Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 110

Episode 110

11 Tier Hard Level Tower The ruined city of Seoul was spread out there.

“What happened here?”

Yooseong asked back, heedless of the Slayers’ threats. The Mistress and the two players guarding her silently went into a state of alert, and one of the Slayers responded coldly.

“There was a war.”


Before I knew it, I was aiming a double-barreled gun from inside the hem of my coat.

It was only after I understood the bitter hatred contained in that voice that I was finally able to realize it. That Slayer was one of the targets Yoosung had to chase after.

“Aha, you guys here are the heroes from the 077 Special Lease Team who became Slayers.”

“Accept the warning and retreat, King of Heroes. This is your world, our home, and the work we are doing for our country.”

“why me?”

“It’s to prevent the world from being destroyed by you monster players.”

“Why are we blaming others for what we did? “Does the game you like start with 1 letter?”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders at the Slayer’s words, and then sharpened his dark frost blade and asked coldly.

“I will ask again. “Why did you use the bodies of innocent people to kill players?”

“Because they are monsters who are threatening our world and our country.”

“Can that even justify the sacrifice of innocent people?”

“It was an inevitable sacrifice.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Yooseong mocked coldly and glanced around.

077 One of the worlds in the tower used as a hideout by slayers from the Special Lease Team. It was a street full of ashes, filled with all kinds of ruins, as if looking at a world after destruction.

After quickly assessing the situation, Yooseong kicked the ground without hesitation.

Without any hesitation towards the Slayers there.

It was exactly at the same time.


Sniper bullets rained down from all directions. The special forces and Slayers of the 077 Special Forces rushed to the ground all at once, and at the same time, their double barrels spewed out flames. It was Slugshot.

Still, nothing changed.


The balls of steel that were meant to be struck were momentarily blocked by the blades of dark frost. The rain of sniper rifle bullets was no exception.

The shooting star walked through the bullets raining down from all directions. Seeing that scene, the Slayer raised his voice.

“Look around you at all the ruins and ashes! This world has been destroyed by monsters! The same goes for our hometown. Vampires, witches, werewolves, body snatchers, and other countless monsters are hiding among the flock of sheep, destroying and threatening the human world! The same goes for players!”

“No, that’s why you’re using the bodies of innocent people to harass innocent players?”

“An inevitable sacrifice…!”

“Fuck you.”


Before a single Slayer had time to finish speaking, intangible assassins controlling them with swordsmanship rushed in.

Blades of dark frost were scattered in all directions, and at the same time, the flesh and bones were momentarily broken like radish radish. And Yooseong let out a cold sigh.

“There is no such thing as ‘inevitable sacrifice’ in the world. “There is only slaughter that can be avoided.”

Bang bang!

Immediately after, bullets rained down from all directions. But nothing changed. As the ghost of the 077 Special Rental Team once said, he held the hilt of a sword and took a step forward as if taking a walk in a hail of bullets.

“Don’t you know best…I Players, they are the real monsters who are turning this world into hell!”

And one of the Slayers raised his anger.

“Hmm, I guess you haven’t fully grasped the situation yet.”

That’s why Yooseong adjusted the hilt of his sword and muttered coldly.

“Now you too have become monsters who are turning the world into hell. Nietzsche said, be careful not to end up like a monster while fighting a monster. “Don’t you feel something every time you look in the mirror in the bathroom in the morning?”

“How dare you say something about us…!”

The Slayer dropped the double barrel he was holding, kicked the ground, and grabbed the knife. After easily deflecting the knife, Yoosung swung the dark frost blade he was holding in his hand.

Despite the added correction of the 11 tier hard top, nothing changed.

Higher class 《Laplace’s Barrier》.

And one of the three barrier skills possessed by Yoosung, House of Baskerville, was revealed.

At the end of the 19th century, human cats of blood and shadow appeared right there in a Victorian mansion.

It wasn’t even a hellhound. They were literally hounds of the void.

The hungry hounds of the void opened their mouths to the Slayers and the dead of the 077 Special Lease.

It was right then.

“I received the call of my country with indomitable courage!”

One of the slayers raised his voice and began to sing.

077 It was a military song (W) from the special lease unit.

“I will fight for justice even if I hide my face!”

“Give strength to one hundred warriors, O fatherland!”

“We will be willing to fight in hell to protect our motherland!”

The Slayers there sang in unison and began to fight with guns and swords. Seeing that, Yooseong and Jimag frowned.

At the same time, another ability was added within the barrier created by the House of Baskerville.

mythology . The world of Laplace, a unique barrier skill.

Laplace’s Demon An omniscient devil in a thought experiment who can understand everything that will happen in the past, present, and future by understanding 100% of the physical laws of this world.

That power began to dissect the existence of the Slayers there one by one.

During Season 1’s “End of Peace,” the tower collapsed and the 077 Special Team was seen fighting monsters pouring out of the gate. Colonel Baek, who was commanding them, solemnly raised his voice.

Judging from what has happened so far, if this gate is not blocked, the monsters that will pour out from here will destroy the entire Seoul city. Therefore, in order to minimize damage, we will go through the gate ahead and attack the enemies.

These were the images of real heroes that Yoosung also remembers.

In fact, as soon as they entered the gate, the gate disappeared. At the same time, their existence also disappeared from this world.

And after they disappeared beyond the gate, the battlefields they experienced while endlessly moving around the world inside the tower were unfolding there.

Furthermore, I realized that thanks to their sacrifice, Seoul and Yoo Seong, who was just an ‘ordinary person’ at the time, were safe.

“Oh, it’s sick…

My head hurt like it was going to explode. Before he knew it, his nose was bleeding and Yoosung finally raised his head, moving his finger over his lips.

It was right then.

[“Oh, the rats were hiding here.”]

A message came to mind.

Immediately after, silhouettes appeared one after another without notice within the barrier erected by the shooting star.


“Where is the disgusting smell of rat blood coming from?”]

[Tower’s forces: 《blood relatives》 are participating in the battlefield!]


As soon as the Slayer and soldier of the 077 Special Forces

started swearing, men and women in suits were there.

“I’m here to help. King of heroes and comrade of blood, bound by a blood pact.”

“You came to help?”

“To our blood relatives, the Slayer is like a mosquito. “If you don’t catch them quickly every time you see them, they will literally swarm like bugs.”

Lord Mikhail was nowhere to be seen. However, a man in a suit smiled coldly, revealing his molars.

“Can’t you see that we are having a friendly conversation right now?”


Without even having time to continue speaking, the muzzle of one of the Slayers fired fire again. Nevertheless, the blood relatives rushed to the ground and their flesh and bones turned into hundreds of bats.

Soon, bats appeared among the Slayers from the 077 Special Lease Team, swinging their sharp, blood-red nails like pitchforks.


“The King of Heroes…

And the expression on one of his blood relatives turned pale in front of that sword. Even if he wasn’t, his pale expression became as white as flour.

“How dare you make a blood pact and betray your own people…!”

It was not their knives that protected the Slayer against the claws of his blood relatives.

They were intangible assassins wielded by the King of Heroes through swordsmanship.

“Who would stab you in the back?”

It was Yooseong’s actions, as he should have done as a comrade of the clan who wielded the divine protection “Body of a High-ranking Vampire” and was using their blood magic.

“We have something to talk about between ourselves, so get out of the way.”

“How dare you…

“According to the blood oath, player Kang Yoo-seong’s claim is correct. “Watch your manners, my children.”]

[The Blood Lord warns the faction: blood relatives.]

“Understood? “Get out of the way, I have something to tell you.”

Yooseong sneered, and men and women in suits looked at him coldly. However, soon the bodies of the blood relatives turned into bats and flew away, and the Baskervilles’ mansion also collapsed along with them.

“Now I can have a proper conversation.”

The King of Heroes spoke to the Slayers who were closing the barrier and watching out for the shooting star. “Now

do you

believe that I didn’t come to harass you, but to talk to you ?”

“I saved your lives from your vampire friends, so would you like to talk about it and repay your debt?”

Yoosung said.

“No matter what you are doing now, I am also one of the people who owe you my life.”

The Slayers and members of the 077 Special Lease looked at each other for a moment and fell silent.

“…Follow me. “But I can’t let you go

with that woman .”

“Oh, please do that.”

Mistress also did not deny Yooseong’s words and only shrugged her shoulders.

At the same time, Mistress turned her back without any hesitation.

“Where are you going?”

“I am only carrying out my duties as a subject of the King, just as our King carries out his duties.”

Mistress smiled and turned her back. But I had no intention of stopping her otherwise.

—There was no such thing as vampires or blood relatives from the beginning.

I just knew that vampires and slayers were usually at a loss because they couldn’t eat each other, and I thought they would be no exception.

Therefore, it was there that ‘Mistress’ finally unleashed her power.

A lie so elaborate that it cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

The lies she spreads as a player are not just simple tricks.

And by using the power of that lie, he gained the trust of the Slayers.

The stage the two performed on the spot, without even having to plan, was so elaborately put together.

In a sense, the two were the same people who understood each other’s methods best, so

the Slayers and members of the 077 Special Lease crossed the ruins of the city, and before long, their hideout was revealed.

It was truly a shabby place, like an enemy trench during wartime.

“I’ll ask again.”

Looking at them, Yoosung opened his mouth again.

“What happened?”

“A lot of things happened.”

One slayer was silent and a voice was heard from inside the hideout.

“In the world of the tower, I grabbed a gun, faced the players, and walked through an unfathomable battlefield to protect people I didn’t even know.”


The male colonel stood up, paying no heed to his subordinate’s embarrassment.

“…Colonel Baek Gyeong-oh?”

“That’s right.”

“You sacrificed innocent people to gain influence over our world and killed the players?”

“okay. “It was my doing.”

“Why did you do that?”

“I know it is unforgivable. But…

I didn’t even have to imagine what would come next. I just hoped that those words wouldn’t come out.

Nevertheless, it did not exceed expectations.

“It was an inevitable and necessary evil.”

Colonel Baek Gyeong-oh said bitterly.

Just as this world and this universe cannot be sustained without evil.

“Just eat some shit.”

That’s why Yooseong swore without any hesitation.

“Because it is better for a world that cannot help but be supported by evil to just be destroyed.”

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