Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 41

Episode 41:

A restaurant in Black York City.

The meeting of the five major mafia families that control the city took place in the dark, and the meeting finally opened.

No, it should have been opened.

“Falcone and the Sanchez family are not showing up.”

A woman in a suit whispered. The young boss of the Capone family, ‘Vito Capone’, bit his lip.

“They can’t believe my father…!”

“It is not time to make hasty decisions yet. “Let’s wait and see.”

And not only the two gangs that were destroyed by the two players, but also the bosses of the Colio and Gambino families, who had even their life lines mortgaged through the ‘Ojiheart’s magic’, held their breath.

“As expected, Falcone and Sanchez were planning to join forces and betray us!”

“Please wait. “They know very well that they cannot participate in business unless they participate in the summit.”

There are rules among the mafia to maintain order among the organizations. And in order to collude with corrupt politicians and exercise influence in their businesses, various gambling halls, tax protection, and most importantly, union management, a tacit agreement is essential between organizations.

It was right then.

“boss! “I have news you need to know urgently!”

The subordinates rushed towards the bosses of each family, each whispering something in their ears.


“Is that really true!”

As soon as they heard the whisper, the bosses’ faces all turned cold.

“It is said that the bosses of the Falcone and Sánchez families were assassinated…T

“It is said that just as the boss of the Capone family was assassinated, a large number of powerful members of the organization were also murdered.”

“…Oh my.”

Yoosung, who was sitting at the table in the back eating a cheeseburger, took a deep breath. Master Park asked back as he watched the scene from the side.

“°k You pig! Kiki。>. Here = Aren’t you tired of eating cheeseburgers for three meals a day?”

“No, the cheeseburgers in this neighborhood taste amazing. “I thought I should eat a lot while I have it.”

“Hey, there are so many different things.”

“Could it be that the assassin who took down the godfather of the Capone family was also…

“No. So no one in the family is a traitor?”

“No way, a third force…

Putting the cheeseburger in his mouth, Yoosung stood up and asked. It was exactly as he said.

“Oh, this is it. It’s really unfortunate for Mr. Collio and Mr. Gambino. . I will pay respect to the loyalty and brotherhood of the villains:

“You bastard…! How dare you capture someone in the wrong way and say something like that…!”

Master Park shrugged his shoulders and it was at that moment.


The lights in the restaurant went out. A presence moved from the place that was completely empty for the family bosses’ meeting.

“Welcome, you are a bunch of dirty evil polluting this city.”

A voice came from the darkness:

“Oh, I’d like to pack a few more cheeseburgers and take them with me. Do you accept take-out in the outside world?”

Yoosung muttered, not paying any heed to the voice. After devouring the second cheeseburger, he crumpled the wrapper and threw it into the trash can. “They colluded with corrupt politicians, took over the union, and sucked up the hard work of the workers, all in the name of nothing.

” “You criminals who are disrupting the order of the city through repeated extortion and blackmail, we have made your sins known!”

“Which one is this? Reveal your identity immediately!”

“Hero name Night Crow.”

One of the mobsters raised his voice and a silhouette in the darkness answered,

“Dark Hero.”

“Hummy sippal.”

Hearing those words, Master Park was dumbfounded and muttered,

“Here’s the bastard of darkness again.”

“Aren’t you in the wrong tower? It’s Chat Noir.”

“Oh, how do I know that? I guess they thought it was noir because the mafia was coming and it was pouring rain.”

“Hey, I want to see the level of the author who wrote this as a noir.”

Yooseong muttered in bewilderment, and in the darkness, the dark hero ‘Night Crow’ opened his mouth:

“Then, from now on, we will wipe out the evil in the city and begin executing justice.”

“Night Crow! You killed my father!”

“Your father was a villain worth dying for, Vito Capone. Just like the bosses of the Falcone and Sánchez families.”

Night Crow answered,

“And you are no exception, you son of a villain.”

“It’s dangerous boss! Stay back!”

A woman in a suit urgently blocked Vito Capone’s path. At the same time, silhouettes rushed towards the little boss. [

Warning: Dark hero ‘Night Crow’ will execute justice!]

The hem of the cape fluttered in the darkness. And it was not Yooseong whose movements and appearance could be missed.

As the name suggests, it was a man in a crow costume, and the voice inside the mask looked a little younger. He was

wearing wings and a cape made of crow feathers, and the hem of the cape was fluttering 360 degrees as if dancing. .

And along the hem of the cloak, crow feathers began to scatter around the restaurant like gatling bullets. Screams rang out from everywhere. The bosses of the two families, as well as the talented people who were supposed to protect them, were no exception. Crows were being scattered

. Each feather flew away, carrying more destructive power than a bullet. It

was of a different level from those with abilities up to now.

Nevertheless, the feathers of the blade that were supposed to be fired at Vito Capone remained stationary in the air.

“Get back, boss .” “Please stay behind me like this.”


A woman in a suit blocked Vito’s path, and only then did the two players stand up.

Master Park moved with Rebecca to protect their boss, Vito Capone.

“Well, there must be one or two villains worth dying for.”

At the same time, a black cat peeked out from under the meteor’s feet. Immediately afterwards, the cat’s mouth was torn grotesquely. The sea of shadows

scattered, and the predators of the ocean stuck out their mouths all at once.


Night Crow, a self-proclaimed dark hero . He kicked the ground quickly. It was fast. He could accurately read the meteor’s strike in the darkness and dodged it. Nevertheless, it was just the



Assassination notice The death mark was cast over Night Crow’s head. That was it. That wasn’t all.

[Keyword: Snitch is granted.]

[The opponent’s status window information that can be identified is provided, and 1 stack of debuff: Weakness Exposure is applied.]

‘Night Crow! Night Crow! ‘Beware of the feathers! Be careful of the feathers! In addition, they are hiding a large amount of explosives! Be careful of explosions!’

A legendary grade accessory, a talisman of sleuthing, ‘Snitch’ started talking about all kinds of information about the guy. Assuming he is dealing with the player, it is the same as telling him the equipment or skills he is equipped with, etc. 1 stack of weakness exposure and a warning of assassination

. 5 stacks of exposed weaknesses attached to the intestines.

Based on the 6 stacks of debuff, the opponent’s movements felt strangely slow.

I soloed the 7th tier hard drive to the point of yawning and upgraded various skills and equipment. For Yoosung, facing the boss of the 7th tier normal tower would not be as difficult as he thought.

To the extent that he could not even estimate his own strength.

“Evil is the worst!”

At that moment, Night Crow kicked the ground and rushed toward the shooting star. Before he knew it, the crow feather in his hand struck down like a spray of water. Caw, caw, caw! At the same time, crows that could not possibly appear


the restaurant flew up and cried out in Alfred Hitchcock’s style. It began to rush in like in the movie “Birds”.

It was not an ordinary crow. It threw its body as if rushing toward the enemy like a bomb, and immediately after, the crow’s body exploded.

At the same time as the explosion, the crow’s feathers They were scattered in all directions and a vortex of blades swirled around. Master Park quickly created a vortex of blades and protected Vito Capone with Rebecca. “Why are you

people who should be fighting to protect the peace of the world of Etranger, but you are puppets of evil? “You’re calling yourself a , aren’t you?”

Night Crow asked as he rushed to the ground where a storm of blade feathers was swirling.

Yoosung also easily parried his blow by forging ice and frost memorization with a frostsmith.


“It is not too late, prodigal child of evil. Will you come back and join us?”

“Why am I the prodigal son of evil?”

“Because I’m working with that dirty, rotten, evil group.”


“My father, mother, and younger brother were caught up in a fight by the mafia and were killed! And yet, their group proudly acquitted themselves in court and escaped! Because I took bribes from them, I am afraid of revenge.” “That is the end of this rotten city

. They are real. That is why I and my colleagues will personally execute justice on them!”

Yoosung closed his mouth silently at the unexpected words.

“It’s not too late! Let’s fight those villains together for the sake of this city and justice!”

Night Crow said,

“Join us, the Dark Heroes! If someone as strong as you joins us, we can eradicate the evil in this city…!”

It was when Night Crow was trying to persuade Yooseong to continue speaking.


‘s ice and frost memorization struck him faster than him. Keywords ‘mark of death’ and ‘snitch’ were added to expose the weak point of the 6 stacks. It shimmered around the opponent. The intangible air current was pointing precisely to the path leading to his death.

“Uh huh…?”

Night Crow weakly lowered his head. A blade of frost pierced his chest and protruded from his back.

“There is a lot to say in front of a villain.”

“Rain, you damn villain…!”

Yoosung muttered calmly and Night Crow swore. At the same time, his crow mask was effortlessly removed. What was behind the mask was a boy of an age not much different from Little Boss Vito Capone.

“Do not look down on my justice… our justice!”

That was it. It was right then. Night Crow muttered and made a sound.



An explosion raged. It didn’t take long to realize that it was an explosive large enough to blow up the entire restaurant.

The meeting hall of the five major families was involved in an explosion. And each family was devastated by the loss of their boss and talented person. Terrorist and dark hero Night Crow also died on the spot.

Some time after the situation was over, Capone Family’s House said,

“In the past, one of the Etrangers betrayed the family and joined hands with that hero organization.”

“So you were trying to persuade me?”

“Thank you for remaining faithful to our family until the end.”

“Well, isn’t this all work?”

“…Fortunately, most of the business to be dealt with at the meeting is in the hands of the Capone family.”

Rebecca, a woman in a suit, said. Hearing that, Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.

“As a result, the little boss survived and achieved victory.”

“I express my gratitude, Etrangers. “With this, the role you have to play has also come to an end.”

“Is this the end?”

“That’s right. That’s it.”

Saying that, Rebecca calmly turned her back. Seeing that, Yoosung opened his mouth.

“Was it all your plan?”


Before I knew it, the blade of ice and frost was aimed at Rebecca’s neck. A drop of blood flowed down the blade.

“…What do you mean?”

“I helped assassinate the godfather of the Capone family and instigated the death of the family bosses by using dark heroes and such.”

There was silence for a moment.

“As a result, we eliminated the competing organization and destroyed the little brat. “He became the de facto ruler of the Capone family.”

“Is that part of our business too?”

“Oh, I’m just curious. Even if we say this is the end for now, we might have to hold hands again in the future.”

“Even then, I’m not sure if I can work with someone I can’t trust.”

Yoosung let out a cold sigh and Rebecca was silent for a moment. After silence, I opened my mouth.

“When I was young, I was abandoned by my parents and lived in a back alley, where I realized my abilities. And the godfather of the Capone family took me in. “


“And from then on, I watched the growth of my godfather’s son, Vi To, by his side. “He was a truly good and pure child

. ”

“And I don’t think he will understand the cruelty of this world. I didn’t even want them to know/

“So you’re going to stick a knife in the back of the person who raised you and make your boss’ son the boss of your pants to become the queen of the night?”

“It’s for Vito.”

Rebecca nodded calmly. After hearing that, Master Park calmly shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Well, your circumstances are none of our business. Still, it’s okay to hit people in the back of the head, miss.”

“That’s right.”

Yoosung also agreed and took a bag full of cheeseburgers.

“But in a way, it was noir.”

It was indeed as it was said.

[The Godfather and the Tower of the Backstreets have been cleared…]

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