Insanely-Talented Player Chapter 97

Episode 97

[The strategy objective for the Witch and Walpurgis Tower has been updated!]

[Strategy objective: Rescue the saint and conquer the world (New!)]

[The Clown Lord presents a surprise mission


[Surprise mission: Attack the tower by using a total of 3 or less myth-level skill cards!]

[Countless monarchs begin betting and betting…]

Holy Celestina In the midst of the corruption and decadence of the Church, the Pope crosses the saint. hung on

“And God could not bear the evil deeds

and willingly opened the entrance to hell and sent the troops of the dead up. …

“When people belatedly repented and saved Saint Illysia from the flames of the cross, the army of the dead disappeared like a lie.”

Players from the National Intelligence Service wearing “Assassin’s Business Suit “Good Manner”” spoke one after another. Master Park burst out laughing as he saw that. I put my feet on the table and gulped down my beer.


I’m just writing a scenario.”

Gathered in that room were the players of the assassination department who were supporting their country in the shadows.

“Within the Church, the feudal lords who support the saint are joining in one by one.”

“And we obtained a list of bishops who are in cahoots with the Draga Empire.”

“Hmm, let’s see. How many pots of seolleongtang do you need…

Some time after Yoo Seong and the National Intelligence Service players entered ‘The Witch and Walpurgis’ Tower’.

According to Saint Illisia’s decision, the war began, and the tower also hoped for it.

Therefore, in order to win the war, the heroes of this world, those of the Draga Empire, said, ‘the demon kings of this world’ began to move.

It was not a war where spears and swords clashed and blood was shed. Nevertheless, it was a war with more meaning than that.

“When they heard that the army of death was executing heavenly punishment on the territory of the former papal princes, they were all frightened and rushed to surrender and repent for their sins.”

Isia said while looking at the map of the country’s territory, and Yooseong burst out laughing after hearing those words.

As Master Park said, it was just a scenario.

But every time the King of Heroes raises an army of Deathfrost. It was undoubtedly the scene of the apocalypse itself.

“I think we need to prove our trust by showing the scene of the Death Frost army collapsing in front of the deeply religious lords of the Saint Women’s Sect several times in the future.”

“Wow Siaya. “You’re good at frying chicken, you’re good at writing scenarios, and there’s really nothing you can’t do.”

Lee Sia continued without even moving at Master Park’s joke.

“With this, we will be able to oust the papal faction within the church, gather strength, and focus on conquering the tower.”

The tower’s strategy goal is to conquer the world. And in this world it meant only one thing.

Conquest of the Draga Empire.

“In addition, before resolving the situation within the Church and starting an all-out war against the Draga Empire… some groundwork will be necessary.”


“We will purchase the Draga Empire’s clan historians from all over the continent and begin operations focusing on cities with active trade. To do that, we need to take control of the city’s underbelly by using criminal guilds.”

“This is just our job. So Sia, what should I do?”

Master Park shrugged his shoulders and stood up, and Lee Sia responded coldly.

“It’s what we do best.”

Events that set the wheels of history in motion, such as large-scale wars or voyages, can never happen ‘in one day.’

But that is not the case in the world inside the tower.

Most things happen literally overnight.

For example, when ordering troops to be mobilized to wage a large-scale war, in reality, even a few months may not be enough. However, from the time the order is given until the troops from all over are gathered, it only lasts a few weeks at most in the world inside the tower.

Move quickly, like moving chess pieces.

As soon as a decision is made, actions take place all at once, like a grand strategy game.

This was also the case when players from the National Intelligence Service, led by Master Park, infiltrated the Draga Empire and carried out their operations, including assassination and bribery.

The continent’s magistrates gathered their voices and cried out for the legitimacy of Saint Ilysia, and around that time, the Hero King, who was given the title of ‘Lord Protector’ by Saint Ilysia, put an end to the strife within the church.

The feudal lords of the church united as one and bowed their heads before her, and Ilicia sat on the throne in the name of a saint and female pope.

Then the real war began.

It was truly a coincidence, and for the players of Yoosung and the National Intelligence Service, it only lasted about three or four months.


the chess pieces moved again. Just like players make decisions and make moves in a grand strategy game.

Yoosung raised his head.

On the plain, large units of the two countries were facing each other.

It was a large army of the Holy Celestina Church, raising the banner of a holy war to put an end to the conflict and make them pay for their responsibility.

Against him, knights and heavy infantry wearing heavy black armor faced each other under a banner with the dragon symbol engraved on it.

The Draga Empire, claiming to protect this world against the domination of witches and demon kings, also claimed to have its own version of justice.

No one is evil. Everyone was just and everyone was fighting for justice.

That fact was just funny and it didn’t change anything.

The saint and female pope Ilicia, wrapped in pure white bandages, was there. With the King of Patriotic Heroes protecting her.

Both countries deployed their elite cavalry to the right wing and each began to move while maintaining their formation.

The cavalry of the Church of Christ galloped away with pure white auras symbolizing the Church of Christ on their cavalry spears.

The infantry of the Draga Empire, acting as an anvil against them, formed a defensive formation.

At that time, the cavalry of the Draga Empire also galloped towards the infantry of the Church, with black auras on their spear blades.

However, the infantry of the Chinese side, who were supposed to bravely stand against the cavalry charge and hold their feet together, became frightened in front of the imperial cavalry and began to run away.

“Ha, you cowards!”

“God is looking after our empire! “Put down the corrupt and corrupt bastards of the Church!”

The Black Guards of the Draga Empire sneered and spurred on.

And a man appeared among the heavy infantry of the Gyo-guk side who were running away in confusion.

“…Home Somehow, whenever they see a battlefield, everyone thinks God is with them. “What on earth can you believe that makes you think like that?”

He was the king of heroes, armed with the black heavy armor of an immortal great emperor.

“This side is telling God to destroy that side, and the other side is telling God to destroy this side, so one of them must be very disappointed, right?”

“It’s the devil…!”

“Never back down! “Don’t let him tempt us!”

“God protect us!”

At the same time, the entire area split open, exposing the bottom of the abyss, and the dead in cold and darkness began to climb to the ground one by one.

What the Draga Empire’s dark red cavalry had to face were not the living.

A skeletal horse made of cold and darkness galloped, and the death knights clutched their cavalry spears on horseback.

The Death Knights, like the Empire’s Black Knights, were also engulfed in black aura.

However, it was an aura of pitch black darkness and a dark blue aura wrapped in cold that could not even be compared to them.

The cavalry of Death Frost, the Death Knights, began charging on skeletal horses armed with jet-black barding.

‘It’s too easy.’

When the shooting star raised his head, the soldiers of the Draga Empire formed a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood.

There were soldiers from the religious kingdom who were crying out for victory, saying that God was with them.

A considerable number of the empire’s nobles were taken prisoner, and the majority were unilaterally exterminated after the siege, unable to even escape.

However, even though a fight of this scale took place in the tier 10 hard tower, the ‘Lord of Light’ remained silent, and so did other monarchs and forces.

‘Home There’s no way it’s this easy.’

That’s why Yooseong turned his head, leaving behind the Blood Sea that stretched beyond the horizon.

This was the third surprise mission given to Yooseong by the Clown Lord, and there was no situation to use myth skills in the first place.

Still, nothing changed.

It was just doing what needed to be done.

At that time, the Imperial Castle of the Draga Empire.

“Oh oh oh…

“The hero’s advent ritual was a success!”

“His Majesty’s magic has succeeded!”

“Oh, God has taken care of us!”

Just as a shooting star answered the call from the other world and entered the world inside the tower, another being answered the call inside the tower and entered the world.

“Welcome, warrior from another world who willingly answered my call!”

And the Emperor of the Draga Empire welcomed him with open arms, and the man remained silent.

A man wearing black rags was there.

He was a man with the layers of time carved into each wrinkle between his haphazardly grown beard and long hair, like a relief.

“How did you summon me?”

At those words, the emperor of the Draga Empire began to talk about what was happening. However, the man paid no heed to those words and asked back.

As if speaking into empty space.

“I called you out haha”]

[The Clown Lord chuckles and replies.]

The man did not hide his displeasure at that and remained silent.

“Shouldn’t we live by looking outside sometimes?”]

[Under the influence of the Clown Lord, the ‘curse of dethronement’ is temporarily extinguished!]

At those words, the man in black rags silently placed his arm on the hilt of his sword. Raised it.

Put your thumb diagonally on top of your nose.

Cheonma’s right foot, which was on the ground, moved out about 15 degrees. My back was bent forward ever so slightly.

That was it. That was the extent to which a man’s movements could be depicted in the form of print. So no one there realized what was happening.


After everything was over, a sound rang out late.


It was faster than letters, words, and sounds.

The emperor, knight wizard, and other powerful people there were torn to pieces and disappeared without even a shape.

The man in rags and not a single drop of blood on his knife turned his head.

At the same time, a message occurred to me.

Toward the players approaching the Draga Empire.

[The Lord of Swords has arrived!]

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