Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 37

Episode 37:

When the executioners of death performed their mission and returned to the sacred place under the Ayyubid Elf nation.

“You completed your mission safely.”

Kaya hesitated

and bowed her head at the words of the Syrian queen.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal

The queen tilted her head and Yoosung, who was silent, answered.

“Mission failed. No, should I say this was a failure?”


It was a separation.

“Failure? However, my friend, you said that Bloodbeard Barbarossa is dead…

“That is…”

Kaya, the leader of the assassination squad, bowed her head and accepted the words.

“When we overran his barracks and raided his bedroom. It was already dead. “Looking at the way the drinking glass fell, it seems likely that the person was poisoned.”


“It must have been the work of the Supreme King.”

Yoosung opened his mouth calmly.

“Just because the king is dead, the troops under his command will not return to their original state. In any case, since they went out under the banner of a holy war, one of the three kings… the Supreme King, would probably be leading them. “Having monopolized the glory of the temple and collapsing the scales between the three kingdoms, wouldn’t that be like killing two birds with one stone?”

“Even though they knew about our assassination attempt, they let it happen and even poisoned us considering the possibility that the assassination would fail?”

“Well, I guess I wanted to make sure.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

“It seems that the secret struggle between the kings has become more intense than I thought.”

“Oh my, I guess someone isn’t a bunch of human bastards. “You’re just filming a really bad drama.”

Yoosung responded to those words as if it were someone else’s business.

“It is said that as expected, pagan assassins attacked Bloodbeard’s barracks and slaughtered his knights. With this, we can now blame the heretics for Bloodbeard’s death.”

“It is according to the revelation from Heaven that Your Majesty received!”

Hearing those words, the man smiled in satisfaction. It was the Supreme King Philip II.

“Who could be more qualified than Jim to reclaim the Holy Land and exterminate the heretics? “All are under your care.”

“It is as you said, Your Majesty!”

The sword of light, which had previously fallen into obscurity during the Second Crusade, radiated light from the sword belt on his waist.

“Now that Bloodbeard has been assassinated by the infidels, his troops will have no choice but to follow his command.”

And as long as the attack by the pagan assassins remains as clear evidence, there is no need to worry about the arrow of suspicion being aimed at the Supreme King.

Rather, there is no need to tell where the hostility of the knights loyal to Bloodbeard will be directed to avenge their master.

“Arrange the forces under the Dragonheart King and Bloodbeard at the forefront of the attack on the Holy Land and incite their desire for revenge for their master. In addition, I will place my forces in the rear to preserve our forces.”

“I will follow your orders!”

“The angel of the Lord is looking after the burden.

Do not doubt anything.”

The man with the sword of light said. He was a knight wearing a dark-colored robe with a golden cross pattern, and he was the king.

《Golden Fanaticism’, a dark-colored circlet with a golden cross engraved on it


– Description. It is said that the Archangel

bestowed a blessing on a religious knight who was in danger due to an ambush by Elf guerrillas during the Holy War. The Sircoat Knight was unable to hide his overwhelming faith and later killed thousands of men, women and children in the war. He directly massacred the elven heretics.

After several battles, fierce but petty, important but not decisive, the final battle finally arrived.

The area of the castle occupied by the Ayyubid elf nation.

The armies of the three human kings were gathered to reclaim the Holy Land and carry out a sacred war. But there was only one king who ruled the army.

Supreme King Philip II.

“Aha, that’s how we’re going to use the rest of the kings’ troops as cannon fodder.”

On the castle wall of the holy place, the shooting star turned his head.

A large army of desert elves, comparable to the human troops gathered for the temple, was in a defensive posture around the sacred site.

Elf archers were seen lined up endlessly along the castle wall. Between them, a magic brazier with more power than a fiery arrow is dancing, scattering white flames.

It was not a situation where either party was facing a one-sided inferiority. Furthermore, as the tier of the tower increases, the influence that one player can exert over the battlefield inevitably decreases.

The Dragon Heart King that Yooseong fought against was also a strong player who could not even be compared to an ordinary player.

Moreover, in the case of the entities that will be faced at the end of the season, victory cannot be guaranteed even if the highest-ranking players join forces.

“Those who want peace, prepare for war.”

Round, round, round. Yooseong muttered quietly, leaving behind the sound of drums echoing in the distance.

It was right then.

The drum sound stopped. The flames of the magic braziers blazing all over the castle walls also stopped dancing.

The clock hands stopped and the world stopped. It was not a shooting star whose meaning I did not know.

.’The robber came at the right time.”

Tier 7 hard and there is a store.

“Buy me a pack of cards.”

“Wait, this is Tier 7, right? “Let’s start by upgrading the store.”

“That’s right. Achievement score 10000001^ Are you going to upgrade the store?”

“okay. Do you also want to come to the 7th tier tower and start selling mats?”

“Okay, I’ll upgrade you. With this, I have 902.700P achievement points left. “I can still buy 90 more card packs.”

The girl responded to Yoosung’s words.

[Consume achievement points to upgrade the store.]

[Rare store has opened…]

Immediately after, the scenery of the area collapsed. And then a new landscape emerged.

The bell rang sweetly. It was the sound of wind and scenery.

It smelled like a book.

I just looked around. There were bookshelves filled with all kinds of books all over the place. The light has faded, as if you were looking at an old bookstore, and it has an antique look, as if the flow of time has stopped.

The mechanical girl was sitting there. In his hand is a hardcover novel with the inscription ‘Do machines dream of electric sheep?’

“It’s noble that your hobby is reading.”

“It’s for decoration.”

The girl answered calmly while saying that. Just like that, the girl held out something.

This is a catalog listing the products handled at this store.

Product Name: Buff 1 Uncontrollable Power

– Effect. Str+100 increases permanently within the tower

– Price. 500000P

Product Name: Skill 1 Haste

– Grade. Rare

– Price… (omitted)

Product Name: Attribute Skill Card Pack

– Price. 1.000.000P

buff equipment, skills, protection potions, etc…. We are dealing with all kinds of products that are incomparable to anything we have seen so far.

However, there are not that many achievement points in hand right now. Out of a total of nearly 4,000,000 P achievement points, I’ve already lost 3,000,000 P.

Considering the price range of the products, you can’t buy anything right away. But this is it. As the top tier goes up, your achievement points will increase exponentially.

So, I flipped through the catalog’s table of contents and headed toward potions. As the store upgraded, the effectiveness and price of potions also increased.

“Purchase three bottles of advanced darkness potion. There’s also one advanced level potion. Also, I bought the ‘West Wind’ buff.”

“In total, 1600001¼. Buy me a pack of cards too. “Use up all your achievement points before you die.”

“Yeah, it’s over. I can’t buy it. I have no intention of buying it. “Go back quickly.”

Saying that, Yoosung stood up. The girl’s movements stopped and the smell of books wafting from her nose disappeared.

[I purchased the buff _ West Wind. The buff lasts until the tower’s attack ends.]

The sound of the wind chimes has stopped.

Before I knew it, the place where the shooting star was standing was on the castle wall of the holy place, where the elves and the human army were facing each other.

And the war began.

On the castle walls, elven archers placed arrowheads on magical braziers. Then, white flames swirled from the tip of the arrow and pulled straight into the sky.


White flames blazed from the arrow and began to rain down from the sky.

Like rain? It wasn’t.

It was as beautiful as pure white snowflakes falling. However, when the pure white particles scattered from the white flame poured down on the soldiers. Hell finally unfolded.

Flames clung persistently to the soldiers’ bodies as if they were pouring in white phosphorus weapons, and the flames began to melt their armor and skin.

Immediately after, magic swirled like artillery fire from all directions, and heavenly light was scattered.

“Avenge Your Majesty!”

“Knock down all the infidels!”

Burning with a desire for revenge after losing the King of Dragons and Lord Bloodbeard, the enemy soldiers began to climb the castle walls.

Watching that scene, the player Yoosung also did not hesitate.

The black cat at my feet raised its head and smiled. The sea of shadows engulfed the entire area, including the top of the castle wall beneath my feet.

Immediately afterwards, countless jet-black blades rose from the castle walls.

It wasn’t springing out from under my feet. Seven thorns were emerging from the very wall of the castle where enemy soldiers were desperately climbing ladders.

At the same time, pure white snowflakes scattered endlessly from the sky. It was the white phosphorus bombing itself that swept through the area like an inferno.

There is no such thing as a holy war in the world. Even if we assume that this war is truly the will of God, then that God should be called an

evil god.

[The Lord of Light blesses the armies of humans.]

[The Lord of Shadow blesses the armies of the desert elves.]

[Force: The Shadow Council of the Watchers of Light joins the battlefield!]

[The Lord of Frost…. .]

[The Flame Lord’….]

[Force: Frost Guardians and Destroyers of Fire exert influence on the battlefield!]

[The Lords are delighted with the play of blood and death!]

And countless evil spirits rule this battlefield. was watching.

There wasn’t even a laugh. However, in some sense, it is not impossible to understand that the player is revered as an ‘apostle of God’.

The light swirled. Heavenly riders appeared in the sky. The Shadow Council emerged from the darkness. The riders of fire and ice also did not appear immediately, but they were probably involved in this battle in their own form.

“Oh, God of Light!”

“Fight, compatriots! “The Shadow Goddess is taking care of us!”

“God is taking care of us!”

Therefore, amid the swirling madness of faith, the shooting star also began to move.

In order to lead the war between humans, elves, and gods filled with evil intentions to victory.

There is no such thing as a holy war in the world. There was just endless war and slaughter. There was no exception in any era or world.

And it was time to put an end to this tiresome war.

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