Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 86

Episode 86

“Then, as you asked me to, would you like to review the future hero candidates?”

Mistress smiled and responded to Yooseong’s words.

“One hundred players from each country who have been judged are waiting to be nominated.”

“There are 100 superhero candidates? “I wonder if they filmed it in three shifts at some hero factory. The world must be so peaceful.”

That was when Yooseong sarcastically said it was someone else’s business.


The air between the meteor and the rest of the heroes began to twist and tear. It is a power portal that is said to be usable only by the apostles of the Guide Lord.

“This is a portal leading to the testing ground for hero candidates within the building.”

“Aha, I feel relieved that this isn’t a trap that will kidnap me and bury me without even a rat or a bird knowing.”

The tomb keeper responded to Yooseong’s sarcasm.

“When you single-handedly defeated the abhorrent Fusion Lord, I truly understood that we could never protect this world without you. All of us. “Isn’t that right?”

At those words, Saint Mary broke the silence and asked again.

“…I just said that the testing site is in the building. Was it really necessary to create a portal?”

“Because it is a ‘secret layer’ that cannot be entered physically. “There is no entrance or exit, so you have no choice but to enter and exit through the portal.”

Mistress answered Maria’s question. Maria’s expression became even more suspicious.

“…I will go in first.”

Saint Mary said and walked without hesitation. No, I tried to move it.

“There is no need for that, saint.”


Nevertheless, Yooseong stopped Maria and walked ahead of her. Toward the other side of the portal, a strange passage that can freely connect two points in this world.

As if I was going beyond the gate of the Hopsa Tower Break, a strange sensation that cannot be easily explained came over me. Immediately after that, a message popped up.

[You have entered the tower of the UN Peace Security Council…]

[Tier 0, there really is nothing. No restrictions on the number of players allowed to enter.]

[Strategy objective: None]


Yooseong took a breath at the message, and then the rest of the heroes, including the saint, entered. Leaving the Norway Room behind, they were greeted by a floor decorated like a view of a tower and a hall in a building.

“The tower of the UN Peace Security Council…?”

The saint was also shocked and opened her mouth.

“How on earth…?”

“The world of towers, to be more precise, is one of the benefits bestowed upon us by the ‘God of Mechanical Devices.’”

“Surely, thanks to the technology of the Machine Lord,

the world that was so broken that it was crying out for destruction was restored in just a few years. There was the activity of players protecting the world against the threat of the tower, and at the same time, the activity of special players who could heal and repair the wounds of the world through knowledge and technology rather than fighting.

Therefore, Yoo Seong and Maria were not unaware of the importance of the players of the Machine Lord.

At the same time, the same was true about the dangers when the knowledge and technology given by the machine lord were processed with malicious intent.

Also known as 《Black Technology》.

There is no such thing as black and white in technology itself. The difference between black and white depends on how the technology is used. Nevertheless, unprecedented technology is in the hands of people. I remembered that it was always overlaid in black when I lost.

“I understand. I also think it is too early for this technology to seek understanding from the world.

” Do you think it’s something that can be overlooked?!”

Saint Mary, wearing pure white heavy armor, asked coldly, and Mistress Lydia answered while maintaining a poker face.

“Unfortunately, Saint, we are now gathered to discuss the morality of technology. “No.”

She was wearing a dress as flashy as a peacock, fluttering a Western-style fan in her hand as if fluttering. At the same time, the entire structure


the tower she was stepping on began to freely twist like a living creature. And beyond the wall, hero candidates appeared, each equipped with the player’s weapons.

To fill the void left by the death of the two heroes of Russia and China, the Count and the Sword Master.

“This world cannot be maintained without heroes, but at the same time, heroes. We need to prepare carefully for the dangers. And this is the answer.” “The


“It is the answer that can distinguish between a player and a hero.”

The majority of players are made up of heavenly rankers. . Looking at them, the German hero gravekeeper said,

“From now on, in order for a player to be officially called a ‘hero’, the consent of the five permanent members is required. There are no restrictions on the number or nationality of heroes, and the UN peace protection committee “I will belong to the transnational organization ‘Hero League’ directly under the Board of Directors and work with the qualifications of a hero.”

“Five heroes have already agreed to the agreement. Except for the King of Heroes, the Holy Maiden, and the General.”

“Furthermore, under the agreement and control of the Board of Directors, the scope of the heroes’ activities will not stop at targeting the tower but will expand to the world and public interest.”

Yooseong was dumbfounded by those words and replied,

“No, you want to become a hero with a seal. So you can make your own decision? Wow, that’s great. Then, please, someone please give me the hero king label. Come to think of it, where is my seal?” ….

And that was right then.

Silhouettes began to appear one by one, following the seven heroes and the hundred or so hero candidates in the tower. Representatives of the permanent members who were to be in the Norway room of the UN conference room. And

it was clear that they were not actually entering the tower, but were just holograms.

One of the representatives, a hologram, opened his mouth.

“At the A-Match Tower, the danger of heroes was emphasized more than anything else. “Ironically, it was you, the King of Heroes, who did it.”


Immediately after, a switch was pressed in the hologram. It was the switch of a recorder, and a shooting voice came out from it.

‘The ten heroes who saved the world turned out to be Nazi thugs, Russian imperialist murderers, and warmongers….. The world. It’s not a story that people will take very well.’

“And in fact, in the ‘Moscow Incident’, everyone realized how threatening the deviation of one hero could be to the world.”

A catastrophe occurs when a Russian hero makes a pact with a hateful amalgam lord.

“People’s fear is growing.” I was able to witness how precarious this world, which is maintained in the name of heroes, is, and that it would not be strange even if it collapsed at any moment. Yet, at the same time, I was able to witness that I was


this world alone under a world that would not be strange even if it collapsed at any moment. The king of heroes.

The host of this game, the monarch-slayer who can bring down even the Absolute who is looking down on and mocking the world.

“King of Heroes player Kang Yu-seong. We all respect the sacrifice you are making for this world. “Yes, regardless of the attitude you show in front of the public and the media.”

“Oh, is that so? I’m so honored that I don’t know what to do with myself/’

“And don’t you know better than anyone else about the dangers of heroes?”

“Oh, you know very well,”

the representatives of the Permanent Council said, and Yoo Seong replied coldly,

“And I forgot to tell you that if you line up those heroes, they won’t even be able to show you their business cards in front of your danger.”

“Let’s see, what happened to the list of sales kings who sell the most weapons that kill people every year?”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and continued,

“Aha, from the top, they are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, France and China! Oh, and in front of me are the permanent members of the UN Peace Security Council! What is a peace team without peace?”

“A conventional weapon system was unilaterally neutralized by a single player, resulting in countless casualties. In order to minimize further casualties, I said, “No, my son is still shooting and killing people with that passion anywhere in the world

. Why don’t you use it? Did you say that your son’s name was AK-47? I heard that his mother Russia would be very proud that he shot and killed so many people that he was even listed on Guinea’s Facebook…” “It’s just as you said.

It was at that moment. Saint Mary interrupted Yoosung’s words and opened her mouth.

“How did a loyal high-ranking player under the control of a large organization become the new definition of a ‘hero’?”

“Specifically, after the Russian hero got out of control and caused a catastrophe in Moscow.”

A silhouette responded coldly and the saintess raised her voice,

“It was the Russian government’s decision not to call the remaining heroes through the portal even though they could have been called!”

“That’s right. The saint was there too, so she would know better than anyone else. That’s why, in order to minimize conflict between countries, we need a transnational form of organization and solidarity like we do now.”

“All I hear is that the five permanent members are joining hands and planning to use the highest-ranking players as a legitimate private military organization.” “Fuck… The


’s voice rose, and looking at her, Lieutenant General Kilgore cried out loud. He put it in his mouth.

Gravekeeper Mistress Shinsay Reaper, the Sorcerer King.

The five heroes have already agreed. Yoo Seong and Vice Admiral Maria General Kilgore remain. And Vice Admiral Kilgore will have no other choice.

Player Before this, he was already under the control of a large organization.

And the King of Heroes and the Saint were left behind.

“I cannot agree. And as a Saint, I can never condone this with my name and status…

“Oh, wait. ”

It was just then. Yoosung stretched out his arm towards Maria to stop her, and Maria took a deep breath.

“Mr. Yoosung…?”

“No, that’s not it.”

Yoosung shook his head and continued,

“—The broadcast cameras are rolling right now



“Why is it that everyone’s speaking style seemed as if they were reading a Korean language textbook?”

For a moment, Maria couldn’t understand what he was saying and took a deep breath.

“Why is it a broadcast?

” “The saint just said the correct answer.”

Yoosung continued,

“This is a scenario designed from the beginning to use the highest-ranking players as their own legitimate advantage


” “I’m sure some of the non-permanent member countries also participated in the transaction, right?”

Yoosung spoke coldly, and the holograms of the permanent members remained silent.

“They called me to evaluate the nominal hero candidates, so I will do as I please.” If you take action, you will broadcast it as is to secure the legitimacy of stopping the hero’s rampage. If you follow obediently, that will be justified. The same goes for the saint. Even if you mess up a bit, you will use scissors to piece it together. ”

In the silence, the mockery of the holograms flowed out.

Knowing that the King of Heroes would never abandon this world even if the world was held as collateral in his hands.

Therefore, in order to seize the hegemony of this world even a little more. There would be no reason for the ongoing fight to stop. As it has been throughout history, it will continue in the future.

He raised his head and looked at the hero candidates in front of him.

And I imagined the ‘heroic deeds’ they would soon commit for the world and public good.

“There are so many different things.”

Even when a game where the survival of the world is at stake begins and destruction approaches, all that lies ahead are their country’s interests, the organization’s interests, and their own interests.

“You have to be punished for failing to complete the CSAT before you come to your senses


Yooseong muttered in resignation, and before he knew it, the dark frost blade in his hand was scattering cold frost.

“A clown always needs a camera and a stage!”]

[The Clown Lord holds his stomach and starts giggling and broadcasting live to the world!] The

curtain on the stage that no one expected was opened.

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