Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 94

Episode 94

[The Mechanism Lord exercises ‘absolute influence’ over the Tower of the Clockwork Workshop!]

One of the Transcendants of the Throne appears in the body of the Mechanism Girl, and the hundreds and thousands of giant cogs that make up the world of the Tower. They began to move together in unison. Immediately after


, the dozens of blades protruding from the girl’s body were all retracted into her body and took on their usual appearance.

“I never would have thought that my prediction would be so far out of the margin of error.”

However, her expression, which should have been as inorganic as usual, was wearing a very distorted smile.

“We designed it so that the player would have to wait at least nine seasons to defeat this kid.”

“Nine seasons…?”

Six seasons have passed since the world became a game. Additionally, when the number 9 came out of the Machine Lord’s mouth, Yoosung could only laugh. And even that won’t be the end.

I didn’t even want to imagine. No, I couldn’t even do it.

“But out of the 14000605 futures that will unfold here, there is only one case in which this child can beat you.”

“It wasn’t a mechanical device, it was the Sorcerer Supreme.”

Yoosung answered calmly.

In fact, Yoo Seong, who was facing her with his sword, could not even dare to take her down. However, the future that only the Machine Lord can see points to the overwhelming victory of the King of Heroes.

“Did you come down here yourself for that one future?”

The Mechanism Lord exerts absolute influence over the tower. It wasn’t a shooting star whose meaning I didn’t know. It was right then.

[Force: Machina Order participates in the world of the tower!]

At the same time, the monarch’s forces appeared in the world of the tower. They were silhouettes covered in black metallic luster.

Therefore, in front of the Machine Lord and his followers, Yooseong wordlessly forged his sword as a dark frost craftsman.

A sword in his hand and five dark frost blades circling around it like satellites.

“Jester’s child, the number of ways you can win against them now is not much different. No, it’s actually lower than that.”

Looking at that, the Machine Lord sneered coldly.

“So what are you going to do with me?”

“It’s up to you.”

A Mechanical Church priest covered in a smooth black sheen answered. At the same time, the trillions and trillions of nanomachines (Nanomadiines) that make up the body began to operate.


Jet-black blades rose from all over the priests’ metallic bodies. As the machine girl showed earlier. Furthermore, mechanical tentacles sprouted from their bodies, the ends of which took the shape of sharp blades.

“From now on, we will begin to measure the uncertainty that will occur among the 99999999 cases in which a player can win against a strong meteor.”

At the same time, the priests of the Mechanical Church there all tried to scatter their seven-pointed blades. But that was then.


I heard a voice. It is not a voice full of the mockery and ridicule of a mechanical lord, but an inorganic voice without even the slightest emotion.


“The influence of mechanical devices in this tower is absolute.”

And the girl continued. Immediately after, the monarch descended on this tower and exerted influence.


calmly, without any agitation, like always.

“We can sell card packs again.”

“A pack of cards when I live to see you again. “I promised to buy it for you.”

“Buy me a pack of cards. “It will become a legend.”

The mechanical girl said. For a moment, Yoosung was dumbfounded by those words and remained silent. After the silence, he smiled, saying that he knew that would happen.

Because that was my promise to her.

Why hesitate?

“-—Purchase card pack.”

At the same time, a halo of light swirled around. In the halo of light, Yooseong smiled triumphantly and asked back.

“Hehe, have you ever heard of Miracle Miracle?”

And within that, the message continued.

[Wow, an average card!]

[Acquired an average skill card!]

“…I don’t believe in miracles.”

In the halo of light, Yoosung muttered in bewilderment, and the mechanical girl answered.

“It will definitely come next time. “Have hope.”

“Buy me a pack of cards.”

“Yeah, would you like some taffy?”

A brief silence fell. And after a moment of silence, the silhouettes of the mechanical school watching the shooting star hit the ground again. Seven sharp blades rushed in from all directions in


, and mechanical tentacles were scattered. That wasn’t all. Every time the jet-black blade was swung, black particles scattered within it and began to rush towards the shooting star.

At the same time, the black particles exploded in size.

The seven-pointed sphere, and the light in the area centered around that sphere, began to be absorbed fleetingly. I knew it as soon as I saw it.

Event Horizon…

The boundary of a black hole.

Mini black holes were scattered like Gatling bullets.

At the same time, the spheres of despair were devouring each other and multiplying explosively, trying to engulf the entire world of the tower.

“But you kept your promise.”

Inside, the mechanical girl spoke.


I didn’t have enough time to listen to everything she said.

“I’ll give you this.”

Nevertheless, the voice came to my ears very clearly. Then a message came to mind.

[You have obtained a random card pack of the Mechanical Girl!]

[Opening the card pack.]

Immediately after, a rainbow of color that could not be compared to anything else swirled around.


The sphere of despair was engulfing the world of the tower.

However, there was a rainbow hanging there that could not even swallow the horizon of thought at the boundary of the endlessly expanding black hole.

[wow! Awesome! ]

[New —–hwa card!]

[Yuyuu——-day card!]

[Myth . You have acquired the unique skill card 《Laplace’s World (Engineering Barrier)〞!]

[Would you like to exchange the skill card with a card from the skill deck? Y/N1

And in that rainbow-colored light, Yoosung muttered as if it were someone else’s business.

“Hmm, everyone’s heard of Miracle, right?”

The measurement of the uncertainty that will occur among the number of 99.999999 cases has begun.

* *

《The World of Laplace》

– Grade .Myth. Unique

– Attribute . Engineering Barrier

– Ability

. You can specify an isolated system and simultaneously measure the positions and momentum of particles within that isolated system.

.Just because you know ‘Keyword: Laplace’s Demon’ while activating a skill

does not mean you can do anything. Just as knowing the coming winter at the end of this universe cannot prevent it.

[The Lord of Libra expresses astonishment!]


[The Lord of the Game remains silent.]

However, the meteor holding the Sword of the Heavenly Demon can only understand when he understands the shape of the world where these gears are interlocked. I was able to.

Laplace’s Demon. The ultimate devil who is said to be able to 100% predict the past and future of this world based on mechanistic determinism, assuming that he understands the position and movement of each particle in this universe.

He understood the shape of the world and its structure, and at the same time, what he held in his hand was the Sword of the Heavenly Demon, also known as the Demon God of Swords.

The two skill cards began to exhibit synergy that went far beyond the rules and standards of this game.

That’s why I cut it.

A manatee (危丁解牛). Just as a cowman’s knife, which has reached the state of Tao, cuts off the flesh and bones of a cow without any hesitation, following the laws of heaven.

The flesh, blood, and bones that made up the structure of this world were there, and there was no reason for Yoo Seong’s sword to hesitate. The sword of

the Heavenly

Demon was brought down along the joints of flesh and bones between the joints of the bones of the world.

The endlessly proliferating black holes disappeared in front of the sword, and the shooting star turned its head.

The intangible swordsmen holding the five dark frost blades controlled through swordsmanship kicked the ground. No, he wasn’t a swordsman. It wasn’t even water.

He was the butcher of the world.

As if slaughtering a cow’s body by moving the butcher knife along the joint between the cowhide, meat, and bone. Yoosung was no exception.

[The synchronization rate with the dethroned monarch and the Lord of the Sword rises rapidly!]

[Synchronization rate: 27%]

[Innumerable monarchs struggle in fear, recalling the ‘Lord of the Sword’!] [

“Why are you all so serious ? ?”]

[The Clown Lord holds his stomach and giggles.]

The message continued. But even the message had no meaning. It was like cutting into the flesh and bones of this world endlessly, as if the inside of a cow was being slaughtered.

Even the forces of some of the mechanical lords of the isolated world were no exception.

How they will move can only be overwhelming, predicting all kinds of futures that can be imagined in an isolated system.

“Hmm, wouldn’t this be the number of cases?”

That’s why Yooseong sneered coldly as he twisted his dark frost blade. With intangible butchers orbiting around him.

Just like that, Yoosung raised his head. Before I knew it, the power of the Mechanical Church had retreated without even daring to stand in front of it.

“Oh, how beautiful it is.”

At the same time, the mechanical girl there… no, the monarch smiled.

“It was like that!”

It’s like finally finding the answer to an equation that’s been troubling your brain.

“The awareness of ignorance (»]) is the beginning of knowledge!”

Rather, I couldn’t feel anything like embarrassment or surprise in front of that sight.

“Isn’t that so, you dazzling bowl of ignorance and power!”

“Ah, this world full of uncertainty is so lovely that I can’t stand it!”

“Would you please let me go a little bit now?”

“Okay kid! But…

the Mechanism Lord smiled meaningfully, and that was at that moment. The world around



『The threat posed by the existence of player Kang Yoo-seong has gone too far!”]

「For the fairness of the game, we request that he be defined as an irregular and eliminated.」]

「Have you forgotten the tragedy of the monarch slayer!」]

[Immeasurable monarchs, led by the Lord of Libra, question the strength of player Kang Yoo-seong!] [

“I am truly ashamed and ashamed, Transcendents of the Throne.”]

[Immeasurable monarchs, led by the Lord of the Desert, They are defending the player Kang Yu-seong!]

[“How dare a young chick monarch…!”]

“Oh my, won’t you say that in front of me too? You are a young, immature chick.”]


[The Frost Lord sneers coldly in front of the Libra Lord.]

“Lord of the Game, I ask for a reasonable mediation and decision!”]

[The terrified The Libra Lord appeals to the Lord of the Game.]

And innumerable messages emerged. Endless discord and strife between monarchs.

This world, the other world, and even the world of the transcendental people at the top of this world were no different in that they were divided and endlessly opposed to each other.

“Oh my, you guys are fighting so well.”

That’s why Yooseong coldly mocked him, and that was right then.



[The monarch of the game exercises absolute influence.]

At the same time, it is a myth. The world, where the position and movement of each particle should be known through the unique skill “La Place’s World,”

was blocked by an unknown curtain and collapsed.

A man in a black robe was there. The shadow beneath the hood was very dark.

In addition to Laplace’s insight, even the meteor holding the Heavenly Demon’s Sword was not aware of it until he revealed himself. It was the same even after it was revealed.

Has the power of the skill disappeared? It wasn’t. Even now, Yoosung has the sword of the Heavenly Demon and the insight of Laplace.

Despite this, I couldn’t read anything.


And the Lord of the Game remained ominously silent and looked at the shooting star. Without saying anything.

I just looked at it. Beneath the hood is an abyss whose bottom is unknown.

Therefore, Yoosung also paid no heed and raised his head to face him.

[“…Is that really what you mean?”]

After silence, the Lord of the Game opened his mouth. It just sounded like meaningless self-talk, and it seemed like he was talking to Yoosung in front of him. At the same time, it felt like neither.

“Player Kang Yoo-seong’s strength is what he obtains according to the rules of the game, so I will accept his legitimacy.”]

And then the arbiter of this game, the game monarch, finally opened his mouth.

“We will continue the game.”]

“This is unacceptable! There is more to the strength that Player Kang Yoo-seong has in his hands than this——”]

[The Libra Lord objects to the Lord of the Game more strongly than ever!]

“I will dismiss the objection.”]

“But the Game According to the rules of…”]

[The Libra Monarch is not convinced by the decision and protests!]

Leaving behind the Libra Monarch’s endless protests, the Lord of the Game quietly stretched out his arms.

And made a hand gesture. Like chasing away flies.

[“As sick as a parrot.”] [The Lord of the Game gestured, and the Libra Lord


[The Libra curse binding the player Kang Yoo-seong disappears!] [

The Lords remain silent in astonishment. ]

[The Clown Lord is holding his stomach and giggling alone.]


Yooseong held his breath in front of the following message. And when I took a deep breath, there was no one there.

The mechanical lords, the game lords, and their forces.

Once again, they have returned to the throne spire at the end, where they should be.

And the mechanical girl was left alone, looking at the shooting star with no expression. There was a brief moment of silence.

After a moment of silence, the mechanical girl opened her mouth.

“Buy me a pack of cards.”

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