Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 44

Episode 44

“As you know, the Players Association has no answer. No answer. That means there is no answer. To put it bluntly, is there anything in this country that is being talked about as an association that is running properly?”

There was a flood of reporters crowding behind the barricades controlled by the military and police, threatening to come out after blocking the tower break. And Yoosung opened his mouth towards them.

“Even the players who died in the first place had a hard time because they were afraid of failing to conquer the tower and receiving penalty points from the association. I guess that’s what happened when I tried to fix it. So, I overexerted myself and ended up buying a ticket for the Samdocheon Express and the tower break broke. Who even stopped it? “I stopped it.”

“Are you exposing the absurdity within the association?”

“Do you have nothing to say about the Player Academy’s abuse of power in the graduation exam!”

“…Oh, that’s right. “I forgot.”

In response to questions from reporters. Yoosung remained silent for a moment. Silence fell.

“Hmm, reporter there.”

“yes yes!”

“Which of the hero movie studios do you like?”

After a moment of silence, Yoosung smiled and asked back.

“Key, I knew I would eventually explode like this.”

That night, Master Park opened the cap of a bottle of beer and laughed. As expected, the news page of the portal site was full of articles exposing the association’s status and incompetence.

In addition, the heroic performance of player Kang Yoo-seong, who single-handedly stopped Tower Break, was no exception.

— No matter what, it’s reliable! King of Heroes blocks a tower break in downtown Seoul…

— The King of Heroes finally lives up to its name

— Penalties for failing to conquer the tower? The high-pressure system of the Players Association leads to tragedy

— The festering tumor of the Players Association explodes

— Players Association Chairman Lee Seong-ho “It is different from the fact that penalty points are given when failing to conquer the tower…”

In this country, there is a player’s association that can be called a trade association. There is no ‘guild’. And the player’s association (KPA) acts on behalf of the guild. Moreover, among the high-ranking members of the association, there are no actual players.

This is because it is fearful that players in the form of guilds will form their own organizations and wield omnipotent power.

In fact, it is not uncommon for foreign guilds to collude with dark families and make illegal profits based on power that even the state cannot control. It is no different from a de facto criminal cartel.

Like Mexico, which is now said to be the empire of black players.

Therefore, the policy of this country and the association, which is choosing the ‘one country, one guild’ system, does not make sense.

“But you mean the association bastards, huh? A kid who doesn’t even know the player’s knowledge is holding the reins of the kids, so the player kids are scared and will not be able to grow up properly? I didn’t know what would happen if I looked down on the association. Without support, we cannot receive proper support from the association…

“Well, aren’t regulations and association support one of our country’s three greatest prides?”

“So, I’m thinking of taking this opportunity to do something about it.”

“Are you planning on running for president?”

“No, you crazy bastard. “It’s about creating a guild.”

Master Park said.

“Anyway, things are bound to happen in an organization where players gather together. No, even the national players have accidents every day, so how can we control that? “It’s like I can’t make soybean paste because I’m scared of maggots.”

“Oh, is that so? “Why don’t you try your best?”

“Why are you talking like it’s someone else’s business, you idiot?”

“Then is it someone else’s business or mine?”

Yooseong asked in bewilderment, and Master Park said.

“You should set up a guild.”


There was silence for a moment. After a moment of silence, Yooseong was dumbfounded and asked back.

“What did you say just now?”

“No, the King of Heroes of the world. Shouldn’t you try becoming a guild master too? Except for you, all the top rankers are sitting in the guild master’s chair and whining. “Isn’t the saint of the world also a guild master of the Order of Salvation Knights?”

“I hate working with assholes the most in the world, I hate working with idiots next, and I hate working with idiots and idiots third.”

“Who cares about your guild? “I’m just asking you to accept the compliment and become the boss of your pants.”

“Well, are you telling me to show my face and act like a boss every now and then to relieve stress?”

“Hey you bastard, here we go again.”

Master Park cursed in bewilderment, and Yoosung stood up straight. It was a table at a bar. However, except for the two people, there was no sign of anyone who was supposed to receive customers. “Hey, where are you going? We’re already in the tower

. “Are you going?”

“I’m just going to get some fresh air. I’ll see you

later/’ With those words, Yoosung left the bar, and the men in suits guarding the entrance glanced at Yoosung. Bang. At that


, the president’s office of the Players Association Building. Reporters A man’s voice was coming from the front.

— The Players Association is giving no answer. No answer. That means there is no answer.

“Kang Yoo-seong, you fucking idiot, you bastard!”

Lee Seong-ho, the head of the association, a man with white hair, slammed the desk and his secretary. Hana lowered his head in astonishment.

“Besides, the intelligence agency said that the National Intelligence Service is considering permission to create a player guild in the country…

“Master Park, that bastard must have done it.”

Lee Seong-ho swore again,

“You’re trying to free the reins of those monster players!”

Players themselves are like a double-edged sword. There are worst cases like in Mexico where black players collude with criminal organizations and the country cannot even be controlled, and like in the United States, the top players are controlled by the military but are free. There is also an ideal case where player guilds are allowed. This was only from the surface. In any case, it is

not easy to maintain moderation in most cases. This country was no exception.

“Idiots who do not understand the lesser evil .” “Oh you guys!”

That’s why Lee Seong-ho, the president of the association, cursed coldly.

It was at that time.

“Evil is always not understood. Isn’t it?”]

[The Lord of Evil shows interest in you.]

[Test of the Tower Would you like to take the exam? Y/N]

A message blocked his vision.

The night wind was cool. On the portal site, the number of

views of the video of the King of Heroes blocking the tower break soared without end, and the whole world was watching him. They were talking about stories.

[The clown monarch expresses satisfaction.]

The clowns of the monarchs and the clowns of the world. There was no difference in either side. Shrugging his shoulders as if it were someone else’s business, Yoosung pulled his hood down and walked through the streets at night. I walked across.

I didn’t have a specific destination. I could have gone in to attack the next tier 7 tower. However, these days, mid-to-high tier towers aren’t lying everywhere at my feet. That’s why I thought I’d wait a little longer as Yoosung. Not this way

. It was time to call him from the world of the tower.

There was a ‘token of trust’ given to him by a Syrian princess. As it happened, the ‘knife’ of Rebecca, the Queen of the Night and the de facto head of the Capone family in the Godfather’s Tower, was in the shooting star’s pocket. They were put in.

Intermediaries that connect the outside world with the world of Top.

However, even though I crossed the street deep into the night, I could not hear Top’s voice.

So, after walking down the street for a while, I stopped at a local seaweed restaurant and ordered a tuna omelet rice. After eating, I walked away.

And then the next morning, it finally happened. Paravambam


“Oh my, my ears are dropping.

The shooting star, who was resting his head on the bedside of the sick person, slowly raised his head to the sound of tinnitus ringing in his ears. Looking out the window at dawn. A name was emerging as the dawn lit up.

At the same time, a message emerged:

[The A-match tower will be created in a moment!]

A-match (International A-Match) A sports term referring to an official international match between national teams.

[Tower of A Match]

[Elite ??? Tier ??? ??? ??? Store available]

[Strategy Target: ???]

[Special Note: To enter the tower, you must enter the 《Descent of the Plague Lord〉 season You need to be ranked 10th at the time! If two or more entering players have overlapping nationalities, the higher-ranked player may enter.

« No one dies in that tower. Don’t miss the opportunity to foster friendship among players!

Watch the 5th season’s top ranking players in action at the tip of the A match through live broadcast

! He dies!]

“…this is crazy.”

As soon as he saw the last singular emperor, Yooseong closed his mouth in bewilderment. 100 million people. There was no way he didn’t know the weight of that number. When I turned on the TV, a holographic message like the one floating in the shooting star’s field of vision appeared.

Live broadcast. Various communication media around the world are being changed as if they were hacked. We are getting ready to start broadcasting.

‘It’s really varied.’

[Would you like to enter the A-Match Tower?]

This is not the typical tower that is rising all over the world.

However, the sudden shape of the tower and the call itself are not that surprising. Whatever happens in the world of the tower is not strange, and above all, it is not the first time.

There is just one thing that bothers me a little. To be eligible to enter, you must be a top ranker in the season of ‘Descent of the Plague Lord’, not season 6.

[“Go, child of a thousand faces and a thousand talents! Go and entertain us!”]

[The Clown Lord urges player Kang Yu-seong to participate.]

“I will participate.”

As Yoosung, there was no hesitation. No matter what was waiting in front of him, it was no different.

As soon as I put on my player gear, a halo of light enveloped the meteor and the world’s landscape was plunged into darkness.

A stage that exists for the entertainment of monarchs. The court jester finally joined the stage.

“I’m so happy to see you again, I don’t know what to do.”

As soon as he came to consciousness, Yoosung started mocking me like it was someone else’s business.

“Hero King…..


Ten heroes who were said to have once saved the world were there.

“Mr. Kang Yu-seong. “I’m glad to see you again.”

The man was there too. German player Georg Georg, ranked 2nd in the rankings. However, the 6th season has not started and even the unclaimed rewards have not been released. It was just a body without any equipment or skills.

“Why did Grandpa come in here?”

“No one will ever die in this tower.”

The tomb keeper laughed as he said that. Apostle of the Fire Lion Lord and King of the Dead with an army of death.

“Because there is no death, there is no reason to hesitate.”

With those words, a message appeared again to the ten heroes


[Items from the end of the season will be temporarily provided in bulk until you leave the tower…]

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