Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 139

Episode 139

Shortly before the war began and shortly before entering the Tower of Power War.

[An unimaginable opportunity to make a fortune awaits you at the Tower of Power War!]

[Even beginners can enjoy it! You can rent skill decks and equipment immediately after entering!]

Lee Hye-seong was also one of the players drawn to that message. You can enter the 13th tier tower without any qualifications or restrictions! They can even rent skill decks and equipment!

This world has changed. The world is no longer dangerous and players are simply ‘chosen beings’ who enjoy the privileges of a changed world. Therefore,

he did not hesitate to become a beneficiary of the new world .

Like most players did.

And when the ‘dealer’ handed over the rental deck and equipment in front of him, he couldn’t help but be embarrassed.

“Here’s a surprise! This is the rental set you will be paid for!”

Shabby military uniforms, helmets, and a U.S. Army standard rifle from World War II. That was the equipment issued to him as a ‘player’. Literally worn-out junk with no abilities or effects.

“What is this…?”

“what! “They said they would give me a rental deck and equipment, but these trash!”

“We have different promises!”

And a rental skill deck was provided to him. It was a deck consisting of just one skill card.

《Puppet of Eternal Nightmare》

– Rating . Only Normal

– Attribute – Curse Nightmare

– Ability

. The player equipped with this card forgets its existence and

is overwritten anew.

“You’re being harsh when you say trash.”

Hearing those words, the male dealer in the clown mask mocked coldly.

“Not everyone can shine on stage. Those who make them shine are also beings who play an important role that cannot be compared to anything else! So, please cherish your own existence a little more! “You are not trash!”

After mocking him, the dealer snapped his fingers.

Screams rang out everywhere, and before I knew it, it wasn’t the players who were there.

There were supporting actors who had forgotten why they were here and what they were there and who simply existed to shine the main character on stage.

“Welcome to the mansion of my nightmare.”]

[The Lord of Nightmares opens his arms to welcome the ‘opposing force’!]

In a place reminiscent of the Normandy landings, there were pieces of meat lying around as bullet holes. And I was able to realize it. They weren’t a tower or anything, they were just players.

“…I said I would lend you rental equipment and skills.”

Lieutenant General Kilgore opened his mouth, puffing on a cigar.

“The war has already begun. And it looks like we belong to the ‘attacker group.’”

“Then those players…?”


After mumbling, Lieutenant General Kilgore snapped his fingers at one of the soldiers present.


A sniper bullet, of unknown origin, hit the soldier and he fell to the ground, screaming.

It would be a skill worthy of the name of Lieutenant General Kilgore, apostle of the warlord.

After collapsing, as if a spell had been lifted, the soldier wearing a military uniform and helmet returned as the ‘player’s corpse’.


As soon as he saw that, Lieutenant General Kilgore cursed.

Players cannot kill players inside the tower. But…

there was no doubt that what was there was the corpse of a dead player. It didn’t disappear, wasn’t kicked out of the tower, and didn’t even display a message.

The player is dead.

In this tower world, players cannot be revived even if they kill them.

“……Ah, the plague.”

That’s why Yoosung cursed and handed over the cigar without Lieutenant General Kilgore.


A flame ignited at the edge of the city and that was right then.


Soon after swallowing, Yuseong bent the cough and started coughing.

“Give it to me.”

Immediately after, a familiar voice sounded and the cigar in Yoosung’s hand slipped out. A woman in a crimson suit was there.


And then, in a very familiar position, he put a cigar in his mouth.

“Oh saint. Jesus Christ…

Lieutenant General Kilgore opened his mouth in astonishment at that sight, and the woman in a suit asked coldly, holding a cigar between her fingers.

“Is this your first time seeing someone smoking a cigar?”

“Wow, saint. “If I were a girl, I would fall in love with you.”

Seeing that, Yoosung complained calmly, and Maria was dumbfounded and asked back.

“So you’re saying you’re not in love now?”

“No, are you saying that? “She’s so attractive that I would have fallen in love with her even if she were just a girl.”

“…Thank you for your words.”

Maria’s expression instantly turned red at Yooseong’s words. But it was just a moment.

“Have you seen other people other than us who look just like the players?”

“We can’t see them right now.”

Maria bit her lip in silence at Lieutenant General Kilgore’s words.

“The players from the Order of Relief Knights who entered with me also disappeared somewhere in the ‘selection process’ of the man wearing the clown mask.”

The three heroes here were left until the end. But other players did not.

“Do you have any guesses, Mr. Yoo


That’s why Maria asked back.

“Hmm, I don’t know.”

Yooseong continued. No, I tried to do this.

“My child, what are you doing?”]

[The Immortal Lord trembles and struggles with an indescribable sense of betrayal!] [The

Immortal Lord has disappeared!]

[“Heil Hitler.”]

[Left of the Blank (座) A new mortal sits down

and inherits the name of the Immortal Lord!]

“Why are you making such a sudden move over there again?”

Yooseong muttered in bewilderment in front of the following message

. It was right then.

“Prove your loyalty, my child.”]

[The Nightmare Lord

whispers to her new servant.]

“I will prove my loyalty, my


[Warning: The ‘Immortal Lord’ has arrived! ]


At the same time, the area I was standing on began to swirl.

After swirling around, an old gentleman who was very familiar with the place appeared.

He wears a gray coat with a deep felt hat and holds a cane with a skull decoration on the handle.

The pitch-black magic power swaying beneath his feet and the whispers of ghosts were swirling around the man like an intangible air current.


“What the…

Gravekeeper Georg An apostle of the Immortal Lord and the second-ranked player during the 5th season.

It should have been so.

However, what was there was no longer a human or a player.

“Wow, you just don’t have a spark. “I never thought you would sit there after stabbing the monarch in the back.”

He was a monarch.

“Ah, it is an honor to see you again.”]

[The Immortal Lord bows to the heroes!] [

“Sieg Heil!”]

[Force: The Last Battalion enters the tower! ]

Immediately afterwards, countless silhouettes appeared behind the tomb keeper, who had now become an immortal monarch.

There were soldiers there, all wearing SS uniforms and armed. However, the shadows cast beneath the military caps they were all wearing were so dark that it was impossible to look at their faces directly.

“What on earth have you done…”

“Same as you.”

Lieutenant General Kilgore cursed softly and Georg responded.

“I just fought for the victory of the faction I belong to and received a ‘reward’ commensurate with that loyalty.”

“The Fuhrer longed for great immortality and transcendent power, overcoming the weakness and mortality of human existence. And I have a duty to continue the legacy of the Fuhrer and revive the fallen ‘Third Reich’ based on this power.”

“Does he even know what he did?”

Yoosung coldly asked back those words.

“Oh, of course I know very well.”

Georg also answered with a cold smile.

“Player Kang Yoo-seong, the king of heroes and the vampire lord and king of magicians.”

“You probably don’t know that your existence is closer to this side than humans.”

The nickname and protection that Yooseong had were not all. Every time I use the skill of Advent of the Heavenly Demon, I get closer to the ‘Lord of the Sword’ and gain his power.

He freely walks around the world inside the tower and possesses the body of a high-ranking vampire and the skeleton of a Heavenly Demon. It was already beyond the power of a single player.

“Hmm no. “I think you’re focusing on something wrong.”

Nevertheless, Yoosung spoke without heeding anything.

“Didn’t I tell you? “The bastard who causes trouble in front of me will be sent to America by the King of Heroes that day.”

A power war in which countless monarchs clash.

In it, the player who was previously ranked second and now the one who inherited the name of the Immortal Lord was blocking the way of the ‘attackers’ as a defender force.

“Now that I think about it, I don’t know if you know that there are three monarchs who fell into my hands, including the two monarchs who crossed the Jordan River without any reason.”

Yooseong said as he forged several dark frost blades.

The transcendental people who look down on the earth from the top of the tower, however, were by no means omnipotent and omnipotent.

And I was able to intuit it.

To the King of Heroes who entered the 13th tier tower, they were no longer ‘beings to look up to’.

“Let me ask you one last question.”

That’s why Yooseong asked, looking at the immortal monarch from an equal perspective.

“What is happening to the majority of players who participated in this tower of faction warfare?”

“We are paying the price for our foolishness.”

As he said that, the Immortal Lord Tombkeeper looked around.

“They don’t even know what kind of ‘fight of beings’ they are interfering with, and they are paying the price for their childish arrogance and foolishness.”

Looking at the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood filling the sandy beach there.

It was a theory so obvious that there was no room for doubt.

It was so funny that I didn’t even have the energy to say anything.

Even though the situation was intentionally designed to allow people to participate in the tower by renting out skill cards and equipment and having the opportunity to make a fortune, this place was by no means a place to enter carelessly.

Tier 13 This is the ending of the rookies who flocked to this tower who had never even experienced the peak of being a player.

“Most players who enter this tower will not return alive.”


Saying that, the Immortal Lord laughed. Maria bit her lip softly.

“Saint, may I tell you a magic spell that will help in times like this?”

Nevertheless, Yoosung shrugged his shoulders calmly.


Immediately after, with the ‘power of the Heavenly Demon’ swirling around under Yooseong’s feet, Yooseong muttered as if it were someone else’s business.

“It’s okay if it’s not just me.”

Immediately afterwards, the Sword Demon God kicked the ground towards the Immortal Demon God.

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