Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 112

Episode 112

Since they have been reborn as a member of the Tower, they cannot be killed using normal methods.

And the hunters’ organization ‘Slayer’ accepted Colonel Baek and the soldiers of the 077 Special Forces as part of their force. That’s why I knew that killing them in the tower wasn’t the end.

However, the 077 Special Lease Unit, which has become a force in the tower, has appeared directly in the ‘outside world’. It was an unprecedented situation that even Yooseong could not hide his astonishment.

how? I didn’t even have to think.

“Ha damn.”

Up there, the laughter of the monarchs was echoing endlessly. As if in response to the longing of monarchs who are always looking for new stages and entertainment, a new stage has opened.

[Part of the outside world is temporarily exposed to the ‘influence within the tower’!]

[The name of the tower has been changed to ‘Slayer vs. Player (Tier 11 Hard)’!]

[Force: Slayer (formerly a member of the 077 Special Lease Team) In the world inside the tower…]

[Force: Blood relatives…]

Just now in the outside world… …the boundary between reality and the tower has collapsed.

Although it was only a small portion and was temporary, it was not a weightless meteor.

And that time.

The city of Seoul where Colonel Baek and the 077 Special Forces disappeared beyond the gate and a memorial statue has been erected to honor their patriotic spirit.

“Please tell me what was beyond the gate!”

“Are you really Lieutenant General Baek Kyung-oh, or rather Colonel?! “How did you come back safely!”

“By any chance is the outfit you’re wearing right now a player’s gear?! Please tell us how you have been able to survive so far in the world inside the tower beyond the gate…

“At that time, after rushing through the gate, Colonel Baek Gyeong-oh was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Army…”

All black in front of the endless crowd of reporters. There was a 077 special unit with uniforms. Instead of wearing the black uniform typical of counter-terrorism units, they wore a hunter’s hat and a black coat that would have been appropriate for the Victorian era.

“A lot of things happened.”

Commanding their troops, Colonel Baek Gyeong-oh…or rather, Lieutenant General, opened his mouth.

“More specifically…

“It was a war.”

War. After saying that, Lieutenant General Baek continued calmly.

“My men and I were taken to a world we didn’t know about and forced to hold guns. “Even if he died, he could not die, but was resurrected endlessly, and was taken to the battlefield again.”

At Lieutenant General Baek’s words, the sound of people holding their breath could be heard everywhere.

“And that day too, I was dragged into the world inside the tower… and picked up a gun to protect a village in the jungle. There, innocent people were trembling in front of external invaders, and they expressed their gratitude by looking up to our unit, which was supposed to protect them, like a guardian.”

“The group of invaders called us ‘mobs armed with guns’ and slaughtered our troops by unleashing supernatural powers and magic that we could not understand with our common sense. Then they plundered the village, set it on fire, and massacred the people there, regardless of gender or age. From then on… the real hell began.”

Real hell.

“The entire unit fought and fought across countless worlds against the invaders. Even if the fire magic fell like a bomb and my body exploded without even a shape, even if I turned into a beehive from the rain of magic bullets, I held the gun every time, vowing to protect the next world and people.”

The specter of war was there.

“To protect the weak who rely on our unit and their village world. But it meant nothing in front of those monsters. “I could not help but watch helplessly as they were unable to protect anything and were brutally slaughtered at the hands of monsters.”

“Please explain the monster in detail!”

“They were beings walking through a hail of bullets, holding a sword hilt.”

Lieutenant General Baek Kyung-oh sneered coldly.

“They are monsters who do not even treat us as human beings, and who carelessly massacre and cackle at the people of the world we sacrificed their lives to protect. Yes, just like playing a game.”

“And I think that’s what they call those monsters and war criminals in this world.”

In the chilly silence, Lieutenant General Baek Kyung-oh spoke quietly.

“Player and hero.”

However, there was no such thing as Lieutenant General Baek Kyung-oh’s story being broadcast live on reporters’ cameras.

“–Ah, microphone test. Can you hear

me? Oh well, honestly, it’s probably good. There will be an advertisement for the King of Heroes t-shirt from now on, so you should pay attention. what? Stop because you don’t want to see it? “Oh my god, the hero king and the fire truck don’t stop at the red light.”

Rather, the displays that were supposed to contain their images were forcibly illuminating one stage.

He was the king of players and heroes.

“Oh, by the way, I saw the news. It is truly a happy occasion to hear that the heroes of our 077 Special Lease Unit, who personally prevented the Gate disaster in the past, have returned. However, these days, it is common for players to get shot and die unexpectedly without even realizing it. Who did that? Ah yes…

And the King of Heroes spoke.

“It’s the work of terrorists over there.” With those words, the stage was set.

But it didn’t end there. The reporters began trampling and destroying cameras and various filming equipment with their own hands, as if they were in a state of intoxication. As if hiding a truth that cannot be revealed to the world.

She was a master of trickery, lies, and mental manipulation, and was also the power of ‘Mistress’, a plaything with the name of a hero.

“Didn’t you say that it would be better to just destroy a world that can only be supported by evil?”

That’s why Lieutenant General Baek Kyung-oh raised his head in mockery.

“You, King of Heroes, ended up fighting monsters and became one too.”

They are hiding the truth, deceiving people, manipulating their memories, and disguising a false sense of peace. This world, which seemed so precarious as to collapse at any moment, had been maintained that way from the beginning.

“Oh, you have to speak clearly. I am not a villain. “That lady over there is a villain.”

Saying that, Yoosung calmly pointed his finger at Miss Tris. For a moment, Mistress fell silent with a bewildered expression on her face and responded with a smile.

“Yes, he is a villain who will one day confess his sins to our king and fall.”

“This is absurd.”

Lieutenant General Baek mocked him, and the Slayers under him, led by him, adjusted their weapons.

[Force: The Slayer’s armament and combat power will be greatly strengthened!]

A message appeared immediately afterward. And when I was killed in their hideout early on, I realized that it was never their strength.

He died on purpose. As always, a new battlefield will await them, and the monarchs’ desire for a new stage will lead them to the ‘home stage’.

Therefore, the true power of the former 077 Special Lease Slayers, forged in countless eons of battle, was revealed.

“We are warriors, stand or die.”

“I solemnly swear that I will hunt down every last monster that threatens the human world.”

The power of the tower The power of a hunter who has been reborn as a truly immortal being.

Slayer vs. Player The top of Tier 11 A Hard has finally opened up to its name.

“Unfortunately, the portal does not open because the Seoul area is under ‘influence in the tower.’”

“No, then let the idiots here solve it? “Aha, I was shaking and an idea occurred to me.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered Mistress’s words.

“Ah, my little bastards, I’ll give you 5 seconds so you can just jump out. 5 seconds 1 second.”

And before I knew it, the beggars that had been lurking in the area began to move.

Shin Sayer, one of the heroes whose true intentions are unknown, was there. A player who cooperates with Yoosung regardless of what happened that day.

Furthermore, there are high-ranking players from the association, fire chicken chefs, and players from the assassination department of the National Intelligence Service.

“Assemble the Hero King and the Beggars.”

The King of Heroes, led by an army of players, raised his head.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it once saved this country, but towards the Slayers’ unit, who were heroes of national defense who were now reborn as the ghosts of war.

The units clashed and the war began. For what? For justice.

“We are crying out for justice, and they are crying out for justice. So which one is justice? “Justice is not even the name of someone’s dog.”

That’s why Yooseong sarcastically said it was someone else’s business.

“When I think about it, it seems like there is a lot in common between God and justice. “What’s the same?”

Before you know it, she has taken control of the entire area through the power of the Mistress, and is unfolding her abilities without making a single addition or subtraction in an empty city where not a single person can be found.

“Both dogs and cows are under the illusion that they have it.”

【Deck page 1 —《Laplace’s Barrier》】 Barrier synergy 1 Laplace’s World Dance

of Death House of Baskerville

Glacier synergy 1 Dark Frost Craftsman Death Frost Army

synergy not applied 1 Heavenly Demon Descent. Jin-eo Swordsmanship .Heart

Weapons and Armor 一 No weapons 《Horsecoat with Lost Cross “Baptism of Darkness”》

Artifact 一《Frozen Heart(Provides Glacier Synergy when equipped)

Yooseong snapped his fingers, and other than the players he has. The army of the dead began to rise. Right here in downtown Seoul.

Needless to say, they were not medieval knights armed with swords and shields.

Likewise, there were soldiers holding guns. Once upon a time, the world became a game, and the spirits of the patriots who died to protect their country were being revived from the dead.

And then the dance of death was overlaid on top of it, and the immortal unit finally began to pull the trigger.

A gunshot rang out, and the darkness and cold frost on their flesh and bones were scattered along the bullets.

In the case of the wide-area barrier skill that is devouring countless people in the city area, the effectiveness of the skill itself is bound to decrease in proportion to its scale.

However, for now, it was the perfect skill to build the Colosseum.

Even if the performance has to be compromised to some extent.

“Ah, the world suddenly becomes dark and monsters come out, so your legs are shaking, aren’t they? Don’t worry, you bastards. “Because it’s not a villain, it’s my skill.”

Meteor raised his voice towards the players there. Like a king with his men.

When they realized that the unrivaled pinnacle of players and the rare psycho was truly ‘fighting for them’, the players’ morale began to skyrocket.

A truly unquestionable war has begun.

It is a triple barrier developed by Laplace’s barrier master and a death match that cannot be escaped until one person dies in the battlefield.

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