Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 108

Episode 108

[Class 《Dark Frost Assault Captain》 has been transferred to a high-ranking class: 《Laplace’s Barrier Master》!]

[High-ranking class acquired! The barrier attribute skill cards are all strengthened…..]

《House of Baskerville》

– Grade. Legendary

– Attribute – Blood Magic Shadow Barrier

– Ability

. You can overlay the Baskerville mansion and summon the hounds of hell.

. The effect of the skill increases depending on the user’s blood magic shadow barrier attribute

– Barrier synergy enhancement effect: Strengthens the Hounds of Hell into ‘Hounds of Tindalos’ Strengthens the durability of the barrier Hounds of

Blood and Shadows However, it is the Baskerville family’s mansion. It was not the dog from hell described in . Beyond the blood and shadows they covered, there were strange beings that could not even be called hunting dogs.

The Void Hounds are monsters from another world filled with indescribable hunger.

At that sight, a scream rang out from the shadows.

— Nyaaaaaaa! Get rid of these dogs!

“These days, even cats that get along well with dogs are being ignored. “Take care of yourself.”

While muttering that, I glanced around and saw hungry hounds licking their lips, scattering blood and darkness.

Leaving them behind, Yoosung raised his head peacefully.

“Why are you doing this? Just fight. “I’ll have some fun with you too.”

“Oh, no, that’s it…r

Before we knew it, the players who were drunk and fighting like they were going to kill each other started to hesitate in fear.

The hunting dogs were licking their lips, dripping saliva that was black and had a consistency similar to coal tar.

“Please forgive me, King of Heroes!”

“I was impressed to see you fighting the Nightmare Lord in the tower! So please…

“Hey, after seeing that, are you thinking about drinking and rolling around on the city streets by yourself?”

Yooseong was dumbfounded and walked towards the two people. Towards the two players who were trembling in fear.

“Are you going to use your skills so thoughtlessly and cause someone to die unexpectedly? Do you know that the people I

hate the most in the world are those who drink and cause trouble? These friends definitely have something in common. What is that? “After I got sober, my self was split in two.”

“I’m sorry! Really…

“Hmm, take a look at this. “Another self that has done nothing wrong has just awakened.”

“Please have mercy…

“At least one person was about to get caught in that lightning bolt, and I don’t know if they knew. What was the current and voltage? Looking at the skill, it’s a 2-star skill, so doesn’t it have conductivity enhancement attached?”

These are low-level players everywhere. These people feel no obligation or need to save the world, but simply enjoy the player’s powers and blessings to their heart’s content, and at the same time, live as they please without the guts to commit blatant evil deeds.

“It was really, really a mistake!”

“It just so happened…!”

“I’m so sorry to say it was a home mistake. “Anyway, there is only one way to be forgiven when you make a mistake while drinking.”

“Are you serious?!”

At Yooseong’s words, the two players’ expressions instantly turned bright red, and Yooseong continued.

“Anyway, do you guys know how to play baseball?”

“Oh no…

“Really? That’s a shame. “The last method just disappeared.”

“What on earth is that…

“Paying back with baseball.”

“You guys can’t play baseball. “Then that’s it.”

Yoosung continued speaking sarcastically as if it were someone else’s business.

“You roughly understood, right? From now on, kill each other.”

“Killing the Lord…”

“No, two players fighting each other in the outside world with skills means killing each other, then what? “No, did I force them to open a Coliseum and fight?”

Yoosung said. The void hounds he had under his command were dripping jet-black slime.

“What are you doing? “Fight.”

Nevertheless, both players hesitate and do not know what to do. I’m just so scared.

“Then let’s do it like this. “The new talent who fights and wins can live.”

Yooseong added while looking at that.

“The one who can’t win should be given dog food.”

– I want to eat it too.

Before I knew it, Goyang’s silhouette rose from the shadows and split the corner of his mouth with a grin.

As soon as they saw that, the two players clashed without even the slightest hesitation.

“It’s your fault you damn bastard!”

Lightning bolt without thinking. ……..

“He started the fight with his fist first…

“Die, you damn bastard…!”

“Hey, you just fight well. You fight well.

“Isn’t this an animal?”

– There really is nothing but animals.

“No, except me.”

Looking at that scene, Yoosung muttered as if it were someone else’s business. It was a fight that couldn’t even be called anything special. Nevertheless, I shook my head in bewilderment as I watched them desperately cursing and fighting each other.

After laughing, Yoosung just snapped his fingers.

Before we knew it, the Baskerville mansion that surrounded the area had collapsed, and it was now the center of the city where people gathered.

Before they knew it, the two swords forged by dark frost craftsmen were pointing their cold blades towards their uvula .

The actions of both players stopped.

“Don’t move!”

Before we knew it, the no-entry tape had been wrapped on all sides, and a heavily armed police squad was pointing guns from beyond the barricades.

You might be thinking what’s all the fuss about a fight between individual players, but that’s not really the case. Not everyone who has super powers is a hero. And when an unqualified person wields power indiscriminately, there is no need to even talk about the ripple effect and fear that such action will bring to society.

“Stop moving right now and get down on your knees!”

That’s why a warning sounded through a loudspeaker from beyond.

Abusely exercising a player’s power in a public place was a serious crime that could never be overlooked. Even though they were drunk, they forgot the gravity of the situation for a moment.

“Raise your arms and kneel now!”

For low-level players, guns are a threat. Therefore, the two players realized the situation late and knelt down.

“The King of Heroes there…

Also, Yooseong walked calmly, not caring even in the face of countless gunshots. I could feel the embarrassment of the police squad, which had even erected barricades and taken cover positions in the area.

In an emergency, if a player does not follow police control, it is not surprising if it results in immediate death, such as shooting.

“Please, please cooperate!”

But in front of him, even the barrage of bullets like a beehive would be meaningless.

“Why me? “I didn’t think it would be enough to give you a reward for holding two idiots back from causing an accident.”

“Oh, it’s nothing…

“Then let’s just look at what happened.”

“Good luck!”

With those words, Yoosung turned his back and an answer was heard through the loudspeaker. With those words, Yoosung leisurely passed through the police riot squad.

And that was right after.


A gunshot rang out.




A scream rang out among the people standing far away, and Yoosung also could not hide his embarrassment. He quickly turned his back and kicked the ground.

“What’s going on! Someone fired without permission…

Before I knew it, the two players who were supposed to surrender were hit by two bullets and died instantly.

The police mobile leader was embarrassed and raised his voice, but Yoosung answered.

“How many snipers have you deployed?”

“What are you saying?”

“How many snipers are stationed in the area?”

“Two two people…

“Where and where.”

As soon as he heard those words, Yoosung asked back without hesitation. And as soon as he heard the answer, Yooseong kicked the ground without any hesitation.

A faint sense of presence and living in high-rise shopping malls and buildings in the area.

A third sniper was there.

When I kicked down the doorway on the roof of the Kaang Building, there was a sniper there.

After finishing sniping, it waits calmly for the shooting star without even showing any signs of running away.

The night sky was dark and the night breeze was quite cool. The hem of the black surcoat was fluttering dizzyingly.

It wasn’t the players or anything else that was there. He was just an ordinary person. That’s why Yooseong took a deep breath.

“Why didn’t you run away?”

“You don’t ask why I killed him.”

“Ah, give me a reason for the player to die? There are so many that it wouldn’t be enough to flutter all night. So I’m not really curious and I don’t want to ask.”

Yoosung answered calmly.

“Okay, why didn’t you run away?”

“How could an ordinary person like me run away from a player?”

The man answered self-deprecatingly.

“Much less from the King of Heroes, the pinnacle of players.” “Then

why did you shoot because

you knew you wouldn’t be able to escape and would be caught ?”

“Because now is the only chance. “An ordinary person like me has a chance to kill a player.”

The man laughed self-deprecatingly.

“Wow, the world has gotten so much better. Even an ordinary person can successfully snipe from a long distance like this. “That’s two feet, too.”

“Do you have an obligation to answer?”

“Even if you don’t like it, you’ll want to blow it.”

“Oh, I guess so. “Because you probably have powers that ordinary people cannot imagine.”

“Then you should blow obediently.”

“I served as a sniper in the 077 Special Forces.”

“Aha, you’re not an ordinary person!”

the man said, paying no heed to Yoosung’s sarcasm.

“Have you seen the players active on the battlefield?”

“Oh my gosh. “I guess the world has seen a lot of my work?”

“Then you know they are not heroes or anything. No, in a sense, you could call him a hero.”

The man answered coldly.

“War Hero.”

“I saw a person walking leisurely, alive and well, despite the annihilation of his unit and the fire of all kinds of weapons. “I saw him destroy an armored car and a tank with just one body, and walk as if walking through a hail of bullets while holding the hilt of a sword.”

“Please don’t explain it in a boring way, but give me a 3-line summary.”

“They’re monsters.”

said the man.

“All of you players.”

“Aha, did you just want to say that and wait without running away? “I’m so saddened by being called a monster by criminals that I don’t know what to do.”

At that moment, the man threw himself towards the bottom of the ground that stretched out behind him.

Just when he thought he had thrown himself away, Yoosung grabbed him. However, he could not help even the pharmacological action of the poison he had finished taking early.

He was an extremely grotesque criminal with no clue whatsoever.

Not long after that, players began to be killed one after another by firearms, making news.

They killed players by sniping with poison in their mouths, and all of them claimed that they served as snipers in the 077 Special Forces.

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