Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 43

Episode 43:

A gap in the torn void. An alien landscape where starlight is blinking.

An onslaught of monsters poured out beyond the so-called gate.

All types of monsters that appear in myths and legends, such as orcs and goblins. Furthermore,

even the Ineffable things in this world.

The size of the gap gate itself is not so wide that a few people can barely pass through. A large number of gates are created simultaneously, and high-level monsters are not pouring in.

‘There is no need to use the veil of darkness right away.’

That’s why the meteor forged the memorizations of ice frost as a frostsmith and at the same time scattered the frost lord’s magic like a whirlpool.

The crowd of monsters pouring in from beyond the gate froze all at once, and the predator in the shadows opened its mouth at the monsters that poured in again, pushing them away.

Kwasik Kwasik!

In the sea of shadows that Blackfish was scattering across the area, shadow blades emerged from there along with the predators of the ocean.

Monsters being wiped out by meteors running out of the gate.

Just because it is a tower break on a tier 5 tower does not mean that the risk is at a tier 5 level. In the first place, a tower break occurs if you leave the tower unattended or fail to attack it more than twice.

In other words, the threat is actually Tier 5 and higher. Moreover, since he attempted to play ‘Tier 5 Hard’ and failed, the threat will also increase proportionally. Above all, this is not a game that takes place in the world of the tower.

Everyone remembers. When the first season began, the streetscape was stained with blood and hordes of monsters came pouring out from everywhere. The streets were stained with blood and death, and daily life collapsed. Yoosung was no exception.

That’s why you can never let down your guard.

I calmly made up my mind and scattered the memorized memories. And before I knew it, I used the ‘Cause a Deadly Disease’ skill on one of the corpses of the monster lying around.

Kwasik Kwasik!

A monster made of flesh and bones. It began to twist and transform into a body that could only move for battle.

A bottle of the dead that received the protection of ‘Strengthening the Dead’ contained in Imae Mangryang’s bracelet. The dead soldier tore off his palm and began swinging the white bone sword that was sticking out. One rib, which was supposed to protect the internal organs, was forged with a bone blade.

Before I knew it, the army of monsters pouring in like a flood had finally begun to surpass the area of the meteor blocking the entrance.

Nevertheless, nothing changed. As the magical power of the Frost Lord


spread out, pillars of ice rose up around the gate. And right between the pillars, pale, cold frost was scattered.


The bodies of the monsters that were supposed to be scattered in all directions were slaughtered one after another, pouring down like a flood.

《Charlotte’s Web)

– Attributes. Assassination

– Grade . Rare

– Ability

. It connects two points with the Thread of Death, which possesses extreme cutting power.

. Assassination synergy enhancement effect: Increases the number of spider webs that can be created.

An installation-type assassination skill that connects the thread of death. There is nothing to criticize in itself, but there is a fatal limitation in that the effect can be 100% effective only if there is a terrain feature that can connect the spider web. Therefore, the main method of use is usually to use it with an earth attribute skill that can create terrain features, and this case was no exception.

For this very purpose, frostsmiths built ‘pillars of ice’.

The web of death was spread everywhere, from pillar to pillar of ice.

Predators and blades rose from the sea of shadows that restricted the enemy’s movements and were spread out at the same time .

In the meantime, there was no need to even talk about the dead soldiers who quietly carried out their duties.

Immediately afterwards, a pillar of ice broke apart. He applied salt to hundreds of pieces of ice using the sword technique and struck them down with cold carving knives all at once.

I was accumulating experience in actual combat by utilizing all of the skills in the seven skill deck to the maximum.

‘It’s not that bad.’

Yoosung thought calmly as he tested the combination of the two skills. In the case of a blood chain, it must use blood as a medium, so it is difficult to use without separate blood magic. However, creating ice terrain and installing Charlotte’s Web as a frostworker has more uses than you can imagine.

If you are determined and aim for a psychological blind spot, you can literally bleed your opponent by adding the legendary skill Oculus.

It was a harvest beyond imagination.

Therefore, after completing some practical tests, Yooseong modified the Frost Sword. After that, several frost swords were forged and the five blades began to orbit around the shooting star.

He kicked the ground and the intangible swordsmen using sword techniques rushed in, each holding a frost sword.

A frosty sword dance unfolded.

An endless whirlpool of cold air was sprayed across the blood-soaked streets.

They are unilaterally slaughtering hundreds of monsters pouring endlessly beyond the gate. Even though the breathing became a little rough, strictly speaking, it couldn’t even be called a fight.

After the fight, I glanced over and saw a broadcasting company’s helicopter filming in the sky. Yoosung muttered in bewilderment when he saw that.

“Wow, the reporter’s spirit is truly amazing.” It was right then.



Something rushed past the gate. Jet-black tentacles rained down on the meteor, cutting off the bundle of tentacles without difficulty.

Black blood splattered from within the tentacles. Instinctively, Yooseong sensed the threat residing in the dark blood and quickly bit his body.

Sure enough, the dark blood scattered over the monsters’ corpses began to eat away at their bodies.

[“Enjoy me a little more!”]

[The Lord of the Abyss awakens the darkness in the deepest place!]

“Oh, this pestilence…

Meteor swore. It was a very trivial battle, and it could not satisfy the interest of the monarchs. Therefore, as the player of the Jester Lord and the ‘court jester’, he had an obligation to provide for their entertainment.

The black blood began to squirm like a living creature and devour the corpses of the monsters. As if greedily devouring their flesh and bones.

The black liquid, as black and ominous as coal tar, began to rapidly multiply and take shape. No, strictly speaking, there was nothing that could be called a shape.

[Warning: Abyss slime has appeared!]

“Why are the Abyss mobs popping out here?”

An entity that would never appear in a tier 5 tower break. Nevertheless, there was no other decision.

‘Yes, it should come out like this.’

No, on the contrary, Yoosung felt like he wanted to be happy inside.

Whenever you overcome all types of threats given by the monarchs, you can obtain a corresponding reward. By winning their favor and pretending to be a jester.

The rulers of the tower look down on this world from a place called the “Throne at the End” at the top of the tower. The court jester responsible for the entertainment of the monarchs.

I had no intention of acting like a funny clown to please them. There wasn’t even a need for that. Is even that thought no different from a comical clowning game in the eyes of those rulers? I didn’t know.

I didn’t even want to know.

‘Abyss Slime! Abyss Slime! Don’t touch that colored slime! Watch out for the blood that splatters when you attack! Be careful of the blow that solidifies the slime into a tentacle shape and slams you down!’

The treacherous talisman started talking about all kinds of information about Abyss Slime.

And like a snitch’s warning, jet-black tentacles rose up. The Abyss Slime’s tentacles lashed out at the meteor, and the meteor also raced across the ground in a staggered beat, sprinkling the memorization of ice and frost.

Designating an ‘Assassination Warning’ to the Abyss Slime.

The shapeless assassins rushed towards the slime, each holding their own frost sword.


The blade of cold slaughtered the body of the Abyss slime, and black slime spurted out every time.

‘It’s dangerous to touch that blood.’

It is not even an acidic liquid that corrodes materials. There was an extremely ominous darkness.

Therefore, Yoosung widened the distance and used his sword skills to control the intangible swordsmen again.

Each time, the frost sword cut into the slime’s body, and black blood was scattered in all directions. Immediately after


the Abyss Slime moved its large mass and jumped towards the shooting star.

‘I got caught.’

Pillars of ice rose up around the meteor. At the same time, Charlotte’s web began to overlap tightly between the pillars.

The web of death was opening its mouth towards the Abyss slime.

It would be no different from jumping into a death trap on your own.

Abyss slime fell into the tightly woven web of death. The entire earth shook, and the asphalt floor crumbled and cracked like a turtle’s shell.

The Abyss Slime’s body was also entangled in Charlotte’s web and torn into dozens of pieces.

However, even if you break the body into pieces, you cannot neutralize the slime. Still, that was enough.

Slime that is torn to pieces and broken into pieces like radish pods. Because it was just the right size to be swallowed by a shadow whale.

“Kamang, let’s eat.”

— Nyaaaang.

The predators of the Sea of Shadows rose up to face the Abyss slime that had been torn apart by Shallot’s web.

Dozens of shadow whales leaped out of the sea and opened their mouths.


[The Abyss Slime has been defeated!] [The Lord of the Bottomless Pit expresses satisfaction and

bestows the ‘Abyss Gem’!]

That was the end of it. The gate began to warp again, and the torn void was stitched up again.

The tower break was successfully prevented.

“Being a hero is not something everyone can do.”

Yooseong muttered calmly as he looked at the crowd of reporters beyond the military and police barricades.

A post from the players’ community player forum at that time.

— Video of the King of Heroes battle stopping a tier 5 tower break in downtown Seoul

1- eo;; This is a really crazy play;;

L Yes, I can do it like that.

L Fact) The top ranker swordsman is a top-ranked swordsman, and even after receiving protection and items, he was completely crushed by the King of Heroes throughout the 5th season

. The power and use of the side deck are crazy. Ttakjigem Jjambap is not normal

L You were famous as a genius gamer even before you became a Hero King player in the first place.

L Why do people hate King God King? Good luck. Go. What?

L =1=1=1 HO Rudaga;;: Seeing King God King suddenly makes me want to hit the player. =1=1=1 L Fact

) Even if a novice player hits the player, it doesn’t matter because the King of Heroes saves the world anyway. Is there

any player strategy written by L Hero King? I really miss you

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