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I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul 192

Episode 193

– Are you okay? My face doesn’t look very good.

As I hurriedly walked in and sat down on the bed, Seo Ji-han approached me with a worried expression.

Seo Ji-han stayed by our side in silence the entire time we had a meal with his family.

And at times like now, I am very grateful for the presence of him who speaks to me without fail.

At first, the part about sticking around was quite burdensome, but now I wonder how I would survive without him.

I feel like I’m almost like a ghost of attachment.

“I’m a little tired.”

– It’s worth it.

Everything is difficult.

Everything from the responsibility of the choices given to me, the uncertain future, and even the way my younger brother hides his true feelings and pretends to be calm.

– It’s an evacuation…

Seo Ji-han’s voice fell like a sigh in my ear.

He sat diagonally on the desk, looked down at me, and asked carefully.

– You don’t want to do that, do you?


– hmm.

“Either save some, or bet on a gamble with a low probability of winning that can save everyone. “It’s a choice.”

– That’s right.

“If you succeed, of course it’s the latter, but you don’t know how low the odds of winning are…”

– Isn’t it really lucky to have all the information you need to make a decision?


No matter how much I thought, I couldn’t come up with an answer, so I lay down on the bed.

“At least, I am hopeful that I am very strong now. Looking at Elfanis-san’s reaction, I don’t think there has ever been anyone with such strong attack power.”

– Yes.

“So, wouldn’t it work if it were me? It makes me wonder what I could do with that predator if it were my attack. I wouldn’t have had to worry about this if my attack power had been weaker.”

– That’s right.

“And if you inherit the horns eaten by others and raise their level, your attack power will become stronger. But.”

– But?

“Nafgis. He was very strong. But even so, Nafgis escaped. If he had fought, I think he could have won.”

When I thought of Nafgis, I also remembered the future I had seen back then.

Why was I crying alone on the sofa?

Did I eventually escape?

Was I crying because of the sadness of leaving everyone behind?

“Ugh. Really.”

As I rolled around, scratching my head, Seo Ji-han looked at me with his chin resting on his face, smiling silently.

How can this person always be so relaxed?

Then he must have come to a conclusion quickly and clearly without thinking.

“Isn’t it frustrating?”

– What?

“I thought Seo Ji-han would have a hard time understanding my worries like this. I thought it would be frustrating to watch him sluggishly do this.”

His eyes widened in surprise, but then he smiled slightly.

Then he got up from the desk he was sitting on and lay down next to me with his arms crossed.

– Well? I don’t think so.


– It’s not a bad thing to worry.

“But I envy Seo Ji-han. Seojin Ban too. “I wish I had that kind of determination.”

– I don’t think there’s any need to be jealous, though.

“is it so?”

– huh. Do you know what you’ll do if you don’t worry?


– regret.


When someone who jumped into a Kyrgyz dungeon without hesitation and lost his life says that, it’s no joke to be persuasive.

I wanted to ask him if he ever regretted it, but the answer was so obvious that I just stayed silent.

Oh, but wait.

“In the past, it was said that only weak people did things like worry.”

– I felt like you needed those words at that time.

“You didn’t mean it?”

– It may or may not be true. Actually, my thoughts aren’t that important.

“Then what’s important?”

Seo Ji-han suddenly closed his mouth and became quiet.

He was looking at me intently and came closer with a serious face.

I flinched at the face that suddenly got closer and tried to pull away, but Seo Ji-han was faster than me.

I closed my eyes for a moment, then opened them, and there was Seo Ji-han’s face at a distance where the tip of my nose was almost touching.

As I was a ghost, I couldn’t feel anything, but my heart was beating like crazy.

– you.

It’s really amazing that I didn’t scream like a chungwangryu at this moment. tremendous. Hands are amazing!

Even though my face was so hot that I felt like crying, I endured it. I endured it!

“Oh, uh…” Seo

Ji-han stared at me, croaking due to a breakdown in language skills, with a slight smile.

Then, he lightly stroked my cheek with his numb hand and stood up.

– Today . Just take a break. You look very tired.

With those words, he passed through the door and left the room.

I stared at the door where he disappeared for a while, then rolled over on the bed and grabbed the soft blanket.

Ah, why are you making me even more upset? !

But thanks to that, the worries that were lingering in my head were blown away, and I was able to sleep very soundly that day.

For about 30 hours while the secondary barrier was maintained, I used Seo Ji-han’s words as motivation to worry and worry. I

often wondered why Ban Seo-jin was like that . He gave me a sad look, asking if I was in pain, but he said there was nothing he could do.

He said he couldn’t make a decision that easily.

The direction of his worries was focused on how to definitely increase the odds of winning, rather than whether to evacuate or stay and fight. In

fact, the scales were already tilted to one side . He was in a very depressed state.

While everyone was spending time with their precious people, only Yoo Eun-dam was cleaning up after himself.

When I spoke to him, whom I saw often, Eun-dam Yoo responded with a characteristic refreshing smile as if it was no big deal.

“I’m fine. Never mind. I’m having fun in my own way.”

Yoo Eun-dam would always hold Secretary Eom, who looked like she was about to die, in his hands, and it seemed like he knew how Eun-dam was spending his time. It seemed like he was enjoying his time for revenge. And


, Just before the final hall began, I succeeded in safely inheriting the horns that others had eaten after the hard work of others. I

invested all of the horns that I inherited from Banseojin Yu Eundam and Banseohu Pergis Elfanis Rodran into Chungwangpo. Thanks to this ,

Chungwangpo is currently boasting a terrifying level of L3 to L17.

Anyway, I thought L10 would be the end, but what level does it have?

Well, honestly, if it goes like this, it will be a curse to many of Pergis’ subordinates. I thought about inheriting all of them, but I just thought about it and passed it over. I

was worried that Pergis’ subordinates who had consumed all the horns might inherit the horns to Pergis rather than to me. Now, I am afraid of

such betrayal from Pergis . I don’t feel any sign of it, but I don’t know how my mind will change if such a situation arises.

Pergis’ goal is the survival of his people.

So there was a possibility that they would flee, taking care of only their people.

The day of the decisive battle finally arrived.

I was at the lakeside . I was gathering my thoughts as I was seeing off my family.

Elfanis and Rodran, who usually stayed inside the dungeon, also came out of the dungeon for the first time to see us off.

“Everyone is ready, right?”

Answers came back from all over the place to the energetic question.

There are a total of 5 retainers who can be taken to the final hall, excluding me and Seo Ji-han.

Perhaps because Seo Ji-han belongs to me, he was not included in the limit on the number of vassals. The

participating members are : They are Banseojin, Banseohu, Yoo Ndam, Pergis, and Nafgis. You

can register the vassal you want to take in advance, so all the procedures have already been completed, so all that’s left now is to wait for the message to join the final hall. In fact,

Nafgis is still in the dungeon . However, it is not a big problem as they automatically move together when the hall starts.

However, I don’t know if they will fight together. I

am still a person who has no idea what he is thinking.

The eve of the final hall has ended.

I am just warming up. A message suddenly appeared before my eyes.

Everyone raised their heads with a startled expression and looked at me. The

Final Hall is starting.

Participants in the Final Hall will be automatically transferred to the Final Hall within 10 minutes.

Please prepare for the move. .

It was only 10 minutes, but I could already feel a subtle energy surrounding my body.

Other people seemed to be feeling the same way, with awkward expressions on their faces.

I saw Mom and Seung-ju with worried expressions, and Elfanis, who was smiling calmly, eating weeds by the lake. I caught a glimpse of Pergis.

No, wait a minute.

Hey, Pergis. What are you doing now? I understand that you liked the other world grass because it was so delicious, but I want you to understand the mood. “I have to collect it

. Take care of yourself.”

“Good luck.”

Thanks to my mother and Elfanis’ serious expressions of encouragement, I barely lost concentration. The

moment I nodded resolutely, my vision suddenly blurred.

The movement to the final hall began.

After my blurred vision was restored, I saw something in front of me. An indoor space resembling an ancient ruin appeared.

Just as I heard from Elfanis in advance, we were surrounded by a cylindrical translucent barrier. Feeling

a strong sense of intimidation, I glanced back and saw that Nafgis had arrived safely in the form of the giant of light as before.

What? I don’t know if this thinking boss monster will fight with us, but he is so strong that just standing still and dissipating his intimidation already seems to be quite helpful. Moreover, when I look around, the other boss monsters are huge, whereas we are

. I was almost dispirited because everyone else was so small, but thanks to Nafgis, the size felt somewhat balanced.

“This is Nafgis…”

Ban Seo-jin muttered, feeling a bit burdened. While listening to that voice, I first looked into the final hall.

In front of me, I saw a huge altar that looked like a pyramid. The surrounding area was crowded with monsters trapped in a cylindrical barrier like us.

Although I heard it in advance, the sight of all the boss monsters alive in this world gathered in one place was reminiscent of Hell.

The transition was completed for all participants.

The barrier is lifted.

The barrier disappeared immediately along with the message. I immediately used the sanctuary barrier towards the altar.

Area exclusion skills cannot be used in the Final Hall.

It doesn’t work either.

Well, if it were possible, Elfanis would highly recommend it.

Then there is only one way left.

Running with your own body.

But before that.

– Put your hands together.

At Seo Ji-han’s signal, I looked towards the altar and raised my magic power.

Now, first of all, let’s get the momentum going.

“excuse me. “Please get out of the way”

– Die, you little b*stards!

With Seo Ji-han’s declaration of war contrasting with my polite words, Chungwangpo pierced the space.

I didn’t use it too hard because the hall wasn’t very wide and I adjusted the output quite a bit considering the possibility of a battle later.

However, I did not fully take into account the fact that the skill level increased from L3 to L17.


The Chungwang Artillery, with a more ferocious force than when the L3 Chungwang Artillery was used at full power, stretched out in a straight line.

The monsters who were gathered in groups of threes and threes to search for each other were seen getting scared and retreating.

However, some who were slow to react were caught up and perished.

That wasn’t the end.

The space was distorted and shaken like a haze following Chungwangpo’s trajectory.

Then came a strong aftershock.

With the intention of filling the space that Chungwangpo destroyed.

No, I shot it really gently….

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

랭킹 1위를 영혼까지 털어버림, I Stole the First Ranker's Soul
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Son Moa, an ordinary citizen who got swept up in a dungeon in the middle of the night. Hungry, she tried to eat grass inside a cave but awoken as a collecting hunter. Somehow, she managed to escape from the dungeon. She came to work determined to never enter one ever again, but got caught up in another dungeon. ‘No, why?! Twice in this st*upid dungeon!’ Fortunately though, the world’s number one ranking hunter came to help this time. But turns out that number one ranking guy came here to solo raid the boss? It doesn’t seem like he cares about rescuing citizens, so I’ll take care of my own life. This time, I successfully survived! But… I became inseparable from the number one ranker. This number one ranker, he’s trying to make me stronger. Is this the power of personal connections?! However, a sweet reward requires a price. [As far as you can go, promise me you’ll kill the boss of every dungeon in the world.] What?


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