.

Ilya looked at Ethan blankly.

‘…What a great human being.’

The main purpose of the inspection is not to inspect the village, but to attract swarms of bees.

Despite this, Ethan was moving around the village one by one, without showing the slightest hint of annoyance.

He clearly showed what a natural ruler he was.

Even if he were an archmage, he would not receive that level of respect and support.

Duke of Ardan.

It was a time when I realized once again how great the family’s reputation and the support of the people were.

“It’s already been a month.”

Ethan nodded.

I thought there would be an attack as soon as I left the Viscounty of Itun, but guess what?

The guys weren’t even showing their noses.

He went on an inspection with a girl who looked about ten years old for a month.

‘For them, it would be no different from a fully prepared meal.’

However, the fact that they are not showing their presence is either because they are very patient or because they have a completely different purpose.

It will be one of two things.

Count and Order.

Could it be that the purpose of the two groups coming together is something completely different than assassination?

‘Maybe so.’

Still, for Ethan, the journey was not completely fruitless. This is because it could be seen as a period of very tight control of the interior.

It was right then.

-Hmm. You showed up.

Ilya quietly whispered through her magic.

-There is a magic circle a hundred steps ahead. It looks like a magic circle that has been prepared for quite some time…

Immediately, her eyes glowed blue. The time it took to analyze the magic circle was only a split second, with one second cut into hundreds.

-Hmm. I guess I have a rough idea of the level of the bishop. As you said, he’s a ‘sneaky’ guy, but he can’t be Ilia’s opponent.

is it.

Meanwhile, Ilya continued Mana’s whisper.

-That’s a prison camp. The moment you move there, a wall of mana will be formed that no one except the caster of the magic circle can escape. What do you want me to do?

Ethan looked at Ilia.

-egg plant.

Ilya was shocked.

Because what Ethan just showed was a method of whispering through mana. Looking back, the mana control was astounding.

-The goal is to capture them all, right? Leave it to me.

Even while talking, their gaze and steps were no different from before.

That was the moment we entered the magic circle. The bishop who disguised himself with magical powers along with the knights smiled secretly.

‘You got caught.’

time in the past month.

During that time, the count and bishop thoroughly investigated whether this was a trap.

And then I realized.

It turns out that those two were really the only ones who came out for inspection.

A girl said to have been brought from the Magic Tower.

There is only one archduke, and it is a small group that can be evaluated as pitiful. In addition, there is no such thing as a dragon slayer group that has been gaining fame recently.

It was like I had really endured this much.

There is no risk.

The count and bishop were certain.

‘Pride leads to death.’

It has recently gained fame, and it must have disappeared from sight.

Otherwise, there would be no reason for just two people to wander around the territory.

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That was the moment the bishop snapped his fingers. A huge amount of mana spread towards the magic circle, and soon the surrounding area was covered with a complete wall of mana.

A thick wall of mana that only the bishop, the caster of the magic circle, can escape.

The bishop, seeing the wall built, slowly walked forward. Of course, the count’s knights were also there.

“Hmm. “You got caught.”

A guy wearing a white robe.

Ethan asked after seeing the guy.

“What are you?”

“haha. Before you go to the underworld, it would be less unfair if you knew who you were going to die for, right? “My name is Eric, the Archbishop’s eighth servant.”


“You know very well. you’re right.”

A smiling lips could be seen through the robe. Ethan chuckled when he saw the knights standing behind him.

Each of them hid their appearance with pitch-black robes, but their energy could not be completely hidden.

“It’s a sphere. “Did you say it was Jarida?”

Jarid, who was shaken, quickly regained his composure.

It would not be difficult for the Archduke to predict who would come to kill him.

Besides, wasn’t there some friction with him recently?

However, there was no answer.

Because there was a very good tool that could solve the current situation instead of words.


Ten swords were drawn.

The bishop said with a grin as the archduke looked at the wall of Mana behind him.

“Escape will be impossible. “Until it becomes a corpse.”


Although he maintained a calm demeanor on the outside, he must have been panicking on the inside.

Just not expressing it was a great thing.

At least it means I didn’t lose my composure.

‘It’s different from bugs.’

I thought of all the people the bishop had killed so far.

Among the list, there were those who were called knights of each family, starting from the royal knights of one kingdom.

If it were them, they would all have looked confused.

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But the one called a hero was different.

So I became curious.

If his life were in danger, would he scream?

The bishop moistened his lips slightly.

Descendants of great heroes.

How sweet his screams must be.

Just imagining it made me feel ecstatic.

“The wizard next to you said his name was… Ilya, right?”

“That’s right.”

Before I knew it, Illya was pulling out a small wand.

The bishop who saw that said with a grin.

“Your name is similar to someone I know. Well, it’s just that I have the same name as Miss Ilia here.”

“Hmm. Did you say Eric? “He really is a man of many words.”

“haha! “This is the path a hero takes, so shouldn’t we send him off in a respectful way?”

It was then.

Ilya nodded while looking at Ethan.

“Thanks to that talkative idiot, this body is ready. “What about you?”

“Let’s begin.”

“I understand. Look carefully. “This must be the power of an archmage!”

The moment the words ended.


A huge wave of mana exploded. The wand Ilya was holding began to tremble as if it might explode at any moment.


Eric’s eyes shook greatly.

This is because thick mana seeped through the magic circle he had set up. Starting from the control of mana to its quality.

The kid in front of me was a wizard who was superior to me in everything except the amount of mana!

Frightened, he hurriedly poured in mana.

However, ownership of the magic circle was gradually being transferred to the girl in front of me.

A time of less than 1 second.

The owner of the magic circle has completely changed.

“Escape will be impossible now. Until you become a corpse.”


At the words the girl spoke, the expressions of the knights, including the bishop, began to harden.

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I Regressed to My Ruined Family

I Regressed to My Ruined Family

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Status: Completed Released: 2022
I was born as the oldest of a renowned swordsman family, and became stronger faster than anyone. Yet, I could not stop the dragons, a great disaster that had appeared on the continent. I closed my eyes in my final moments, thinking everything was over. I really thought it was over… But when I opened my eyes, I was back in the past. A past that was very different from the world I knew. “What? Is this really my body? Why don’t I have any mana?” “Where did the castle go? Why’s there only a wooden house left?” “…What? The dragons and humans made a non-aggression pact?” A family that had fallen and was on the brink of ruin. A family whose writing of divination had vanished. And a body in which no mana could be found! “…I’ll have to keep myself busy from now on.” The great hero of a renowned swordsman family. He is back in the past, in a ‘parallel world’.


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