Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 87

Episode 87

“Haha, everyone, check this out! What have these idiots done!”]

[An anonymous monarch exercises “absolute influence” on the tower of the UN Peace Council!] [

“They always need cameras and a stage!”]

[The tower is anonymous. It unilaterally belongs to the monarch of!]

And the curtain on the stage that no one expected was opened.

To Yooseong, it was the name of the Clown Lord, but to those who did not know its identity, it was simply an unknown absolute being mocking their foolishness.

“Mr Prime Minister Chu! “There’s something you need to see urgently!”

“Mr. President…!”


In addition, the members of the board of directors, who were supposed to gather in the Norway Room and politically corner the King of Heroes, could not hide their bewilderment in the face of this unexpected situation.

Earlier, at the tower of the A match , and Just like when defeating the disgusting Fusion Lord. All types of displays were being hacked at once, forcibly showing a single scene. What was happening

inside the tower of the UN Peace Security Council.

After recording, it was recorded according to the board’s preference. The video, which should have been elaborately edited and manipulated, was broadcast live without even the slightest modification or addition. It

provoked the King of Heroes, highlighted the dangers of heroes, announced the legitimacy of the “Hero League” that could regulate them, and ultimately was used by high-ranking officials. The scenario of the so-called *VIP (Very Important Player) Agreement, which allows players to be used legally, was violated.

But that was not all. It was only the beginning.

[The Lord of Hell exercises “absolute influence” on the tower! ]

Hell was unfolding inside the tower. It was not a metaphor or anything. It was a literal meaning.

[Warning: The highest-ranking demon ‘Thanatos’»…..]

[The Lord of the Bottomless Pit has ‘absolute influence’… …]

[The lord of the other world…]

[Warning: The watchers of the other world…]

“oy o}o}o]~…..r

The organizers of this game All kinds of evil spirits are in one tower. He was mocking the bugs, exerting absolute influence over them. As if punishing those who built the Tower of Babel without knowing their foolishness.

“What on earth is this…!”

The heavenly rankers, and even the players who were loyal to the country and claimed to be hero candidates, were all unable to hide their astonishment at the message. Regardless, they were also the highest-ranking players, so there was no way they could not have known its meaning. The absolute influence of the monarchs

. And there were all kinds of otherworldly monsters that were using their influence and devouring this tower. They were the worst predators that they could not even dare to deal with. Part of the tower was engulfed in the embers of hell and burned down

. The river of ice and the lake of ice mixed together and engulfed the entire area. And in the hell of fire and ice, the highest-ranking demons that could not even dare to look at appeared one by one. At the same time, the entire area was covered in pitch black, literally an abyss

. It was covered with darkness. Then, one by one, monsters from the Abyss began to emerge from the darkness. Before I knew it, the

entire area of the sky was torn apart, and strange beings were looking down at the ground through the gap. Furthermore, tentacles were squeezing through the gap in the void. It began to slowly slide towards the ground.

The bottomless pit of hell, another world… All kinds of worlds were mixing together, and an indescribable hell was unfolding.

“We have to get out of here right now!”

“I will escape from the other tower! Let me out right away!”

At the very place where over a hundred hero candidates had to take the test.

“It’s not even an impossible college entrance exam, it’s a hell of a college entrance exam.”

Looking at that scene, Yoosung muttered as if it were someone else’s business.

“What on earth is this…

Furthermore, the rest of the heroes, including the tomb keeper, could not hide their shock and just muttered.

That’s why Yoosung laughed.

“Why don’t you try saying it again? “What about the benefits that the world of the tower has given us?”

“No, you could make a plan to mess with someone, but you just caused a huge spectacle, huh? What should we do with this? By the way, I don’t know if you know that this is being broadcast live right now.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders and sneered coldly.

“Oh, by the way, it’s a live broadcast, so what do we want to know? It looks like we’re all going to get free pass tickets for the Nether Road here. Well, I lived my life hard, so they’ll let me into heaven, right?”

“Quickly get the PK^ players out!”

At the same time, hero candidate players from each country shouted,

“Where are you running away to?”]

[The Clown Lord exercises absolute influence and breaks the rules of player killing (PK).]

“Ah, rules and order . That’s really disgusting!”]

[If a player kills a player in that tower, they cannot be revived!] [

There is no way to escape that tower!]


[The lord of the game is He openly expressed his displeasure and remained silent.]

And the following message drove a wedge of despair.

The power to break even the rules of the game, which are said to be absolute. That was the Clown Lord.

“Wow. “I did. Is this some kind of cosmic horror?” Looking at that scene, Yooseong muttered in bewilderment.

Having gone through several seasons so far and maintaining peace in the world, he believed that peace was being maintained no matter what its form was. However, the scene unfolding here now. In front of him, all faith was meaningless. It

was the hero’s corruption, and it wasn’t even his level. All they could do was realize that the world they were standing on was nothing but a fleeting sand castle. “Hmm, looking at this mess, I still think I’m a hero

. “Why do you have time to talk nonsense because of regulations?”

That’s why Yoosung raised his head and asked again.

He looked at the holograms of the UN Peace Security Council there.

Those in the Norway Room also couldn’t hide their shock and were busy relaying the situation happening inside the tower and receiving reports from time to time.

“The tower . “What do you mean you can’t kick players out!”

“The Guide Lord’s apostle tried to create a portal, but he was unable to intervene inside the tower…!”

“30 of our elite players are in! How can I even say that now!”

“Do you know that there is nothing in that tower, not even in France? Even in our hollow guild…!”

“You guaranteed that nothing would happen since the tower was built with the technology of a mechanical lord! What the hell is this…!”

“Hey, you guys are just fighting well.” It’s the same as always. That’s why it’s nothing new, Yoosung shrugged.

“I knew it would be like this. Even if we were all wiped out and the Earth was destroyed, I wouldn’t be able to come to my senses. Right, you idiot?”

— I’m joking now:

“Isn’t the way of the world that when seen close up is tragedy and when seen from far away is comedy? And since we are further away than those hero candidates over there, it is comedy.”

I counted the monsters that were taking over this tower. Nevertheless, what was on Yooseong’s face was neither nervousness nor despair. He just

turned his head.

High-ranking players from each country who were calling themselves hero candidates were in the realm of understanding. Barb was struggling and running away in fear that was far away from the world. It was downright ugly, and at the same time, it was a weakness that was inevitable as a human being. “Wow, you saw

those old bastards as candidates for heroes? I’m so dumbfounded that I don’t have anything to say.”

Yoo Seong shrugged his shoulders, leaving behind the hero candidates who were running away and the seven heroes who were silent and each of them strengthening their resolve. To put it bluntly, even Yoo Seong had no choice in

this situation. Even the King of Heroes was like that. Other heroes would be no different.

However, those other than Yoo Seong would have no way of knowing. The anonymous monarch who exerts the most absolute influence on this tower is the contractor of the Clown Lord. This is the ‘hero’ here. He was the ‘King of the Fields’.

That was right then.


[The Clown Lord temporarily grants the skill card 《Masquerade》 to player Kang Yoo-seong!]

[Swapped with 《Masquerade》 in the deck Please select a skill card to do…]

The skill of the Clown Lord who is breaking all order and rules. Masquerade.

“Ah, there will be some local broadcasting from now on.”

Leaving that power behind, Yoosung walked forward with a stride.

“Oh, viewers are all watching. What is this? It’s a testing ground where future hero dream trees are gathered. And as you can see, it’s just smashed to pieces and all of them have Hwangcheon-gil Express tickets.” “There is a problem.”

The king of heroes with a thousand faces, a thousand talents, and a name finally reveals his power. “

So now the top players are all getting along well, and there is someone who can overcome this situation.” “Oh my gosh, I’m the only one in the world! Anyway, what am I supposed to do with this? All the permanent members of the UN peace protection society are telling me to stop playing superheroes. So what can I do but suck my fingers?”

“Player Kang! What are you doing now? Right now…”

The holograms of the executive directors raced to raise their voices towards Yoosung.

“Why me?”

Nevertheless, Yoosung only shrugged his shoulders as if it were someone else’s business.

“Mr. Yoosung…

Even the saintess raised her voice and took a deep breath.

A clown wearing the mask of Pierrot was there. ‘Pierrot… The saint held her breath


she understood the meaning, and at the same time, the clown opened his mouth.

“Tell me, saint.”

It was a voice full of cold ridicule and coldness. It was like that of an absolute person who was sick of this world. “…After it’s over, I’ll do my best to make you

talk in front of the camera until you get tired of it. “Would you like to break up a

dating rumor as well ?”

“Did you eat something wrong?”

Yooseong was dumbfounded and asked, and the saint answered,


are you telling me to fight for the people who are trying to stab me in the back and screw me over?”

“It’s our job to save those damn people


Yooseong was dumbfounded by Saint Mary’s words and laughed.

“There’s nothing I can do when you say that. By the way, you went so far as to explain that the dating rumor was just a rumor, so you’re trying to change it to reality


“Well, there’s nothing we can’t do with our darling, right? Come to think of it, was it the beginning of season 3? There was an incident where he buried his head in my chest and cried like a child… “Ah, I want to protect world peace!!

Before the saint had time to finish speaking, Yooseong raised his voice.

At the same time, all kinds of forces began to swirl around him. The tricks of a clown and a magician, a man with a thousand faces and talent who could become anything. Jang’s dance finally unfolded.

A meteor kicked the ground as it crossed over the fleeing players.

It kicked, and before he knew it, the ‘Dokgogu Sword’ in his hand swung a single sword.

Eight shadows emerged from the single sword, and at the same time, the Dokgogu Sword Each of the nine swords (九劍) of… The inaction of the Heavenly Demon descended and the ‘another Dokkogu Sword effect’ applied was overlapped. One sword, nine swords, and each of those nine swords struck down the Nine Sword WM


9X9 = 81.

It didn’t even stop at 81 sword strikes.

It was a sword wielded by the true king of heroes, who copied, created, and overlaid all the skills of the remaining heroes through Masquerade. It felt like he had cut down the

world itself. The overwhelming sword of the sword swung towards the demons of hell and the presence of the Abyss, the watcher of this world.

Ah! Argh!

Literally, a vortex of blades began to swirl along the feet. It was not just another sword. The

bottomless pit of hell, another world. Furthermore, it was Shingeom, the sword of the demon god that was cutting down the world itself.

A vortex swirled that could tear the world itself apart, and everyone held their breath in shock in front of its overwhelming power.

It should have been so.

Still, nothing was cut.

“Mr. Yoosung…?”

“ah. “World peace is good.”

It wasn’t something that couldn’t be cut. It was not cut.

“Anyway, when I think about it, it’s not like world peace will collapse if those friends die, right? Should I protect the world, or should they?”


The saint took a deep breath without saying a word, and Yoosung, who was wearing a clown mask, turned his head.

“That’s why you should have been watching people and giving them shit.”

He looked at the holograms of the five permanent members who were watching him, at the Tower of Babel, built by human foolishness, where a foolish overlord wields “absolute influence” by risking the lives of the highest-ranking players in each country.

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