Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 167

Episode 167

“I am the real villain.”

Mistress, the player who signed a contract with the Lord of Lies, spoke.

“He is the shadow behind all these evil things and the true culprit of evil.”

And without any resistance, he obediently opens his arms in front of Yoosung.

“Please defeat me and return as a hero to humans.”

Yoosung was unable to answer directly to Mistress’s words. There wasn’t even a laugh.

“If you don’t, I will gladly manipulate and sacrifice all 6 billion humans.”

“In fact, I am the culprit of all this evil.”

Mistress smiled slyly as usual.

“is it so. “Of course it’s a lie.”

Ultimately, what she is performing is nothing more than the easy-to-understand role of a scapegoat.

And in front of him, things like truth or lies could have no meaning. Because what the world and humans want is not the truth.

It’s opium.

The hero defeats the villain, and peace in the world is preserved.

The important thing was that one sentence, everything else was probably a good thing. Even the meaning contained in the sentence was no exception.

For that purpose, it did not matter what sacrifices the heroes made, what villains were defeated, or what kind of world peace was thus preserved.

[The human monarch places the ‘villain’s brand’ on the player Lydia!]

[The human monarch cheers on the king of heroes!]

A message followed.

Yoosung did not answer right away. And it was up to the gravekeeper Georg to leave the silent shooting star behind and open his mouth.

“Why can’t you understand what she means?”

Georg said.

“She is willing to sacrifice herself for you, fallen hero.”

Yoosung sneered coldly at Georg’s words.

“I guess it’s for the humans.”

“Yeah, maybe so. But isn’t that what our heroes do?”

In order to save the King of Heroes, a hero who had become a monster, he was willing to become a victim who took on all the evil.

“Knock her down and become a hero to humans again.一一With that, the story on this stage will return to its proper place.”

‘Sometimes the world

wants an ending that is easy to understand. ‘

‘Humans are probably hoping for that. ‘

“Aren’t you angry? “Isn’t it unfair?”

That’s why the King of Heroes asked. Mistress answered without any hesitation.

“Because that’s what a hero does.”

As Lieutenant General Kilgore once said.

Humans do not lift a finger until the very end. From the beginning, it was still the responsibility of the heroes to perform comical plays on this stage.

A play to turn the king of heroes back into a human being.

For that purpose, humans were once again forcing the hero’s sacrifice.

And the heroes were affirming their sacrifice, repeating the same words like parrots. Before the decision of the owner who raises them, they do not doubt anything and smile willingly as they head to the slaughterhouse.

Lieutenant General Kilgore’s Mistress Lydia was no exception.

A world protected by the sacrifice of heroes. That was the world of humans.

“We are not man’s dogs.”

That fact was so disgusting that I felt like I couldn’t bear it.

“If you cannot accept that,

then Georg, who had been silent, moved.

Towards the heart of the Mistress, who obediently opened her arms beside him, to defeat the ‘culprit of evil’ who claims to be the cause of all evil in the world, and to

provide an easy-to-understand ending for humans.

“Why are you trying to take the hem off so recklessly?”

But it couldn’t be done.

“ King of Heroes…

“Hmm, anyway, you said it well. “Okay, what’s my name?”

The King of Heroes snapped his fingers before the tomb keeper’s blow could land on Mistress right next to him.

Then, the gravekeeper’s body stopped, as if an invisible, intangible chain had been wrapped around it.

“King of Heroes.”


“And as the Lord of Heroes, I will tell you humans.”

“There are no more heroes willing to sacrifice for you.”]

[The Lord of Heroes declares to the Lord of Humans!]


Nevertheless, Yoosung’s decision did not change at all. No, I felt like I could finally

find out now.

[“Do you want to talk to me? Then you guys come up on stage. King of humans.”]

[The monarch of heroes warns the monarch of humans.]

Therefore, the voice filled with the monarch’s power was delivered to humans in the form of a message.

“That’s Yoosung’s decision.”

Maria answered and Yoosung nodded silently.

“…Are you going to throw away the last chance given by humans and the sacrifices of our heroes?”

“It looks like you still can’t see the fire at your feet.”

Yoosung answered, ignoring Georg’s cold warning.

“Stop fooling around and get out of the way. Have you forgotten how many times you crossed the Jordan River in my hands?”


There were heroes who were willing to sacrifice their lives and begged people not to abandon them.

When asked if it is worth it, they reply that it is a hero’s duty.

In the past, I was able to draw the answer and understand the mission.

But not anymore.


Immediately afterwards, a crack runs along the empty space. It was a passage portal that could lead anywhere in this world.

Beyond the gap in the torn portal, a very familiar landscape of space was reflected.

Norway Room.

Five permanent and fifteen non-permanent members of the UN Peace Security Council.

Those in power who rule and represent the human world were sitting in their respective positions.

True human monarchs.

They weren’t even one person.

[“Are you kings of men?”]

The monarch of heroes asked back before them.

“Player Kang Yoo-seong, the hero who abandoned humanity.”]

One of the human monarchs sitting there, the President of the United States, opened his mouth. Yoosung laughed at those words.

Whenever politicians and those in power at the table decide to go to war, it is not they who carry out the war.

Young people, innocent young people, innocent women and children were their share.

That’s how heroes are born and sacrificed.

“I thought this world was still worth protecting even after it ended up like this.”

Before them, the King of Heroes spoke.

“Honestly, even at this moment, what’s wrong with these innocent kids? What did they vote for? Did they join a political party and pay membership fees? They are old people who don’t even know that they are controlling the world and country in real time, so why should they throw the blame away? That’s why I don’t vote. “It’s none of my business.”

[“…Then why don’t you sacrifice yourself for them?”]

The human monarch asked back.

[“Aren’t there still things left in this world that you need to protect?”]


In front of that question, Yoosung burst into laughter again.

“By the way, have you forgotten what I said a long time ago?”

『What do you mean?”]

One of the human monarchs asked and Yoosung answered.

[“It is better for a world that has no choice but to be supported by evil to be destroyed.”]

[The Lord of Heroes answers.]

It was a voice without the slightest hesitation.

“In this world where everyone can be a hero, if being a hero is nothing more than an expendable commodity that must be sacrificed to protect your ‘empire,’ what is the meaning of that act?”

Anyone can be a hero. And the lives of heroes are not theirs.

“Heroes are no longer puppets to maintain your empire.”

That is why the Lord of Heroes answered.

A frozen silence fell among the human monarchs.

“Then what do you want? “King of Heroes


[“A world where our sacrifices are worth it.”]

The Lord of Heroes answered.

[“It is not such a difficult condition,”

answered the human monarch. It is not a difficult condition. At those words, Yoosung let out a low laugh.

“We will respect the hero’s sacrifice.”]

“Why don’t you just mark the anniversary in red and build a nice tomb like that?”

“If that is what you wish.”]

Another human lord answered. Yoosung smiled bitterly at those words.

“Why are you answering so patronizingly?”

After laughing, Yoosung continued speaking. “I

haven’t even

started asking for anything yet .”

“We are here to speak with you, King of Heroes.”] The

human monarchs answered in unison.

At the same time… a vortex of indescribable power began to swirl around the area.

The pinnacle of monarchs, a human monarch and a power worthy of the name ‘Overlord’. But it was never their own power.

[“And this is the last chance we give you.”]

War, hunger, fire, destruction, death and destruction.

It was a business built by human hands throughout history.

The life of a demon lord, vampire soldier, assassin, and dictator was there.

I was finally able to realize it.

Just like the spire of the throne that existed for the 999 monarchs, this was the space that existed for these ‘human monarchs’.

Each position exists for the rulers and powers of the world. There were powerful people sitting on that seat.

All the evil in this world.

At that moment, the entire landscape, except for the human monarchs and meteors, began to fade.

-At the same time, the presence of countless monarchs swirling around from all directions was felt.

Throne at the End The stage of monarchs looking down on this world.

At the very highest point of the stage sat the ‘Lords of Man’, reigning supreme.

“We will grant your wish.”]

“You will have to give us something in return.”]


[“Your most precious thing.”]

When a new monarch is born, that monarch must offer the most precious thing he loves.

“I have already given my all.”

That’s why the King of Heroes coldly mocked him.

“I have nothing more to offer you.”


“There is only something to receive.”

The Lord of Heroes answered.

The human monarch did not answer.

In this way, the final negotiation between humans and heroes broke down.

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