Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 88

Episode 88

The king of heroes with a thousand faces and a thousand talents swung his sword. However, the monsters of the dark world that were to be torn apart and swallowed up by the storm of swords were completely unscathed.

It wasn’t something that couldn’t be cut. It was not cut.

Hell, the abyss, even the crevices of this world filled with madness.

As if intentionally abetting the massacre and butchery of monsters. It’s like it’s someone else’s business.

“Mr. Yoosung…

“World peace is good. By the way, are we going to protect the world or are they going to protect it?”

“Player Kang, have you forgotten that your image is being broadcast live to the world!”

one of the holograms of the five permanent members raised its voice. Yoosung shrugged his shoulders without paying attention.

“Oh, I know very well/

At the same time, monsters rushed to slaughter one hundred hero candidates, and the saint urgently raised a curtain of light in front of them.


However, due to the clash of demons, the curtain of light split like a turtle shell, and it will probably shatter like a glass window at the next impact.

“Mr. Yoosung…

“Anyway, what

should I do with this? Didn’t you guys tell me that the era of heroes is over? “To be honest, I ended up ending a little early. I wanted to at least spend the last part of my life drinking cocktails at a Hawaiian bar, but it turned out to be a real shame.”

Unable to bear the words, the silent heroes, including the tomb keeper, intervened.

“Is it time to joke now? Player Kang Yooseong!”

“King of Heroes, it’s time to make a joke in this situation…..

“No, you kept your mouth shut like a mute just a moment ago, and then suddenly you started to attack Im Dok-yang.”

Yoosung shrugged his shoulders.


Immediately after, the curtain of light erected by the saint shattered, and strange monsters began to thrust their blades at the heroes.

“Please save me…!”

“I don’t want to die! Please save me…!”

“Hee ho, we’re all going to die, we’re all going to die! Heehee heehee!”

There were hero candidates who had lost their fighting spirit and were struggling to be saved.

Demons of a level that can spread madness and collapse the mind just by existing. In front of those beings, they don’t even hesitate to cry like a child, desperately beg for their lives, and use their comrades as bait to survive.

“Wow, the hero is doing well.”

Seeing that scene, Yoosung sneered coldly and stretched out his arms. Immediately after


the tent was erected again. It was neither light nor darkness; it was literally an iron curtain.

The iron curtain that separates this world from the world of darkness beyond rose, and the shooting star turned his head.

“You didn’t always value the King of Heroes.”

Towards the holograms of the five permanent members who were watching him in astonishment.

“Now then, let the game begin.”

“It’s a game… T

The King of Heroes shrugged his shoulders, paying no heed to the rest of the heroes’ astonishment, risking the lives of the hero candidates.

“Now, those people in front of me are representatives of the five permanent members of the Peace Without Peace Team and the UN Peace Guarantee Society. For your information, he is also the Great Heavenly King of Sales who sells the most weapons in the world that kill people every year.”

Exaggerated as if mocking him on the stage and camera set up by the Clown Lord for him.

“Why, even if the world falls apart, the King of Heroes will come and save it anyway, so what’s the big deal about world peace? The guy who takes care of his own food is the best. Isn’t that so, Mr President of France?”

“That’s nonsense…!”

“Oh my gosh, that’s nonsense? Then there is nothing you can do. Let’s see…

Yooseong asked back calmly as he looked around at the hero candidates who were protected under the iron curtain erected by the King of Heroes.

“Ah, from now on, there will be nonsense verification. “Out of all of these, I have French nationality!”


“Oh, not the saint.”

But no one listened. No, I wouldn’t even dare to lift it in this situation.

“I’ll give you 10 seconds. “Just pop out.”

That’s why Yoosung opened his mouth to one of the hero candidates.

It wasn’t referring to anyone in particular. He glanced and muttered, and with that one word, the candidates got agitated and started pointing fingers.

“You’re telling me to come out!”

“It was your story, not mine!”

Just like seven-year-olds, they were quick to point fingers at each other and pass on responsibility, and Yoosung burst into laughter at the sight.

I could understand. They have lost their composure, and furthermore, their reason and spirit have been paralyzed by the madness spread by those ‘watchers of the other world’, and they are on the verge of collapse.

But at the same time, players who are only that weak dare to take on the name of a hero.

Strictly speaking, he was a hero. Because he will become a ‘war hero’ who will legally act according to the wishes of the permanent members.

Before long, a French player was dragged out after one-sided beatings and threats.


And he began to beg, almost like a prisoner begging for mercy before the king.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry. Your proud country will take care of saving you. Isn’t that right?”

Just like that, Yoosung turned his head and faced the hologram of the French president. The president’s expression became contemplative and then

froze. Politically, it was their job to corner the player Kang Yoosung and toy with him. That’s what they should have done.

“Come on. It’s not difficult. “Do you want to save this friend? Then tell me the truth.”

That’s why Yoosung said,

“I will expose the true nature of the Hero Rigney VIP Agreement you are pretending to have in front of the world. If you expose it quickly, your country’s ‘war hero’ will be able to live.”

“The image you are showing right now is the danger of the hero we are worried about!”

“Oh, that is so true.”

“Player Kang Yoo-seong, I understand the sacrifice and agony you bear as the King of Heroes! So please… As if you

understood him, a disgusting lie was casually spilled out.

That’s why Yoo-seong burst out laughing . It was at that time.

Through the power of the Masquerade, the Dokgogu sword in Yoo Seong’s hand was swung.

With the addition of the nine swords to the one sword and the inaction of the Heavenly Demon already residing in Yoo Seong’s body, each of the nine swords was reborn as a nine sword. A storm of swords swirled around.

Eighty-one sword winds swept towards the French hero candidate in front of him, and that was at that moment.


A white knight, armed with pure white heavy armor, stood in front of him and held up her shield. I lifted it up.


Nevertheless, the curtain of light and armor surrounding her were so fleetingly shattered.

“■■ Mr. Yoosung…

“Get out of the way, saint.”

The King of Court Jester Heroes, wearing the mask of an unsmiling clown, coldly spat out,

“What happened? By the way, Mr. President, don’t you still feel like exposing the truth?”

“King of Heroes, please return to your senses! The sacrifice you are making for this world is also ours…!”

“Ah, it’s going to be like that until the end.”

Yoosung coldly sneered,

“Well, do you think you will even move if two or three of your chess pieces are blown away?”

That’s why Yoosung coldly spat out,

“Then let’s change the topic. Hmm, let’s see. President of the United States.”

“Shall I tell you what I will do from now on?”

Yoosung continued calmly,

“Among them, I will kill all the high-ranking players from the US, UK, and France. Should I also include Mistress and Lieutenant General Kilgore?”


Just like that, Yoosung turned his head, and for the first time, fear appeared on Mistress Lydia’s face. However, Lieutenant Kilgore simply smiled resignedly, smoking a cigar. “Now

. “What on earth…!”

At Yoosung’s words, the expressions on the faces of the heads of the United States, Britain, and France all froze.

“Ah, the players gathered here happen to be the highest power players that can legally be used in their countries, right? Then, the players’ strengths and heroes of the three great powers in the Western world. “What will happen to the order of this world if they are all destroyed?”

There is only one.

The five permanent members here are also only temporarily cooperating based on common interests. The conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union has continued since the old days, and now, it has become a conflict between the West against China and Russia. The conflict itself cannot disappear.

A creature that can never become one. That is human. Because the countries are different, the ideologies are different, the skin color and thoughts are different. “Well, at

least the power symmetry between players will be completely shattered .” “I guess China and Russia will just have a festival, right? Well, since it’s already come to this, we can just stick to China and Russia.”

Yoosung mocked, and the President’s expression froze.

“Oh, but don’t worry too much. If the West obediently reveals the truth, China and Russia will have to reveal the truth next. And I will become neutral again. . Just like it has been until now.” It’s funny, there was no need to even include ridiculous stories like world peace to put pressure on them. Even if this world were truly destroyed, they wouldn’t come to their senses until the end. So it was enough to just put their interests as collateral and put pressure on them.


world Even in the face of the destruction of the world, the profits are being taken away from those who are unable to become one and only care about their country and the organization’s own interests. Furthermore, in this

situation where the player is the national power, the loss of losing the top ranker and heavenly player in this tower is a loss. It wasn’t like they couldn’t understand.

“Hmm, by the way, I wonder if you’ve ever heard of the prisoner’s dilemma.”

—Thus, the ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ began among the five representatives of the permanent members. Since the

lives of the top players, who were directly connected to their national power, were held as collateral,

the remaining seven heroes also had no other way.

That was the hero. Because it was an overwhelming difference that distinguished the king of the fields and other heroes.

“——British Prime Minister Adam Sutler was the first to propose!”

That’s why each of their truths finally flowed from their mouths.

So helpless. So helpless that it’s truly absurd.

No matter how much they threaten the destruction of the world, they don’t even move, and at a time when their hegemony is threatened, even I can’t tell the truth so fleetingly. He began to confess,

“Don’t be ridiculous! From the beginning, the leaders of the United States and Russia did not conclude the main points of the treaty through closed-door meetings!”

“How dare you say that nonsense! As for our Russian government, the Chinese side… Just as the

hero candidates were pointing fingers at each other and passing the blame, in the same way, they started pointing fingers at each other and shifting the blame. Pull the trigger

. Afterwards, explosion after explosion continued.

This fact is being relayed to everyone in the world. So, paradoxically, they only belittle and slander each other and raise their voices in a desperate attempt to protect their own interests. The UN Peace Security

Council The permanent members were so full of ugliness that their grandiose names and positions seemed like a joke. There was literally no animal life. Needless to say, they were really fighting and that was all. And


decided what was right and wrong. It wasn’t Yoosung’s job to do it. Because it will just be up to the viewers who are watching this stage. At


same time, the Iron Curtain collapsed, and all kinds of monsters poured out beyond it.

Monsters of hell and the abyss and the other world.

The hero candidates began to run away, shuffling like children, and Yoosung kicked the ground, leaving them behind. He adjusted the weapon in his hand and held it. Before I knew it, it wasn’t even a poisonous gogugum.


“Ah, chainsaw! “It’s the best way to communicate.” It was the chainsaw of mythology.

DOOM(2016) OST-Rip&Tear

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