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I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor Chapter 313

Of course, the fact that the OP (opening song) of ‘Male Friend: Remake’ sung by Kang Woo-jin topped the real-time Oricon chart in Japan was quickly conveyed to the ‘Beneficial Evil’ team through writer Nana Choi.

The location is a restaurant in a 4-star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

Among the dozens of staff members wearing thin clothes due to the humid and hot weather, bearded producer Song Man-woo showed the greatest reaction.

“Oricon chart? Woojin took first place on that??”

“Yes yes!! It just popped up!”

Writer Choi Na-na is already feeling refreshed by the viewership rating of ‘Boyfriend: Remake’ of over 14%. While she was running around, she showed her cell phone to her producer Song Man-woo. A smile spread across the face of producer Song Man-woo, who was wearing a tank top.

“Hey, it feels strange to see Woojin’s name ranked first on a chart full of Japanese kids’ names. My shoulders are also rising.”

“There are some Korean idol songs too! Anyway, it’s really amazing that Woojin won first place, right??!”

“Does this mean that Japanese kids listened to the song a lot and downloaded it? Click on the comments here and here.”

“Yes, yes!!”

Soon, several key staff members, including producer Song Man-woo, came around writer Choi Nana. Even among them, the news of ‘Boyfriend: Remake’ was already a hot topic. Soon, comments in Japanese started popping up on author Nana Choi’s phone.

-I like the song!! Kang Woo-jin’s vocals are perfect!!!

-I downloaded the OP and EP as soon as I saw the animation and I really like it…especially the OP…

-Male friend: The remake really chose the OP well this time, it goes so well with Kang Woo-jin’s voice.

-The animation was a hit, but I think the OP will be a hit too!! Playing on infinite repeat!

-Kang Woo-jin is good at acting and voice acting, but if he can do vocals as well, is there absolutely nothing he can’t do? Even his face is a genius, right?

-I never thought the day would come when a Korean actor’s name would be at number 1 on the Oricon chart… We need to reflect.

It’s hard to judge clearly because it’s all in Japanese, but producer Song Man-woo understands that the comments are mostly high praise through the explanation of a staff member who only vaguely knows Japanese. He, writer Nana Choi, and others applauded wholeheartedly.

“Hahaha, it’s always welcome to see our Juyeon doing well!”

Of course, what they are currently seeing is only the real-time and daily Oricon charts. Kang Woo-jin’s name has not yet been listed in weekly or monthly publications.

Well, it was only a matter of time.

In addition, as a result, Kang Woo-jin gave Japan numerous firsts in this incident. From being an animation voice actor to singing the OP, that OP rose to #1 on the Japanese Oricon chart in real-time in just one day, and many other things.

“If Woojin explodes in Korea, Japan, and Hollywood, the future of our ‘beneficial evil’ will become brighter and brighter!”

That was true. The ‘beneficial evil’ that targets the whole world is spread not only in Korea but also in Japan and Hollywood.

In other words, the higher Kang Woo-jin flies.

“Wow, our male lord gives us so much strength, so shouldn’t we be missing something too?!”

“Hahaha! That’s right!”

“I suddenly feel strong?!”

This meant that the chances of success for ‘Beneficial Evil’ targeting the entire world would increase.

A few days later, July 17th.

A few days have passed since the huge success of ‘Boyfriend: Remake’. However, the momentum did not subside. It was the same in both Korea and Japan. The Japanese side was carrying out an intensive offensive through various media, including the media.

‘Boyfriend: Remake’, which posted a viewer rating of 14.8%, ranked first on the Oricon chart, including the OP sung by Kang Woo-jin!

「It’s spreading like a trend, quickly spreading through social media and communities, ‘Male Friend: Remake’」

Of course, it was also the result of A10 Studio’s bombardment with all its might. Thanks to this, for several days now, the first place in the search rankings on Japanese SNS was ‘Male Friend: Remake’, and the second place was Kang Woo-jin. There were times when the rankings changed, but not significantly.

The OP sung by Kang Woo-jin was also ranked #1 on the Oricon chart. On the contrary, his OP is amplified and trampled several times on YouTube.

The momentum and flow of the box office hit was incredible.

While Korea was monitoring the current situation in Japan, issues centered on Kang Woo-jin spread. Even though the animation was only aired for about 20 minutes, both countries are excited.

The funny thing is.

‘Oh – the OP appeared on the Korean music charts too??’

In fact, the main character, Kang Woo-jin, is far away in LA. Woojin was in a van driving down the road toward LA, looking at his cell phone with a solemn expression. Clothing and hair were also simple.

The time is early morning.

His destination today was not Miley Cara’s recording studio.

As of yesterday, we had almost reached the end of our work with her, and today we were moving into a large studio for filming according to our initial plan. It was about an hour away from the 5-star Beverly Hills Hotel where Woojin was staying, and we arrived only after passing many buildings towering into the sky.

The large studio was built in a very desolate place.

What can I say, it feels like a rest stop on the highway? The crowded buildings and people have decreased significantly. There were only trees and roads around the huge dome-shaped studio. Of course, I could see the city center in the distance. Anyway, Woojin’s van stopped in front of the dome-like D.O. building. Kang Woo-jin got off.

He’s looking around right away.


There were various types of cars parked in the spacious outside parking lot. Trucks, buses, vans, etc. Even if you look at it roughly, there were about a dozen of them. What was unusual was the size of large vehicles such as trucks.

‘It’s a big scale geography.’

It is also noticeable that many foreigners are rushing to the parking lot. At this time, Choi Seong-gun and the team were behind Kang Woo-jin. Choi Seong-gun, wearing a zip-up hoodie, was the first to open his mouth.

“It’s great. To be honest, it’s my first time on set for a music video, so I don’t have much to say. Well, after researching this and that, the system itself is similar to Korea.”

“Yes, representative.”

In other words, today Kang Woo-jin participates in the filming of global superstar Miley Kara’s music video. According to the continuity schedule that was delivered, it was a full day of shooting. At this point, Kang Woo-jin’s heart began to pound slightly.

‘Oh, don’t be scared’

Because this is also my first experience. Plus, it’s Miley Kara’s music video, right? It was natural for Kang Woo-jin to feel nervous. No matter how the music video is shot, once it is completed, people around the world will see it. Of course, even Kang Woojin in the music video.

‘It’s crazy for publicity, but I’m nervous that the other person is Kara. Huh – the quality of the concept, just the quality of the concept’

Kang Woo-jin used extreme mind control. It was like shooting a music video, which was my first experience, but there was a lot of skinship with Miley Kara in the storyboard. What man in the world could be so calm?

Soon, Kang Woo-jin, who had forced his heart to become cold, moved on.

Within a few minutes, foreigners found Kang Woo-jin near the entrance of the dome-shaped studio building. Foreign staff members who announced his arrival through the intercom around his neck rushed to Woojin.

That’s how Kang Woo-jin entered the large studio dome.

Woojin immediately opened his mouth wide. Of course, only on the inside.

‘Wow – crazy! Isn’t the size really dog-sized??!!’

Inside the studio dome, it was divided into four sections. And for each section, a huge set was created, which was ridiculously large both in height and width.

Among them, the front of the set, with dozens of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and full of flowers below, was even more spectacular.

Nearly 100 staff members, various cameras including several small jimmy zippers, audio equipment that I have never seen before, and nearly 50 back dancers who gathered in one corner to synchronize the choreography, etc. How do I explain this? Kang Woo-jin felt majestic when he saw the scene for the first time.

Is this a Hollywood music video scene?

He wasn’t awkward. The atmosphere of the filming set itself was similar to that of a movie or drama. However, the air was clearly different. Next, several foreign staff members joined Kang Woo-jin. Choi Seong-geon was called in and Woojin’s stylists were brought along.



Among dozens of back dancers doing choreography, a woman with blonde hair tied in a single line approached Kang Woo-jin. It was Miley Kara. The costumes are strong. A white tank top and loose jeans that showed off her stomach and shoulders. The jeans were torn to the point where Kara’s legs were hanging from her thighs. No, can I call those jeans?

Whatever it was, the exposure was significant.

Kara, who was attached to Woojin, smiled slightly.

“Welcome, this is my music video filming location.”

Her makeup was strange. It was thick, but it spread. Yes, she looks like a woman who cried all the way to the brink. The makeup was faithful to the music video concept. Still, she smelled the scent of Kara as she approached her closely. Woojin answered in low English, struggling to keep his heart pounding.

“That’s great, please take care of me.”

“I am.”

Later, Kara introduced Kang Woo-jin to many foreigners, starting with the music video director. The tone was a bit cold, but Kara looked excited. In the mood to introduce her favorite toy to her best friend?

‘What, isn’t the tension a bit high??”

A few dozen minutes later, after Kara had finished introducing her backing dancers, she moved into the set. It was a place with dozens of chandeliers and flowers on the floor, and in a corner there was a piano decorated with black flowers. Kara held her piano with both her hands.

“This is the piano that Woojin will play. Isn’t it pretty?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

“I came up with the whole concept. Can you give it a try?”

Mudunhan Woojin nodded her head. Since I had to play the piano during the music video shoot anyway, I just thought of it as a rehearsal.


Even as Woojin sat down on her piano chair, her mouth rolled up the sleeves of her hood up to her forearms. At the same time, not only KARA but also the back dancers and foreign staff at the music video filming set stared at Kang Woo-jin.

Everyone’s eyes were full of curiosity.

Is that Korean actor’s skills really good enough to appear in Kara’s music video? Kara made the decision, but everyone had some doubts.



As soon as Kang Woo-jin calmly started playing the piano.


Exclamations erupted from everywhere. Some staff members covered their mouths with both hands, and some back dancers right behind them opened their eyes or mouths slightly.


Of course, the piano melody that Woojin played was to be inserted into Kara’s new song, and Kara, her blue eyes filled with interest, smiled brighter than ever.

“It’s the best, as expected.”

Applause soon erupted on the set.

-Clap clap clap clap!!

Although he was quite embarrassed on the inside, there was no particular change in Kang Woo-jin’s expression. Kara raised her thumb and said to Woojin.

“Now, get your costume and makeup, and then do a cut rehearsal with me.”

Woojin nodded and walked following the guidance of the foreign staff. There were more than 5 outfits in total that he had to wear today. It starts with a tuxedo that you would only wear at a film festival. The fit seemed to have been discussed with Choi Seong-gun in advance. This tuxedo was Kang Woo-jin’s wedding outfit in the Sang music video, and Miley Kara is seriously obsessed with it.

From then on, the frantic ‘courtship’ begins.

‘I’m successful, really, Miley Cara is obsessed with me.

By the time Kang Woo-jin had finished checking the costumes, Kara, with her blonde hair tied in a single line, was once again matching the choreography with dozens of back dancers.

Kara’s new song rang loudly throughout the set.

Has it been about 5 minutes?

Miley Cara seemed satisfied and gave a thumbs up to her backing dancers. They felt comfortable, probably because they had been working together for a very long time, and because they were sweating a little, several staff members came running to Kara, who was standing in the center of the studio dome. To fix her makeup.

The blonde Kara closed her eyes without thinking.

At least 7 foreign staff members, running at high speed, arrived at Kara who had her eyes closed. Among them, the slightly chubby female staff member’s movements are strangely rough. The running speed was the fastest and so was the momentum. It felt like I was hitting Kara, not to fix my makeup.

This moment.


A short scream from another staff member next to the chubby female staff member. The reason was simple. Because what was in the hand of the chubby female staff member was not a makeup tool.

It was a knife, a short but sharp knife.

But the chubby female staff member did not slow down her running speed, and Kara, who did not notice her, still had her eyes closed. No, most of this massive studio dome didn’t notice. Thanks to the screaming staff, some are now expensive.

Lee was everything.

That’s because the scene was hectic in many ways, starting with the noise.

Soon, a chubby female staff member arrived right in front of Kara. Miley Kara slowly opened her eyes at her strange display of popularity.

Her blue eyes looked ahead of her.

Right in front of her was a woman running, smiling with madness in her eyes and blush on both cheeks. Holding her sword above her head. what? who are you?


In an instant, an article she had read a few days ago flashed through Kara’s mind.

『[Breaking News] Brad Willis is attacked by a knife-wielding assailant who breaks into his home!』


The buxom woman’s smile grew wider as she raised her sword high above her head. The makeup staff who ran with her tried to grab the chubby woman, but it wasn’t easy. Because it lacks speed and strength.

The plump woman’s dry lips were soft. English was spoken softly.

“Goodbye, Miley Kara.”


Kara The woman right in front of her slashed her sword down with all her might. It wasn’t clear whether her direction was Kara’s face, her shoulder, or her chest. Still, Kara’s entire body froze and she couldn’t even hear her voice come out.

At this time,


Suddenly, the plump woman’s body turned to one side and flew away.


The first thing Kara saw was her long legs. Next was Kang Woo-jin’s expressionless face, and it was Kang Woo-jin who kicked the woman’s side.


Woojin was rushing straight towards the woman holding the knife.

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I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor

I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor

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