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I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul 227

Episode 28

“Dungeon management is the biggest interest right now. It’s only natural that articles are pouring in on your every move. “I think Mr. Moa thought it was because he was watching out for himself. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but I don’t think it was just out of curiosity.”

“For that matter, there were almost no bad articles.”

“How can I write a bad article? It is also known that he went against the world dungeon officials who only had to survive and saved everyone. Among civilians, Mr. Moa is truly a lifesaver. There may be some individual differences, but it can be said that there are almost no civilians who dislike Mr. Moa. But writing an article swearing? “The article’s website will be paralyzed by malicious comments.”

For some reason, Deputy Young’s words did not make sense to me, so I stood there in a daze with a strange feeling.

The assistant manager laughed and added quietly.

“If you don’t know, I’ll send you a link to an article later. “Look at the reactions to the comments there.”

“Oh yes…”

“I guess you really don’t know. It’s so fun.”

As the assistant manager burst out laughing again, the deputy manager also joined in with a smile on his face.

“Don’t be so mean. The person involved may not know. By the way, Mr. Moa.”


“I heard sesame seeds are pouring in these days?”

“Are you awake?”

“I met Ban Seo-jin briefly earlier, but he left with a drained expression and a lot of complaints.”

“Ah, are you complaining? Did you even tell me the details?”

Ban Seo-jin may know everything, but he was a little reluctant to have his appearance known to two people who are somewhat distant from Seo Ji-han. Fortunately, the

deputy director shook his head when I asked.

“No. I didn’t hear that much. Anyway, Moa Moa. “When are you going to have your wedding? Until we started living together, I thought it would be soon.”

“That’s right. I thought it would be done soon.”

Even the assistant manager poked my arm with a sly smile.

I just smiled awkwardly and scratched the back of my head. I

definitely plan on getting married, and I’m thinking about where to do it right now, but…

“I’m thinking about where to do it. Make a decision. “It’s not easy.”

“Ah, that’s right. Everyone was really worried. Anyway, no matter where we do it, we will definitely invite you, right?”


“I guess I’ll have to go with plenty of congratulatory money. Oh, I have to go to work now. Then, Moa, work hard on your next schedule. I’ll go.”

“I’ll go too. Assistant Manager Kim, no, Director Kim, are you going upstairs? Let’s take the elevator together.”

“Yes, Chief.”

The two people laughed quietly while looking at each other for a moment and left the bathroom with cheerful steps.

I looked behind them and then moved on to the next schedule.

The official titles of the two people at Dungeon Management are General Manager and General Manager. They are in

charge of all business of this company . Thanks to the great work of the deputy manager who is involved in the project, all projects are progressing rapidly. Assistant

manager Kim was also active in various fields with the title of manager.

Sometimes, it seemed like the scale of the work was too big and it was overwhelming, but I was able to learn a lot. He said it was good and he was happy.

Then, a while later, during a free time between schedules, I found that Assistant Manager Kim had sent me a link via messenger. It

seemed to be a link to the article I mentioned earlier.

Today’s column: The Dungeon Management Era How do you view this huge company?

Well, I’m not criticizing you outright, but there is a bit of a disparity between the article titles such as ‘Story of Hope Opened by Dungeon Management’, ‘The Journey of Hero Son Moa’, or ‘Dungeon Management is the Treasure of the Earth’. Well,

after reading through, I found the content to be quite poignant.

…There are many people who welcome being in Korea, but I would rather ask: Is that really luck?

Dungeon Management’s CEO Son Mo-a is praised as a hero of humanity, but is she really? Whether or not her recent actions are truly heroic is a question that must be considered.

In particular, when we look at how the enormous power this company possesses operates, the title of ‘Hero Son Mo-ah’ raises even more eyebrows.

She was once the leader in power . It is an undeniable fact that he was a victim, but he is now following the same behavior of the perpetrators as he did to him…

The column itself was quite good.

It also wrote about issues that I personally had concerns about.

Especially when the media praised me . I deeply sympathized with the criticism.

That’s why I went to meet with the representatives of the media company today.

Moreover, it wasn’t just criticism.

The advantages of dungeon management were also written in between. It

looked at things that were enough to cause concern without being too inclined to one side. I thought it was a good article, but the moment I scrolled down and checked the comments, I was shocked.

an**** 06:51:03

They say it’s a review as if something happened. In the previous column, the Korean Guild begged and licked

⇧ 18 ⇩ 3

nyt**** 06:51:03

They haven’t come to their senses yet and are throwing their hands together. Isn’t the person who wrote the column a non-awakened person? Son Mo-ah saved a life from death, so ‘we have to consider whether he is heroic.’ So absurd.

⇧ 64 ⇩ 23

ha**** 06:51:03

After considering whether he is a hero, he is not a hero but a benefactor. Minimum new level

⇧ 90 ⇩ 13

yo**** 06:51:03

Do you get paid for writing shit like this?

⇧ 32 ⇩ 2

him**** 06:51:03

Wow, I enjoyed watching you pretend to be neutral and cool-headed. It’s kind of disgusting.

⇧ 43 ⇩ 1

dul**** 06:51:03

Oh, this is a column that could only be written by someone who wants to kill all the civilians and let only the Awakened survive.

⇧ 89 ⇩ 2

da**** 06:51:03

Just get off after looking at the first line.

⇧ 45 ⇩ 23

Even though I scrolled down and down again, there was no sign of the malicious comments ending.

Looking at this, I felt that the media company owners were sincere when they said that there would be no need to write negative articles.

In the past, I was the main target of these types of malicious comments…

Although media companies are writing favorable articles about dungeon management, I had no idea that the general public thought of me so favorably.

While I was looking at my phone with a strange feeling, someone knocked lightly from outside.

It seemed like it was the next scheduled time again.

When I got home from work after completing several schedules, Seo Ji-han had prepared a large dinner table and was waiting for me when I got home.

“…What day is today?”

“huh? He said he skipped lunch and went to work today. “I think I’m hungry.”

As I said, my afternoon schedule was a bit tight, so I had a drink for lunch and was extremely hungry.

No, but how did you know?

“Come on, sit down now.”

“Wait a minute, wash your hands first…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Still, I thought I should wash my hands, but there were warm wet towels prepared on the table. How thoughtful.

Anyway, his expression told me to eat quickly, so I wiped my hands and picked up the spoon.

“How was your day?”

“It was a little busy, but not bad. I inspected the Nioh style dungeon people who were doing social activities, and it seemed like they responded better than I expected.”

“Reaction? The dungeon people? Or the opponent?”

“Both. Well, what was particularly impressive today was the martial artist who was correcting the body by transforming the bones, and he seemed really happy. Everyone who came said that it was good that their energy and blood were distorted and their bodies were a mess, but that they had no internal energy, so it was very easy to correct. Job satisfaction. “I heard it was 200 percent?”

“Really? Again?”

While gently asking, Seo Ji-han placed the peeled fish fillet on my rice bowl. I

was told not to serve side dishes like this…

But I can’t not eat what they gave me, so I have to eat it.

“I also went to the Nafgis area for a while. I wonder if I haven’t eaten it before.” “I think it was done. It was decorated in the Chief Nafgis Dungeon that we gave him. Although we don’t understand each other, he seemed to be doing well there too.”

“I see.”

“And I was a little surprised that the public response was more favorable than I expected. There was an article about Vichy filming a monster movie, and the comments there were in an unexpected direction.”


“I was very supportive of Vichy, wondering if it was discrimination to make him film a monster movie just because he looked like a monster. There was even talk of wanting to see him as the main character next time.”

“I’m glad.”

“Is that so? Still, I don’t quite understand the comments about whether Vichy is a little more handsome… I guess people are a lot more open-minded than I thought.”

Seo Ji-han seemed to find something funny in what I said, so he bit his lip and laughed out loud.

“Hmm, other than that, I mostly just repeated the original inspection, so I don’t think there’s any new news. Did anything happen, Seo Ji-han?”

“Yes. Nothing much happened. We need to gather more than that and stop talking about our work…”

He gave me a coy look and stretched out a hand to caress my cheek.

I felt my face turn red at the nuance of that touch.

His gaze deepened a little deeper, as if he was quite satisfied with my reaction.

“When we finish eating, we’ll…”


His continued words were cut off and the refreshing sound of the doorbell rang.

He maintained his posture and tried to act as if nothing had happened.



Seo Ji-han’s face crumpled when the doorbell rang again.

The visitor, who had no way of knowing his discomfort, continued to ring the doorbell.

In the end, I pushed Seo Ji-han’s hand away from my cheek and stood up.

“Who could it be at this hour?”

“…I know.”

As I stood up in confusion, Seo Ji-han followed suit with a dark expression.

When I opened the front door and checked, the visitor I had seen for a long time was Pergis.

“Oh, I thought I would have finished work by now, but I guess I timed it right!”

“Wow, what’s happening all of a sudden? “Come in.”

Fergis bowed his head, wiped his hooves on the doormat, and walked in on all fours.

If it were a normal family home, Pergis wouldn’t have been able to enter so easily, but we built the house a little larger than average in preparation for dungeon dwellers visiting, so we were able to accommodate a body as large as Pergis without difficulty.

Also, the fact that Fergis was rather small for a boss-level monster also played a role.

“Just take this.”

As soon as Pergis entered the house, he took out beer and various fruits from his inventory and gave them to him.

Then he glanced toward the table, narrowed his eyes, and smiled warmly.

“I really did time it right. Since it looks like we’ve just finished eating, would you like to have a drink with me? “I picked all of these fruits myself. Let’s eat and talk together!”

In contrast to Fergis’ bright words, Seo Ji-han’s deep sigh was heard from behind.

A. Pergis It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

Mr. Seo Ji-han.

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

I Stole the Number One Ranker’s Soul

랭킹 1위를 영혼까지 털어버림, I Stole the First Ranker's Soul
Score 8.4
Status: Completed Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Son Moa, an ordinary citizen who got swept up in a dungeon in the middle of the night. Hungry, she tried to eat grass inside a cave but awoken as a collecting hunter. Somehow, she managed to escape from the dungeon. She came to work determined to never enter one ever again, but got caught up in another dungeon. ‘No, why?! Twice in this st*upid dungeon!’ Fortunately though, the world’s number one ranking hunter came to help this time. But turns out that number one ranking guy came here to solo raid the boss? It doesn’t seem like he cares about rescuing citizens, so I’ll take care of my own life. This time, I successfully survived! But… I became inseparable from the number one ranker. This number one ranker, he’s trying to make me stronger. Is this the power of personal connections?! However, a sweet reward requires a price. [As far as you can go, promise me you’ll kill the boss of every dungeon in the world.] What?


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