Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 175

Episode 175

Some time after that.

“Oh my, how did these shabby people end up in such a precious place?”

Yoosung asked back with the same expression as usual.

In the same place that was the couple’s home and is now the headquarters of the United Players’ Union (UPN).

“No, I didn’t even come. Was it that difficult to open the portal and take a few steps to get here?”

Beyond the large screen there were powerful figures from each country having a video conference with more serious expressions than ever before.

This was the view from the ‘Norway Room’, the conference room of the UN Peace Security Council.

And those talking remotely there were representatives of the five permanent members of the UN Peace Security Council.

The most powerful people in the human world are the ones who once reigned as kings of humans.

“This is a form and procedure that must be respected at all costs, Kang Yoo-seong.”

However, now that the International Players’ Union has separated from the United Nations (UN) and is beyond their control, things are no longer the same.

“Home, I would like you to follow some formalities and procedures when begging and begging in front of the King of Heroes.”

“Can you please shut your mouth, Yoosung?”

The saint and now the head of an international organization that manages players around the world, ‘Maria’, spoke.

“That’s not wrong, Miss Maria.”

Mistress, the head of the ‘Player Police Organization’, which was also merged into an organization under the International Players’ Union, answered.

The five representatives of the UN permanent members, the heroes facing the human powers, were no longer human servants.

There were heroes there, facing those in power on an equal footing and at an equal eye level.

Led by the ‘King of Heroes’ and the saintess right there.

Five years have already passed since that day, and over the course of five seasons, the ‘Heroes’ Place’ has continued to change.

Among them, there were those who gave up the name of a hero over the course of the season, some who died as heroes, and some who continue to maintain their status as heroes.

But the hero still did not disappear and still existed there.

With the King of Heroes who continues to hold his ground.

“I don’t have time to talk nonsense. “Let’s get straight to the point.”

And as if mediating with those present, Maria opened her mouth in a calm voice.

“As I have said repeatedly, our position and principles are one.”

Maria continued.

“Treaty on the Prohibition of Weaponization of Players.”

“We, the International Players Association, urge a quick decision by the ‘Peace Security Council’ that respects international order and peace.”

“As I said, we also completely agree with the president’s opinion.”

“Then why on earth are you hesitating to express your official support and opinion?”

Maria asked back.

After that day when she decided to call herself the saint of heroes and protect the king of heroes until the end.

Maria, too, continued her fight with her own determination.

“As I said, the waging of war through the weaponization of players is already deeply rooted in all countries…” “

If we hastily exclude them from war, players from the military will be absorbed into underground armed organizations and become victims of war.” There is room for national chaos…

I was about to say something, but it was just then.

“Oh, there’s nothing to worry about.”

‘Mistress’, who had been silent, answered.

“We have a system in place to immediately detect and eradicate any player who violates the treaty and performs combat actions other than ‘climbing the tower.’”

A contractor who has entered into a contract with the Lord of Lies. At the same time, he is a master of information warfare who carries out his duties as the head of the player police organization and the intelligence organization of the ‘International Player Union’.

International Players’ Association.

What was there was already an empire.

An empire of heroes who distinguish themselves from humans, abandon their status as servants of humans, and demand a ‘negotiation table’ with them.

And there was no way that those in power over there at the United Nations headquarters in New York were unaware of that fact.

That’s why it’s scary.

All the powers that had enabled them to rule in the past are now out of their hands and in the hands of new people.

“Hmm, you seem very anxious. Can I offer you some words of comfort?”

That is why the King of Heroes spoke.

“Anyway, it ended a long time ago.”


Yoosung said and an expression of astonishment appeared on Maria’s face. However, beyond the embarrassment and astonishment, anxiety and fear were already appearing on the faces of those in power.

“Why on earth are you so restless and anxious? “Do you think we’ll put you on bamboo poles and hang you in the square?”

Nevertheless, Yooseong paid no heed and continued speaking.

“I think I still haven’t fully grasped the situation, but the balance between you and us has been broken for a long time. Ah,

there is some good news though. Among us, the balance between me and the rest of the players is equally shattered.”

As the king of heroes like no other.

“And I, the one holding the balance, am saying let’s take the good of it. “Have you heard what I’m saying yet?”

At the same time, as a hero who no longer loves humans.

“Let’s stop making noise and live in peace. No, just this year, they are fighting among themselves. How many players do you already have in the Jordan Express game?”

“Your actions…”

Then one of the powerful members of the permanent council asked back.

“Aren’t you concerned about the possibility that power will blind you and lead you to become the world’s dictator?”

“Oh, I know.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered those words.

“I also wish there would be a faithful watchdog from the authorities to stop him from running away, but fortunately, there is one person.”

Just turn your head.

“She’s a saint.”

“What we are worried about is that your in-group formed by the players will become an ‘unchecked power’.”

“Then who will watch us?”

“As I said, it is not the unification of players through the ‘International Players Union’, but rather they are distributed as a distributed force in each country…

“Oh, is that so. “Then why don’t you try hard?”

The words continued again, and before the words could finish, Yoosung stood up.

“To be honest, no matter what you say, it won’t change anything.”

When I raised my head, I saw stars.

Numerous stars were shining palely, scattering light in the darkness, as if looking at the scenery reflected through transparent glass in a space station.

And then I realized that what I thought was a star was not actually a star, but a huge celestial body in which all the elements of the universe, including stars, interstellar matter, black holes, and dark matter, were tied together by gravity.

It was an infinite number of galaxies.

From hundreds of light years to hundreds of thousands of light years. Even a world of absurd scale, unfathomable by human logic, was nothing more than a star when seen from afar.

Therefore, galaxies, not stars, are the basic units that make up the universe.

Lower your head.

《The Throne of the End》.

999 monarchs were looking up at him from the spiral-shaped spire.

Overlord over monarch.

“Isn’t it truly exquisite and beautiful?”

And one of the monarchs who was looking up at the overlord opened his mouth quietly.

Mechanism Lord.

“This universe is a huge and vast treasure trove of principles… and this game controls that huge and incomprehensible order almost perfectly.”

The Lord of Heroes and ‘Overlord’ did not respond to her words.

For him, it was really a good thing.

Every time he exists on the throne of the end, he ascends to the position of overlord, glimpses a horizon that cannot even be imagined by human principles, and becomes enlightened.

I couldn’t figure out what meaning there was in my sacrifice for the ‘humans’ who were nothing more than dust in this universe, and even on that dust-sized planet.

However, humans, who were mere dust in the dust, longed for a ‘hero’, and the artificial god they built eventually reigned at the top of this order.

As the Lord of Heroes and a being with the name of Overlord.

The universe seen from this throne is still getting closer to its end, with endless stars being born and dying.

I remembered my immature self from five years ago, who longed for a hero in the face of great order and chaos.

I turn my head again.

Then, in an immeasurable galaxy, a landscape was revealed where all kinds of stars and planets were tightly connected in the form of a tower.

Stretch out your arms.

The countless stars shining in the night sky were no longer out of his reach.

I felt confident that I could reach out and exert ‘influence’ on that world, as if I were looking at an elaborate miniature sculpture.

I felt like I could grab a star and crush it with just a little bit of strength.

However, when I actually touched the star, it felt strangely empty and empty.

We can be anything on stage.

Therefore, I looked at the ‘players’ who are still playing the game according to the will of the monarchs in the twisted time and dimension of each star and planet.

After looking at it, I waved my arms.

[The Lord of Heroes exercises the influence of the Overlord….]

The shadow of the Overlord was cast across countless galaxies, and no world in the tower could escape the shadow.

[The Shadow Lord exerts the influence of the Great Empress….]

‘Kamangi’, who was silent in the shadow of the Great Lord, began to create imitators of the hero.

— Nyaaaang.

With the familiar cat’s cry.

And every time the imitators of the overlord who descended into the world of the tower swung their swords, the players there began to cry out to him like humans praising God’s miracles.

A god who was born by humans but never loved humans.] He was there.

I raised my head again.

There was a world there that was as cramped as dust, and I felt that the bonds of humans, who were nothing more than dust, were constricting my existence.

“Are you awake, Yoosung?”


Maria was sitting on the bed, looking down at herself with a friendly smile. That’s why Yooseong stretched out his arms without saying a word.

Even if you didn’t love humans, that didn’t change.

“It’s time to wake up, Yoosung.”

Maria said and Yoosung smiled silently.

Even in a world as narrow as dust, his star was still there.

A true star that never becomes empty or vain and never loses its sparkle no matter how much he touches it.

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