Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 183

Episode 183:

In a world where heroes disappeared, there was one girl.

Facing the shadow of the despairing hero in front of her.


Lily opened her mouth and immediately

the ‘shadow’ facing her kicked the ground.

Island (M).

A shadow imitator who imitates the swords and inaction of all kinds of heroes, along with the heavenly monster Cheonma.

They were not one.

The lord of the devil and the shadow of a despairing hero.

The executioners of the apocalypse rushed in, which no player or any human could resist. It was a sword that even the common sense of humans and players could not fathom.

Just like any other powerful person did before the Sword Demon God and the Sword of the Heavenly Demon.

But not in front of the girl.


The shadow kicked the ground and the sword in his hand swung.

However, the sword that was supposed to brutally cut off Lily’s neck stopped just as it touched the nape of her neck.

The shadow holding the sword stopped moving.


At the same time, a cat’s cry was heard from afar. It was a very familiar crying sound


“Stand back, Lily.”]

[The Shadow Lord whispers to the young witch.]

Then a message came to mind.

Shadow Lord. However, the voice of the transcendental person was that of a very familiar cat.


Still, Lily did not take a single step back. I just smile softly at the familiar and missed voice.

“Those shadows are no longer something I can control.”]

[The Shadow Lord warns.]

In the past, the shadows there were nothing more than creatures controlled by Black Man.

However, each time the shadows imitated the hero’s despair and pain, the Heavenly Demon’s Sword… they learned more things about the hero and understood more despair and pain.

Later, Kamangi was reborn as the new leader of their group… and it was no exception even after he reached the ‘Monarch’s Seat’.

The shadows, which were nothing more than midday imitators, ate the despair of the broken hero and became demon lords.

A cat that once lived in the hero’s shadow escaped the hero’s embrace and was reborn as the king of shadows.

Finally, the Lord of Heroes fell into an indefinite sleep.

There was no longer anything in the hero’s shadow, which should have been Black Mangi’s place. The same was true for the ‘hero’ role that the shadows had to imitate.

There are no more heroes in this world.

All that remains are the broken remains of heroes, despair, and endless malice towards humans.

They no longer imitate or imitate heroes. The more copies you make, the less you remember what your shadow was, what your original form was, or what you were a copy of.

A clone that started out as a shadow imitating a hero, but later even fragments of the hero could not be found.

The devil simply existed.

And there is no way that the Demon King, who cannot even remember his original form, can remember the daughter whom the hero once loved.


The shadow of the hero, who should have stayed still, the sword of the Demon King moved.

However, in response to the swing of the sword, a blade rose from under Lily’s feet.

[The Shadow Lord exercises the influence of the ‘Great Empress’…!]

Shadow Blade.

A shadow blade scattered with black roses rose and collided with the shadow blade held in the Demon King’s hand.

The two shadow blades collided, and Lily still stood there without even moving.

“Step back, Lily. Anything more than this is dangerous!”]

[Shadow Lord ‘Kamangi’ warns.]

“…You can’t back down.”

And Lily shook her head softly at Black Man’s warning.

There is no way that ordinary humans and mediocre players can face the shadow of a hero there.

Nevertheless, what was there was by no means an ordinary human or player.

“This is my night.”

The young witch whispered.

At the same time, a jet-black whirlpool swirled beneath the young witch’s feet, wrapping around Lily and forming a dress.

It was a dress shining with the color of the night sky.

The stars shining like jewels and the colors of the night sky swirled around her and engulfed the sky.


“This is my night, my world, everything is up to me.”

The Walpurgis Witch whispered and the landscape of the world began to distort.

The Demon King’s sword, which was supposed to be swung at her, turned into a comical lollipop and lost its edge.

With a popping sound, the large sword that had once been a sword broke.

Likewise, the shadow of the despairing hero also collapsed on the spot.

One shadow fell, and countless shadows rose again.

“Step back, my daughter.”]

said the Demon Lord.

However, there was not the slightest emotion towards Lily in that voice. It was a cold voice that gave me goosebumps.

The demon king couldn’t even remember how precious the girl in front of him was or how meaningful she was to him.

Because he couldn’t even remember who he was imitating.

The shadow of the despairing and broken hero was there, an army of demon kings whose end was unknown.


And facing them, Lily still did not back down.

It was at that moment.

“That is your will, Lily.”]

[The Witch Lord whispers to the young witch』


There was a young witch who was never intimidated and was determined to fight against the Demon King.


Illysia, the witch lord, asked back,

“This world… is the world that my father tried to protect.”

Lily answered,

“Yes, he tried to protect this world as a hero.”]

[The Witch Lord sneers coldly.]

“But this world and its humans… have caused irreparable harm to him. “It gave me nothing but despair.”]

Illisia said.

“But is Lily still trying to protect this world?”]

Lily remained silent. Again, cries rang out from afar.

“The one she was trying to protect. After silence for something precious

, Lily opened her mouth,

“I hope you don’t hurt me with your own hands and make me sad.”

Facing the hero’s shadow in front of him.

[“You’re trying to hurt me again, little witch.”]

There were countless shadows there, and the Lord of Demons coldly replied,

“You… Lily. “I’m not your dad.”

And the Walpurgis Witch also answered coldly, as if she could not back down,

“Daddy doesn’t call Lily that.”

“Young witch, I watched your father’s despair like you could never imagine.”

The monarch of demons answered, “

I have seen all the pain and despair felt, all the hatred and evil towards humans, from the closest place.”

“You have no idea how cruelly the kindness of those who thought they understood him hurt him.”

The demon lord said.

In a sense, he was the true hero’s understanding.

“Do not make him suffer any longer. No, do not understand or care for him.”]

Nothing can escape fate.

Fate . Even the struggle that you think you are resisting in the end is nothing more than a predetermined harmony in the grand destiny.

That is why the devil was there, abandoning everything.

The shadow of a hero who no longer needs anyone’s understanding, kindness, or kindness. “

…you will be hurt more.”

And until the very end, Lily did not back down:

“Destroying, denying, and hurting the things she held dear with her own hands.”

He just calmly carries through his words,

like the King of Heroes once did:

“Even if they are really not worth it.”

The Walpurgis Witch said,

“Please don’t throw away what you cherish….”

At the same time, the girl with the most innocent soul in the world said,

“Not because they are precious, but for the sake of you who cherish them


And in front of Lily’s seemingly begging request, the Demon Lord sneered coldly.

“Until the very end…”

Even the faint remaining light of ridicule disappeared, and a cold voice without even the slightest emotion came out.

“He is . “In the end, I wasn’t understood by anyone.”

With those words, the sword demons began to dwell in each of the shadows of the demon king there.

Shadows that reflect the inaction of the sky monster, the Heavenly Demon.

“Make a contract with me, Lily!”]

[The Shadow Lord Power of the Tower: Extending a hand towards the young witch of the ‘Witch Coven.’]

At the same time, a cat appeared from Lily’s shadow.

“Make a contract with me….”]


Lily nodded without any hesitation at Blackman’s urgent request,

“I want to become a magical girl.”


Black, who was about to say something, immediately closed his mouth.

“Dad said that to Mom.”

By the way, saintess. Do you know how to call a young witch in four letters?

It’s already four letters.

Magical girl.

The man loved by the Lord of Heroes was sleeping on the throne. At

the highest point of the stars, all kinds of transcendental people gathered to pray for the world of this universe. At the peak of the ‘spire’ that regulates order.

The saintess was also there.

And looking down on the earthly scenery from the throne spire, she was captivated by ‘human emotions’ that could not be compared to any other time. Her

beloved daughter was there . Even if they were not related by blood,

the child of two people who loved each other more than anything else was fighting for what she thought was right for her father.


the most appropriate word to describe that is one. ”

Other than the eggplant, nothing came to mind.

No matter how much those words hurt them and drove them into despair,

the Saint of Heroes opened her mouth as if bitter.

“I don’t think heroes will disappear that easily.”

“That is your will, Lily.”]

[The Lord of the Game exerts influence


Please do not throw away the things you cherish.

Not because they are precious, but for the sake of you who cherish them. Even if I was standing there

, I heard a voice.

It was a voice I missed so much.

The moment the gunman pulled his trigger on the endless, desolate desert.


A gunshot rang out.

The gunshot that rang out was at the very moment when the final hunt was about to end.


sound . rang out.

The man in black swung the sword of the winter night in his hand, and it was the sound of the blade colliding with the bullet of the revolver.

The man who could not avoid the bullet deflected the bullet fired at him.

Trigger The gunman who pulled the gun fell silent.

“Are you planning to run away from fate again?”

The gunman asked back in a cold voice, and Yoosung quietly shook his head,

adjusting the hilt of the Winter Night sword in his hand.

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