Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 134


A myth and a unique skill, Cheonmagang Rim. Jin(ft).

The sword demon resided in Yooseong’s body, and an intangible vortex began to swirl beneath his feet.

The expressions of the slayers were frozen cold, and the vampires and humans could not hide their bewilderment at the power of the meteors scattering within the barrier.

“Oh, Blood Apostle…

“This is the power of the great Blood God…!” Therefore, the vampires raised their voices in front of Yoosung’s activities, and it did not take long for the situation to turn around.

“No, this isn’t yours… I thought about it and thought, ‘What do you think?’”

In front of their cheers, Yoosung tried to speak, but then closed his mouth. That’s why I adjusted the hilt of the sword and turned my head.

Slayers forged with the power of fire and light.

In response, a player wearing the body of a high-ranking vampire and the suit of a vampire lord kicked the ground.

The army of death frost in the barrier he overlaid, along with the three void hounds.

“One of the 99 Slayers, who literally had the appearance of a monster,

tried to mock him in front of him. But the fire and light that forged him passed away so fleetingly.

The dark frost blade held in Meteor’s hand slaughtered the body of a Slayer, and no one realized anything more.


There is no time to even realize it. It was faster than I thought, faster than words or sound.

Ilchosik Island (鑛) of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords.

And then another herbivorous meal unfolded.


The fire and light that forged the Slayers fleetingly shattered the leather coats, hunter hats, firearms, and other weapons they wore.

It was literal annihilation.

《Descent of the Heavenly Demon. Jin (M)》

– Ability

. The divinity and inaction of the Heavenly Demon can temporarily descend upon the body.


. When activating Heavenly Demon Descent, the weapon effect of Dokgogu Sword (9 hits per 1 attack) can be applied. (New!)

. ???

One of the abilities contained in the skill of Advent of the Heavenly Demon is the passive effect of the mythic grade weapon ‘Dokgo Gugeom’.

1 attack and 9 hits.

Moreover, the same was true for the five swords of the incorporeal swordsmen that Yooseong was controlling with his swordsmanship.


The two herbivorous islands and destruction of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords.

108 sword strikes struck in a split second literally annihilated the Slayers there.

“Oh my, that’s so easy! “In case anyone said it was a bad game, the power balance was completely messed up!” “


I just swung the two herbivorous swords of the Three Swords of the Heavenly Demon. Nevertheless, the opponent that Yoosung had to face in this battlefield, the ‘Slayer’, a force over which the Lords of Fire and Light exercised influence, was unilaterally annihilated.

Except for one leader of the Slayers.

Even Yoosung, who was pretending to be carefree, couldn’t hide his shock.

Moreover, the monarchs who were watching this tower from their thrones were no exception.

[Innumerable monarchs are astonished as they recall the nightmare of 《Monarch Slayer》!]

“Hehe, I too am so afraid of my own strength.”

That’s why I answered without hiding it. Because there was no need to hide it.

“Now then, do you have anything to say before you cancel your Samdocheon Express ticket?”

Yooseong adjusted the hilt of his sword and said. Before he knew it, he had five dark frost blades and intangible swordsmen revolving around him.

“Ashes to ashes…

The leader of the Slayers spoke and before he even had time to finish speaking, Meteor’s sword was swung. It was right then.

[Warning: Master Slayer is participating!]


The sword that was supposed to be swung at him was blocked with a message.

It was the blade of a bayonet.

It is not a type of sword attached to the barrel of a gun (bayonet), but is closer to a sword as it would appear in creative works such as games.

Nevertheless, it was literally a bayonet, with the hilt shaped like a revolver and fused with the blade.

Immediately after, the effect of Dokgogu Sword was activated from Yoo Seong’s sword, and eight shadow swordsmen kicked the ground.

Therefore, with the bayonet and the blade of the dark frost sword clashing, the Master Slayer pulled the trigger and bit himself.


fire and light scattered, and a barrage of bullets in an unprecedented form began to rain down.


Therefore, Yoosung, who was planning to deflect the bullet with his sword technique, belatedly bit back and avoided the barrage of bullets.

The Slayer also easily evaded the shadows of the Dokgogu Sword that were swung from Yoo Seong’s sword.

The distance widened.

The shadow beneath the hunter’s hat is dark. Nevertheless, I was able to feel it intuitively when I saw the very familiar blonde hair.

Once upon a time, when the Clown Lord exercised his influence on the tower and a chaos of countless forces broke out….

A slayer who did not hide his overt hostility towards Lord Mikhail, the head of the clan.

‘It’s truly pitiful, my lovely younger brother.’

And she remembered what Mikhail said when he mocked her.

At the same time, I clearly remembered the message when she appeared.

Master Slayer.

“Oh, it’s an honor to see you again. And I have one thing to tell you. I also really like your brother…

That’s why Yoosung opened his mouth during the confrontation. No, I tried to open my mouth.

Faster than that, ‘Master Slayer’ kicked the ground.


closed the distance and her bayonet

swung with fire.

A clash between two strong powers. Nevertheless, Yooseong still had intangible swordsmen orbiting around him.

That’s why the sword clashes with the sword, creating the sword technique. Five dark frost blades controlled by the core struck down.


– Grade .Hero Awakening

– Attribute . Steel

– Ability

. By infusing flame into the sword, you can control it freely.

. Up to five ‘Keywords: Shingeomhapil’ can be

given to swords controlled through the sword technique. The swords themselves that can be controlled through the sword technique are not difficult to handle, up to a dozen or up to hundreds of swords. Rather than being a sword that can be wielded to unfold Laplace’s world, it can literally be scattered like flower petals at the particle level.

However, Laplace’s world, which is subject to the constraints of the machine lord, cannot be used arbitrarily.

Therefore, in the current situation, the number of swords that can be controlled with precision no different from one’s own body is up to five.

In other words, excluding the sword in your hand, the number of swords that can be affected by the effect of Dokgogu Sword is also five.

In fact, it would be impossible to strike such a powerful person by creating swords at random.

That’s why Yoo Seong and the five swordsmen swung the sword of dark frost in his hand.

At the same time, the Heavenly Demon’s inaction that resided in each sword began to disperse under the effect of the Dokgogu Sword.


A sword of extreme exhilaration that can be swung faster than type, words, or sound.

Every time the dark frost sword was swung, countless sword shadows were created, and a total of 54 swords fell towards the Master Slayer.


It was inevitable.

No matter how strong she is, she will not be able to help even the sword demon that makes even monarchs tremble with fear.

It should have been so.

The Master Slayer’s torn body turned into ashes and flew away.

And the ashes that were supposed to fall formed a new ‘pile of ashes’ and regained their shape by taking the shape of a person.

“Ashes to ashes,”

Master Slayer finally opened his mouth coldly.

“Can you understand what that means? “You monster who abandoned being human.”

“As expected, you’re an old monster, so your advice is really unique.”

Yoosung ignored her words calmly.

It was right then.

Something started flying around the area.

It was ashes.

Before I knew it, countless piles of ashes were swirling around the Master Slayer like a sandstorm.

“That’s right.”

That’s why the woman answered.

“Ashes that cannot return to ashes

are ultimately nothing more than monsters.”

At the same time, the ash swirling around her took shape again. They were the Slayers who had once fallen before the sword of the meteor.

“Oh, is that so?”

However, in front of that scene, Yoosung calmly asked back.

“Do you really want to return to ashes and don’t know what to do?”

“That’s right.”

She said.

“Ah, then I happen to know a special medicine that works directly on things that can’t die.”

Immediately after, the dark frost swords orbiting around the meteor disappeared all at once. “

Do you really think you can

break our curse ?”

“Is there any reason why I can’t quit?”

There was only one sword in his hand.

Master Slayer looked at the shooting star in silence.

The same was true for the Slayers following her.

Not even resisting, as if waiting for his sword.

That’s why Yooseong focused his consciousness.

Something that needs to be cut down.

I once traced the thoughts and experiences that the Heavenly Demon had as an absolute being of meaninglessness. Things that become meaningless before his sword lose their meaning and fade away, engraved on his body.

An unknown emptiness came over me.

A strange feeling, as if even one’s own existence is gradually being worn away as wear and tear continues.

Nevertheless, there was something there that needed to be cut with the sword of meaninglessness.

Defeat enemies, conquer towers, and protect the world. That was Yoosung’s job. For him, the game has always been about winning, and now will be no different.

The nameless sword, the last sword of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords, was swung. No, I tried to swing it.


It was right then.

The sound of metal echoed.

It was the sound of swords clashing and resonating in front of him, a sword of meaninglessness that nothing could block, and even all meaning had to be lost and destroyed.

To what?


Immediately after, the swords clashed and an indescribable shock wave engulfed the entire area.


It was a storm of power that seemed to engulf all of the vampires and humans who were fighting endlessly against the barrier overlaid by the meteor.

As if two hands were clapping together and making a clapping sound, there was another sword there blocking the meaningless sword.

“How dare this bastard…

[Force: Blood relatives are joining the war!]

The message appeared in a synchronized manner. By the time the message came to mind, he had already struck back with Yoo Seong’s sword.

The head of the clan, the blond-haired kid…

Lord Mikhail was swinging the ‘Blood Sword’ to counter Yoo Seong’s sword.

The last sword of the Heavenly Demon’s Three Swords and the nameless Chosik. A sword of nihilism that can dismantle all nihilism and return it to nihilism.

I had to swing it. All meaning before it had to be dismantled and returned to nothingness.

But I couldn’t swing it. It couldn’t be dismantled.

It was the same as before when the sword was swung towards a shooting star.

Something that does not lose meaning and does not collapse even in front of the sword of the Absolute Meaningless One.

I was able to read the emotions as they clashed their swords.

“I heard that siblings become friends by fighting.”

That’s why Yooseong muttered as if it were someone else’s business and focused his attention on the sword he was holding in his hand.

“How dare you kill my sister…!”

Lord Mikhail also did not withdraw his bloody sword and raised his voice, overcome by feelings of hatred. The man who never lost his composure and showed composure became a monster spewing indescribable blood and darkness.

At one point, his younger sister, the ‘Master Slayer’, was looking behind him with an indescribable expression on his face.

There was no need to read the emotions felt through the sword.

No, I didn’t want to read it.

Vampire and Slayer The memory and meaning of a brother and sister biting each other as if they were going to die.


Every time the memories flowed in through the sword, it was so painful that even Yooseong felt like he was going to lose consciousness.

The pain and fear of losing a loved one

consumed Yooseong.

Furthermore, I was able to realize that the form of the emotion was strangely familiar.

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