Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 151

Episode 151

“《Mecha Cheonma Factory Operation》.”

As soon as Yooseong muttered the name of the new skill, the scenery in the area began to distort.

A skill given to Yoosung by the Machinery Lord through his direct influence.

A type of advanced skill attribute barrier that can exercise power by twisting the laws of the world itself. It is also the highest level skill with a unique level in mythology.

Mecha Cheonma Factory.

The inside of a clockwork mechanism, in which hundreds and thousands of giant gears were interlocking and moving, was revealed. In a place far removed from the technology and laws of this world, mechanical devices moved freely and started a process (I程).

Robots imitating the mechanical swordsman that Yooseong once fought at the Sword Tower and the Sword of the Heavenly Demon were being assembled endlessly.

I just turned my head. And at that moment, there was the perfect opponent to test the power of the new skill.

Mechanical heavenly demons rushed towards the odd-shaped monsters wandering on the ruined street.

——Tier 14 post-apocalyptic tower.

[The Lord of the End has a stronger influence than ever before…]

Judging by the message upon entering the tower, there was no need to say whose hands this tower was in.


A monster roared.

The monster of the apocalypse. That was the name the monsters were called in this world.

At the same time, the Mecha Heavenly Demons mass-produced by the Mecha Heavenly Demon Factory began moving toward the monsters.

Faster than words, sound, or print, the Sword of the Heavenly Demon flew straight at the monsters.

And shadows rushed in after the mechanical device.

Island and destruction.

The shadow imitator wielded the Heavenly Demon’s sword and slaughtered the post-apocalyptic monsters, and at some point it couldn’t even be called a fight. It was a massacre carried out by the Heavenly Demon of shadows and machinery.

In fact, it was a one-sided battle in which the ‘true Heavenly Demon’ holding the sword of the winter night did not need to lift a finger.

“There’s nothing to do after the game.”

The test that the monarchs were preparing for the player in the tower was no longer a test for the player, Kang Yu-seong. No, in the first place, the current Yoosung was already a strong person outside the standard who could not even be called a player.

Even restrictions such as standards and insurance mechanisms that existed for players were meaningless.

Still, nothing changed.

From the beginning, the protagonist of this game was not just a single player. Because this wasn’t a game for them.

It is not the end just because you have escaped the shackles of being a player. Rather, it was just the beginning.

The ‘real players’ of this game. 999 transcendent lords (Lord) sitting on the throne at the end.

This was their game from the beginning. And the King of Heroes was finally reborn as an arbitrary party.

It was just the beginning.

When the monsters were defeated and the barrier was lifted, the existence of the mechanical Heavenly Demons disappeared all at once. With the shadowy devils scattered by black people.

Additionally, the monsters of the apocalypse encountered there were no exception.

“You can come out now.”

After defeating the monsters, the meteor muttered towards the city of ashes and ruins.

Yooseong spoke and a brief silence fell. After a moment of silence, the girl hiding behind the bricks peeked out.

The girl carefully revealed herself and approached Yoosung. And, as if she was worried that Yoosung might leave her behind, she grabbed the hem of his clothes with all her might.

She was the first girl I encountered upon entering this tower, and she did not know how to speak.

Because in this world, there was no one I could talk to other than her.

A post-apocalyptic tower.

When I entered the tower, this world was already a hell filled with all kinds of monsters. How did the world become like this? As Yoosung, there was no way to know.

Just like usual, TOP called the player Kang Yoo-seong and he responded to the call. That was it. Because, as always, there must be a reason.

Why he needs to be in this world and what he needs to do in this world.

‘It may not mean anything.’

But after thinking about it, I laughed self-deprecatingly. Either way, it wasn’t something to think about right now.

It was right then.


The girl suddenly grabbed her hungry stomach and made a sound.

“Are you hungry?”

Hearing that sound, Yoosung smiled bitterly and asked back. Even though I couldn’t understand what he said.

So, I found a suitable piece of broken brick and sat down on it. And he took out a canned food from the bag he was carrying.

After seeing the message telling him to stock up on daily necessities before entering the tower, Yoosung had already packed them from the other world.

When I opened a can and presented the contents, the girl began to greedily swallow the contents with both hands. It seemed like he intuitively understood that it was an edible food.

“What on earth did you eat while I was gone?”


After greedily emptying the contents of the can, the girl raised her head and looked at the shooting star. There was food all over the corner of his mouth.

“Ah ah…

“No, it’s nothing, so enjoy it.”

The girl tilted her head again at Yoosung’s words, and Yoosung immediately waved his hand. Then the girl looked at the remaining contents of the can, hesitated for a moment, and then hesitantly returned it to Yoosung.

“…iced coffee.”

“Let’s share?”

Yoosung asked, and the girl expressed her agreement with a combination of hand and foot gestures. Pretend to put the contents into your mouth like yourself.

“It’s okay, just eat as much as you can.”

Then Yoosung also shook his head, saying there was no need to mix hand and foot gestures.

“iced coffee……?”

She looked more like a puppy than a girl.

Eventually, as she cleaned out one of the cans, Yoosung handed her a plastic bottle containing water from her bag. Cleanly purified water. The girl’s expression brightened even more and she took off the cap of the plastic bottle. Jump, jump, jump. I was so hungry that I was so desperate that I swallowed water. No, I tried to swallow it.


“Oh, eat it slowly. “Who is going to steal it?”

And, sure enough, while I was drinking water, I heard Sare and urgently beat my chest. Looking at that scene, Yoosung added toothlessly.

“It’s all yours, so don’t eat it hastily, eat it slowly.”

After thinking about it, I handed over the backpack full of daily necessities.

“iced coffee…?”

Yoosung handed over the backpack and the girl tilted her head in confusion. And as he looked at the canned food and water bottles filled in his backpack, his face began to light up again.

“I’ll give this to you, so don’t eat it in a hurry.”

As Yoosung said those words with a mix of hand and foot gestures, the girl moved her head up and down.

‘It’s frustrating because I can’t talk properly.’

There were a lot of things I wanted to ask, but I couldn’t ask any of them properly. However, the strategy was not clearly explained.

So, in a situation where I needed to get information right away, I just stopped.

‘There’s no right way.’

There was no point in thinking about it hastily. Anyway, I just entered the tower and finished my first battle.

I glanced up.

The sky was visible, but it was neither night nor day. Unidentifiable black particles were forming an atmospheric layer and blocking the sky.

And from afar, an unidentifiable cry was heard. It was an empty, meaningless cry, as if the soul was escaping.

I lowered my head.

The girl, who had finished her long-awaited feast, was asleep, leaning her back against a pile of bricks.

— Nyang.

And from the shadow of the shooting star, a black bird peeked out its head.

“Why did you come out to ask for work?”

— What are you looking at me for?


Kamangi was dumbfounded and responded to Yooseong’s words.

— That’s because I have something to test.

” what?”

Yoosung asked back. Immediately after, black birds scattered the sea of shadows beneath my feet again. And in the sea of shadows, human silhouettes began to rise one by one.

Shadow imitator.

At the same time, imitators began imitating the beings there. It was not a shooting star or the Sword of the Heavenly Demon. It was a girl sleeping with her back against a brick.

“What if you copy him instead of me?”

Yoosung asked back. The girl’s shadows made of darkness turned without saying a word.

It was right then.

Suddenly, jet-

black tentacles rose out.


An uncountable number of tentacles sprouted from the shadow of the girl that the shadow imitators were imitating and scattered randomly.

“No, it’s a plague. what’s this?”

As soon as he saw that, Yoosung let out a curse. At the same time, the sleeping girl woke up from her sleep due to an unexpected disturbance.

— Nyaaaang.


And the thing in front of the girl was a cat made of darkness. The cat, which was somewhat in the loaf position, was acting cutely.

Returning the shadow imitators who were moving just before to the sea of shadows.

Yoosung was dumbfounded by the speed and speed of his appearance and responded.

“I’m afraid someone might say it’s Goyanggi…..

The girl also couldn’t hide her amazement when she saw Black Mangi’s appearance and glanced at the shooting star. Yoosung said there was nothing to worry about and patted the black cat as a test. The girl also moved her body hesitantly.

It was made of darkness, but when I touched it, an indescribable feeling of touch was imprinted on it. Thanks to that, the girl gradually relaxed her guard and started petting the black cat.

I was finally able to understand after seeing her shadow that Kamangi showed me.

‘Even so…

It was no different that the boundaries between people were blurred as they were once again shocked by the girl’s identity.

And after some time.

As soon as the girl woke up, she led Yooseong and Kamangi. It was as if he had something to show them.

That’s why Yooseong didn’t hesitate and followed the girl.

The shooting star was led to a secret place that resembled an underground bunker.

And I was able to intuit it.

That place was the girl’s house.

And hidden in the girl’s house was the secret to her survival in this apocalyptic world.

The girl didn’t know how to speak.

——Because there was no one in this world with whom she could talk.

There were just pieces of a human being there, swarming with maggots, rotting and decomposing.

A post-apocalyptic world.

And the girl there was also one of the predators of the apocalypse that was devouring this world.

That’s why Yooseong looked at the girl in silence.

Just then the girl moved. However, as the girl’s shadow showed, it did not spew out tentacles or rush towards the ground.

Therefore, there was no need to forge the sword of winter night and cut off her tentacles.

“Ah ah…

The girl held a piece of a person lying around in her hand and held it out to Yoosung.

As if it were repayment for the things he had done for her.

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