Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 27

Episode 27

Black rain fell. At the same time, iron armored magic soldiers began to rush towards the two players.

Paying no heed to the friendly fire pouring in from behind.

It was not a medieval-style steel armor, but an extremely elaborate reinforced suit, similar to a power suit from a science fiction movie.

That was when Maria raised her shield of light in front of the rain of black gunpowder.

[The holder of the title ‘Saint’ is with you! The effect of the protection ‘Saint’s Protection’ is amplified by 1000%!]

Divine Protection 1《Saint’s Protection》

– Grade “

– Effect

. Defense +100, Evasion Correction +300

. When a saint is nearby, the effect is amplified by 1000%

[Player Maria grants a buff, the Archangel’s Armor!]

[Player Maria Gau….]

Not only are Maria’s buffs pouring in endlessly, but coincidentally, thanks to her who has the title of saint, the shooting star This one blessing was amplified to an absurd level of effect.

Defense +1000, Evasion Correction +3000.

In addition, the stats were doubled through level 50 awakening, creating an incredibly bizarre scene.


A single shot was struck with destructive power that was incomparable to that of a musket using black powder. Since this is a world with magic armor, it would not be surprising if there were fighter weapons with comparable power.

Still, it was too slow.

The cavalry rushing in front of me, and even the bullets pouring down, felt strangely slow.

When all of this is combined, the sharply honed sixth sense (A sense) based on an evasion correction of close to +5000 deflected the pouring blows like water.

“Turn off the light.”

As soon as those words were said, light disappeared from the world.

Through the legendary skill ‘Oculus’, he manipulated the visual information of the area and once again grabbed the frost sword.

A scream rang out in the darkness.

Even though it was broad daylight with the sun hanging in the sky, an extremely dark night came, and a silent assassin moved in the darkness of the night.

When Oculus manipulates the visual information of the ‘crowd’ rather than a specific target, users are no exception to being affected by it.

However, in the darkness, the shooting star moved without hesitation.

This is a shooting star who has reached level 50 awakening based on the buffs of a top player saint. For the current Yoosung, even a Tier 6 tower could not be a proper opponent.

Even if the opponent was an army, it was no exception.

Frost swords were scattered through the sword technique, and shadow blades began to emerge from the ground. And, crossing the darkness, Ka Mangi began to binge eat.

It was a one-sided slaughter.

Except for the iron cavalry, who are only armed with magic armor.

‘The numbers are not that large.’

Even in the dark, it is accurately targeting the location of the shooting star and Maria. Without even panicking, they were swinging their swords with precision, like living machines.

Needless to say, it was not an ordinary sword. The magic device elaborately overlaid along the sword body was operating and emitting aura.

A world that utilizes the power of mana by fusing it with technology, rather than using easy-to-understand magic or auror hearts.

Magic engineering.

The movements of the iron cavalry have also been explosively strengthened, incomparable to those they were opposing just before.

It was not an easy fight. However, it was not a fight that could not be won.

The flat

frost sword was swung with explosive magical power that was unparalleled before. No matter how much magic armor it has, it won’t be able to block the frost sword that has Maria’s buff and 2-star effect.

《Frost Sword Creation》

– Attribute. Cold Metal

– Grade . Hero 2 stars (★★)

– Abilities

. By condensing the cold air in the atmosphere, you can create a frozen sword made of ice frost.


. Glacier synergy enhancement effect: Increases the number and type of weapons that can be created additionally.

. 2-star enhancement effect: Attack power, cutting power, and sharply increased Lido.

At first glance, this may seem like a simple explanation, but in reality, it was not.

The metal flesh and bones of the iron cavalry that were fused with the magic armor were cut off as if cutting off tofu.

Shortly after that, Oculus’ continuous effect ended and darkness fell over the area.

The light returned and what was there was just an unfathomable mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. The remaining revolutionary forces also realized that continuing the battle was meaningless and began to retreat.

[The level has risen!]

[The level…]

The level up message that was constantly rising was undoubted evidence of gluttony.

Maria bit her lip as she looked at the corpses of revolutionary soldiers lying endlessly across the horizon.

And there was a cat alone, casting pitch black darkness in a world filled with light.

“Hey, our black guy knows how to bake bread.”

It was a shadow beast, Black, sitting quietly in the loaf position.


Kamangi split the corners of his mouth and smiled. At the same time, the shadow under my feet was very red. It was so red that it was literally a lake of blood overflowing.

It was right then.

[Oh? Blackman’s condition….]

Immediately after, darkness enveloped Blackman and a message appeared.

[But nothing happens. It seems that

a little more experience is needed for evolution …]

“Okay, it’s time for our Black Mang to start weaning itself off of peanuts.”

— Meow?

Blackman tilted his head, and Yoosung turned his head calmly. Maria was silent, looking down at the corpses of the revolutionary soldiers.

After silence, the saint asked. The voice was a little dark.

“Do you know why I am called a saint?”

“Well, you act like a saint, so you must be a saint. And what did the saint do here? “They were buffing and sucking honey, and then I killed them all.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and answered. Maria also smiled bitterly without saying any more.

“I thought you would say that.”

“Then let’s just follow the pot-bellied king.”

As he said that, Yooseong looked at the remaining words.

Some time after that.

After occasionally encountering revolutionary forces, fighting several small battles, and following the map given by the king, they were about to arrive at the Duchy of Basel.

The sky was very red.

The fire was burning so brightly that it could be seen clearly even from afar.

“The Duke…T

looked down on the scenery from the hill, and the player’s vision quickly scanned the scenery of the area. And soon I realized it.

The Dukedom was not the only thing that was burning. The duchy and the entire city were devastated and burning.

The two players quickly approached on horseback. Eventually, I realized what was happening in the duchy area.

“Kill the enemies of the revolution!”

“This is the order of Cromwell, the Iron-Blooded Prince! “Exterminate all collaborators of the old regime, regardless of gender or age!”


Before we knew it, the revolutionary army that had occupied the castle and the city was carrying out massacres and plundering throughout the area.


“That’s right.”

Maria bit her lip and took a deep breath. A scream rang out. The entire city was burning and people were dying.

“Well, isn’t that an ideology? “Perhaps the people of Old Castle will become similar?”


After Yoosung spoke in a cold voice, he immediately created a frost sword.

And without even the slightest hesitation, he walked towards the road to hell that spread beyond the drawbridge of the city. A soldier near


saw a shooting star, and before he could even shout out, an ice bolt struck him.


What was there was no longer the standard bearer of the revolution. They were just a bunch of easily recognizable criminals.

The King of Heroes stretched out his arms towards the criminals who were trampling throughout the Duchy of Basel.

Light has faded from the world.

“Ah, from now on, the lights will be turned off for a while.”

[Warning: The Iron Blood Soldiers’ direct guards, the Iron Blood Soldiers, are blocking the way!]

Nothing changed.

It was time to end the game.

[Cleared the Tower of Revolutionary War!]

[Republic Calendar OOO-. Only after losing untold blood in the battles of Old Castle and Basel was the leader of the revolutionary army, ‘Iron Blood Prince’, able to hang the king and the remnants of the royalists. Afterwards, under the regime of the Iron-Blooded Communists, the era of the reign of terror began, in which those who had even the slightest suspicion of the revolution were mercilessly purged of harsh moral standards… (omitted)] [Special achievement ‘First to clear Tier 6 Tower

‘ Achieved! A ‘Random Skill Card Pack (Hero level or higher)’ will be given as a reward!]

[A ‘Random Artifact Ticket (Rare or higher)’ will be given as a reward for clearing the 6th tier top…]

[Achievement score 50.000P…]

( omitted)

[Oh? What is Blackman’s condition…?]

Yoosung and Maria were the first to conquer the 6th tier tower and collected appropriate rewards.

France, which claims to be a liberal camp, does not treat players from other countries as serious criminals if they attack the tower like Russia or China.

That was only when there was protection from a high-ranking player like a saint.

Fortunately, Saint Mary emphasized its necessity, and the French government had no other choice.

Nevertheless, even the world’s players could not do anything about the reporters who would do anything in front of a scoop.

As soon as they left the tower, foreign reporters from all over the world were filling up the surroundings with no room left.

“Mr. Maria! Regarding the fact that you and the Player King of Heroes conquered the tower together…

“Did you go on a date or something? “Then what is there for a man and a woman to do in the tower other than date?”

Maria answered the reporter’s question with silence and a smile, while Yoosung did not. And it was only at that answer that Maria’s smile collapsed.

“Ah, I had a really hot night in many ways.”

“Oh, it’s a misunderstanding! This is only for the sake of my country, business-wise…

“Why are you doing that? Earlier, when I was in the tower, I was so glad that Darling was with me.

“Can you please shut your mouth?”

Before he could finish speaking, the saint hit Yooseong on the shin with her shoe. And it wasn’t long before each and every action was captured on camera and spread as breaking news in each country.

[The provocation value rises amazingly.]

[The clown monarch clutches his stomach and rolls around on the floor.]

Amazing rise And the immeasurable laughter of the monarchs was heard.

Jester The Lord’s contractor, Court Jester.

Jester of kings. As befits its name, countless monarchs began to rush to bestow gifts.

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