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I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor Chapter 314

< Autumn (15) >

In fact, it was almost a coincidence that Kang Woo-jin first recognized the plump woman holding a knife. Woojin, who stood close to the entrance of the very large studio dome, wore a tuxedo, and was surrounded by her own team of stylists and foreign staff.

They were there to do his hair and makeup.

Until then, Kang Woo-jin didn’t think much of it. All I could do was solidify the quality of his concept and admire it internally.

‘Kk, how many people are there because of my makeup?? ‘If anyone sees me, they’ll think I’m a Hollywood star.’

Woojin’s stylist team had 5 people, and the foreign team had 7 people. After Kang Woo-jin’s makeup was finished, it was time for him to adjust his tuxedo. When Kara, who had been dancing with her back dancers until just before her, stood in the center of the dome, the foreign makeup teams around Woojin rushed to her.

Meanwhile, Kang Woo-jin confirmed it.


One of the foreign makeup team members, a chubby woman, is holding something strange in her hands. Of course, I saw it in a flash while glancing at them as they ran. Something with a silver glow.

It was a knife.

I don’t know when she took it out, but that chubby foreign woman clearly had a knife in her hand. For a moment, Kang Woo-jin narrowed his eyes as he watched them running.

‘Wait a minute, was he actually holding a knife??’

That woman was close to Kang Woo-jin until a few minutes ago. She wasn’t particularly impressive, but there was no knife in sight until now. what? Do you need a knife for makeup? Woojin was puzzled. Because none of his own teammates have ever used a sword.

‘It seems to be about the same size as excessive.’

Looking at the chubby woman who was about five steps away, Woojin couldn’t believe it. Yeah, there might be equipment in Hollywood that I don’t know about, right? You may have seen it wrong. However, Kang Woo-jin’s relief was turned 180 degrees.


It was the smile of a chubby woman running. From here on, Woojin did not hesitate even for a second.


Kang Woo-jin was running out of nowhere, and it didn’t matter what was triggered, whether it was ‘martial arts’ or ‘CQC’. All Woojin could see was a chubby woman running towards Miley Kara. The shouts of my teammates passed by from behind.

“Huh?! Oppa! Where are you going?!”

“Oppa Woojin!!”

Soon, the screams of a foreign staff member running with a chubby woman were mixed in.


Obviously, he must have checked that chubby woman’s knife.

‘F*ck! late!’

Kang Woo-jin, wearing a tuxedo, ran in a trance. Like a runaway locomotive. The entire studio dome was so bustling.

‘When it’s time to announce it, I’m the one who goes first!!’

Even if the incident was reported, the words might work, and for now, it was right for Kang Woo-jin to reach there first and control the situation. Because it is truly a sudden moment.

7 steps, 5 steps, 3 steps.

Before we knew it, the chubby woman with blonde hair was raising her sword, and Miley Kara, who was standing there, was only opening her eyes at this time. To Kang Woo-jin, who was running, it looked like it was in slow motion.

Thanks to the visual acuity and judgment, ‘CQC’.

Kang Woo-jin quickly finished his calculations. Subduing was subduing, but I had to get that woman away from Kara first. We’re almost there. Thanks to that, the chubby woman’s soft English caught Woojin’s ears.

“Goodbye, Miley Kara.”

It’s terrible.

Kang Woo-jin quickly falls in love with a woman. He lifted his legs. The place to hit is the side. You have to control your strength. If you kick it too far, the damage may spread to the wrong place. The staff around me. There is a reasonable distance to immediately subdue it while dropping it on Kara. Woojin relaxes his legs halfway.


The knife was about to hit Kara. The chubby woman let out a whine and fell down one step into the street. Woojin’s long legs brushed in front of Kara. Kara’s face moved to follow Woojin, her blue eyes widening.


A face that seems to be a combination of indifference and extremeness. However, Kang Woo-jin did not give Kara a single glance.


I took the next action immediately. A short, bold word while passing by Miley Kara.

“I know.”

And then he quickly closed the distance with the chubby woman lying two steps away. The woman wrinkled her face and moaned briefly.


Then, she clenched her molars and raised her head. Because she herself couldn’t understand the situation. Why did I fly away? A face I want. At the same time, Kara’s loud cry rang out,

“Here!! Here!!!”

It was only at this time that many people in the studio dome turned their gaze to Kara. Dozens of back dancers, staff, and even big guards.

“Kara? What is it, over there?”

“Hey, hey!! in action!”


Dozens of guards flinched and started running. It was fast compared to its massive body, and screams and screams began to sound here and there. The dome was instantly transformed into a space of fear. Full of embarrassment and bewilderment.

But only one.


Only Kang Woo-jin stands in front of the chubby woman lying down.


He was calm and cool. There was no tension in Woojin’s eyes as he looked down at the woman. The plump woman sat up on her feet, shaking her body slightly. Anger and madness filled her eyes. Because she sensed failure.

‘Damn it!! ‘I couldn’t stab Miley Cara!!!’

The woman rolled her eyes. If Kara didn’t do it, she had to stab anyone. Otherwise, I felt like I would go crazy. There is no time. Once the heavy guards running from there reach you, you can’t do anything. The problem was the Asian man standing right in front of me. I couldn’t move because of this damn b*stard. The distance is too close.

Soon, the woman’s thoughts and eyes changed.

“Okay, then you got stabbed!!!”

A chubby woman with evil lunges rushed at the Asian man, no, at the silent Kang Woo-jin. She dumped me, luckily, but I figured she must have stiffened up. You were embarrassed too, right? yes?

I picked the wrong opponent. That too for a while.

If possible, Woojin had no intention of touching the woman. That woman, no, you never know what she might do if she provokes a criminal. However, there is nothing you can do if you rush in like that. Honestly, subduing this woman is not a task for Kang Woo-jin.


Woojin lowered his gaze. The woman doesn’t know how to hold her sword. When she stabs herself like that, her own hands get more tattered than the other person’s. Do you know anything? The woman stabbed her knife straight at Kang Woo-jin. Woojin lightly dodged her sword and turned to her side. Woman holding her knife grabs her wrist. She hooked her legs as she pulled. The plump woman collapsed helplessly.



Kang Woo-jin did not let go of her woman’s wrist. A picture of a woman hanging from a chair was created. The woman let out her grotesque scream and tried to stand up, but she was grabbed by Woojin’s wrist and dragged in front of her. The woman’s face and abdomen were swept across her floor. Woojin lowered her wrist to the floor and crushed the woman’s hand with his foot.


A knife slipped out of the struggling woman’s hand. Woojin roughly kicked the knife. Suppression complete. No, can this be considered suppression? In some ways, the woman seemed to be dancing as Woojin had intended, and the expressionless Kang Woojin could only quietly look down at the trembling woman.

For a brief moment, Kara, who had seen a lot of things from her, covered her mouth with both hands.

‘……oh my god..

The strange thing about her is that she is only looking at Kang Woo-jin and her heart is beating violently. It was partly because of the previous incident, but half of it seemed to be because of Kang Woo-jin.

The noisy studio dome became slightly quiet.



Dozens of guards trapped the plump woman lying face down.


After the woman who attacked Kara was captured, the huge studio dome was a complete mess. About half of her hundred-person staff were watching her scream or yelling, and about half were watching Miley Cara. The same was true for dozens of members of Kara’s team.

First of all, take care of Miley Kara.

Jonathan, the main manager who was examining her physical and mental state, shouted to those around her.

“Did you call the police?! When are they coming?!”

Of course, most of the water got worse in the midst of the mud. Emotions. The dome was filled with people screaming and screaming. Meanwhile, Kara’s manager Jonathan and her staff visited Kang Woo-jin. He was standing near a plump woman with an indifferent expression on her face. Choi Seong-gun and Woojin’s teams were already pouring their worries over Kang Woojin, and dozens of staff members, including Jonathan, expressed their gratitude to Woojin.

Even that was hectic.

The staff seemed to have lost their soul. Well, if it wasn’t for Kang Woo-jin, she would have been in big trouble for Kara, so it was natural. On the contrary, Woojin was calm. No, he’s just pretending to be strong. On the outside he had a poker face, but on the inside he was intensely relieved.

‘Wow, I’m so glad! crazy real

It wasn’t that difficult to subdue a woman, but it wasn’t strange since such a ridiculous thing happened right in front of my eyes.

At the same time, he was a little embarrassed by Hollywood.

‘Do terrorist attacks really occur in Hollywood as if it were a daily occurrence??!’

What would have happened if I hadn’t noticed? Just imagining it made Woojin feel dizzy. Kang Woo-jin lowered his gaze. She saw a plump woman being pressed down by huge guards. The woman struggles while letting out her strange moans. Her mouth seemed to be slightly foaming. What’s creepy about her is that the woman glares at Miley Cara with her eyes filled with madness.

Kang Woo-jin curses internally.

‘Is he really a stranger?’

At this time, the large guards who were restraining the woman were glancing at Kang Woo-jin.

‘What was the movement earlier? It was quick and quick. There was no unnecessary movement.

‘It didn’t seem like a coincidence. Clearly, I learned something.’

‘Without a second of hesitation………you could have been in danger. Are you saying you had no worries about that at all?’

Of course, Miley Kara, surrounded by several staff, was also looking at Kang Woo-jin.


Why does my heart keep beating? It was a strange expression.

At this time,


LA police cars arrived in droves in front of Studio Dome. Woojin, who saw that scene, expressed pure sentiment. Of course, inside

‘Wow – this is like some kind of movie.’

About two hours later, inside a large van.

Among the numerous cars parked in the external parking lot in front of the filming studio dome, Miley Kara was sitting alone inside a particularly tall and large van.


The makeup was lightened and the blonde hair was undone. The expression is dark. No, should I say that Hyeonta has arrived? Her mood was a bit cold to begin with, but it became even darker. There are probably a lot of thoughts going around.

She was a little dazed, and the moment when she almost got attacked flashed through her mind.

She was that woman’s creepy laugh and voice, her knife that almost got stuck somewhere in her body, and herself, frozen and unable to do anything. It was a scene that became more dizzying the more it was replayed, and Kara, who was feeling a bit dizzy, closed her eyes.


Even if she had mental problems, it wouldn’t be strange to her at all. No matter how often these incidents occur throughout Hollywood, the difference between seeing them in an article and experiencing them in person was heaven and earth. Even if you take a break for a few months, no one will know

There is no one who can stop Ra.

But she was a professional.

‘Come to your senses, if you lose here, your memories will haunt you for the rest of your life.’

Miley Cara has been at the top of her game in Hollywood and as a singer for over a dozen years. Although this was the first time something like this had happened, Kara has grown and seen all of her stars. She persevered for a long time and climbed to the top. If it collapses here, everything will be in vain.

Go Kara decided.

‘I’m scared, but I have to hold on. ‘I have to overcome it.’

She has never been injured by the paparazzi, had an accident while filming, was stalked, or suffered from ridiculous gossip. But Kara kept her spirit strong and walked steadily.

This incident too shall pass.

It should just be dismissed as one of those disgusting incidents. Miley Cara closed her eyes and slowly lifted her eyelids. Her deep blue eyes are revealed. There was still anxiety, but it seemed to have calmed down to some extent. Kara took another long deep breath and

Controlled her tone.

At this time.

-Knock, knock.

The back door of the van opened and Kara’s main manager, Jonathan, with half-shaved hair, appeared. She could see the worry on his face as well.

“Kara, are you okay?”

Kara, now quite calm, nodded, running a hand through her blonde hair.


“I made an appointment with the psychiatrist I mentioned for tomorrow morning.”


“Thank you.”

“…I’m sorry, it’s my fault. I couldn’t stop it and I should have checked more carefully in advance.”

Big Jonathan blamed himself. However, Kara did not rebuke him,

“What’s wrong, it’s okay. It’s no one’s fault. Everything doesn’t have to fall apart because of that one woman. It just happened and we just have to be more careful in the future.”

Jonathan, who was standing outside the van, looked at Kara inside the car and suddenly turned his head towards her. Because I felt like I was popular. A black-haired man was approaching from the right. It was Kang Woo-jin. Since Kara had asked to talk, Jonathan obediently left.

I got out of the way.

of course.

“Mr. Kang Woo-jin.”

Jonathan extended his hand to Kang Woo-jin, who passed by, and expressed his sincere gratitude.

“thank you.”


Woojin held her hand with a silent expression and then moved into the van where Kara was.


As soon as the car door closed, there was silence inside for a moment.



It was Miley Kara who broke the silence and spoke first. She made eye contact with Kang Woo-jin, who remained silent, and recited earnestly.

“I’m in debt, and it’s a pretty big debt.”

< Autumn (15) > End

I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor

I Was Mistaken as a Monstrous Genius Actor

Score 9
Status: Ongoing Released: 2023
I, Kang Woojin, was quitting my design work and became a jobless person. The next day, my friend took me to auditions and I was forced to perform. I was given a script, void space appeared in my mind and forced me to relive the character. I got stabbed. Became a serial killer. Became an Exorcist. As I become an actor, the misunderstanding keeps growing day by day.


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