Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 135

Episode 135

《Descent of the Heavenly Demon. Jin (R)》

– Ability


. When you clash swords with a strong person, you can absorb some of the target’s experiences and memories.

“How dare you kill my sister…!”

Lord Mikhail’s emotions flowed from sword to sword.

The pain of breaking up with someone you love, the pain of having no choice but to break up.

The familiar emotion felt from Mikhail’s blood-red sword was one that Yoosung could not have been unaware of.

I remembered that morning when the world became a game.

That morning, like any other high school student, I left home with my mother nagging me. When asked to come home and have dinner, he bluntly said, ‘I’ll eat it on my own’ and turned away.

That was the last sight of his loved ones that Yoosung remembered.

There was no chance of coming home from that hellish day. Because I was desperate to even survive by hiding behind the back of the pot-bellied fisherman.

Why couldn’t I have spoken a little more kindly back then? Why couldn’t I have treated him a little more kindly earlier?

No matter how much I regretted, it was useless.

—Rod Mikhail was the same way.

He also had a loving family. And he had a ‘chance’. I was willing to do anything to save my beloved family and not be separated from them.

That’s why I willingly became a monster.

To protect my beloved sister. Even if she never understands that fact, I don’t care.

That was the only meaning that supported Mikhail’s existence, and it was something that did not disappear even in the face of the ‘sword of meaninglessness’ swung in the hand of the shooting star.

How can I cut through this feeling? There was no way I could cut it. Because it was something that even the person holding the sword of nothingness could not shake off.

That was it.

When I once cut down the ‘Immortal Great Emperor’ with this sword of nothingness, it was not that difficult to cut off his obsession with eternal life. To Yoosung, things like eternal life were as meaningless as trash rolling around on the side of the road.

But this wasn’t the case.

It was impossible to truly become the ‘absolute beauty of nothingness’ like the Sword Demon God Cheonma.

“I could tolerate any disrespect you showed me in the world of the King of Heroes Tower.”

That’s why Rod Mikhail let out a cold sigh as they clashed their blood-red swords.

“But I never would have guessed that you would have been so rude and foolish as to swing a sword at my sister…!”

Without any composure or composure, he was spreading blood and dark ghost energy with all his might until now in front of Yooseong.

“Why are you taking out your anger on me? “At first glance, my brother’s affection seemed quite burdensome, so I tried to help.”

It was a sword that could never let one’s guard down, even in the current situation where the Heavenly Demon’s inaction reigned.

It was right then.


sound rang out. It wasn’t the sound that rang out from the meteor or Michael or the swords they clashed with.

Because it was the Master Slayer’s bayonet that tore through Mikhail’s back and pointed towards his chest.


Mikhail smiled bitterly as he looked at the sword sticking out of his chest.

“My dear little brother, I’m afraid he’s a bit of a barb at the moment.”

Mikhail smiled coldly, without even the slightest movement in front of the wound that pierced his chest.


That was right then.

His younger sister, Master Slayer, who was stabbing the blade of her bayonet towards Mikhail, whispered softly. Casting a shadow of indescribable emotion beneath the black hunter’s hat.

It was not hatred, contempt, or even pity. It was something that cannot be described in simple words, such as mixed feelings of love and hate.

The same was true for Lord Mikhail.

“Yes, a monster. However, there is nothing in the world that you cannot do for your beloved sister.”

A being who can laugh off even a blow that pierces the heart right from behind. It was exactly as he said.

“Ah, I feel an inescapable bond of blood!”]

[The Blood Lord is rejoicing!]

A message came to mind right after. At the same time, an indescribable feeling of contempt and hatred was revealed on Rod Mikhail’s face. It was very fleeting.

“Apostle of Blood, Blood, what is this…!” Before we knew it, the fight in the area had come to an end, and the empire’s vampires were surrounding Yoosung and Mikhail.

Nevertheless, no one dared to come close, weighed down by the sense of intimidation they radiated.

It was literally like a human watching a battle between gods, helpless and unable to understand the situation, and just bewildered.

“My sister, King of Heroes, will step down from here. Fulfill your role in this tower.”

“Oh, you said you should have come forward and taken him away earlier. “Isn’t it usually easy to take care of a younger sibling?”

Yoosung answered calmly, leaving behind Mikhail’s blood-red sword.

After crossing the street, I put away my sword. Then Mikhail also turned his back.

Calmly, as if the blade of the bayonet piercing his heart could not cause even the slightest injury.


Immediately after, Master Slayer pulled out a firearm from inside his coat again. The double barrel gun spouted fire and Mikhail’s body exploded on the spot.

However, the loose blood and flesh wriggled like a living creature and reorganized the body as if turning back time.

It was the same no matter how many times I destroyed his body.

What can be done in the first place to destroy that monster that not even the sword of nothingness can cut?

“Now let’s go back.”

“This is not a place for you, Gretel.”

Mikhail finally said his sister’s name.

“Now, let’s start hunting again from the beginning.”

“Please, until you defeat me and every last one of my blood relatives.”

At those words, Master Slayer Gretel remained silent. The darkness beneath the black hunter’s hat was very thick. Gretel’s blonde hair fluttered in the cold night wind.

There was no room for her to make a decision in silence.

Gretel turned away without saying a word, the hem of her coat fluttering. The same was true for the Slayers following her.

[Force: Slayer pledges the following and resolves ‘operational retreat’!]

Promises the following. Looking at that message, I inadvertently remembered the events of that day.

When the Clown Lord extended his hand towards the shooting star, a man wearing a clown mask spoke from inside the tower.

‘Oh, come to think of it…. Did I mention the definition of insanity?’

Doing the very same thing over and over again without end.

And Gretel, too, will repeat the exact same thing from the beginning again, truly endlessly.

I have no doubt that it will really be different next time.


In an instant, an indescribable headache struck me.

Yes. What we really have to take seriously

is that he was right.

No matter where I went or where I looked, I saw that. The shooting star, Gretel, and the whole world were repeating it endlessly. I keep repeating to myself that next time it will really be different.

“Now that I think about it…

That’s why Yoosung raised his head and asked Miha. Really without any thought.

“Did I tell you about the definition of insanity?”

Mikhail glanced his head in response to Yoosung’s question.

“Oh, of course.”

And as usual, he answered with a very meaningful smile.

“We talked so endlessly that it was so tiresome.”

Those were Mikhail’s last words.

[Force: Blood relatives withdraw from the world in the tower!]

“…You talked endlessly?”

For an instant, an indescribable sense of discomfort came over Mikhail’s answer. That’s why Yoosung asked himself.

‘So… did I tell you about the definition of insanity?’

It was right then.

[“Good for nothing!”]

[The Lord of Fire and the Lord of Light

shout in hatred!]

[The Jester Lord holds his stomach and mocks the Lords of Fire and Light.] [

The Lord of the Game is silent. .]

In the following message, I left that question behind and shook my head.

Because it really was a good thing.

Before I knew it, I was looking at the endless corpses of Continental soldiers scattered around the area. There was no such thing as blood and sea. There were coldly dried mummies there without even a single drop of blood left behind.

Not long after that, the Philadelphia ranch.

The Philadelphia ranch closest to the monsters’ landing site urgently requested additional troops, but they were ambushed and annihilated before they could arrive.

The information was passed on by the elves, an indigenous race of this continent who were in conflict with humans during the pioneering process.

After that, the monsters never left the Philadelphia ranch in a state of virtual isolation for long.

Therefore, ‘Mother’, who lived alone on the outskirts of a Philadelphia ranch, sensed that the time had come.

That night, a monster finally appeared where she was.

And when my mother saw the monster there, she gasped in astonishment.


“I’m back, mother.”

Jack said with a smile.

A dhampir, a child between a human and a vampire.

“What should I call you now?”

But she was never his mother.

All humans are equal!

The humans shouted as they took back the ranch from the hands of the monsters. And soon after, the ranch’s revolutionary leadership added another word to the slogan:

All humans are equal. But some humans are more equal than others.

Therefore, the most powerless women on the ranch were forced to engage in ‘some kind of breeding experiment’ with the vampires deliberately kept alive by the revolutionary leadership.

Although the mother could not survive the process of giving birth to a dhampir, and it was realized that controlling the dhampir was extremely difficult, the breeding experiment was ended.

And ‘Mother’ was given a mission to deal with the small number of Dhampirs more efficiently.

That was her mission, and her mission ended successfully.

“You came back safely.”

My mother smiled bitterly.

“After I let you go, each day was filled with regret.”

“There’s no need to show that disgusting pretense in front of me.”

Jack there was no longer a puppet that did her will.

By now, the entire Philadelphia ranch would have become a meal for vampires. I don’t know how Dhampir Jack survived, but he probably found out the truth about them in the process.

“Okay then, let’s do what we have to do.”

Mother smiled, not embarrassed.

Immediately afterwards, Jack kicked the ground. But that was right then.

Jack’s fangs, which were supposed to be biting the back of her neck, stopped.

“…Why aren’t you begging for your life?”

“Why don’t you suck blood, baby?”

Mother asked back. “

I’m so glad

to know you’re safe .”

Jack was silent. After silence, I asked again.

“Are you feeling guilty now? Or is that just a pretense to struggle to survive?”

“No matter how much I regret and ask for forgiveness, I know it’s already too late.”

That’s why my mother answered.

“Of course.”

Jack answered coldly.

“So you will have to be especially careful around that child.”

“That kid…?”

It was only after I had said that that I finally realized it.

“By any chance…is Claire okay too?”

“From now on, I will tell you the only atonement you can make.”

That’s why Jack said coldly.

“Never atone in front of that child. “Lie in front of that child without being caught until the very end.”

“I’m really glad you came back safely. “I had no doubt that you would come back.”

His younger sister Claire still has no doubt that her mother will wait for her.

“Be the ‘mother’ your child expects you to be until the very end.”

“What a cruel atonement,” said Jack, and his mother smiled bitterly.


I smiled and then said.

“I’m so glad you came back safely.”

Jack did not respond to those next words.

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