Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 164

Episode 164

“This is the final warning. “Go away like this.”

The King of Heroes spoke, and the police and soldiers blocking his path held their breath in silence.

“What are you going to do if we step down?”

And then one of the player police officers in a suit, who was silent,

coldly asked back.

“We’ll do the exact same thing over and over again. “Just like it was until now.”


nothing will change. Maria took a deep breath again at Yoosung’s answer, which seemed to say that.

This man has always been like the player Kang Yoo-seong.

He was not understood by anyone, no one recognized the fact, and yet he devoted himself to protecting the world, repeating the same thing endlessly.

“Why… why do you do that?”

That’s why Maria couldn’t understand. She is also one of the heroes praised by the world under the name of a saint. But Maria knew. The name of the saint: The self that the world sees is ultimately nothing more than a false mask.

But the Lord of Heroes was not like that.

Although he mocked himself as a clown on stage, he was a truer hero than anyone else.

The mask of a false hero worn by the Lord of Masks was a more truthful face than that of any hypocrite.

“Is it worth doing that for them?”

That’s why the saint asked back, and Yooseong answered without a word of hesitation.

“doesn’t exist.”

That was also Maria’s answer to the shooting star.

A hero is someone who serves others. Even if they are humans not worth saving.

And now I was confident that I could not affirm those words.

There was Maria, who wanted to take off the frustrating mask of a hypocrite and accept that she had become a monster with the man she loved.

“I just respect your decision.”

Therefore, there was only one decision she could make. Loyalty towards the lord of her lord heroes.

“Please make a decision, King of our heroes.”

And for him, Mary was willing to do anything. She didn’t care if she became a saint of blood or whiteness.

Player Kang Yu-seong was ready to accept any decision she made with mercy like a saint.

“You talk as if you are the savior of mankind.”

However, humans who longed for heroes were not like that.

“Home, did I say something wrong?”

“Are you trying to tell me that this world and all of humanity is in debt to you and that your arrogance in seeking repayment of that debt is right?”

“Wow, you remember the debt details very accurately.”

Yooseong sneered, and the soldiers and police there all opened their mouths.

“We do not desire salvation,”

said the Lord of Men.

“We humans have never hoped for ‘salvation’ even for a moment.”]

[Human monarchs exercise the influence of overlords…]

What humans hope for is not salvation or the second coming of the Messiah.

They are simply expendables who will give their all and sacrifice themselves to protect their world from this game.

You can protect the world, but you cannot save it. That was the answer humans gave in front of Yoo Seong’s ultimatum.

[Countless monarchs prove their loyalty before humans…]

At the same time, a message came to mind.

[“Our history was your history.”]

[The Warlord proves his loyalty before the human monarch…]

“Our history was also your history.”]

[The Iron Lord is the human monarch. Prove your loyalty

in front of the monarch …]

[The Lord of Fire…]

[Assassin M-…]

[The Lord of Evil…]

[The Lord of Hell…]

And ‘the Lord of Humans…’ The monarchs that history had built up began to gather one by one.

War Steel Flame Assassin Hell Nightmare In the human world, all kinds of tragedy and evil are overflowing, built up by human hands.


At the same time, the scenery of the area I was standing on began to shake.

And the ‘humans’ there revealed their true faces.

“Human history is the history of famine (=) and war.”

“It was a history of fire and destruction.”

“It is a history of death and destruction.”

“The life of a human being was that of a demon lord, a vampire, a soldier, an assassin, and a dictator.”]

Therefore, there was only one word that could describe the people there.

The infinite abyss of evil. All the evil in the world. The evil spirit of the Baehwa religion, where the two principles of good and evil are in conflict.

Angra Mainyu.

In the game world, there were no easy-to-understand transcendents or evil gods who looked down on and mocked humans.

Because they themselves were the evil of the world.


All kinds of unclean powers were swirling towards the people there.

I was finally able to realize it.

That is the true face of humans and at the same time, the undoubted power that human monarchs can show as ‘overlords’.

War, hunger, fire, destruction, demon lords, vampires, soldiers and assassins…

the crystal of all the negativity and darkness that humans had built up was there.

At the same time, the soldiers of the ‘peacekeeping force’ surrounding Yoosung and Maria moved.

It was a truly plausible name. And it wasn’t actually wrong. Beings who can do anything to maintain peace.

The same was true for the ‘police’ there.

Those who maintain public order in society and protect human safety and property.

[Warning: Elite mobs ‘police’ and ‘soldiers’ are blocking player Kang Yu-seong!]

Player Kang Yu-seong laughed in front of that message. Police and soldiers.

The world became a game, and he remembered all the terrible monsters that had blocked his path until now.

From living, moving corpses to giant monsters that look like something out of mythology.

However, after repeatedly playing the game and reaching the highest level, the player who greeted Yooseong was an opponent who could not help but laugh.

Because police, soldiers, and humans were blocking Yoosung’s path.

Then what on earth have you been protecting this world from? I could no longer understand anything.

And it really got better.

It was time to put an end to the meaningless puppet dance.

“Shall we dance a song?”]

[The Masked Lord whispers to the player Maria.]

That’s why Yoosung moved his hand towards his face. Then, he left behind the mask of all things in his hand and whispered softly.

The Masked Ball has begun.

Tier 16 Human Tower.

There were two outlaws, a man and a woman, who mocked human law and order in front of the police and soldiers.

The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde (1967)


A gunshot rang out.

Before we knew it, the police officers were holding M1918 Browning rifles and Winchester M1897 shotguns and began pulling the triggers at Yoo Seong and Maria.

There is no way a single gun would have any meaning in front of a high-ranking player. It should have been so. But it was never just a gun.

The essence of murder accumulated by humans and a weapon of steel.

Before I knew it, it had been reborn as a ‘mythical weapon’ forged and blessed by the Warlord, the Iron Lord, and the Fire Lord, and hundreds of bullets were scattered.

At the same time, the King of Heroes snapped his fingers in the face of a shower of bullets.

Then, the bullets that were supposed to hit Yooseong and Maria stopped in place.

As if controlling metals in the area with telekinesis.

It wasn’t even in the form of any skill card. It was the power of a transcendental person with the title of King of Magicians.

Furthermore, after obtaining the broken masks of heroes, the completed skill “Masquerade” exercised its power once again.

A hero, a clown, and a masked lord.

On stage he could be anything.

And he still wanted to be a hero.

Suddenly, a shooting star wearing a magician’s mask spread its power like magic, and at the same time put a ‘witch’ mask on Maria’s face.

The steel bullets that were supposed to be fired along with the blazing flames all stopped in the air.

The gun’s muzzle, which was supposed to fire endless bullets, produced colorful fireworks with comical sounds like fireworks for a festival.

A magic unfolded where no one got hurt. At


same time, shadow imitators began to appear one by one from the shadows beneath the meteor-spattered feet.

Instead of being the shadow of the Heavenly Demon like usual, he claims to be the shadow of the Magician King.

The power of Yoosung and Maria was ‘magic’ itself, something that could not be explained by any logic or common sense.

As the Walpurgis Witch once showed, it is a good power that can twist any law or even common sense nightmares.

“Is this your first time seeing a wizard? “Why are you so surprised?”

Yoosung sneered as if it were someone else’s business as he all at once blocked attacks from soldiers and police.

“I told you, you humans can’t help me.”

“Shall we go, saintess?”

Saying that, Yoosung glanced at Maria next to him. At those words, Maria tilted her head and asked back.

……Where are you? w

Yusung did not answer Maria’s question right away. But the silence did not last long.

“As the wind blows.”

Likewise, Maria, wearing a magician’s mask, let out a soft laugh.

Two outlaws, a man and a woman, mock human law and order in front of police and soldiers.

The woman with the name of the saint laughed, and the King of Heroes shrugged his shoulders.

I laughed and then walked away.

The player police dropped their weapons and kicked the ground, but no one was able to reach the two men. The same was true for the soldiers of the peacekeeping force.

As they left the circus building, the dusk that had fallen over the horizon greeted them.

And in front of it,

I saw soldiers of the peacekeeping force building barricades as if they were setting up a battlefield.

From far away, a soldier’s voice was heard shouting at Yoosung. However, it was a good story for Yoosung.

The conversation broke down and the gunfire fell. But no fire or war weapon could hurt them. Soon, the same thing happened with the barrage of bombings from fighter-bombers, regardless of the damage to the area.

Everywhere was engulfed in flames and burning.

And in the blazing flames of hell, Yoosung clicked his fingers without any hesitation.

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